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And so, we’re in the final stretch of Despair’s Metropolis. After a very interesting traitor case, only 8 students still stand! And next week is the final murder case, where the five survivors will be determined…it’s quite exciting! The current survivors have endured a lot thus far, and it ain’t over yet. So, here’s some artwork by one of the roleplayers!

For those who don’t know, this is one of many Original Character RPs formatted in the style of a DanganRonpa killing game. They’re all hosted on Discord by many talented writers in a large group! If anyone’s interested in hearing about some of the events that have perspired across them all, don’t be afraid to pm or potentially join!

This art was done by @supernova-remnants and was posted with permission. 


MASSIVE CHALICE: Demon concept art

This gorgeous and unsettling concept art shows how Double Fine artists Derek Brand and Raz Mavlian are currently envisioning demons in MASSIVE CHALICE. As with all concept art, it is subject to change, but we’re really excited by the direction they’re going!

See more concept art over in the MASSIVE CHALICE Kickstarter updates!

domestic!Sterek headcanons
  • Derek sometimes always ends up as the little spoon
  • He’ll rip your throat out if you mention it though
  • In stores, Derek pushes the cart and Stiles puts in the groceries
  • ”Vegetables are healthy, Derek, stop being such a child.”
  • “But Dereeek, one pack of chips is, like, the same as no pack of chips!”
  • Stiles prefers toast, Derek likes Cheerios
  • Stiles meticulously cleans the kitchen but is messy anarchic everywhere else
  • Derek cleans the apartment once a week because he’s allergic to dust a very neat person, now shut up
  • They stopped showering together after the conditioner incident
  • Stiles still swears he can feel it in his joints whenever he smells Redken products
  • Derek purposely buys Redken shampoo every now and then because he’s a little shit it smells of mint
  • Stiles gets rid of spiders but screams at hates centipedes

Los Angeles Times
July 22, 2016

Who wants to see Lin-Manuel Miranda get tipsy and tell stories about Alexander Hamilton? Well now you can because the Broadway star is bringing the stories he couldn’t fit into the musical to “Drunk History.”

“Drunk History,” for the uninitiated, is a show in which a narrator recites a historical (and oftentimes educational) tale from the past while rip-roaring drunk. That story is later reenacted by famous actors and comedians.

We spoke with Derek Waters, creator, director and writer of “Drunk History,” at Comic-Con and he clued us in on the details.

“We have a ‘Hamilton’ episode and Lin-Manuel Miranda is drunk, telling the story of ‘Hamilton’ that’s something brand new that I’m really excited about.”

What was his preferred poison? “Lin drank whiskey,” Waters said.

For the “Hamilton” details Waters had a specific goal. “I said I want you to tell the stuff that you didn’t get to put in the musical. Stuff that you can’t fit into that show. And it’s more Hamilton and Burr’s duel. Different duels that weren’t talked about in the musical. I never want people to feel like they’re doing homework. I want them to feel like, ‘Wow I’m getting to talk about something I truly love and no one knows it more than me.’ And he knows ‘Hamilton’ really well.” (x)

(x, x)


STEREK WEEK 2016: Day 1 - Scene Stealer

Sterek AU: Derek never cried. He did not cry when hunters killed his family. He didn’t cry when his crazed uncle killed his older sister. He didn’t cry when he later had to kill his uncle, the man who he had loved and admired as a child. 

Derek did not shed a single tear since Paige, and that was decades ago. Up until now.

Crouched down in front of this cage with a song so utterly beautiful but also infinitely sad resonating in his mind. 

“Please. Please take it away. I can’t- I-” Derek wasn’t able to say more, but he didn’t have to. The Doctor touched his temples, and the voices fell silent as if they never existed in the first place. Except they did and Derek felt the knowledge branded on his soul. “I’m sorry.” He wasn’t sure to whom he’s saying it. To the Ood, to the Doctor, or all the people he failed in his life. 

“It’s alright,” the Doctor said, looking at the captured Ood instead of Derek, but Derek could still see the devastation in the amber colored eyes. 

“You can still hear it,” Derek voiced in awe as much disbelief. How? How the Doctor could even function with this symphony of suffering sounding in his head. 

“All the time,” The Doctor agreed. 

Derek could hear the ruckus the security made as they were closing in on them. “They are breaking in,” he warned the Doctor, but he already knew it’s pointless because the Doctor was opening the cage and entering it. Derek didn’t hesitate to follow him inside. He made peace with himself some time ago that he would follow the Doctor anywhere, it wasn’t a question anymore.