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Derek: woah pretty boy, I didn’t know you had that in you
Spencer: well, I really like her, ok?

nudes feat. feelings

a/n: another shitty title. But the italics in this are a flashback. Hope you enjoy. feel free to request. they’re always open.


Just another chill day with the guys. That’s how I spent most of my days, with the squad. We all became friends when I first moved to Omaha, in my sophomore year.

I had like 4 classes with Johnson and Gilinksy. So we immediately became friends. And then they introduced me to their friend Sammy and Nate, who were a year older.

Gilinsky had drug me to one of their games. Nate Sammy and Johnson starting varsity. It was a lot of fun. Me and G sat there and cheered for them. I mostly screamed for Johnson, since I didn’t know Nate and Sammy too well at that point. I had just been in school for like 3 months, and only knew Nate and Sammy for like a month, so I still felt a bit weird around them.

And then I started varsity for the girls team. Starting point guard. And you best believe every single game, G and Johnson were sitting in the front row screaming for me. After like the fourth game, Nate and Sammy started coming with them, and we had a tradition to go out to eat after the games. Always.

And I think that’s when I started to talk to Sammy more. It actually started after a game. We had just lost by 1 point. A buzzer beater in over time. I was so pissed, and it actually was my worst game I had all that year. But I was just so bummed about that game.

All dinner I was quiet. But that night, Sammy just happened to sit next to me in the booth and that’s when I think our friendship started.

“why so quiet?” he asked.

“I’m just annoyed.” I replied, playing with my straw in my water.

“why?” he asked. Looking at me, even though I wasn’t looking up.

“the game.” I mumbled.

“you serious?” he laughed, and that made me look at him.

“yeah I’m serious. I’ve never played so bad before.”

“you didn’t do that bad even. It was the rest of your teammates for not helping you out.”

“no, I should have been able to handle it.”

“(y/n) you didn’t do bad.”

“I had at least 14 turnovers.” I huffed, annoyed with how bad I played.

“they triple teamed you.”

“I shouldn’t have had 14 turnovers still. Regardless of the triple team and traps.”

“it was 6.” He said, no longer looking at me, instead taking a sip from his water and looking straight ahead.

“what?” I asked, looking at him. He turned and looked at me.

“you had 6 turnovers. 15 assists. 8 steals and 26 points.”

And that was the conversation that started me and Sammy’s friendship. Every game after that, we would sit next to each other at dinner and talk stats. And then at his games I would keep track of his stats.

Whenever he made a three, he would do the little 3 sign that looked like an okay symbol by his eye and then point at me. Every time.

It was in the middle of halftime at one of his games that he took the mic and asked me to prom. With balloons and flowers. I of course said yes. Why not. He was literally like my best friend by this point.

Now here we are, 3 years later. Out in LA. I lived by myself, and I did photography for the guys. They all did music and stuff and I went touring with them and took photos for them. They all did photoshoots for me too.

I lived in a little house like right down the block. I practically stayed over at the boys place though. Or they stayed over at mine.

We were currently at the boys’ place. They had a bunch of people over. Like Nash, Hayes, Jake, the usual gang. And then Emily and Madison were there too. We were all kinda just doing our own thing. I was laying out by the pool, drinking a beer. Emily and Madison were laying out with me too.

The three of us were all really good friends. I loved those two like sisters, and Emily practically was. She always hoped that me and Sammy would get together, but we were just such good friends. Best friends, anything more than that seemed so weird to even think about.

Yeah we complimented each other all the time and play flirted, never taking each other serious. Like when I came out in my bikini he said “mmmm you look good ma, the things I would do to you.” As he licked his lips and looked me up and down.

Everyone wanted us to get together. Half of them actually thought we were already hooking up behind their backs. But that’s just how we were with each other. Touchy, flirty, protective.

Like Sammy brought home this one girl one time and she was all over him at the club but the second we got home she literally clung onto Nate like the whole time. Nate didn’t pay much attention to it, to stoned to care, but I could tell Sammy was bummed, so I called her a hoe and told her to leave.

And then Sammy this one time nearly beat the shit out of this random guy out on the street. We were all going out to lunch and I was running late. He tried to get me to come home with him and when I wouldn’t he called me a bitch, which I didn’t mind, then he called me a hoe and slut once he saw me sit down with all the guys. Sammy got up and nearly beat the shit out of him right there and then but G and Nate held him back.

So yeah, everyone thought we were a thing, but the truth is we are just best friends. I mean, yeah, he’s hot. And sure, I might have a little bit of feelings for him. It’s hard not to feel something towards him when I spend so much time with him.

But we had our own hookups. He wasn’t the cuffing type, and me on the other hand. I normally would talk to a guy for a month or two before calling quits, simply cause things with him just didn’t seem right.

Like I was talking to this guy Matt. He was super sweet and hilarious. We’ve went out like 8 times. Dinner. Clubbing. Out to the beach. Just little things. And yeah, we’ve had sex, it happens.

I was currently texting him, or uh, sexting him I guess. We always did this shit. It seemed like we were both constantly horny, but we also always managed to joke around. Sammy’s met Matt once when we all went out, and he didn’t like him at all. I don’t know why, but idk, things with Matt feel so different than with all the other guys.

