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Sorry about the rant

Hotch can’t leave. He just can’t. Spencer (and Penelope) have lost so many people over the last 12-ish years. Just when Spencer was getting close to Elle, she left. Gideon was the dad Spencer never had. Then he had to watch JJ leave. Then Emily. Then Maeve. Then Alex. Then Kate. Then his mom’s dementia. Then Derek. Now Hotch? Spencer is about to be in a living hell. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it. Spencer has lost so many people and don’t get me wrong, I love Thomas Gibson and want him on the show, but if Hotch leaves, the only logical thing that could happen for Matthew Gray Gubler’s character is literally nothing good. I have never wished to work with Criminal Minds more than I do right now. I’ve grown up watching this show, and it showed me just what I want to be for a career. Yeah, okay I’m done. If you don’t know what’s going on please let me know and I’ll make another post about what I know. Thanks, I love you guys. And if Thomas Gibson doesn’t come back, I’ll still be here and so will this blog.

Choices [Spencer Reid Imagine]

*Requested* can i request a spencer reid imagine where the reader is very pregnant and she finds out that spencer has been cheating on her with maeve while on the case.. happy ending please! thank you love. xoxo

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Love you,” Maeve whispered, hanging up the phone.

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Just think of how much fun an early season Teen Wolf/The Vampire Diaries crossover (Flarrow-style) might have been:

  • Scott and Elena would probably become instant best friends. They could bond over stringent moral codes and helping old ladies cross the street, just being general cinnamon rolls together
  • Derek and Stefan visiting leather jacket outlet stores and brooding together. If they do talk, it’s to complain about…
  • Damon and Peter. Peter’s probably overjoyed to finally have made a friend who isn’t a “moronic, angst-ridden teenager”, and introduces Damon to the Top Secret Underground Uncle Bad Touch  Network.
  • Bonnie, Caroline and Lydia can bond over shopping and complaining about their collective lack of utilization as anything but a plot device/love interest by their respective showrunners.
  • Allison and Jeremy can trade hunting tips, and grumble about how much dying sucks.
  • Tyler and Jackson probably just go watch sports, and then just go do whatever rich werewolves do
  • Stiles and Matt just bond over being basically the only normal humans left 
My Top 6 Fics

Shameless Plug? Oh, Yes. These are my favourite fic’s that I’ve written. contains multiple ships. 

1. I Need You Here (Series)
Sterek. An on-going series about the emotional journey Stiles goes through after killing Donovan and Derek returns to help. Also, it sets up a Stilinski-Hale pack. I’m pretty proud of this series. 

2. Should Have, Could Have, Will Be. 
Briller. A multi-chapter (though can be read as stand alone’s) look into the relationship of Miller and Bryan. Starts when they meet on the Ark and will go on to canon verse. I’m so excited about this fic, you have no idea. 

3. Belong To My Brother (Series)
FiKi. A short series about a Modern AU Fili and Kili. I loved writing them, it’s funny, awkward, cute and just lovely. Also them telling Thorin about their relationship angst. 

4. You Shoot Me Down But I Won’t Fall
Malec. Quick one shot of a nerf-fight between Alec and Magnus. Pure fluffy goodness, this was so much fun to write. 

5. Anywhere, I Would’ve Followed You 
Sterek. Just imagine Derek going totally nuts because he misses Stiles so much. It’s pathetically tragic and I love it! ha. 

6. You Are My Safe And Sound 
Hicctooth. This was the first ever fanfiction I posted so it holds a special place in my heart. Hiccup gets sick and Toothless has no idea how to help his little human. It’s too cute okay. 

Nightcall by oldestcharm

[3086w | General]

Getting as far away from Beacon Hills as humanly possible is much easier when you have supernatural friends… acquaintances… err, something.

Rec’d by @write2live who says:  So, here’s a rec for you. It’s in the now-classic genre of “Stiles relies on Derek after killing Donovan” fics. It’s got great characterization, dialogue that feels real from Stiles and Derek, and a demonstration of how their antagonism also became a way of showing affection. It also features a top 5 “Stiles yelling about Derek’s ridiculousness” speech. This fic is one I come back to over and over, and I haven’t quite figured out what about it makes me react to it so strongly, but I really enjoy it and am baffled that is has so few kudos.

Note: I agree with all of the above!

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Somebody call out to your brother 
He’s calling out your name  
Hiding under the covers
With no one else to blame  
You couldn’t help out your own neighbor
You couldn’t tell it to his face
You were fucked up by the blame

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So they say that Stiles and Derek will appear in episode 11 and 20 in season 6B together. I just can’t get out of my head that they will be off screen most of the season together as well. All I picture is Stiles telling Derek everything that’s been going on then suddenly he puts his head down. Derek askes him what’s wrong. That’s when Stiles tells Derek about killing Donovan. Stiles breaking down and completely opening up to Derek. Derek moving in closer and puts a comforting hand on Stiles shoulder like Stiles did when Boyd died. Then they move in closer and just hug, a genuine meaning full hug where you never want to let go. Then they don’t they just stay like that until they fall asleep. Stiles waking up and he is still in Dereks arms. He just feels completely safe and at home. Derek waking up looking at Stiles still in his arms. He just feels completely safe and at home.