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Maybe you should learn to bend a little before someone b r e a k s.

Cuddy Bunny (Derek Luh)

I feel like i just died. My makeup was crazy and my hair was everywhere. I was coughing non stop. My throat felt like I shoved a thousand cotton balls in it. I looked in the mirror seeing my nose all red and my eyes puffy. I hate being sick. I needed someone to cuddle with. I called up my best friend Derek asking him to bring me some food and hurry his ass to my house to cuddle and watch a movie. He laughed agreeing to come and hung up. I took off my makeup. My skin was pale and red. I really care what he thinks but fuck it. I put my hair in a messy bun and changed into my Offspring top that went past my butt. I took off my bra and pants. I layed out on the couch trying to get cozy. “I’m here mami!” I looked up to see Derek coming in with food and movies. I smiled getting up and hugging him. “Wow are you um do i do…” I looked at him then laughed. I remembered I didn’t have pants on and no bra. “No Derek I’m sick!” I pushed him making him smile. I grabbed the pizza setting it on the tanle and bending over. I saw Derek looking at my ass. I turned on some music grabbing his hands to make him stand. I smiled dancing on him. He was still holding my waist. I stopped and looked in his eyes. “What you don’t like the show?” I asked winking. He smirked sitting back down. “As much as I do Y/N I want pizza!” I stopped his hand. “Wouldn’t you like to eat something else?” I bit my lip as his eyes got big. “D I’m joking keep it in your pants!” I said grabbing a pizza and laying next to him. He started Hurcules and we both cuddled into eachother. I looked up at him singing along to the songs. I put my finger on his beauty mark poking it. “You know you’re cute when you’re sick!” He said looking at me. I smiled taking his hand in mine. “I have no makeup on and I’m all sweaty and gross!” I said laughing. He looked back at the screen saying something. “What?” I asked straddling him. He gulped putting his hands on my hips. I smiled moving his hands further up for him. “Your hands are cold!” I said leaning in putting my head on his. He smiled playing with my shirt. “Make the move….” I said looking in his lustful eyes. He looked right back into mine flipping us over. He pinned me to the couch tracing my hips. He looked back into my eyes kissing my lips. My stomach was turning and my body was melting. Our lips moved feeling my heart beat faster and faster. He pulled away looking at me. I laughed bringing him back to cuddle me. “You’re beautiful without makeup and of course with no bra…. But you are so cute when you’re sick!” He smiled wrapping his arms around me and watching the movie.


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On November 6th of 2013, I met Falling In Reverse. Falling In Reverse was the first band I ever met and I’m so glad they were the first band I met. I waiting in a line outside in 30 degree weather with my sister and her boyfriend (also in picture) I wasn’t only shaking because of how cold I was but because of the nervousness and excitement I had to meet the band. I got into the venue and calmed myself down and got my poster they had signed and waited my turn to get a picture with them. Once I got to Derek I hugged them all, and one thing I remember most is when I had just hugged Ronnie and he said thanks for coming and it means so much. Ryan opened his arms for a hug and he was just so nice and it was awesome! I didn’t get to hug Ron because they kind of rushed the picture but it’s okay I got to say hi, while taking the picture Ronnie must have been fixing his hair or something but I look at it and laugh all the time. During the concert with the Q&A’s and how nice and down to earth they were was so amazing, and I’m so glad I can say that the first band I met was Falling In Reverse, my by far favorite band and the coolest band ever c: