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“ welcome to riverdale… ” teen wolf edition [ 1/??]

         “ i’m scott – you must be – ”

                     “ – betty. i’ll be showing you and your friends around riverdale. ” 

Let’s talk about Nathan Pierce from Teen Wolf! Let’s talk about Reggie Mantle from Riverdale! Let’s talk about Zach Dempsey from 13 Reasons Why! Let’s talk about ROSS BUTLER!


The Place Beyond The Pines (2012) - Derek Cianfrance.

If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder. 

Delusional//Teen Wolf x Riverdale


Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Kevin Keller, Cheryl Blossom, Reader.

“We have to go.” Stiles raises an eyebrow.

“No. Just because Derek called does not mean we have to go.” Scott shakes his head.

Everyone exchanges looks, “We’re going.” You stand up.

“Where are we going?” Lydia walks into the room.

“Riverdale.” You reply.

She stands in the doorway, a confused look on her face before shrugging. “Let’s go.”

You all pack up and go, not sure where to stay.

“Hotel?” Stiles suggests.

“Why not?” Derek shrugs and sighs before going to check everyone in.

“Where should we start?” Isaac asks.

“Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe.” Scott looks up from his phone.

“Do I wanna know?” Stiles looks confused.

“Probably not.” You sigh.

Derek hands out key cards to everyone before you all take off to Pop’s. You walk in the door, everyone turning to look at you.

You spot a dark haired boy with a grey beanie on. “That’s him.” You whisper to Scott.

Scott nods and walks towards him and the blonde he sat with. You and Stiles follow closely, hoping to listen.

“Are you Jughead Jones?” Scott asks.

Jughead looks up at Scott, an unreadable look on his face. “Are you here to ask about my dad? You a reporter or something?” Betty grabs his wrist, looking at the three of you.

“No..I’re Betty Cooper, right?” Scott shifts his gaze to Betty and she nods.

“Scott stop being so incredibly sketchy.” Stiles shakes his head. “We need to talk to you. Outside preferably.” He moves in front of Scott.

“Who are you..?” Jughead tilts his head.

“Stiles Stilinski. Now, can we go..outside?” Stiles points toward the door.

“Your name is Stiles Stilinski?” Jughead starts to stand.

“Your name is Jughead Jones.” Stiles deadpans.

“Fair enough,” Jughead exits the diner, Betty following him closely.

Isaac raises an eyebrow as he spots Jughead, “Is this him?” He’s leaning up against the Jeep.

You nod, everyone moving forward.

“This is going to sound…more than insane.” Scott starts to explain.

“Okay…?” Jughead looks at him.

“We know who killed Jason Blossom.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” Jughead crosses his arms.

“Hear him out.” Betty nods at him.

“Who killed Jason Blossom then?” He looks skeptical.

“Clifford Blossom.” Scott nods.

Betty covers her mouth with her hand, “What?”

“He was…” Scott looks to Derek, unsure of how to continue.

Derek steps forward, “He was possessed.”

“Who are you?” Jughead steps back. “Who sent you?”

“Let us explain.” You look to Betty, hoping she’d give in. She nods and you step closer to the pair. “Do you believe in the supernatural?”

“Yeah. I guess so.” Jughead nods.

“That’s what this is..he was possessed by a..a Nogitsune. Stiles here was possessed about a month ago.” You turn to Stiles who purses his lips and give a quick wave. “We obviously got it out of Stiles, but it seems the Nogitsune has body jumped.”

“I’m going to..need a minute.”

“I’m going to call Archie and Veronica.” Betty pulls her phone out and walks away.

“Is there somewhere more private we could go to talk?” Scott asks.

Jughead shakes his head, “Parents are too nosey. We could go out by the river…as long as we don’t get caught.”

“Archie and Veronica said to meet at Veronica’s. Her mom is with Archie’s dad.” Betty returns.

“We can take you there.” Jughead nods.

You arrive and walk into a huge apartment, you and Stiles exchange a glance as you walk inside.

“Who’s this?” Archie breathes out.

“Oh, uh..I’m Scott, that’s Derek, Isaac, Stiles, Y/N, and Lydia.” You all wave.

Scott explains the situation and the four of them sit in silence.

