derek hale x stiles stilinski

“A baby?”-Derek Hale

Request: “Can you do 36 with Derek?” by anon

prompt: You ask Derek what he would think of having a baby because you know you may be pregnant.

pairing: derek x you

A/N: I’ll do every request as soon as possible x / a bit short 

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You were walking around nervously,your hands fiddled together awkwardly before going through your hair in a swift move. You thought about Derek coming home and what you would tell him.

Your period hasn’t arrived in 2 months and you accepted the fact that you could technically be pregnant. And today,you finally did the test. It wasn’t to your surprise that it was positive,but you were still shocked.

What if Derek didn’t want a baby? How would he handle being told he would soon be a father? What if you wouldn’t be a good mother?

You tried to calm yourself down as you heard Derek entering the loft. He stopped in his tracks as he heard how fast your heart beat. “Are you alright?”,he asked as he stepped towards you,taking your hands into his. 

Your gaze met his. “What do you think of having a baby?” You didn’t even thought of what you said before the words left your mouth. His eyebrows raised up. “A baby?” he asked,not knowing where your conversation was going.

You bit your lip nervously. “Uhm,yes. Like maybe,you know? When we’re married and stuff,not now,hah.”you said,faking a laugh. He looked at you,even more confused than he was before. 

“Y/N,don’t lie to me. Tell me why you’re really asking me.” he said. You looked down at your hands. You were scared. Scared of his reaction,scared of which actions would follow,scared of being a mother. 

“Y/N.”he demanded. You looked up to his eyes,suddeenly not being scared at all. Becuse as you saw his eyes and how they looked at you,you knew you wouldn’t have to be afraid of anything when you were with him. 

“I’m pregnant.”,you answered. He raised his eyebrows once again and you didn’t know what he was thinking. Soon,a smile appeared on his lips,showing nothing but joy and excitement. 

“Are you serious?”,he smiled widely. “I guess,yeah.”,you smiled. One of his hands went through his hair,his lips still drawn in a big smile. “Freaking hell,oh my god. Does that mean I’m gonna be a father?” he grinned.

“I think so..”you laughed. Derek suddenly spun you around,grinning like a child. “I love you so much,Y/N.” He said,leaning in to kiss you. 

After a short kiss you pulled apart. “Aren’t you afraid?”you asked carefully. “No,”he said,looking confused because of your thought. “why should I be? I’m going to have a baby with the best girl I’ve ever met,with the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m not afraid,because I love you. And our baby.” 

You haven’t ever seen Derek this excited and happy. “I love you.”you told him,pressing your lips onto his once again.

another derek imagine,I’ll do the other requests soon xo

Such a sour wolf😂

Someone gave me a prompt to draw a wolfed/jealous Derek lifting a drunk Stiles away from another werewolf flirting with Stiles at the beach.

I would write a fic because I can picture it in my head being hilarious, but I am an artist for a reason, lol.

Omg I can’t!!❤️