I was in the middle of texting him back, when someone blocked my sun. I looked up to see Sammy. Quickly sending my message to Matt and locking my phone I looked up at Sammy, folding my arms over my chest.

“can I help you?” I asked, with a bit of attitude, cause let’s be honest, I always have one.

“oh yeah, I’ve got a few things you can do for me.” He bites his lip.

“seriously Sam, can’t you keep it in your pants in front of your own sister.” Emily chimes in.

“sorry sis, she just turns me on so much.” He says, sliding in and sitting next to you, Emily and Madison looking at both of us.

“just admit you two are hooking up, for heavens sake.” Madison says, throwing up her arms.

“we’re not.” Me and Sammy said in sync.

“yeah, she’s got that one little fuck.” Sammy kept speaking.

“seriously Sammy.”

“I’m just saying. I don’t like him.” He spoke, us going off into our own conversation, everyone that was close paying attention.

“I know you don’t. you make it so fucking obvious.”

“well I’m not gonna act like I like him for your sake. He’s a shit and you know it.”

“he treats me nice, shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters? Shouldn’t you be happy for me?”

“I would be, if he wasn’t such a fucker.”

“whatever.” I rolled my eyes. He always did this. Every time I talked to a new guy he had some unknown reason as to why he’s ‘a fucker.’ It was so annoying.


I went home that night. Matt was out of town, and I was just really sexually frustrated. Matt had been sending suggestive messages all day, and it definitely turned me on.

We decided we were gonna send pictures. It’s not like he hasn’t seen it before. And yeah. I was texting him and Sammy. Sammy texted me when I got home and apologized for earlier, and then we started talking since then.

I took the picture and just sent it. And then I went to read the message Sammy had just sent me, except my only unread message was from Matt. I clicked on our thread and saw that the last message was his picture, and then another very very explicit message.

I replied to his message, and then checked Sammy’s thread to see that he was currently in the middle of typing, according to the little bubble in the bottom. I looked to see what I said last and my jaw dropped.

There’s no way I just sent my best friend my fucking nudes. You’ve gotta be kidding me. And the message I sent with it. Oh god. I just sent my best friend my nudes and then told him I wanted him to bend me over the couch and pound into me while I call him daddy. Seriously fml.

I sat there, pacing in my kitchen actually, waiting for Sammy to reply. And a minute later I got a text notification. I sat there and stared at my phone, nervous to open it. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? I mean, I just text him and tell him it was an accident. I was drunk. Something. But he was my best friend. How awkward would things be now? I mean, he’s seen me naked, digitally. But it’s still the same.

I decided to just take a bottle of wine and head up to the Jacuzzi tub for a bubble bath. That should help clear my mind right? Just to relax. I took my phone and played some music. Avoiding my messages.

I got another text notification, and saw that it was Sammy again. I ignored it. Still not drunk enough to have the balls to look at the messages.

Then I got a phone call from Emily. I picked it up on the first ring, needing some sort of advice. And yeah sure it was her little brother, but she should be able to help. Hell she’s seen me naked before. Like when she comes over and we get ready and stuff. We just change in front of each other and shit, so she should be able to help me somehow.

“hey Em, I need help.” I spoke immediately.

“um yeah. What the hell.”

“look it was an accident. I meant to send it to Matt. I don’t know what the fuck to do.” I sighed.

“well uh, did you read his messages?”

“no, I’m trying to avoid this situation.”

“okay, well uh, I hope you know he’s on his way over.”

“are you seri-“ I started, but was cut off by my doorbell going off. “Emily, what the hell”

“good luck girl.” She said before hanging up.

The doorbell went off, but I just ignored it, turning my music up and drinking more out of my wine bottle. About half left.

About 5 minutes later, I thought he had left, but boy was I wrong. When the bathroom door barged open I almost peed myself. I screamed and looked at who it was and I just wanted to drown myself there as Sammy stood in front of me.

“what the fuck (y/n) do you not know how to answer your phone? Or the fucking door?” he asked, standing in the doorway, obviously angry.

“sorry, if you couldn’t tell I’m a little busy right now.” I said, motioning to the tub.

“you could still pick up your fucking phone.”

“whatever.” I said, rolling my eyes and leaning my head back.

“so are you just gonna act like that didn’t happen?” he asked.

“I’m trying to.”

“well I’d like to talk about this actually.”

“why Sammy. What the fuck is there to possibly talk about. I accidently sent you a nude and some explicit messages.” I rolled my eyes, even though I have yet to make eye contact with him.

“(y/n) look at me.” He said, and it was the desperation in his voice that made me look up at him. His eyes were soft as he leaned against the doorframe.

“do you remember when we first met? For the very first time?”

“yeah, when Johnson and G invited you and Nate over one time when I was there and you guys played fifa for like 3 hours.”

“yeah.” He smiled, moving over and sitting on the toilet seat, the lid down of course. He looked back up at me and had the same smile he had when he was high.

“I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He confessed. This was news to me.

