derek hale x stiles stilinski

Wannabes//The Pack

Characters: Benny Stilinski, Ethan McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar.

“Let us come!” Benny comes barreling down the steps, Ethan following behind him.

Stiles glances at his little brother, “No. Dad’s supposed to be home soon, wait for him.“​

“Stiles, come on. You never let us come!” ​

Ethan glances at his older brother opening his mouth to speak. ​

“No.” Scott interrupts his younger sibling. “You aren’t coming. Just wait for us here, okay? We won’t be long.” ​

Benny groans, stomping his foot on the ground. ​

“What are you? Four?” Stiles glares at him. “Go do your homework. I’ll be back soon..” He shakes his head as he starts out the door. “Idiot..” He mumbles.​

“Hey! I heard that!” Benny shouts.​

“You were supposed to!” Stiles retorts as he jumps up into the Jeep.​

“I’m sorry.” Scott gives them an apologetic glance before jogging after Stiles. ​

“Let’s go do home-” Ethan starts up the stairs when Benny grabs his wrist. “What?“​

"We’re going.” Benny grins. ​

“No. We’re not.” Ethan shakes his head. “You heard Scott and Stiles."​

"So we listen to our brothers now? You’re that guy? I thought you were better than this, Ethan."​

"Fine. Fine. Let’s go. I have no idea how you plan on getting there, but let’s go."​

"I knew you were my best friend for a reason.” Benny pats Ethan’s shoulder and Ethan rolls his eyes.​

Ethan and Benny peek in a window, Benny dropping dramatically when spotting Liam. “Stiles let him in but not us? We are so getting in there."​

"Benny, I don’t know…” Ethan raises an eyebrow.​

“Ethan, you and I are Scott and Stiles’ brothers. Who is Liam? A random kid with anger issues. My brother doesn’t even like him that much."​

"Benny, I still don’t-"​

"Coach told Scott you didn’t make the lacrosse team because of Liam.” Benny interrupts, raising an eyebrow.​

Ethan squints angrily, “We’re getting in there."​ He stands up. "Which way? We can’t just walk in the front door.” ​

Benny sighs before walking behind him, pointing at the open window with a disappointed look on his face, “What about the open window? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?"​

Ethan glances between Benny and the window before walking over and climbing inside. Benny follows him, sneaking around the house. ​

”-that way. If we come in from this door it won’t work, they’ll hear and smell us coming. We have to wait outside.“ Benny hears Stiles explaining.

Benny jumps out of his skin at the sound of a throat clearing, him and Ethan turn their heads slowly, a feeling of relief washing over them when they see Derek.​

"Jesus, wear a bell or something.” Benny sighs. ​

Derek smirks and picks both Benny and Ethan up by their collars. Benny didn’t care that he was being carried around by his shirt, he cared about the buttons popping off of his polo. He glances at Ethan, Ethan glaring in response.​

“These two belong two you?” Derek puts the boys down, shoving them toward their brothers.​

“God, Ben. Can’t you listen?” Stiles sighs. ​

“I told you to stay with Benny.” Scott scolds Ethan.​

“Technically he did.” Benny points out, Stiles closing his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh.​

“Just sit down and be quiet."​

"You let Liam in but not us. How is that fair?” Ethan crosses his arms.​

“Liam’s a werewolf, Ethan. It’s different."​

"Yeah, but I was there when you changed. Sure, I wasn’t in high school but I supported you! Just because I’m a human and I’m a sophomore doesn’t mean I have any less validation than you.” Ethan explains to his brother.​

“Stiles is here. Stiles is human.” Benny points at Stiles, an innocent look on his face.​

“I’ve been here since the beginning.” Stiles defends himself.​

“So have Ethan and I.” ​

“Alright, the four of you can either keep going around in circles about this, or you can let them in on one meeting and see how it goes. Fair?” Lydia raises an eyebrow.​

The four boys grumble, Ethan and Benny sitting off to the side. Liam goes to sit beside them and Benny gives him a filthy look, making him move elsewhere.

"We got busted. I knew this was a bad idea.” Ethan whispers.​

“But we’re in, aren’t we?” Benny looks over at his best friend.​

“Yeah..” Ethan sighs. ​

“Shh.” Stiles glances at the two, giving them a look. ​

After the pack meeting Stiles drives everyone back home. “You staying over, Scott?” Stiles asks.​

“Yeah, if it’s cool with you."​

"I’m staying too.” Ethan raises his hand and Scott nods. ​

“I’ll call mom."​

"Guys…I don’t feel too well…” Benny mumbles from the back seat.​

“What’s wrong?” Ethan glances over at him. Benny has his hand over his forehead, his other hand clutching his stomach. “Benny? Ben!” He shakes him, Benny not responding.​

“What’s going on?” Stiles jumps out of the Jeep after pulling into the driveway. ​

“His heartbeat’s getting weak!” Scott shouts, climbing into the back.​

“Benny! Benny, please be okay. Oh, God..” Stiles groans. ​

So far entwined

by orphan_account (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 4k

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: Derek’s a wolf. So what if he follows Stiles around now out of habit, so what if Stiles scratches him behind the ears without thinking about it. He’s a wolf, and he’s the only thing keeping Stiles from falling apart.

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Me too Stiles, me too.

This always makes me tear up.