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i've been thinking for a while that one of the things i experience is dissociation, however i've never really understood what it actually means/entails when i've read explanations before because i have a really hard time explaining, expressing and identifying my own emotions and feelings. you seemed to know some about it, do you think you could explain it a bit?

Dissociation is a pretty broad term that encompasses a wide range of experiences. Typically, dissociation is a disconnection from the self (depersonalization) or from the world around you (derealization). This can present in a variety of ways and can feel like:

  • Watching yourself from the outside
  • Everything feeling far away
  • Feeling like your body is not your own
  • Feeling like the world is a dream
  • Your voice sounding far away when you talk
  • The world seems hazy
  • Not recognizing yourself in the mirror

These are just some of the ways that dissociation can present and is certainly not an exhaustive list. 

However, what you described (not being able to express or identify your feelings) sounds more like alexithymia which is the difficulty or inability to identify or express emotions and is common in autistic people.

If you have more questions about dissociation or alexithymia, feel free to send them to us!


hey anyone else deal with derealization that has advice bc i know its something ive been experiencing since i was a teenager & i can clearly remember when it started to develop bc i was very aware of how the world was starting to not not feel real & it scared me. and like now just every day since then i dont feel like i’m experiencing life at all like everything very much feels like a hazy movie & im used to it but like? is there something i can do? & any time ive brought it up to therapists they havent really seemed to take it seriously

Types of dissociation

1. Amnesia - this is when you can’t remember incidents or experiences that happened at a particular time, or when you can’t remember personal information.

2. Depersonalisation - a feeling that your body is unreal, changing or dissolving. It also involves out of body experiences, such as seeing yourself as if watching a movie or floating above.

3. Derealisation - the world around you seems unreal. You may see objects changing in shape, size or colour, or you may feel that other people are robots or generally unreal.

4. Identity confusion - feeling uncertain about who you are. You may feel as if there is a struggle within to define yourself.

5. Identity alteration - this is when there is a shift in your role or identity that changes your behaviour in ways that others would notice.

Neurotypical: I can do stuff like leave my house and eat three meals a day!!!
Me: yeah but can you do this? *dissociates for three hours*