“yeah, you weren’t too bad yourself.” I kinda laughed, taking another sip of wine. He just looked up at me then dropped his head and shook it.

“you know, I still think you are.”

“are what? What are we thinking?” I asked.

“the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, after my momma of course.”

“oh come on, cut the shit. You have girls literally throwing themselves at you. The girls in your videos are like models. Way more prettier than me.”

“no you don’t get it. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on. All those other girls don’t even compete to your beauty (y/n).”

“what is all this Sammy?”

“listen. You know we always joked around. That’s how it all started. Ever since that dinner after the game you sucked ass in.”

“hey you said I didn’t even do that bad.” I defended.

“we weren’t that close then. I couldn’t be a dick to you then.” He laughed.


“but then, after that dinner, we talked more and then prom. Prom you literally took my breath away. You looked so stunning. And I was such a punk back then. I wasn’t gonna come out and tell you all this sappy shit.” He took a deep breath and looked down at his feet again.

“so Prom, that’s when it all started. We started to joke around more. Then the accusations of us flirting. I mean, hell yeah, I definitely would have tapped that.” Both of us laughing now. “but as we got older, you definitely developed.” He raised his brows at me, knowingly as he nodded at my chest.

“so what are you even saying sammy?”

“I’m getting there dammit.” He laughed “anyway, I don’t know, after we all moved out here, I guess I got caught up in it. The money. Fame. Girls. All of it. But then you started going out. Guys. Clubbing every weekend, in those outfits that I always wanted to rip right off.” He laughed.

“okay, what’s your point Sammy?” I asked. I was all so confused by this.

“I’m just saying. I don’t know. I guess, getting those messages you meant for Matt just really set me off. And I just, couldn’t help but imagine you and me like that.”

“Sammy.” I gasped.

“come on (y/n) tell me you haven’t thought of it before.”

I stayed quiet. Truth be told I have. I’ve had dreams before that involved him. Never would I have told him that.

“okay tell me. Tell me you don’t feel anything, and I’ll leave right now.”

Again I stayed quiet. I looked away from him. I couldn’t look at him. Of course I felt something for him. I couldn’t tell you what, but it was a feeling I’ve never had before.

“can we order a pizza and talk about us?” Sammy asked.

“yeah.” I smiled.

“alright, let’s go order the pizza.” He said getting up then stopping at the doorframe. “you coming?”

“yeah, once you leave. In case you haven’t noticed I’m naked.”

“yeah. Your point?”

“I’m just waiting till you leave so I can get out of the tub.”

“why?” he asked, and I just looked at him like ‘duhhhh’

“because I’m naked.”

“it’s not like I haven’t already seen it.” He smirked, shaking his phone in his hand and leaving me there with my jaw open and eyes wide.

Derek luh imagine- cheating

Me and Derek have been dating for 2 years now, it’s been good so far but lately he’s too busy working and forgets to spend time with me. I spend a lot of time with Nate lately and Derek didn’t seem to like it. I just like Nate as a friend so he has nothing to worry about, but he thinks it’s different. “Hey D, how was your day in the studio?” I asked Derek, “it was fine” he said kinda irritated. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I said “now that we’re talking about it, yes you fucking did, I know you fucked my best friend” “what” I said shocked at what he said “Oh don’t play dumb you’ve been fucking Nate and you know it, I’ve seen how close you are don’t tryna hide it” right after he said that Nate walked in “what’s going on here” he said “Derek thinks we fucked” “I don’t think it I know it” he said making me mad bc I have literally no idea where this is coming from “What?! Derek I wouldn’t do that I mean Y/N is hot and all but nah I would never” Nate said “I would never cheat on you Derek” I added. Derek looked and us and said “You two really didn’t do anything?” “No” “No” me and Nate both said “k I’m sorry for thinking you guys would do that but you guys are just so close and I couldn’t help but thinking there was something going on” “I would never cheat on you Derek and I mean it, I really mean it” I walked up to him and kissed him “I’m sorry” he said"No I’m sorry for letting you get the idea I was cheating on you" //So… I haven’t made a imagine in a long time but I came up with this idea and just wrote it, home you guys like it xx\

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g-lindas’ favorite musicals | Anastasia 

you don’t know what it’s like / not to know who you are / to have lived in the shadows and traveled this far / i see flashes of fire / hear the echoes of screams / but i still have this faith in the truth of my dreams / in my dreams / it’s all real / and my heart has so much to reveal / and my dreams seem to say / don’t be afraid to go on / don’t give up hope come what may / i know it all will come back one day /

provokiing  asked:

hey! i'm super ill right now, so could you possibly update the taking care of the other while sick tag? or maybe just some good old fluff? thank you!

get well soon friend!!

Flu Season by Arsenic (1/1 | 4,388 | G)

Derek knows that humans get sick and then get better, he does. It’s just very unnerving when it is Stiles getting sick.

Sick Day by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 3,219 | NC17)

Stiles has big plans for the weekend, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they’ll have to be delayed.

