Sorry to get personal, but I’m having derealization issues right now, and I would super appreciate it if any of my followers could message/reply/reblog letting me know if they’d be okay with me talking to them at some point! Not about mental health, just in general, probably about fandom stuff or life or whatever. I just would love it if someone from the internet would wave hi so that I know whether you guys and I can interact?

  • Me:*hasn't taken a shower in a longer time than I'd like to admit*
  • Me:what day is it
  • Me:sorry I can't hang out I have to stare at the ceiling for a while
  • Me:am I real
  • Me:*touches something* oh good I'm real
  • Me:but wait what if that's not real either
  • Me:am I only pretending to be mentally ill? That's what people say
  • Me:who am I

tracklist // listen here

01. the kid that drowned at summer camp - hot sugar 02. where is my mind - glowbug 03. candy flavored lips - spazzkid (bo en remix) 04. time to pretend - mgmt 05. while im alive - strfkr 06. its only (ft. zyra) - odesza 07. miss you - bo en 08. #mindcontrol - hot sugar 09. about you - xxyyxx 10. my leather my fur my nails - step dad 11. my time - bo en

Man what really annoys me are ppl who complain about people who make “please like if you read posts” and they don’t really seem to understand why people make posts like that

people who make posts asking you to like if you read aren’t just greedy for notes, its usually related to mental illness. People with depersonalization derealization often need conformation that they’re real. That other people are real, and actually seeing their posts, and that they actually did make that post and it wasn’t a trick of the imagination and that things ARE real. That might sound silly, but its an important thing and as someone who struggles with reality issues, its very scary when you start doubting your own existence.

those types of posts are also important to people who feel like they’re often ignored and are making sure that people don’t hate them. Yeah, that might sound strange, but many mental illnesses make people feel like everyone hates them, that the whole world is against them, and getting a few likes on their post can reassure them that that isn’t true. There are so many more reasons for why people would want you to like their post.

so please don’t make fun of people who ask you to like their post if you read it, they usually have a good reason for it. You’re not forced to like their posts if you don’t want to, its just a polite request, and if you really don’t like seeing them and you feel guilt tripped by those types of posts, you can just unfollow people who make posts like that. And that’s totally okay, I won’t be rude for you doing something that makes you more comfortable, but please don’t be mean or make fun of people who ask you to like their post if you read it.

things that ask you to take what you see and write about them/answer questions on them are really disoreitning for me because I constantly doubt my reality always??? what if Im talking baout something completly different and dont realize it. what if Im putting gibberish in as an answer or really bad stuff I shouldnt say. I cant prove what Im seeing is whats there