“You said supernatural?” Archie asks.

Scott nods, “Yeah. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to trust us.”

“Can we talk more about this tomorrow? I have to go talk to my dad.” Archie stands up from his spot on the couch.

“Yeah. That sounds good.” Scott nods. Everyone goes back home, you and the pack returning to the hotel. You’d given Betty your number in case anything happens.

You were glad you did, you received a phone call from her telling you to meet her and Jughead. The pack headed out, and you all fell in step behind them once you found them.

“Whatever it is we’re looking for, Joaquin didn’t know if it would help your dad, or make things worse.” Kevin says to Jughead.

“Um, I guess we’re about to find out.” Betty replies. You and the pack stay a ways back, listening closely. “And why did he wait so long to tell us?” She adds.

“FP called him from jail.” Kevin starts. “Told him to forget about their plan, some contingency plan. He said it was too dangerous.”

“Deja vu.” Jughead mutters as he approaches a large sign. Everyone stops as they watch Jughead.

“Hey! Right here!” He reaches down through some branches, pulling out a backpack. He unzips his, revealing Jason’s varsity jacket.

Betty calls Archie and you all meet in his garage. You’re all huddled around the jacket.

“This was meant to help FP?” Archie asks as he motions toward the piece of clothing.

“I don’t know. Looks like incriminating evidence to me.” Kevin looks at Archie and shrugs.

“Yeah.” Jughead’s gripping a chair, bent over slightly. “This just confirms that my dad torched Jason’s getaway car.”

“And that his confession was true.” Kevin mutters to Betty.

“Why would FP say that Jason’s varsity jacket is dangerous? What could that mean?” Betty shakes her head.

Veronica walks in the door, “I can ask my father..he would know, considering we found concrete proof that he hired the Serpents to kill Jason.”

No one from the pack says a word, this was information Derek had already collected.

Veronica turns to Jughead, “Which probably means that your dad pulled the trigger, Jughead. I’m sorry.”

Jughead stares at the jacket in silence, sadness spread across his face. Betty watches her boyfriend, “No. No! No, I’m not giving up yet.” She shakes her head. She picks the jacket up and holds it up to Archie. “Put it on.”

He looks concerned, “What?”

“Put it on.” She insists.

“Betty..this is weird.” Archie says as she puts the jacket on him. He widens his arms and she slides her hands into her pockets to explore.

“There’s a hole in the pocket.” She nods.

“Okay, now we’re just grasping at straws..” Kevin steps forward.

“Okay, no.” Betty interrupts. “I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I have a hole in my jacket pocket, I always lose my Chapstick in the lining.” She feels around in the hole.

“Or my Montblanc.” Veronica adds.

“Hold on.” Betty pulls out a small silver flash drive.

“What the hell?” Veronica leans forward.

Kevin scoffs and shakes his head, “Nancy Drew strikes again.”

They put the flash drive in the computer and you and the pack stand up, giving them some space. You talk amongst yourselves. You watch them watch the computer, all five of them jumping at one time. Veronica begins to cry and Betty gets up to make a phone call after closing the laptop.

Archie calls you over and you view the video.

“You see that? Right there?” Derek pauses the video. “His eyes changed. It’s the Nogitsune.”

“Can you explain the whole thing again?” Jughead asks.

Derek explains the origins. “You’d probably get a better description from Stiles. Probably a very short and sarcastic description, but it’s still a description.” Derek looks to Stiles.

“Basically, you have no control. You…black out, you wake up not knowing what you did during the period when you were out. It gets to the point where you’d do anything to get the Nogitsune out. He feeds off of chaos, which is why he was willing to kill his host’s child. It would cause the whole town to panic.” Stiles explains.

“Supernatural things…exist?” Archie asks.

“I’m a werewolf.” Scott shrugs. “So is he, and so is he.” He points at Isaac and Derek.

“I’m a banshee.” Lydia shrugs.

“And you?” Kevin points at Stiles.

“I was just possessed that’s all.”

“What about you?” Jughead asks you.

“Me? Just a human. I somehow got dragged into this.” You exchange a knowing look with Scott.

“So what do we do about it?” Veronica asks, wiping her eyes.