Part 3 of It’s casual. Really.

as a dog by suddenlyatiger (1/1 | 1,595 | PG13)

“I can’t believe that this is how I go out,” Stiles moan-croaks, speech even further garbled by his stuffed nose.

“Stop being dramatic,” John says. “You just barely have a fever. It’s just a cold.”

Part 4 of not one for long goodbyes

Nursemaid Derek by mistress_of_mythology (1/1 | 1,519 | G)

Stiles isn’t feeling well so he skips pack night, of course he wasn’t expecting Derek to come around. Or for Derek to stick around and take care of him.

Tuesday Fic Rec #8

You Won’t Have to Reach Out for Me by lissa_bear | stiles/derek | nr | 5.8k |
(Ao3 only)

Stiles is having trouble holding himself together and he’d do anything to have Derek’s hand on him again–needs the relief like he needs oxygen, maybe more–which is exactly why he can’t let Derek touch him.

Because Stiles knows Derek, knows exactly where he ranks his own pain in terms of importance, and he knows that Derek would ignore the pain completely if it meant giving Stiles something he needed.

Stiles refuses be a source of pain for Derek–there are too many other people lining up to do the job–so he makes sure to hold himself at a safe distance.

You know, the summary on this one kind of tells it all. I love Stiles’ attitude, that he doesn’t want to let Derek take his pain because he doesn’t want to hurt him.

Fever of 103 by @authorkurikuri | stiles/derek | g | 0.5k |

Stiles sighs and resigns himself to his fate - death by werewolf cuddles.


Aftereffects by Dira Sudis ( @dsudis ) | stiles/derek | g | 1.4k |

Stiles lives with the aftereffects. 

A post-season 3b fic with a very sweet ending. Stiles learns to cope with all the things the nogitsune left him with. It’s short and sweet and lovely. 

The Fox and The Wolf by @yourlovelyalpha | stiles/derek | t | 12k

Derek finds an ordinary fox, that is until the gold tendrils begin to leak out of its leg wound.

This is so cute I love Fox!Stiles and combined with adorable photographer Derek. I just love this fic a lot. Deacon isn’t stupidly cryptic, Kate didn’t succeed in killing the Hales, and Stiles has to figure out how to shift back to being human again. It’s just adorable and I love it. 

Yeah? Yeah. by @pale-silver-comb | stiles/derek | g | 2k

As soon as Stiles got near enough, Derek pulled him into his arms. Stiles immediately melted into it, burying his face in Derek’s neck and let out another sob, not knowing how much he had needed the contact.

Stiles comes out to Derek.

Em is the best at giving me the feels. This is so sweet and lovely I love it. Everyone should have a Derek to come out to in their lives. <3<3<3

One Wild Night (Nate Maloley)

Im new to the page and idk if your still doing request but i would love it if you were to do a smut imagine w/ a black girl and nate - Anon

A/N: Normally I don’t do imagines geared toward a specific race/body type/age just cause I normally try to make imagines that anyone could imagine themselves in regardless of those things, but I’ll try here, just for something new.

“A virgin shirley temple, please,” I say, smiling at the bartender. I tried not to show my frustration from the meeting I went to earlier. I originally wasn’t even going to come, but Y/B/F/N insisted and I worry about her going out alone.

She told me I looked cute and I must say I agree with her, but if one more guy came up to me, whispering sweet nothing and then that irritating line, “For a black girl, you look really…” I was gonna go off. Why do some men think telling me, the rest of my race isn’t, but I’m sexy, is appealing? Do they actually think that’ll get them somewhere?

The bartender hands me my drink, and I can tell he’s questioning me, wondering why I’m at a bar if I haven’t even ordered anything alcoholic. I don’t even drink, I just find it entertaining to go out and dance, maybe find someone to go home with.

Speaking of, another man takes the seat next to me, probably the third tonight. The place was pretty busy though, so he could’ve just sat there for lack of another seat. Well, at least thats what I thought until he turned to me.

I turned to face him, and he looked as if he were having trouble coming up with words to say. After maybe 5 or 6 seconds of us making eye contact he just abruptly said, “Do you wanna dance?”

He was cute, and he had yet to do anything to turn me off, why not? “I’d love to,” I say smiling as he grabs my hand, leading me to the floor.

Once we get out there, I realize his dance moves are a lot better than his pick up lines. Jesus Christ, the boy can move. We danced and moved to the beat together, he held onto my hips and my back and his front were nearly entirely pressed together.

Maybe three songs later, after a lot of grinding and flirting without even talking, I turned around and he leaned toward my neck.

“I’m Skate, by the way,” he says.

“Skate?” I ask, trying to clarify. I’d seen some pretty unique names since I’d come to LA, but never Skate. I wondered if he was maybe a pro skater or something.

“Yeah, that’s my stage name, though, you can just call me Nate.”

I nodded, barely able to hear him. I thought about giving him my name but by the time I got out of my own head it was too late and we were both more focused on the music.

We continued dancing, our fronts pressed together now. There was a moment where it seemed like the music got quiet, even though I’m sure it didn’t. Nate leaned closer, and I thought about stopping him, but my desire for him had grown over the past few minutes.

