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Teen Wolf Preference #19 Your song

Scott: All I Ever Need - Austin Mahone

Scott always tells you that you’re all he ever needs, and that no matter what he’s going through, he will always have you, and you’ll always support him. Plus, he thinks you’re perfect, no matter what you’re doing. You could be wearing sweatpants or a tight fitting dress, no matter what, you’re his angel. 

Stiles: Somebody to you - The Vamps

All Stiles wanted was to be close to you, to get to know you. But your past kept you distant, until he finally got close to you, and that was when he realized that he was falling to you, his confidence melted away as soon as you stepped into the room, and all he could do was stutter. You ended up falling right in with him because of the lame jokes and smiling self. 

Issac: I want you bad - R5

You and Issac were friends. But you were dating one of his friends, but that didn’t keep Issac from trying, the minute Derek turned him into a werewolf, which gave him the confidence he needed to ask you out. You were surprised, to say the least, and after you broke up with his friend because he was a dick, you didn’t hesitate when he asked you out again. You were the one he couldn’t get, but got anyway. 

Derek: It will rain - Bruno Mars

He would never admit it, but you were his everything, he would go down on one knee and bow for you if that’s what you wanted. Your parents didn’t approve, but you love Derek, and nothing could change that, not even the glowing eyes and claws he had once in a while. He often said, that if you was gonna leave him, you should put some morphine at his door, because that was how much it was going to hurt him, if you walked away. 

Aiden: Hard to Love - Lee Brice

Aiden is a tough one. He often tests your trust, and often he feels like he doesn’t deserve you. He feels like a wreaking ball, crashing into everything and destroying it. He’s hard to love, but you always tells him that you need him. He knows he makes it hard for you, but every time you kiss him, it’s like he knows you’ll be together for a long time, no matter how hard to love he is. 

Liam: End up Here - 5SOS

You and Liam met at a party, both of you freshman. You were glowing with confidence so when you walked towards Liam who was standing in the corner, all he could think was “She’s way too cool, and she’s coming this way.. Relax..” He often wonders how you ended up talking, but loves that you did, because it gave him a chance to get to know you. He’ll never admit it to his friends, but he’s a six, and you’re a ten. He always tells you that. Everyone thought you were insane when you started hanging out, because you were so far out of his league, but you didn’t care. 


Yo Bethany, I’m really happy for you. I'ma let you finish but Amber Riley had the best paso doble of all time…

Seriously, Amber’s was the dopest I’d ever seen.