“We could speak with Cheryl.”

“I already told her to get out.” Betty nods.

“How do you know so much?” Jughead looks at you and the pack.

“I’ve been collecting information. I had a feeling it was supernatural.” Derek responds.

Cheryl walks in the door, her eyes falling onto Derek. “Who’s tall dark and handsome?” She smirks at him. “I’m Cheryl Blossom. You are?” She extends her hand to him.

He shakes it, raising an eyebrow as she flirts. “About ten years too old for you.” He shakes his head.

“Too bad.” She spins on her heel. “What’s going on?”

Scott explains everything. She stares at you with a disgusted look on her face.

“Is this a joke?”

“Trust them. It’s not.” Betty reassures.

“I want proof.” She sits up straight.

“Proof?” Stiles squints at her. He clearly doesn’t like her.

“Yes, proof.” She gives him a once over. “Are you too stupid to understand what I’m saying?” She quickly flicks her eyes to meet his.

“Hey!” Lydia defends Stiles, stepping in front of him.

Cheryl stands up to face her, crossing her arms. “What’re you going to do?”

“What should I do? Maybe I could rip out your fake red hair.” Lydia smirks and stares at Cheryl’s long hair.

Cheryl’s jaw drops, “This is Blossom hair! This is not fake!”

“From what Polly told me about her dad’s wig collection…” Betty mumbles to Veronica.

“Huh.” Lydia scoffs. “Could’ve fooled me.” She turns away, moving back to her spot behind Stiles.

Kevin’s jaw is dropped, he leans over to Veronica, “I like her. We may have to keep that one.”

“Fighting isn’t proof.” Jughead raises an eyebrow.

“What proof do you want?” Isaac stands up.

“We could start with the whole…y'know, werewolf thing.”

“What, you don’t believe us?” Isaac seems upset.

“No, I don’t.” Jughead states.

“Are we kidding with this kid, Scott? Look at his hat.”

Jughead sits up and looks at Isaac, “Look at your scarf!”

“I like him.” Stiles nods at Jughead and smiles.

“Guys! We won’t get anything done this way.” Betty shouts.

“Here’s proof.” Scott tries to deflect the situation, flashing his eyes at the six in front of you.

“Woah…” Kevin raises an eyebrow.

“Believe us now?” He asks.

Cheryl looks unimpressed. “Yes.”

You go back to the hotel, planning on going to speak to the whole Blossom family in the morning.

You’re woken by a call from Betty. “He hung himself?”

“What?” You sit up and look at the clock.

“Clifford. He hung himself last night. Cheryl told him she knew he did something bad and he hung himself.”

“The Nogitsune did it.” You sigh. “He’s fled.” You climb of the bed.

“And he’s going to be looking for another body.”


I’m going to start writing my first fanfic and I’m nervous??? 

i don’t have many followers so its not like i have many people to be writing for lol

but still I’ve always had them in my head I just haven’t written them out yet so i hope they are good and you enjoy them so yeah… if you find this hopefully you want to check it out. okay bye now off to write my little naughty heart out. 

the coopers: fairball ‘14

Derek Cooper

  • Is a world-renowed surgeon (Plastics specifically) and has received a ton of publicity for his work over the years.
  • So yes, that does also probably included Mrs Vandekamp’s new nose.
  • Very recently divorced from his long-time wife Dr. Adita Cooper (also a hella surgeon) and is quite honestly, still in love with her even though they both know it can’t Work.
  • Took off his wedding ring for the ball at Tessa’s insistence.
  • Is somehow charismatic and dorky at the same time???
  • Was 300% not ready for the notorious flirts and singletons tonight but he’s doing his Best in his new suit.
  • Was responsible for Tessa’ Luk tonight.
  • Not from the UES but has travelled enough to be kinda in the loop, plus his patients almost always LOVE to gossip. Especially the ones in New York now.
  • Loves his daughter sm. He loves to talk about his doctor to-be all the time and shows people pictures of her when she was a kiddo. #embarrassingdad
  • He also does this about Rose Haven too.
  • Honestly is just such a Good…
  • Cinnamon Roll, 2 Good and 2 Pure. 

FC: Eric Dane