Our lips met, immediately fierce and passionate and our bodies grew even closer than before. We stopped moving to the beat, instead just paying attention to each other. He ran his hand softly up my side, his fingers slowing at every curve. I moaned involuntarily and he took it as a chance to introduce tongue, which made me even more lost.

It could have been seconds, maybe minutes later when some other dancer bumped into us and we finally pulled apart.

He leaned into me, “Do you wanna go somewhere… quieter?” he asked.

I was still breathless and dazed from that kiss, but I managed a nod. I easily found Y/B/F/N at the bar flirting with some guy and told her I was leaving. He grabbed my hand and we quickly walked out to his car hand in hand. As soon as we got to his car he gently pushed me into the passenger door of the car and kissed me once more, firmly, before pulling away seconds later.

He opened my door for me and went around to the other side, “My place or yours?’”

I considered inviting him over to my place, but that would just make the morning complicated. If we stayed at his place, I could easily escape in the morning. Plus, my apartment was a mess.

“Yours,”  quickly answered and we drove off, heading through the midnight LA traffic quickly. We got towards a residential area and I could tell we were close when he placed a hand on my semi-exposed thigh. The dress I’d been wearing was almost in the style of a sleeveless coat that tied in the front. It was pretty formfitting and only came a little past mid-thigh, and sitting down the the car only made it higher.

He lightly trailed his fingers over the top of my thigh, and I just barely held back a moan. I unconsciously spread my legs open just a touch and his fingers took the chance and reached further. He circled the inside of my thigh.

It took me a moment to realize, because I was caught up in the moment, but we’d gone in a complete circle around the block. Either he wanted more time or he was just as distracted as I was by the movements his fingers were making.

Finally we pulled up to an apartment complex and he jumped out, getting the door for me before I even had a chance to open it myself. He grabbed my hand, helping me out, and kept a grasp on it as we headed into the building.

He hit the button labeled 8 as we headed inside the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, it was as if the tension between us was amplified by 10. He still hadn’t let my hand go, and as soon as I glanced up at him, he used his hold on me to pull me closer.

Our bodies were up against each other again as he placed a hand on the side of my neck and lowered his face to mine again. Our lips met for the third time tonight and it was just as passion-filled, if not more passion-filled than before. He let my hand go and gripped my waist, pressing us even closer together.

The elevator dinged, making us abruptly break apart. He once again grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the elevator. I could barely keep up with him as he rushed down the hallway.

He scrambled to get his key in the lock. As soon as we were both inside he shut the door and pressed me up against it. He kissed me fiercely and I did the same to him.

He pulled away from my lips and started pecking at my neck and I moaned out, “Nate.”

“You sound so fucking hot,” he said, nibbling just behind my ear lobe.

He had one arm around my waist and the other was fiddling with the belt that partially held my dress together. Once he got it untied (which was impressive because he didn’t even look at it), he unzipped the hidden zipper and pulled the dress off my shoulders, letting it drop to the ground.

He cupped one of my breasts and began to kiss lower and lower, reaching the cups of my bra. He ran his hands up and down my bronze, toned thighs. I pulled him up once more to mss him and then tugged the end of his shirt upwards. He helped me get it off and as soon as it hit the floor we were kissing again.

He took off his shoes hands-free and I did the same and let him lead me towards his bedroom. He gently pushed me into a sitting position on his bed that left me face to waistband with his jeans. I eagerly unbuttoned them and pulled his zipper down.

He leaned down until he was eye level with me and took them off, then began kissing me again and pushing me back until I was laying down. I can’t even remember him taking off my bra, but apparently he did because now I could feel his lips on my nipple. I cried out as his hands ran up and down my body, toying with the edge of my panties.

“You feel so good, Ma,” he said and moaned again, kissing the side of his neck as he came face to face with me.

I let out a small laugh, realizing that I never told him my name. This was probably the wildest thing I’d done, aside from moving to California on a whim and barely any money 2 years ago.

“What’s so funny?” he smiled at me and I shook my head, then gasped as I my lace underwear tore. I should’ve been angry, but it was more of a turn on than anything.

He pulled down his boxers and we were body to body, nothing in between. “Condom?” I asked. He reached into a drawer beside his bed and quickly pulled one out. “You’re clean, right?”

“Of course. You?”

I could only nod as I watched him slip the condom on, then place himself at my entrance. He held onto one of my breasts lightly as he slid in. As soon as he was completely in we both let out a breath as he started to move.

“Faster,” I cried out, after a few seconds.

“Oh, I see how it is,” he immediately began moving faster and I called out his name over and over again. “You make my name sound amazing,” he said, breathless.

I was already close. I rose to meet him with ever stroke and I could tell he was close too. He gritted his teeth, and I grabbed his hips to still him. I grinded and rolled over him, flipping us over so that i was on top. Within seconds of me riding him, I exploded, and I could feel as he followed me.

After a minute, our breathing slowed and I rolled off of him. I wanted to go to sleep but adrenaline was still pumping through me. A minute later, he spoke, breaking me out of my trance.

“You want anything? Something to eat, or drink maybe?”

I took a second. “Yeah, sure, that’d be nice,” I replied.

