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Hi I was wondering if you could rec some fics where Derek rejects Stiles as his mate? Thank you!

Sure!  Here you go, bb :D  -Emmy

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Waiting for You to Say it First by paradis 

(8,215 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Four months.

Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.

And Dwell Beneath My Shadow by lielabell 

(8,695 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, insecure!derek

Derek is not stupid.  He gets why Stiles puts up with him.  It’s clear every time Stiles looks at him, the spicy scent of lust and arousal Stiles’s body can’t help but put off.   It doesn’t surprise him.  Not at all.  Derek knows what he looks like, knows that his face and his body are more than enough to compensate for his shitty personality.  Stiles wants him more than he is annoyed by him.  Nothing more, nothing less.   It’s not anything to be amazed over, nothing to write home about.   Stiles isn’t the first– and most likely won’t be the last– hormone soaked teen who has panted over Derek.

I’ll Show You Who’s Useless by lilredd3394

(15,684 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, magic!stiles

“I overheard Derek arguing with Scott” Stiles said softly as Deaton led him to the back room “He said that I wasn’t pack, because I was human” he paused for a few seconds as his hands closed into fists “I want to prove him wrong, you mentioned in a previous conversation that I have the spark. I want to learn how to control it” 

Carry You Home by Castielific

(18,285 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

“Derek lets himself fall on his back, breath short, heart beating fast. He can feel the Wolf in him, purring in satisfaction and contentment. Asking for more. It wants him to turn and touch, to never stop touching. Instead, Derek squeezes his hands into fists and closes his eyes, trying to push it back, this need, this instinct screaming for his mate. For Stiles.”

Title inspired by this Firefly quote: “When you can’t run anymore, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl, when you can’t do that, you find someone to carry you”

A Fool For Fire by thebatwiggler 

(38,276 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, pack dynamics, stiles/omc

SUMMARY: Stiles and Derek see their relationship in two very different ways.

(Or, the one where Stiles thinks they’re fuck buddies while Derek believes they’re in a committed relationship.)

Slow Down, Mate *Part ll*

Teen Wolf - Peter Hale

Note: uhhhh, sorry if this is bad, omg I’m such a tease😂I also recommend reading the first one before reading part two, just so some of the stuff makes sense PART ONE
Triggers: this one is a lot more sexual then the first one, but like no sex actually happens because I’m not good at writing smut (and writing in general)cause I get all cringey writing it😂 um idk there’s a bit of dom reader, and sub Peter. Again unless Peter Hale is trigger.

Peter turned around and walked back to his loft, a smile plastered to his face, he messed his hair. It was you he needed in his life, his mate. A sour thought exploded in his mind, how was he suppose to bring a mundane person into the scary, reckless, mess that he calls life. He pushed that thought aside, thinking he could hide that from you as long as possible, instead he thought about your anger and smile.

Derek stood by the door as he waited for Peter to return, and when he did Derek raised a brow at him.

“You better not plan on scaring her off, we could use the extra money to fix this place up” Derek said, he crossed his arms and stared at his uncle.

“Scare her? I don’t think you were here when she ignored you and started yelling at me. She’s not one to be scared quickly… I presume” Peter said nonchalantly, making sure Derek couldn’t see his feelings.

“Peter, you didn’t even stop her, what’s the deal here?” Derek said his suspicions raising.

“Yeah Peter, that was very unlike you, you even ran after her” Scott said his own suspicion starting to peek through.

“Guys, it’s really clear to me” Stiles said, a smirk on his face. He stood as if he were speaking the obvious, but no one seemed to comprehend.

Stiles threw his hands up, “seriously?! Guys it’s obvious Peter likes her” Stiles said rolling his eyes. “Idiots” Stiles whispered under his breath in a room full of werewolves.

“You’re an imbecile, and no I don’t ‘like’ her I’m a man not some whimsical school boy” Peter retorted

“Scott, tell me you don’t see it, the man is clearly all flustered for her” Stiles added

“You wouldn’t understand, human” Peter said, as if it were an insult.

Stiles rolled his eyes at him, the level of annoyance in him was tangible, before he could spit a sarcastic remark, Scott jumped in. “Well, I’m not so make me understand” being the caring and understanding person he is.

“She’s my mate” Peter said

Derek in the corner lightened a little, his arms fell from where they were crossed. He walked over to Peter. “Are you sure?” Derek asked surprised.

“Derek, you’ll know. It’s something you can smell and feel when you’re around them, I’m positive it’s her” Peter said without hesitation.

“So what’s the plan?” Scott asked

“Plan? What? No, you’re all staying out of this” Peter said

“Peter, what’s the plan?” Derek insisted

“There’s is no plan” Peter furrowed his brows

“I got a plan” Stiles smirked

Stiles then commenced jumping up and down and screaming, and Scott joined in. The noise would eventually bring you back up to complain.

Peter growled at the two boys. “She might just come back and slap you upside the head” Peter said.

The boys stopped, “well you gotta do something, significant others don’t just happen” Stiles said, rather eager to help Peter with his ‘relationship problems’ all of a sudden.

“Hey, I got an idea, how about you buzz off and I’ll do the work” Peter said before storming off downstairs.

You had just sat down to continue your Criminal Minds marathon, when a knocking at your door made you get up. You loudly sighed before getting up. “This better be good” you said to no one, since you live alone.

You opened the door and there stood Peter, you smiled thinking of all the things you could say, thinking of all the things you could have worn, but a large t-shirt and sweatpants were your go to.

“Are you here to ask me out for dinner?” You smiled

‘I can give you so much more than just dinner’ is what Peter thought, he wasn’t planning on using the cocky card with his mate.

“No, maybe tomorrow. Right now I just need to get those stupid boys upstairs to quit… disturbing your silence and my peace” he said as he let himself in.

