derek cardigan glasses

when you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs

I’m not totally sure what to work on next, so why not - I like these writing memes. Have some random stuff from my WIPs folder.

1. From the first fic I started after writing Bricks. It’s 47k, a little over halfway done, and will probably never be finished because it’s a college AU and that feels a little repetitive after PDIW. (In this one, Derek’s a cardigans-and-glasses wearing grad student and Stiles is an undergrad doing a study on The Science of Love.)

“You don’t have to tell me,” Derek said, the kindness and understanding in his eyes almost overwhelming. 

His glasses were neatly folded and set to the side of the table, and there were little dents on either side of his nose that Stiles wanted to trace with his fingers. Maybe kiss, very gently, if Derek would let him. 

2. A little canon-divergent ficlet I started writing about Stiles coming to Derek’s loft whenever he had nightmares and couldn’t sleep.

Derek closed his eyes and drifted on the edges of sleep, letting the darkness ebb and flow to the sound of the contents of Stiles’s pockets clinking, the zip of his hoodie, then of his jeans, as he let each fall to the floor.

Another moment, a soft breath of empty air, a hesitation that grew a little shorter each time, and Stiles was clambering into bed, his knees knocking Derek in the shins, his fingers digging into Derek’s ribs as he tumbled over him.

“Ow,” Derek said, out of habit.

3. Cora’s friend Stiles was an absolute menace when he and Derek were younger. Now that Derek’s in college, there’s absolutely no way he’s letting Stiles stay in his dorm room during a campus tour.

Stiles had taken one look at Derek’s face, dropped the damaged keyboard with a squeaky yelp, and dove under the bed. Unfortunately, Derek’s mom had come upstairs while Derek was dragging Stiles out by his ankles.

To be fair, Stiles had crammed wadded up dollar bills under Derek’s pointedly closed bedroom door every time he came over for the next year, but Derek had never forgiven him.