We both got up, and he passed me an old t-shirt that smelled like him and some of his boxers. “I didn’t think you’d wanna put that dress back on, and your underwear are kind of..”

“I get it,” I said after he paused and took the clothes from his hand.

I followed him into a cute little kitchen with barstools on the outside. He opened the fridge and bent over in just his basketball shorts.

“There’s some Gatorade and a couple cans of pop and bottles of water in here. If you want food, we don’t have much, but I think there’s a few cosmic brownies in the cabinet, and there might be a wrap or a sub in here somewhere.”

“That’s okay, could I just have the Gatorade?”

He passed it to me and grabbed one for himself, then guided me to the barstools. A couple feet to our right was a door that was cracked open. It looked like it led to a pretty big room filled with computers and sound equipment and a recording booth.

I wanted to stay quiet but curiosity got the best of me. “What’s that room?” I asked.

“It’s kind of like a little at home studio. I make music, by the way.”

“That’s cool,” I smiled getting excited, “Can I maybe take a look?”

He got up and took my hand once more, leading me into the room. “I’ve actually been woking on a couple new things, mind being my first audience?”

“Let’s hear it,” I smiled as he opened up a track on one of the computer screens. As the music played I closed my eyes and smiled, lightly moving my hips in small motions.

“What do you do?” he asked me.

“I’m a Style Executive and Chief Designer for this little clothing brand,” I told him.

He nodded, “You know, I never got your name.” He came up behind me and placed both of his hands on my hips, grinding along with me to the rhythm. He moved my naturally curly hair to one side and kissed the juncture between my neck and shoulder, making me bite my lip to hold in a moan.

“That’s unnecessary information,“ I said, then distracted him by arching my back and connecting our groins once more. When the song ended I clapped quietly and turned around. “That was actually really good. I feel like I’ve heard your voice before actually,” I said, trying to think of where I remembered it from.

“Probably at the club. They said they’d play my album all throughout the night, so I came with a couple of guys that are like brothers to me to celebrate.”

“Oh, did I interrupt your night?” I asked. “I’m sorry-“

“No, trust me, it was a very welcome interruption,” he said smiling at me and nibbling on my ear. “When I saw you, I knew I had to have you,” he said, “Only problem was I had no clue how to talk to you. You’re a very good dancer by the way,” he whispered into my ear. He turned on another track, this one was just a beat, but one that was easy to follow. “I’d really like it if you danced for me now.”

“Only if you dance with me,” I said shyly. He nodded and I grabbed his hand, staying right up against him nearly the whole time. I spun around, and bent down, and got low, and I could feel him getting more and more aroused as he just watched me with hooded eyes.

A couple minutes later the song was over and he held me to him again, kissing me fiercely. He led me back to the bedroom.


I woke up the next morning to a heavy arm thrown across my waist and a warm breeze blowing onto my bare shoulder every few seconds. It took me a second to gather my thoughts, but once I did I glanced over to touch his phone and check the time.

I had to be to a meeting in an hour and I couldn’t be late. I got up quietly. Luckily he was a heavy sleeper. The meeting I had to get to was across town. There was no way I could make it to my place in that amount of time.

I made a decision to just freshen up in his bathroom and go. Thank God this dress could pass as club wear or business attire, with a couple adjustments.

When I put the dress back on, I zipped it up a little higher and tied the belt, making sure it went a little longer than last night. Then I added some subtle jewelry and put my wild hair up in a topknot using a tough brush and some ecostyling gel from my purse to slick it back and fix my edges. I slipped my shoes on and headed out the door, happy to see the taxi I called before getting dressed sitting at the curb.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I’m sorry to whoever requested this, you requested it probably back in the beginning of September and I just got around to it. Also, part 2 anyone? I was thinking of making it where like she found out how big he actually was and he went on a hunt for her or something, but then she’d be insecure and worry about what his fans would think of her. I actually still have to make a part 2 for another one of my stories, which should be coming up within the next couple weeks.


pariahplanet  asked:

Hey y'all! Can you please update the doctors tag derek and/or stiles?? Thanks!


Fight Me, Doctor by lemon_powered (1/1 | 6,626 | PG13)

Stiles is a ER doctor, and Derek is prone to injury, but that’s not how they meet.

Fever running high by Alenacantfly (1/1 | 799 | G)

Stiles nodded. “Her temperature is too high. 40° Celsius, that’s not good. She needs fluids and cold wraps. Are you her father?”

The man nodded. “Derek Hale, yeah.”

@raimykeller asked for doctor!Stiles saving Derek’s kid.

No Words Left Unsaid by countrygirlsfun (1/1 | 7,776 | G)

Derek makes the appointment himself. That in and of itself is a big deal for him.

It’s been ten years since he got his family killed. Six years since he let Laura, his sister, get killed, leaving only himself as the sole survivor of the Hale family.

And it’s been five years, eleven months since Derek has spoken.