“And how do you plan on doing that?” You said watching him carefully as he scanned your living space.

“By doing this” he said as walked over to you and pulled you close once again. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering, making your tummy feel light, a gasp escaped your lips.

“Damn it, Y/n” he breathed on to neck

“Peter, what are you doing?” You questioned but didn’t want him to stop.

“Marking what’s mine” he said, pressing his lips onto your neck, he trailed kisses up to you lips, he pulled back slightly to look at you.

Your eyes closed, your hands full of his shirt, your scent ever so desirable.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop if I kiss you” Peter said leaning in, so your forehead touched his. You slowly opened your eyes and smiled at him.

“I haven’t stop you yet” you whispered

“If we’re going to do this we have to do this upstairs” Peter said

“But, there’s people up there” you said, tightening your hold on his shirt.

“They’ll only be quiet then” Peter said with a grin, “unless you want me to make you scream” Peter added smirking at you. You hit his chest “Peter!” You said covering your mouth as you laughed.

“How about we just kiss, take it slow, buy me dinner? and then we can talk about how loud you can make me scream” you said in between giggles.

Peter growled slightly, “there’s only a little bit of self control left in me, Y/n” Peter said.

You pushed Peter onto your couch, and sat in his lap. “Put your hands behind your back, if you touch me you’re gonna have to leave” you said, making yourself comfortable.

“Whoa” Peter said as he obeyed, sticking his hands behind him, under the cushions of the couch.

You leaned in and very lightly placed your lips on his lips, and sighed. Peter leaned in and pushed his lips onto yours, starting the kissing, your mouths moving in perfect sync. Your hands travelled down his chest and back up to his hair. You both now breathing heavily as you pulled away and made your way to his neck and place small kisses here and there and when he moaned a little where you lips touched under his jawline you began to suck lightly. Peter no longer able to contain himself he wrapped his arms around you trying to pull you in as close as physically possible. You instantly pulled away.

“You didn’t listen” you said placing one last kiss on his mouth, before squirming out of his embrace. You walked over to the door and opened it for the frustrated Peter.

“You can’t do this to me, Y/n” Peter said from the couch

“Watch me” you said seductively.

Peter growled, “this isn’t over, mate” he said, walking over to you and pulling you in by the waist, you felt his hot breath on your neck and cheek. Both of you stood there frustrated with each other. Peter even more frustrated because he can smell everything: lust, sweat, the mate scent. He can hear your heart racing in your chest. He pushed some loose hair behind your ear.

He reluctantly let you go, “at least you have that to show the boys upstairs” you said regaining yourself, you brushed your finger under Peter’s jawline where a hickey was forming.

Peter laughed, “you’ve got your own to show off too” he said examine his work on your neck.

Peter left, and you couldn’t stop smiling. How could you have such a strong connection with someone you met not too long ago. It’s like you’ve spent a lifetime with him already. It was strange but, it felt so right, like he wouldn’t bring you any harm, only the opposite. He called you his multiple times, and your heart tingled every time, this had to be proof of soul mates, right? Well whatever it was, you want him, as yours and only yours.

Peter was back upstairs once again expect this time, Derek, Scott and Stiles waited by the door for Peter’s return. A flustered smug look was on Peter’s face.

“I have so many questions” Stiles said staring at the purple bruise on his neck.

“Save it, please” Peter said annoyed already.

“Is that what I think it is?” Scott said pointing at Peter’s neck.


“Your uncle got some action” Stiles said elbowing Derek

“That’s disgusting, shut your mouth, Stiles” Derek said

A round of “ohhhh’s” and excited cheering came from the three of them, as Peter held a smirk.

A faint sound came from the floor, and the werewolves could clearly hear your voice “if you don’t shut up!” You shouted. The boys laughed and settled down.

“I’ll kill any of you if you look at her just a second long” Peter said before leaving the three, to talk amongst themselves.

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hey guysssssss i wsnt to know if this fic where the description is like "derek doesnt do jealousy." and that "hes going to be the best friend stiles could ever have" was deleted? or if u know the name? i was looking in the "jealous" tag but i guess im not that good cia

I knew this one! Here you go - Anastasia

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Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell

(5/5 I 35,548 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

Someone gave me a prompt to draw a wolfed/jealous Derek lifting a drunk Stiles away from another werewolf flirting with Stiles at the beach.

I would write a fic because I can picture it in my head being hilarious, but I am an artist for a reason, lol.

Sterek Fic Rec

Foiled by Gimmie | M | Mating Run AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

The run is mandatory for omegas, but Stiles isn’t going to let an alpha claim him. He just has to get through four annual runs without being caught, and he’ll be free to be his own omega for the rest of his life.

Genderless by Silkypaws (Mrs_Bored) | TauA | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

“…No way! Really?” His annoyance was soon forgotten; Stiles was too busy gaping at his best friend, with his eyes wide open.
Mc Call beamed and puffed out his chest, confirming the unspoken question: he had finally presented as an Alpha.
The Sheriff’s son was very happy for him. Very, very happy. The only problem was, he still hadn’t fucking presented as anything. He and Scott had bonded over being late bloomers and now…Stiles was one of the few genderless freaks in high school.
It was just perfect. Perfectly pathetic, since he also had a legendary crush on the hottest Alpha ever created: Derek Hale.

We Grew A Little And Knew A Lot *** by noxlunate | E | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

 “So, you do like me though?”-“No, I hate you and I’ve spent a ton of time and money trying to make you happy for no reason at all.” Derek deadpans and Stiles can’t help it, he smiles blindingly at Derek and leans in, smashing their mouths together.

Operation FOIDLMBISMGAEM *** by noxlunate | NR | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Stiles puts Operation Find Out If Derek Loves Me Before I Spill My Guts And Embarrass Myself into effect the next day. Scott tells him he’s ridiculous and the name is too long when he texts him about it, but Scott could barely talk to Allison for months when they first met so he’s in no place to judge. Sequel to We Grew A Little and Knew A Lot.

