derek hale knows what he's risking now

Oh god, a New Year’s fic in July… Can you tell how long I’ve had this in my drafts folder?? I forgot it was there until today. And now it’s finally finished.

Thirty minutes to the new year, Stiles is downing his third margarita, trying to figure out if the room is spinning or it’s just the disco lights, and thinking about not staying until midnight after all — it’s a company party, why did he ever think it would be a good idea to spend his New Year’s Eve at a company party? — and that’s about when someone approaches the drinks bar. Approaches and stops, hovering just on the edge of his peripheral vision.

Stiles lowers his glass and turns very slowly, and it’s Derek Hale. Oh god. Stiles recognizes him, of course. He has to walk by Derek’s desk every morning. Well, he doesn’t have to, but… technicalities.

Derek is quiet. He always keeps his head down and never says anything to anybody, but Stiles asked around, his first day on the job, until he found out the guy’s name. Stiles can’t really explain it. There are a lot of attractive people in his life, attractive people he has actually spoken to and not just eyed from a distance, but Derek has this… this quiet intensity and incredible work ethic, paired with a really obvious shyness and arm muscles the size of Stiles’ thigh, and, well. It was inevitable, really.

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Young Derek Imagine

*So I have been working on this for two days, and I realized that, I really don’t like it. I’m posting it anyway, but know that there is a lot of dialogue! Oh and I didn’t want Derek to kill his girlfriend so in this imagine it’s sister. It’s kinda hard to explain so you should just read it!!

You wake up in the middle of the night by your cell phone ringing. You groan, you were having the best night sleeping. You haven’t had a proper night sleeping in a while and this caller at 1am just ruined it for you! You know you have to answer or else it will wake your family. You slowly remove one arm at a time out of your comfy bed sheets and search for your phone on your nightstand. Your hand flops around until your fingertips reach your phone. You open your eyes to look at the caller ID but the brightness was just too much to handle this late at night. You squint to see, but it just reads “Unknown,” you swear if this is just someone dialing the wrong number, they will get your wrath.

You pick it up anyway looking to yell at this stranger. You put your phone to your ear and listen to what this person has to say this late in the night.

“Y/n is this you?” A familiar voice says. You couldn’t figure out who it was, but you know you’ve heard it before.

“Yes it is. Who are you, and why’d you call me in the middle of the night?” You groan into the phone.

“It’s Peter, you know Derek’s Uncle, yeah? Alright come down to the Hale house now!” He says very sternly into the phone.

“Wait Peter!” You half yell into the phone, not risking waking your family, “Why, is Derek okay please don’t tell me he’s injured?”

“No quite, just come over and have a look at him. He’s kind of a mess right now.” With that little knowledge he hangs up leaving you.

You suddenly feel this rush of adrenaline coming and you immediately jolt awake. You dim the lights so you have some sight available and look down what you are wearing. Pink flannel pajama bottoms and a white tank top, good enough. You silently rush to get your car keys and speed over to the Hale house.

As you drive a little over fifteen miles over the speed limit you mentally check all the usual suspects of what could be going on. Not a full moon tonight, no new werewolves as of now, and if it was that urgent Peter would have mentioned something like if someone died, right?

You finally arrive at the Hale household and practically jump out of your car as it was moving just to get there a second faster. You are about to frantically knock on the door, but Peter opens it before you even have a chance.

“Where is he?” You ask as you walk in checking to see if he was nearby.

“He’s upstairs y/n,” He speaks.

Since the Hales where probably sleeping and because you are exhausted you slowly walk up the stairs to catch your breathe. You assume that Derek is in his room. You brace yourself, ready for anything. Since you two started dating your life got turned around as you realized he wasn’t human. You accepted him for who was and in return he protects and loves.

“Derek?” You question as you open his bedroom door.

“Why are you here y/n?” He asks back turned to you.

“I was called by Peter, are you okay?” You walk towards him and realize that he is crying. The lights are on and you can see that his room is wrecked having broken stuff everywhere including his basketball trophies. You grab a chair to sit next to him and lightly put a hand on his shoulder and kiss his cheek. “Will you turn around for me Der?”

“You wouldn’t want me to y/n, I’m ashamed.” So instead you turn his chair around to face you but his eyes are closed.

“Explain this, I won’t get upset.” You say soothingly. This whole situation is making you are very confused.

“I killed someone y/n that is why you should stay away.” He sobs. You know that there is some long explanation for this, there has to be because there is no way your boyfriend of eight months would just kill someone. You put his head in your lap as he cries.

“I try to keep you out of the hunters way in Beacon Hills y/n, that’s why you didn’t know about them trying to attack our family. My sister, she tried to stop it and make peace between us, they jumped on her and shot her multiple times. She barely escaped but I saw her in the woods y/n. My sister she was slashed up and down, it was disturbing what the hunters do to us. I helped her as much as I could, but she gave me this look-” Derek stops, sobbing too hard to continue.

You put a hand on his head as he cries, “Derek, start whenever you’re ready, you know I’ll always be here.” He sniffs, and wipes his eyes and starts again.

“This look, she knew that there she was going to die. She was strong you know, she accepted her death. By then I tried taking her pain away a dozen times but nothing was working, but she smiled despite her wounds. She asked me to get it over with and I tried to talk her out of it, but she said that that is all she wants.” Derek weeps.

“It’s okay you don’t have to finish, I get it. You have to know it’s not your fault. If you want someone to blame, blame those awful hunters!” You whisper.

“No, you don’t get it. My eyes are different.” He mumbles.

“Derek, I don’t care what you look like, what you did in the past, or even what you are, I fell in love with you, whether you like it or not, I love you no matter what. Please open your eyes!” By now tears escape your eyes.

Derek opens his eyes, and a vibrant blue lights up instead of his usual gold. His eyes are beautiful you thought. You accept him for who he is, and know that what he did was the right.

anonymous asked:

oh my god I was rewatching 1x11 and you know the part where derek's chained up and kate's going through his phone looking for scott and derek FUCKING GOES "you going to torture me or are you just gonna talk me to death"??? I just. he's with his literal nightmare completely helpless and he's STILL PROTECTING EVERYONE, sacrificing himself, trying to keep Kate focused on him to save scott. just. GOD DAMNIT. THE WORLD DOESN'T DESERVE DEREK HALE.

Oh anon, I didn’t remember that specific moment but seriously, that is such a great example of everything Derek’s about.

Derek Hale is without a doubt the bravest, most selfless person on the show. He’s not the best at being social or sharing or even trusting other people, but if he thinks you’re a good person, if he thinks you need protecting, he will throw himself into any potential danger to give you a better chance of getting out of it alive. He will put his own wellbeing and happiness and life on the line, will dive into danger to protect a season one Scott - who doesn’t even like him - from hunters, will draw Peter’s (the alpha’s) attention, drag himself slowly through broken glass to make himself look like appealing prey so that Stiles can get away. He’s the one who says “I know what I’m risking; my life for theirs” without a hint of hesitation. Who goes to Mexico when he knows he’s going to die, in the hopes that he’ll be able to help save Scott and Kira as he does it.

And he’s the person who would purposely draw the ire of his psychotic abuser, the woman who murdered his family and now has him chained up to torture devices, in order to give Scott a slightly better chance.

Anyone who says Derek Hale isn’t a hero can fight me.