Where It All Began by scorpia (6/6 | 12,539 | R)

“There is no way that thing is real,” Derek blurted out before he could stop himself.
Maybe it was the beers, he just couldn’t help it. There was absolutely no way the guy sitting next to him was twenty-one. His buzzed haircut probably didn’t help, but still. He had moles dotting his face and neck, dimples that were noticeable even when he wasn’t smiling, and eyes so wide that he could not imagine them on any grown adult.
The guy turned his head toward Derek to meet his eyes, before glancing back down at the card he was stuffing into his wallet. He laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s not. And I’m pretty sure the dude serving drinks knows it’s not, but no one’s turned me down yet, so we’re going by this unspoken ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule.”

Or where Derek and Stiles meet on vacation at Myrtle Beach.

Accidents by countrygirlsfun (1/1 | 1,780 | PG13)

Derek is standing at the nurses station down in the ER. It’s his turn to be on call in the clinic and he’s been grateful for such a quiet night so far. Quiet in the sense that they haven’t had many patients, but that’s the only way it’s been quiet because Suzanne has been harping on him from behind the desk for the last ten minutes without letting him leave.

Well, it’s more he shouldn’t leave, he needs to stay ready in case something happens and he’s needed. Oh boy, does he wish someone would come through those doors and need a doctor.

Mend My Heart by lucianowriter (1/1 | 12,352 | G)

Stiles is a single father to a toddler. Life is complicated and messy as it is. When his father has a heart attack, Stiles watches as Derek Hale enters his life and complicates it even more. However, this grumpy doctor may just surprise Stiles in the end. 


a/n: okay so to the lovely anon who requested a nate imagine about his daughter getting her period, here it finally is, and I’m so sorry it took so long, and I’m so sorry if it’s not what you thought, and also so sorry if it just flat out sucks, but I had a really hard time trying to figure this one out, but please enjoy.


I moved out to LA when I was 19, pursuing photography. I started sneaking into shows, taking pictures and putting them out on the web, getting noticed by the artists themselves for my great work, gaining a lot of followers on Instagram for it.

Then one night I was sneaking into another concert, a few up-and-coming artists, with a pretty wide fan base as a bunch of girls my age were standing outside the venue. I got in no problem, flashing a fake wrist band and some bullshit ‘press’ pass.

Getting front row, with no one around me, I had a great spot for some great shots. As the guys came out, I found myself struggling to take a picture, knowing nothing could capture their passion as actually being at the show itself. Plus they were extremely to break my attention from.

I did manage to get a few really good photos from the show though, and ended up posting them when I got home. About a week later, I had a new email from one of the guys. Turned out his name was Nate, and he saw my work and remembered me from the show. We started talking business, and he hired me as his photographer.

After a few shoots with him, his friends, like Derek and the Jacks, Sammy and others started wanting me to shoot for them. I ended up hanging out with them a lot, and soon they became my best friends. About a year into being their photographer, and 6 months into being best friends, Nate and I started hooking up, and a few months later we just became a thing.

Now here we are, still one of the biggest couples in Hollywood. Our daughter Aubrey was 14, and she’s been in countless movies and tv shows. And Nate still did some shows. But he was currently on a ‘vacation’ from touring, so him and Aubrey were at home while I was shooting for Victoria secret right now.

I was in the middle of a break for the shoot when I got a text from Nate, telling me to call him as soon as I can, it’s an emergency. Freaking out I dialed him up real quick, and luckily for me he picked up on the 2nd ring.


Yeah Nate, what’s the emergency? Is everything okay?

‘yeah, I guess everything’s okay, it’s just Aubrey.’

Oh god, what’s wrong? Is she okay?

‘I mean, uh, yeah she’s okay, I guess.’

What do you mean you guess, she’s either okay or she isn’t

‘no (y/n), she’s fine, it’s just uh, something happened and I don’t know what to do.’

Nate, what the fuck is going on? Is she okay or not?

‘she uh, she got her first uh….first period.’

Is that it? I asked, confused on the ‘emergency’ part.

‘yeah, so are you coming home?’

Seriously Nate? I’m at work.

‘(y/n) this is an emergency.’

Nate, just run to the store and get her some pads and tampons, I’ll be home later.

‘can’t you just leave work early?’

Nate, I still have another hour or two here, just go to the store for her.

‘I don’t know what to get, I’m a guy and guys never have this problem.’

Just pick her up some pads and tampons Nathan. I’ve gotta get back to work. I’ll see ya at home. Love you.

‘I love you too babe, but can’t you just pick something up on the way home please’

No Nate, just go get her stuff now, I’ll see you. Bye.

And with that I hung up. Heading back to work for the next hour and a half.

Nate’s pov

After (y/n) ended the call I checked on Aubrey, she was in her room, editing a youtube video for her channel. It was of her, Sammy, and Dillon. Some sort of ‘who’s the better uncle’ video.

“hey bee, you all good?”

“yeah Dad, I’m fine.” She smiled, returning to her video.

“alright, well, I talked to your mom and uh, I’m going to the store, for some uh, some things.”

God this was so awkward. Yeah sure when (y/n) and I first moved in together, we would go to the store together and she would always grab that shit, but I never had to get it for her. And of course we always had sex when she was on her period and shit, but now it’s my daughter we’re talking about. It just feels that much more awkward.