Strong Alpha, Strong Pups *** by Snare | E | Magic Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Omegas are weak. Stiles is an Omega, but Stiles has magic. Stiles is strong. Stiles is strong, so Alpha needs to be stronger. Strong Alpha, strong pups.

You Smell Like Mine by bleep0bleep, marguerite_26 | E | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

People talk about the alpha instinct, an alpha’s head being swayed by a nice-smelling omega, or the desire to drop everything and show off. Derek’s never felt any of that. He’s just not that kind of alpha. Then he meets Stiles.

Colors by LoveActually_rps | GA | Soulmates AU 

When soulmates visit the same place on the same day, they can see color in the places where the other has been.
It allowed you a world full of color for one single day. A day.
The universe was cruel like that.
It gave soulmates a single day to find each other and seal the bond between them permanently or the color would vanish forever… and so would the bond.

Dangerous Liaisons by eeyore9990 | E | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

“Stiles is in heat! Did you hear me?” Scott practically screamed, but it was too late. Somewhere in the panicked rush of Scott’s warning, Stiles had gotten to the door, yanking it open and then just standing there, letting the doorway frame him to maximum effect. “Hey, Derek,” Stiles murmured, voice sultry and dripping with pure sex.

Inevitability (About Damn Time) *** by  accordingtomel | E | 

“So?” Scott says. “So?” Stiles sputters, kicking his shoes into the corner and locking the front door behind him. He’d whipped out his phone the second he’d pulled up to the house, and miracle among miracles, Scott actually answered. Of course, he’s not so pleased about that now. “My dad thinks Derek and I are dating, Scott. Did you miss that part?” The asshole actually has the audacity to laugh. As if this is somehow hilarious to him. Worst best friend ever. “No, I didn’t.” - “This is not funny, Scott.” - “Yeah, it actually kind of is, though.”

Just Realize What I Just Realized *** by literaryoblivion | TauA | 

He’s never noticed it before; it’s always just been second nature to him these days, does it out of habit, but it’s not until he stops to actually think about it that it becomes abundantly and embarrassingly clear to him that he is in love with Stiles and that they are practically dating without the actual dating part…

Lunches, Knitting and Definitely Not Dating *** by noxlunate | TauA | M-Preg Stiles. Deputy Derek

“So, I uh, managed to get myself pregnant.” - “You what?!” - “Got myself pregnant. Y’know, up the duff, knocked up, a bun in the oven, in a family way, eating for two, with child. I could go on Dad, really, stop me before I exhaust the list of pregnancy euphemisms. There’s still caught an 18 year STD, my eggo is preggo, building a person-“ - “Stiles.” - “Hosting a parasite, harboring a fugitive-“ (Just a weird mpreg fic with Derek and Stiles totally kinda dating without realizing it, and Stiles figuring out this whole having a baby thing.)

May I Interest You in an Apology Muffin? *** by @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal | NR | Different Meeting AU

  ‘i didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? okay’ au

Shadows and Soda Cans by vampireisthenewblack | E | Human Stiles.

What so many of Stiles’ friends forget, is that while he’s only human, he notices things they don’t. They’ve got all these supernatural senses, they read fear and deception and arousal and dominance, but they don’t look with their eyes. They rely too much on that other stuff,and don’t see what’s right in front of them. [The one where Stiles knows Derek creeps into his bedroom at night and decides to give him a show.]

Ten Feet Off the Ground *** by Leslie_Knope | E | Different Meeting AU. Human Stiles. 

“Oh my god, you reek,” Laura says, waving her hand in front of her nose dramatically. “Get away from me. Right now. I never want to know what your desire smells like. Gross, gross, gross.” (Or: the one in which Derek and Stiles meet in a bar, and it’s basically love at first sight.)

Void ab initio by Leslie_Knope | E | Grew Up Together AU.

“We were best friends in middle school and promised (signed a contract and all) if neither of us were in a relationship when we turn 30, we’d marry each other. You moved 5 years later and I haven’t seen you since but you just reached out on my 30th birthday to find out if I’m single. Minors can’t be held to contracts but puberty hit you like a truck and I just broke up with my long term boyfriend a month ago so what the hell I might as well catch up with you.”

Untitled *** by @braedens  | NR | 

Stiles and Derek are the opposite of the stereotypical couple that act lovey-dovey around their friends, but then argue left and right when they’re alone.

Are You The One? *** by Venrajade | TauA | Game Show AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Derek’s sister works for a television network with a dating show that claims that they are able to find someone’s True Mate. Cora steals a scent sample from Derek and matches him to an Omega applying to the show with a 99% chance of them being mates. Which means Derek is now a reality dating show star. Shit.

Gentle Mornings by Dechimo | TauA | Established Relationship. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Kisses on his neck. Stubble on his shoulder. The rising sun in his face.

Sweeter Than Honey *** by the_painless_moustache | E | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Stiles is probably the worst omega ever, which drives every one of his friends insane. Except for, surprisingly, Derek.

Bats and Bikes by hazelNuts | TauA | Biker Bar AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

‘Nice ass,’ the guy leers.
Stiles ignores the comment. He’s an Omega who owns a biker bar, he’s heard worse. The comments had lessened after mating with Derek, most people having the decency not to hit on a claimed Omega.

Can Life Be Perfect Please *** by Sensei_Briefs | E | Mating Run AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Stiles is an omega so his life is hard and sucks more than anyone he knows, and on top of that he turned 18 this year. Legal mating age. He isn’t ready, nor does he want to run in the annual mating run that happens in the arena on the edge of town every year, but he has too. It’s the law. He not just scared, but terrified at the outcome. It determines the rest of his life. He might be able to outrun alphas and betas the whole time, but with his luck, probably not. His life is just…perfect.

