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Do you know any four+ group sex fics? I've had it in my head for a while that it'd be kind of hot to read - especially if they're Stilescentric. Please and thank you =)


All Good Things Come In Threes by Brego_Mellon_Nin (oneshot | 8,911 | NC-17) *M/M/M/M

He first noticed the Hale triplets in town one day while out shopping with his mother. They were draped all over each other at the diner and Stiles asked his mother about them. She told him they were Derek, Derrick and Deryck Hale, triplets from the Hale family who lived just outside of town. Her smile was radiant as she said they were ‘thick as thieves’ and never went anywhere without each other. She also said it was a twin thing, or a triplet thing, rather, like they had some special connection. Ever since then, Stiles has been utterly fascinated with them.

A Lame Pun About Cats by incendiary1 (oneshot | 4,271 | NC-17) * M/M/M/M

Stiles gets turned into a werecat, and goes into heat.

cotton, satin, silk and iron man by theaeblackthorn (oneshot | 7,706 | NC-17) * F/F/M/M

“I want you to fuck Erica.”

Derek freezes, his spoonful of corn flakes halfway to his mouth. Lydia settles into the seat opposite him, taking a sip of her coffee.

She puts her cup down on the kitchen table and adds, “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck Stiles.”

Completing the Square by clio_jlh (oneshot | 8,369 | NC-17) *F/F/M/M

So Erica maybe has a giant crush on her math tutor, and her buddy Stiles maybe has a giant crush on this chemistry grad student. When they discover that their crushes know each other, they decide to get some of their own. It’s then that things get really complicated. (Or really awesome, depending on who you talk to.)

Tangled Up With Triplets by ColetheWolf (oneshot | 7,047 | NC-17) * M/M/M/M

The Stilinski Trio take it upon themselves to get their English teacher, Mr. Hale, to raise their grades so that they can continue to play on the high school lacrosse team. Their methods of persuasion prove effective against their teacher.

Surprise Guest by toujours (oneshot | 3,192 | NC-17)* M/M/M/M

Scott intrudes on Derek and Stiles’ anniversary weekend away with Isaac.

They don’t mind.

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Derrick and Derek Showing You Around Miss. Hopkins Classroom… (She Had Sub today)… These are sixth Graders that somehow had my iPod I was in the High School When this Video was taken… I’m in 7th Grade… Excuse Derricks Cussing lolz, he got held back he’s almost 13. And I Personally find it sexy when he cusses but, thats my opinion, heee’s my best friend… so watch and enjoy


So today, on a whim, I decided to go to The Humane Society. I’ve been going through a slight slump due to medical setbacks with my condition and was just curious to look at the little guys that they had. Fast forward to me meeting this little two month old dude, who they told me was the last of his litter. He was dropped off with his two sisters that were adopted right away because they were multi-colors while this guy was all black. (And people usually think all black cats are a sign of bad luck.) Well, I was falling in love with him already when they told me his name was Derek (actually spelled Derrick). And it was at that moment that I knew I wasn’t leaving without this guy. Green eyes, black coat, they’re unsure of what his actual birthday is- you guys, I adopted my own Derek Hale.