“okay, I’ll be here.”

“alright, I guess I’ll be back.”

And with that I left, driving down to the nearest store. Walking in I decided to get some other things as well. Some more condoms, just cause (y/n) and I didn’t want any more kids right now. I also grabbed some booze, and some snacks and then I finally made my way to the feminine stuff.

“good god.” I mumbled, looking at all the different options.

“what the fuck” I said to myself, grabbing a box and looking it over. What the hell? How the hell do I know what to get? I’m a fucking guy. I decided to call (y/n) again.

Nate, I’m working. She said, annoyed.

‘ma, I’m at the store right now, and I don’t know what to get?’

Pads and tampons, I told you.

‘there’s all different kinds ma, I don’t know what kind to get.’

Just grab some tampax and any type of pad, seriously.

‘alright’ I drug out, looking for tampax ‘got some.’

Okay Nate, I love you a lot, but I really need to get back to work.

‘alright, sorry ma, I love you too, bye.’

I checked out and headed home.  Putting away most of the groceries and the booze. I grabbed the box of condoms and put them in my pocket and then took the bag for Aubrey and headed back up to her room. I knocked and then she told me to come in.

“hey kid.”

“hey dad.”

“um, these are for you.”

She took the bag and looked inside, smiled and then set it aside.

“thanks Dad. Sorry you had to deal with that.” She said shyly.

“hey don’t be princess, I’ve been dealing with it with your mom for years.”

“Dadddd.” She whined, covering her eyes. “I didn’t need to hear that.”

“hey, it happens and it’s natural.”

“dadddd, stop.”

“you’re right, you should probably talk to your mom about this kinda stuff.”

“okay I will.”

“alright, well, your mom should be home, get ready for dinner.”

“okay, can I help you make it?”

“of course, just hurry up and get ready.”

I closed her door and headed down to the kitchen. Every Sunday we would have a family dinner, with everyone. (y/n), me, Aubrey, G, Madison and their boy Aiden, and then Johnson, Sammy, Rupp and Luh came over to and we would all just have a family dinner, cause family don’t always end with blood.

I was outside, grilling some steak when Aubrey came out.

“hey Dad, can I help now?”

“yeah princess, can you get a salad bowl ready?”

“yeah, I’ll be inside.”

Soon (y/n) came home, I could hear her call out, only to find Aubrey in the kitchen. She talked for a bit and then came out, wrapping her hands around my chest from behind.

“hey babe.” She said. I turned to look at her.

“hey baby, how was the shoot?” I asked, kissing her lips briefly to greet her.

“long and tiring.” She huffed.

“just like a night with me.”

“Nate!” she laughed, playfully hitting my chest.

“hey, I’m just stating the facts ma.”


“speaking of, I got some condoms today.” I said lowly, pulling her closer to me by her waist.

“oh really? Maybe we can talk Sammy or Dill into taking her for the night.” (y/n) said slowly and seductively, running her hand down my chest.

“ma, don’t tease me now.” I growled lowly in her ear as her hand rested right above my pant line.

“I’ll make it up to you.” She said looking in my eyes and then moving in slowly, her breath hot on my ear “daddy.” She smirked. I was about to say fuck the steaks and take her up to our room right then and there, but the sound of the guys coming into the house stopped all intentions of that as (y/n) slipped out of my grasp and walked back inside, not before stopping and shooting me a wink


Dinner was great. The guys were good, and it was a great time with the family. Sammy ended up taking Aubrey and Aiden for the night. So me and (y/n) had the house to ourselves.

G, Madison and Johnson stayed longer and we all sat outside around the fire, drinking some beer, (y/n) and Madison having wine. (y/n) cuddled up next to me, Madison next to her, cuddled up with G. We were all sitting around, just remembering old times, and just having a good time.

(y/n) headed inside with Madison early, both of them cleaning up the kitchen, us guys staying outside finishing our drinks. Once we were done, the boys decided to leave. After they left, I headed upstairs to shower while (y/n) insisted on finishing cleaning up.

When I walked out of the shower into our room (y/n) was stripping her outfit from dinner, leaving her in just her bra and panties, her back to me. I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind, kissing her neck.

“ma, you’re killing me.”

“Nate” she giggled, rubbing her butt against me, pushing herself away a bit, but still stuck in my grasp.

“ma” I growled, my hands tracing her sides lightly, she tilted her head back, her eyes closed, her breath heavy as my lips grazed her skin. “we’re finally alone.”

“I know.” She said, breathlessly. She turned around and pulled me towards bed, laying down and pulling me down on top of her.

I crashed my lips to hers, immediately slipping my tongue into her mouth. My hands were roaming her body, her hands running up and down my back. I moved my lips to her neck, her arching her back, breathing heavy.

“Nate” she moaned.

“yeah ma” I mumbled against her skin.

“look at me.”

“yeah” I asked, hovering above her, looking into her eyes.

“could you go to the store and get me some tampons?” she smirked.

“you’re gonna pay for that ma.” I said, before crashing my lips to hers, starting our endless night in the sheets.