Courting Nerves by ohhitsanna | TauA | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

Stiles just rolled his eyes, smiling hugely. “Sure big guy, whatever you want.” Derek’s heart was beating so fast he was seriously worried it might explode. Stiles actually wanted Derek to court him, was this a dream? “Whoa there, Derek.” Stiles eyes were wide with fear staring down at his leg. Oh God did he have a boner? Now was not the time for that!… Or the one where Derek Courts Stiles.

Freebies *** by Saucery | TauA | Coffee Shop AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Stiles can’t figure out why people keep dropping, spilling or breaking things in his presence. And offering him free stuff. Like, what the heck?

He’s Just Knot That Into You *** by aggybird | M | AO3 account is required to read this. | He’s Just Not That Into You AU. Human Stiles. Werewolf Derek.

Stiles doesn’t have much luck finding Mr. Right, and Derek the bartender hears all about it. 

I’ll Take Care Of You (No Matter What) by AlexandriteWard | E | Underage | Author asked not to reveal Genders.

“Yes.” Derek groaned. “Yes I felt it. I still do.” He closed his eyes again. “This is an unbelievably stupid idea.” He said as he pressed himself closer and put his hands on Stiles’ hips. “Our parents will probably kill us.” Stiles agreed, gasping as he lifted himself up and pulled off his shirt and boxers.

Irreplaceable Sorrow, Irreplaceable Joy *** by RTSideStories | E | True Mates AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Derek Hale knows his life has been amazing. Blessed from the day he was born with an amazing pack, amazing friends, and amazing parents, each day is a new adventure to look forward to. Especially when he comes to Beacon Hills, the town that will eventually be given to him as his territory. Everything had gone so well, until he met “Genim "Stiles” McCall", a human with absolutely no emotion or feeling, the old Alpha’s adopted son. Which, of course, out of everyone in the world, also had to be the mate that his wolf wanted. Great, just what he needs. A sourpuss fucking up his day. (Or the one where Derek’s life was daisies and rainbows and Stiles had the traumatic childhood.)

Like James Dean, Only Sadder by 42hrb | TauA | BAMF Stiles. Jock Derek. | High School AU

The star of the Beacon Hills High School baseball team and Beacon Hills resident bad boy probably have nothing in common, right?

Looks Can Be Deceiving by literaryoblivion | E | Alpha Stiles. Omega Derek.

Derek wouldn’t say he’s an unobservant person. He’s good at taking in his surroundings, analyzing a situation enough to know whether he should stay or leave for his own comfort. But when he drives to and from work, his world becomes the inside of his car, and his thoughts turn to the errands or projects he has to do rather than looking at the countless advertisements and billboards he drives past. That is until he notices something from the corner of his eye as he’s stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home.

Of Debutantes and Dashing Dreamboats by missmagoo | M | Omega Derek. Alpha Stiles.

Derek is a debutante. Stiles is a cocky party-crasher from the public high school.

Of First Times and Falling In Love by missmagoo | E | Omega Derek. Alpha Stiles.

Sequel to Of Debutantes and Dashing Dreamboats, Debutante Verse. “Do you want to have sex with me?” Derek asks, feeling shy and exposed even as the words are leaving his mouth. Stiles’ head shoots up, and he stares dumbly at Derek for a few moments, pen falling out of his mouth and onto the comforter with a barely audible thump. “Wait, really?” Stiles asks.

Of Babies and The Making of Them by missmagoo | E | Omega Derek. Alpha Stiles.

Third installment of the Of Debutante Verse. Derek just went through a full heat - with a very attentive partner - completely unprotected. Statistically speaking, he’s either pregnant, or should seriously consider making an appointment with a fertility specialist.

Oh. *** by Halegirl06 | M | High School AU | Alpha Stiles. Omega Derek.

“Well, who is it?” Derek paused. “U-Um… An alpha?” he hinted, nervous. “Am I going to have to guess?” Stiles teased. Derek looked down, smiling before he nodded. “Okay, alpha. Is he in our grade?” Derek nodded. “Do I know him?” He nodded again. “Okay… Hmm… How well do I know him?” he asked. “U-Um, re-really well,” Derek offered. Stiles furrowed his eyebrows. “Is it Scott?” Derek shook his head vehemently. “So it’s someone who’s single?” Derek nodded. “Isaac?” That was the only person he could think of. Derek shook his head. “Then who else would - ” It dawned on him. “Oh.”

Say It With Me (Don’t Assume) by KuriKuri | E | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

Derek knows way too much about how omega heat suppressants work now, after having been partnered with Stiles for as long as he has. They’re probably his favorite thing to bitch about whenever they’re stuck on a stakeout. Of course, omegas on the force aren’t required to take them. Derek’s never really understood why Stiles does, if he hates them so much, especially –– especially because he’s bonded.

Sweet Relief *** by Muzik_Freak | E | True Mates AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Stiles, an omega, wants children desperately, and he will go to any length to achieve his dream. He decided a glory hole was the perfect answer for his desires. All he wanted was for an alpha to impregnate him, nothing more. Sometimes plans don’t always go as planned.

Tell Me You Love Me, I’ll Take The Pain Away by ohhitsanna | TauA | Underage, Derek is 10 Years older than Stiles. | True Mates AU | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

“Alpha! Alpha! Alpha!” Derek whips his head around to see none other than his young Mate, Stiles Stilinski, bounding as gracefully as a baby deer towards him. His awkward and too-big-for-him limbs tripping him up slightly as he hurries over. Stiles small body crashes into him and it shouldn’t have made Derek topple over, but he knows what joy it brings to Stiles when he pretends Stiles is stronger than him. Derek falls on to the grass with a thud, Stiles landing directly on top of him, giggling in a way only a five year old wolf could. “Alpha.” Stiles hums, rubbing his small face into Derek’s neck. Derek rumbles in response, his arms immediately wrapping around the slender child and hold him as he rubs his scent into the boy’s hair. It’s been much too long since they’d last seen each other and he can’t help but want to erase everyone else’s scent from the boy. Stiles giggles as Derek flips them over, caging in Stiles small frame and rubbing up against his body. “Mine.” Derek growls as he continues his scenting. “My Mate.”

