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Why you should listen to “Gay Card the Musical”

From the “Gay Card” Kickstarter Page:

What is GAY CARD?

GAY CARD is the hilariously heartwarming story of Logan Kapler, a one-friend loser who never felt like he belonged. But now that he’s starting college, he has a trick up his sleeve that he’s sure will change everything: he’s gay. Gay people are awesome; therefore, he will be awesome.

Except his new college housemates don’t agree (#fail). They revoke his “gay card” and deem him not-awesome-enough-to-be-gay instead. Determined to prove them wrong, Logan embarks on a quest to earn his gay card. And he will stop at nothing—not even losing his best friend or ruining his chances at love—to get the life he always dreamed of.

Gay Card features Actors like Derek Klena (Wicked, Anastasia), Melissa Mitchell (Les Misérables, Giant), and Sean Doherty (The Lightning Thief, Forever Plaid). there are videos of some of the cast singing some of the songs in rehearsals such as “Step Back” , “Everybody Else” and “All Figured Out”. So go out and listen to this great soundtrack!