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It’s dumb. It’s incredibly dumb and completely unfounded and totally unreasonable and he definitely, most assuredly, one hundred and ten million percent should not be thinking it because there’s no way, no reasoning, no evidence, and no defense for the absolute garbage his brain is coming up with.

He’s still thinking it.

The problem was… Nursey was all types of beautiful. Every type of beautiful, if Chris was being honest with himself here, as he idly flipped through his texts for class. He glanced up at Nursey where he sat across from him at their spot in the library, intently taking notes by hand from where he’d typed them up on his laptop. His brow creased a little and he crossed a few things out, then tapped delicately at his lip, and Chris found himself getting the soft butterflies that still hadn’t stopped fluttering despite the fact that they were months into their relationship.

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December 23rd, 2028.

“Okay first of all? That is fucking fake, our kids would be way cuter than Bitty and Jack’s,” Nursey argues, half-rising from his seat. Chris has to ease the glass of wine from his hand with a soft chuckle–he’s feeling a little quiet today after a week of roadies– across their living room, he just catches a glimpse of Jack’s subtle smile as he does the same to a slightly tipsy Bitty, who’s pointing an accusatory finger towards the other man.

“You’re a damn liar, Derek Nurse,” he says hotly. “Jack was the cutest baby I ever saw–”

Shitty chokes on his mozzarella stick where he’s settled on the floor, managing a strangled, “Wrong, Bits,” and Lardo inhales her drink, sputtering. Chris fights down a little grin as Shits, still coughing, tries to pull out a handkerchief for her, ever the reluctant gentleman. He’s seen Nursey do the same for his niece, so it must be an Andover thing, and he snorts a little to himself imagining high school Nursey and Shitty washing and pressing little handkerchiefs. It’s a funny image.

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pale-silver-comb replied to your post “Life fact: going to the gym when you’ve had shortness of breath all…”

AU where Stiles is you and Derek is the judgy gym dude.


Stiles would be the first person to tell you that he isn’t in the best shape of his life. The best shape of his life was when he was 21 and played division 1 lacrosse at Berkley. Now he’s a 28 year old guy who stands at the front of a classroom most of the day and drinks a few beers on the weekends. He’s not in bad shape, it’s just not great.

Which is why he joined a gym when he moved back to Beacon Hills and started teaching full time. He may have joined Hale Fitness because he wanted to see if Derek Hale had grown up as well as everyone said, but mostly it was about keeping in shape, or at least that’s the lie he told himself.

“I wouldn’t go to the gym today Stiles,” Scott said. He had called Stiles at 3:35 because he knew that was when Stiles headed over to Hale Fitness for his daily run. “The forest fires are getting worse and the air quality is dropping.”

“Don’t worry about me buddy,” Stiles said, putting the Jeep in gear and pulling out of the high school, “I have great lungs, I’ll be fine.”

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Best. Interview. Ever. Derek Zoolander is back, and better than ever. With the historical American men all jumbled up in that strange mind of his.

Also: What those who have to listen to us speak about Hamilton think we’re talking about.

cribbagematch-deactivated201601  asked:

is it or is it not canon that derek is, in fact, a butthole

the question Betp has presented before the class is an interesting philosophical tussle to be wrestled with as we all lay ourselves down to sleep, staring at the ceiling.  Is it canon that Derek Hale is a butthole?

“Never!” I scream to the skies in the middle of a hurricane.  I am emotionally compromised.  I am wearing a second skin of metal to protect my fragile hollow bird bones, but it is lightning out.  "GO INSIDE YOU IDIOT,“ the neighbors cry but I can’t.  I must stand on this hill and yodel "DEREK HALE ISN’T A BUTTHOLE!” until I can stand no longer.

He’s kinda a butthole.  NO HE ISN’T.  KINDA THOUGH!!!!!

I think my eternal question is just whether buttholeism is an inherent quality of Derek Hale forever or whether it was a stage of development, a chapter of Derek Hale’s life.  ”Chapter Six: My Sister Got Chopped Up and I Was Kind of a Butthole About Everything.”  Ben Stein reads the audiobook.  It’s a best seller, despite no one reading it, ever.  It’s me.  I bought all the books and the audiobooks.  My family is in deep debt.  I sold my couch to buy 2.4 million copies of an audiobook of Ben Stein reading Derek Hale’s autobiography.