The Chase *** by saltandbyrne | E | Soulmate/True Mates AU | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Derek’s fourth Chase will be his last if he doesn’t catch an omega this time. He’s starting to doubt this whole soul-mate thing anyway, at least until someone from his past shows up and gives him the run of his life.

The Little Glass Button by AlexandriteWard | TauA | Cinderella AU | Omega Derek. Alpha Stiles.

“Scott, I love you like a brother, but come on. Why in the world would an omega ever pick me? Let alone an omega prince? I may be an alpha, but the chance of me getting the prince’s attention is non-existent. Non-existent.” 

Through the Breaks in the Foliage by cloadsarefluffy | M | Mating Season AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

In a less than traditional society, werewolves behave more like actual wolves rather than their human counterparts. This means that they have dynamics and drives just like the wild animals they take after. Because of that, there’s mating seasons and even an instinctual drive to make a pack of one’s own for both alphas and omegas. After all, it’s why Stiles has slaved himself over his small (but adequate, mind you) den out in the wild expanse of the woods. It’s just a good thing that all of his laborious efforts get noticed by the right alpha named Derek.

To Fill a Home by cloudsarefluffy | E | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

Stiles could care less what they say, he was truly happy with how his life was going. He was mated to a possessive, providing alpha named Derek Hale, now heavily pregnant with his first pup, and studying hard to get his degree to become a professional stay-at-home dad. What was so wrong with that?

Unexpected by neo_trickster | E | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

Stiles hasn’t presented yet, and it’s driving him crazy. He’s 17, almost 18. He’s like 5 years past due. His dad’s even asked him to go see a specialist. This is getting ridiculous if you ask him.

Morning Sunshine! by neo_trickster | E | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

Sequel to Unexpected. The morning after Stiles’ heat. “Stiles slowly grins, before glancing behind himself and seeing messy black hair and part of his mates face. His mate. Stiles lays his head back down on the pillow, keeping his internal squealing internal. Hence why it’s called internal. Because he’s not letting a peep out. Nope. Not one bit for Derek to possibly hear”

A series of unfortunate blind dates by jazzyhandsy | M | Alpha Derek. Omega Stiles.

Derek is set up on blind dates by his sister Laura, and of course they go terribly wrong. Lucky Stiles the waiter is there to mock him.

Purely Wanton by iofbeholder | E | Werewolf Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Newly turned Stiles starts experiencing unexpected changes to his body and a need he’s never fathomed before. Or the one where Derek turns Stiles, and Stiles goes in to heat. Derek interrupts Stiles and his “monster” of a sex toy. Stiles gets a satisfying conclusion. So does Derek.

Scent Left Unsaid by bleep0bleep | M | AO3 account required to read. | Human Stiles. 

In a society where werewolves are second class, Deucslist is an alternative werewolf network (similar to Craigslist) where humans and werewolves offer (mostly sexual) services. Derek is a long-term client of an anonymous human omega whose scent is just perfect. He never expects to meet him, until it happens.

Summer Contest *** by kits_lightening | E | Different Meeting AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

The moment Derek stepped into the fighting ring and faced Stiles he remembered why he was doing all of this. The omega gawked at him and barely paid attention to the other competitors Talia was mentioning and Derek smiled at the thought of having all of his attention. Stiles blushed from the tips of his ears to his neck and began to run his fingers through his hair while looking away. Derek began to wonder how far down that blush traveled when he shook his head and tried to focus on the imminent battle. He caught the last of what his mother was saying. “—have a good fight and good luck.” More clapping and the horn that signaled the beginning of the fight sounded.

Waiting Games *** by Jerakeen | E | AO3 account required to read. | Royal AU. Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek.

Being an only child and heir to the throne, Stiles had always known he may not have the luxury of marrying for love. When he’d realized he was an omega to boot, things had taken an even more uncomfortable turn for him. Omegas are rare. An omega as the heir apparent is almost unheard of. Which is why there is no wiggle room when it comes to the tournament.

hope you know (i won’t let go) by allhalethekings | GA | Werewolf Stiles

Derek goes in, ready for a fight, ready for the worst, but freezes at the sight of Jackson and Isaac holding a fighting Stiles down as Scott flashes his eyes at him. Allison and Lydia are standing off to the side, concerned expressions on their faces. Time slows down and it takes Derek longer than he’d care to admit to realize a few things.

First, Jackson and Isaac are also back in Beacon Hills. From the looks of it, they’ve been back for a while. And they’re holding Stiles down, struggling to hold him down.

Second, Scott is looming over Stiles, baring his fangs menacingly.

Third, Stiles is…doing the same at Scott.

That’s when his brain resets itself and Derek comes to a thunderous fourth realization. Stiles is a werewolf.

Suddenly, time speeds up again and six pairs of heads swivel in his direction but Derek only stares at Stiles. Stiles who pauses, closes his eyes, takes a deep breath in Derek’s direction. He opens his eyes, electric blue orbs glowing, and growls, “Mate.”

And well - what.

Smell Your Intentions *** by redeyedwrath | TauA | Werewolf Stiles

“The worst thing about suddenly turning into a werewolf is Stiles’ asshole of an Alpha”

Or, in which Stiles gets bitten instead of Scott and he can’t figure out what the hell that smell is

Bad Moon Rising by maypoison | M | Supernatural-Teen Wolf Crossover | Destiel 

“So two humans, an Angel and a Alpha walk into the woods looking for a dangerous, rogue and feral werewolf. What could possibly go wrong, right?”

