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Shape of You - XVIII

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Turn out I unintentionally lied, I had planned on this being the final chapter but I think I have 2 more to tell - to round the story off properly! So I hope you enjoy this next instalment, please leave reviews, comment, opinions, questions, suggestions… below 💕💕💕💕💕

Amelia’s POV

I just had to leap and trust that this time Owen would catch me and never let me go. I just had to trust him, I had to find it in myself to trust him. But the minute he commented on the polaroid I pointed at I threw caution to the wind, this was the only place I wanted to be – Owen was the only person I wanted to talk to whenever anything happened to me, good or bad I wanted his ears to be the first to hear about it and his arms to be the ones in which I found support or encouragement. As my lips brushed his, I melted I couldn’t hold my feelings in anymore; goose bumps erupted wherever he touched me - my mind was foggy, I couldn’t think straight. All I could think about was that this must be what love feels like, that even when one of us screws everything the other is there to catch us, smile and say ‘oh well’. 

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