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Puppy Love Pt.6


I open my eyes and immediately shut them, the sun peeking through my bare windows almost blinding me. For the fourth time since I’ve moved to Seattle, I make a mental note to buy myself some curtains. Sadly, my temporary solution for now is to flip over and face away from the sun, so I do that and rest my head on the chest of the warm body inhabiting my…


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Rest In Peace, Derek Christopher Shepherd - 
“The human life is made up of choices. Yes or no. In or out. Up or down. And then there are the choices that matter. Love or hate. To be a hero or to be a coward. To fight or to give in. To live. Or die. Live or die. That’s the important choice. And it’s not always in our hands.”


>>The Shepherd Siblings.

Amelia, Derek, Nancy, Lizzie and Kathleen.

{Not in order of birth}

Tell me you don’t think Amanda Peet would’ve been the perfect choice for the only Shepherd sibling we haven’t met yet, Kathleen?

She’ll always be Kathleen in my headcanon.

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Derek and his older sisters when Amelia is born

Merry Ficmas Day 8

“One at a time.”

The four Shepherds rushed towards the hospital bed despite their father’s warning, swarming around their mother to see the newest addition to the family. 

“Isn’t she a beauty?” their father complimented, resting his hand on Derek’s shoulder.

“She?!” Nancy whined, “Another girl? Ugh, because that’s what we need, more drama.”

“You’re not going to get a husband with that attitude, Nancy,” Carolyn berated her eldest daughter, holding the tiniest Shepherd in her arms. Nancy pouted in response, folding her arms and looking away angrily and shamefully.

“Her eyes are really blue,” Lizzie noted, “not brown like mine at all.”

“Why isn’t she crying?” Derek asked his mother, looking at the child curiously, “is something wrong? Aren’t babies supposed to cry a lot?”

“Can I hold her, mom?” Kate asked sweetly, smiling adoringly at her new sister.

“You can hold her hand,” Carolyn told her, making a compromise. Kate cautiously reached her hand towards the baby and touched her tiny one softly. The baby looked down at her hand, curious and confused by Kate’s touch. Lizzie rubbed her pinkie finger along the tiny knuckles of her other hand, tickling them and causing the baby to pull her hand back; she definitely didn’t like being tickled. Derek reached his tiny, seven year old hand up and brushed her soft, silky curls behind her ears, receiving a satisfying sigh from the baby.

“Her hair is soft,” he announced to the family.

“Well, yes,” his father confirmed, “she’s a new born.”

“What’s her name?” Nancy asked from deep behind the Shepherd brood.

“Amelia,” both her mother and father said.

“Amelia,” all the Shepherd kids said at once, testing the name out.

“That seems like a mouthful,” Derek told his parents. Carolyn and Christopher smiled at each other lovingly, amused by their children.

Derek brought his lips close to Amelia’s left ear and whispered so low that only she could hear, if she’d understood english, “I’ll just call you Amy.” She grabbed at his lips in response, fascinated by the words that were coming out of them.


“He’s   g o n e.    That’s the point, isn’t it? He’s gone, and I’m here. Everything looks different now. It feels so…different. I’ve lost him. Everything changed, and now it’s… It’s hard to accept it. He’s gone. He’s just gone. And there’s no getting him back.”

Why tonight will be the worst.

Tonight, we get ready to say our farewell to Dr. Derek Shepherd. Mr McDreamy. For some, this may not impact them as much. For me, it is everything. Merder was one of the best modern romances in television history. For the last 5 years, this relationship has been something I wanted to aspire to. To love each other, even when you hate each other. Which is easier than it sounds. I watched this relationship evolve over 10 seasons, and it ends in the most cruel way possible. They will never get a lifetime together.

“So what?” people say to me. It’s just a television show. It’s not just a television show to me. This show got me through some of my darkest and twistiest days. This show proved to me that there is some hope somewhere, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Meredith Grey taught me how to fight adversity. Do the impossible. Derek Shepherd taught me life is hard, but if you work hard enough at something, you can achieve your dreams. He had his dream: Meredith, Zola and Bailey, and the house on that beautiful land. He came to the realization that the one’s you love are all that you need. Meredith and Derek may not have been the most realistic couple, but they had real life problems that people fight everyday. Which is why I related to them.

So tonight, it will not be a beautiful night to watch Grey’s Anatomy, nor will it be very fun, but I hope you will join me in watching

But I hope they give Derek the closure he deserves.

RIP Derek Christopher Shepherd. Merder is endgame.

Grey’s Anatomy Music 11x21 - ”How to Save a Life”

Song: Sedona
Artist: Houndmouth
Derek calling Meredith from the ferry boat
Song: Gulls
Artist: David Gray
It’s a beautiful day to save lives
Song: Today Has Been Okay
Artist: Sleeping at Last
The nurse finds out Derek is a doctor
Song: Into The Fire
Artist: Erin McCarley
Derek on the OR table
Song: Chasing Cars
Artist: Sleeping at Last
Scene: Last MerDer scene
R.I.P Derek Christopher Shepherd 1966-2015

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“derek? derek!” the brunette yelled, chasing after her brother in the hallways of the hospital. her patient wanted a second opinion about her consult and decision to operate, and having him sprint in the opposite direction was not helping. “derek christopher shepherd, do you think this is funny? why are you running away from me?!”