“Stiles … shut up.”

Stiles Stilinski cursed the day he met Scott McCall. If he hadn’t met Scott, then he wouldn’t have met broody werewolf Derek Hale, and ended up being dragged along on a week long road trip looking for a feral werewolf. Despite his annoyance at the situation, Stiles knew they needed to help. After all, if it wasn’t them who found it, then it would be Hunters, and neither of them wanted that to happen …

Sam Winchester didn’t really understand why his elder brother Dean insisted that he and the Angel Castiel had to suddenly go hunting for some rogue werewolf. He wanted to help, but his brother had insisted that they could take care of it easily, and be back at the Bunker soon. With the Mark of Cain affecting Dean, Sam knows that he desperately needs to blow off some steam, and apparently taking Castiel along on a hunt for a feral monster was the perfect remedy.

Beacon Hills Werewolf Mafia by polarNoboriryu | TauA | Supernatural-Teen Wolf Crossover

Dean sat down hard behind the wheel of the Impala as Sam slid in the other side. They just sat there for a second, Dean looking slightly bewildered and Sam rubbed a hand through his hair. It was Sam who broke the silence.

“Well… that was weird.”

“You mean the part where a bunch of teen werewolves hunted us down, hogtied us like a bunch of amateurs, dragged us to a police station, interrogated us, and then told us to leave town?”

Sam frowned, nodded. “That would be the weird part yeah.”

“So… what do we do now?” Dean asked, looking absently as the Beacon Hills town sign.

Don’t Be Afraid by captainahmedica | TauA | 

When Jackson traps Stiles in a locker after school, he stumbles across Derek struggling to control his shift. With their budding relationship already strained due to Jackson’s bullying, the discovery threatens to end them before they even start.

Flesh and Bone *** by theinspiredginger | TauA | Supernatural-Teen Wolf Crossover | Destiel

Dean’s trapped in Purgatory looking for his angel when a not so subtle kid in a red sweatshirt asks to team up. Dean takes Little Red Riding Hoodie underneath his wing as they try to escape.

Or the one where Stiles bargains with a witch to get sent to purgatory to save Derek and finds Dean instead. They work together to find a way out of Purgatory as they each look for their “person”.

Howling in the Moonlight *** by Fanfiction_Is_Literature | TauA | Werewolf Stiles

Teen Wolf if Stiles had been the one to get bitten.

Let me take care of you *** by LillianDeLooney | M | M-Preg

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

Love Tied! by wolfsbite92 | E | 

Stiles & Derek are kidnapped and tied up in the most unfortunate circumstance and Stiles gets hard!

Nacho Fortune *** by LillianDeLooney | M | M-Preg

Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix Mexican food and fortune cookies needs to be damned to the darkest place of Hell. Why, you ask?

Funny story …

Or: the one where Derek gets de-aged again, somehow gets Stiles pregnant, and they have to live with the consequences.

Only Fools Do What I Do *** by CharWright5 | E | Omega Stiles. Alpha Derek

It had seemed like a simple plan, a way for everyone to get what they want: pretend to be Bond-Mates so Derek could get the teaching job he wanted, while Stiles didn’t have to face living with a total stranger at college and have it be known that he was suffering from night-terrors. Only things weren’t that simple. Because they were Mates, a fact Derek was hiding due to Stiles’ determination not to have one and his need for independence, as well as his Alpha-aimed anger at his lack of freedom. But the longer they live together, the more Derek finds himself falling for the Omega, and the harder it is for the Alpha to resist the alluring scent of his Mate.

Somehow it was Still Scott’s Fault by i_amtheoutlaw | E |

Stiles didn’t believe Derek. He didn’t believe any of the wolves. Screw their stupid mutt-noses.
That was, until he started showing.
Stiles woke up one morning looking stuffed, the next morning looking bloated, and the morning after that he had a full on bump going on.
It was true.
Stiles was gonna be a mommy.
And if that wasn’t the scariest friggin’ thing that ever happened within the Beacon Hills county lines.

Stiles The Teen Wolf Season One *** by AkemiAsh | M | Werewolf Stiles

What if it hadn’t been Scott. What if it’d actually been Stiles who was bitten that night? When the werewolf shoe was on the other foot, Stiles isn’t the one supporting anymore, he is the one who needs support, but with Allison Argent capturing Scott’s attention, who will support the newly turned werewolf? Sterek Werewolf!Stiles Human!Scott

Tell Me A Lie by MellytheHun | E | Werewolf Stiles

Peter had bitten Stiles and after his death Stiles is Alpha (He killed Peter or else). So. Derek and Scott are not automatically his pack. But he needs it. So comes to them to make the pack. And Derek is confused and scared. he doesn’t understand how Stiles can be his Alpha, but being next to him feels more pack then Peter and Laura were.

The Time John Stilinski Learned To Knock by 42hrb | M |

John Stilinski comes home from a long shift and just wants to relax, then he hears a noise coming from Stiles’ room.

Welcome to the Pack, Omega by alisvolatpropiis | E | Different Meeting AU | Werewolf Alpha Stiles. Omega Derek

Derek Hale is a wandering Omega looking for a pack to call his own. When he comes into Beacon Hills, he’s intercepted by the local pack. They take him to their Alpha who Derek is expecting to be an older werewolf. What he’s not expecting is for this kid that can’t be more than 20, with the smirk playing about his kissable looking lips, to be the Alpha. Needless to say, they don’t exactly get off on the right foot. But, Derek thinks later that night, he could easily find his home in Beacon Hills with Stiles Stilinski and his pack.

You Make My Heart Shake, Bend and Break *** by ChloeWeird | M | Trigger Warning: Alcohol Abuse/Domestic Violence

Derek and Stiles are childhood friends, close as brothers. They promise never to leave each other, but life has a way of making you break promises you always intended to keep.

An AU following the vague plot of Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy, but with a happier(and more conclusive) ending. And werewolves.

Last Edited 01/21/17

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) moved to Beacon Hills to finish training in Druidism with Deaton after he asked her to take over assisting the McCall pack. However after a rocky start she bonded with Derek, quickly being marked as Derek’s mate.

While Stiles was the first to refer to (Y/N) as Momma Hale that Hale Beta’s quickly adopted the term as she helped Derek rebuild the hale house and moved in with them.

While there’s still tension between the McCall and Hale packs, each having their own Druid supporting them allowed enough headway to be made when discussing territories that Beacon Hills if, fr now, peaceful.

The Hale House Layout

Momma Hale Posts:











Slow Down, Mate *request*

Teen Wolf (Peter Hale)

Note: hiya! Sorry if this suck😅 PART TWO

Triggers: none! Unless Peter Hale counts as a trigger

Request: Hiya, just wondering if I could request some Peter Hale meeting a woman who lives in the same loft building as Derek, and the moment he meets her, Peter smells her and knows she’s his

You have just moved to a new building and you absolutely love the vintage look and feel of the place. The downfall however was the loft above yours seemed to be keeping a zoo in their home, at late hours of the night you would often wake up to such terribly loud crashing and yelling you sometimes wonder if you should call the police.

You are currently enjoying your day off binge watching Criminal Minds, when you not so surprisingly heard voices seep through the ceiling. “You’ve got to be kidding me” you mumbled to yourself as you turned up the sound on your laptop. When the voices became louder than your laptop you decided you have had enough and needed to have a word with whoever was up there. You pulled your hair up into a messy bun and marched your way to the elevator and then marched your way to their door. You knocked as intimidatingly as possible, at least that’s what it sounded like in your head. Your knuckles hurt from banging on the door and you realized that it got really quiet, you couldn’t even hear footsteps. You were about to start knocking again when the door just barely opened and you saw someone slightly before they fully opened the door. You felt less intimidating when the a angry looking bearded man opened the door.

“Y/n?” He said “you’re the new tenant, right? I’m Derek I own this building” Derek said rather politely.

“Ehm” you cleared you throat as you were about to complain to the owner. You quickly looked behind him and saw two teenage boys and another man who carelessly sat in a love seat, examining his nails. You felt a compelling need to speak with him. ‘Him’ you thought, ‘I can complain to him’. You mentally built some confidence and stomped over to him.

“You!” You said, standing in front of him.

He looked up as if it were nothing, and looked you up and down, you rolled your eyes. You felt an odd sense of comfort with him. You felt the eyes of the others burn into your back.

“Stand up, I’m talking to you” you said sternly, your brows furrowing. He stood up, and took a step forward, toward you. You became small, with him towering over you. He looked you right in the eyes, and raised a brow at you.

“Shut up!” You exclaimed

You seemed to have taken him by surprise because he took a step back “excuse me?” He said not too offended

“I live downstairs, I can hear every creak, peep, crash, and yell. Are you all murdering people up here?! God, you wake me up every single night. Are you all insane?! I was in the middle of something very important, how am I suppose to hear Morgan talk when your having your own personal criminal minds episode happening up here!” You rambled finally getting out all your annoyance toward them.

“I’m Peter” he said whilst you were speaking.

“Well, Peter you have disturbed my day off! And all I want is for you to SHUT UP… Or… Or I’ll call the police! You must be violating some rule, some law!” You continued

He looked fascinated by you, he caught every movement, every annoyed glance you threw at the other men, he even seemed to be smiling, he could even smell the satisfaction you got out of yelling at him. There was a another smell that was lingering when you walked in, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, he squinted at you trying to concentrate on the smell.

“Is Peter really taking all that without making any retort?!” The chocolate haired boy whispered to his friend

“Okay..” Derek interrupted “sorry about the inconvenience, we will try to keep it down” Derek said, as he started escorting you out.

“Yeah… Well you better” you said in a small voice before leaving and glancing over at Peter before you left.

“Whoa…” Peter sighed, as Derek shut the door

“What was that? 'I’m Peter’ ” Stiles mimicked

“Shut up, Stilinski” Peter rolled his eyes, before leaving to chase after you. He met you half way.

“Uhm, Y/n?” He said, you smiled slightly to yourself before turning around to face Peter.

“Yes… Peter” you said remaining in the stern composure you had.

“I would like to personally apologize for the troubles you’ve been having because of us” Peter said with a quick smile

“That’s very nice of you” you said letting go of the sternness.

“Is it alright if I walk you back to your door?” Peter said extending an arm for you to take hold of.

“I guess it is” you said pleased by his offer, you took a hold of his arm.

“Now don’t be offended when I say this, but I felt a strong connection between us when you were getting angry at me” he said with a smile, you laughed, and it echoed through the empty hallway.

“Are you flirting with me?” You said after your small fit of laughter.

“Oh am I that bad at it?” He said

You looked up at him and nodded, “to be fair though, you could have used a cheesy pick up line and I would have laughed and then maybe we could have been friends” you said

“Just friends?” Peter raised a brow

“What if I did this” he said before he spun you around and pulled you close, you gasped in the midst of his actions. He waited for you to react.

“Why do I feel like this is not wrong” you said giving him a smile.

“How about this” he said before pressing your back against the wall, his hands still on you. The smell was a lot stronger now that he was really close to you. He grinned as he heard your heart beat increase in speed.

“Nope” you sighed, and prepared yourself for what he was going to do next. “This feels almost meant to be” you said before you could stop yourself from slipping words.

“I’ve waited quite awhile for someone like you” he whispered, he placed both hands on your cheeks making you look up at him. He leaned in slightly and you almost did too, until your reality check kicked in. You placed your hands on his chest and pushed slightly, he pulled away and looked at you quizzically.

“Slow down, mate. Buy me dinner first” you giggled as you reluctantly escaped his hold on you and started walking away. He rubbed the back of his neck and repeated “mate”. That’s when it hit him, you’re his mate, that’s what that smell is.

“Too Australian?” You said turning around to face him again.

He shook his head, and smiled the most innocent of smiles. “You’re my mate” he whispered, he just knew, and he had to have you, no matter what the cost, if it meant learning every line from criminal minds, or staying silent, he will do it all for you, because you’re his mate.

This happened when I walked too far away from my phone.

Soulmates AU where your soulmate is found by turning on your LG Tone wireless bluetooth earbuds 

Derek, out of options, out of hope, goes to the mixer expecting the same thing he’s gotten in the past: nothing.

Stiles, young and spry, yet so severely jaded he’s not sure a soulmate even exists for him.

“Alright everyone!” Scott yells excitedly from the stage, “It’s almost time to turn on your headsets.  Good luck, and may your mate be in range!”  He turns and kisses Kira on the cheek and points to the clock for countdown.


Derek sighs and begins walking to the middle of the room.


Stiles stands beside him and shakes his head.


“I hate these things” Derek says to no one in particular.


“Me too.”  Stiles replies to no one in general.


“Nice set, I’ve only seen black and white, never gold.”  Derek takes notice of Stiles’ headset around his neck.


“Yeah, I had them custom. If I’m going to do this thing, might as well bling it out, right?”  Stiles throws Derek a friendly wink.


Derek grins and blushes slightly.  The kid was cute, and the gold of his set complimented the clear, enthusiastic burnt amber of his eyes.  “Look, I’m sure I’ll be out of range again-”


“Yeah, me too.  Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt, it’s just that these things are so lame.”  Stiles nervously cuffs the back of his neck and looks up to see Derek nodding in agreement.


“Yeah, I get it.  I was just gonna say, maybe we can cut out early and go get a drink?”  Derek’s smile flutters in Stiles’ stomach as he rubs his face to spread out the redness filling his cheeks.


“Yeah, that sounds good.  Let’s just turn these things on and-”  Stiles trials off as they both turn on their headsets.

“Power On.”

“Yeah, yeah, c’mon!”  Stiles taps his foot impatiently.  Derek turned his on a beat earlier and is now looking at Stiles with wondrous wide eyes.  Stiles listens to his headset.

“Out of Range… Trying to Connect”

“Out of Range… Trying to Connect” 

“Out of Range… Trying to Connect”


Stiles looks at Derek. Derek looks at Stiles.  He reaches out his hand.

They leave to get that drink.   


Originally posted by mssweetserialkiller

Imagine being Derek’s mate and Scott and Stiles not knowing until he out right shows affection for you. Okay just a quick little imagine I made just now I think it’s cure and simple. Thanks for reading hope you like it. :)

Derek Hale X Reader

Warnings: None

I walked into the room and toward the empty place next to Scott. I was stopped when a strong hand wrapped around my wrist pulling me into a hard chest.

I smiled feeling Derek’s chest press into my back, his arms wrapped around my waist..

“Wait, you’re together?” Stiles says loudly.

“When did this happen?” Scott asked trying to threaten Derek.

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kissedbyfire08  asked:

Yasss amazing. But I'm about to ask the important question; what about the great debate over the use of "Mate"

“Stiles,” Derek says, his tone serious. “You’re my mate.”

“Thanks, Derek,” Stiles tells him with an oblivious grin. He leans forward and punches him on the shoulder. “You’re my mate too, mate.”

“Oh my god,” Scott whispers, and Allison elbows him in the ribs.

“Stiles,” Derek says again. “You. Are. My. Mate.”

“Uh huh,” Stiles says agreeably, and opens a new pack of BBQ shapes.

Derek glares at him.

“Stiles,” Scott says. “You’re his mate. As in mating!”

Stiles’s jaw drops and he stares at Derek. “I’m your mate? Your mate mate?”

“Shut up,” Derek says. “Stop saying the word mate. It’s starting to lose all meaning.”

“Mate,” Steils says. “Mate-mate. Maaaaaate. Mate-mate? Mate.”

Derek leans over and shuts him up with a kiss.

It turns out that’s the only thing that ever works.


beruska208  asked:

1)They met on the net and both go to the same hs, but don't know each other. After some time, they agree that they met in a cafe shop. Stiles slept at the Hale's house. In the morning came an angry sheriff who called for Stiles to go home with him.

You’re in luck!  @stellina-4ever and an anon both found this for you.  -Emmy

Originally posted by ms-llama-drama

Alpha and Omega by XX0Jessie0XX 

(58,579 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, wolf!Stiles, Omega!Stiles, mates, secret relationship

High School AU: Derek is the head Lacrosse player at Beacon Hills High School and Stiles is an Omega that no one really knows. Stiles had been talking to someone online and wished they would meet up in real life but he knows it won’t ever happen. He could only wish.

Flower Wolf

Summary: Derek is just trying to finish his mating gift in peace, but Stiles has other plans.

Notes: Written for the Sterek Secret Santa for @bellybaire, who wanted wolf!Derek, mates, and fluff. (On AO3).

Derek digs his paws into the dirt, does it over and over until he has a nice, deep hole. Then he tilts his head and gently bites the stem of the gerbera daisy he’s planting, carefully setting it down it its new spot. He pushes the earth back over its roots, making sure not to compact it too much.

Then he moves over, and starts digging the next hole.

Sure, it’d probably be faster to do today’s new planting in human form, but sometimes he likes doing it this way, too. It’s nice, experiencing the garden as a wolf, fully enjoying all the sights and smells.

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