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- fave fics challenge : Bagginshield || Modern!au ; Tattoo artist!Bilbo ; Florist!Thorin

Flowers and Flaws by @erinyewrites (Erinye)

There are few things Thorin feels about as deeply as he does about flowers - his nephews’ education, the conservation of Derbyshire dales, Sunday’s lunch with Dís and the boys. Until one day a stranger with flowers tattooed all over his arms shows up at the shop and Thorin would rather like to indulge in the meaning of every single blossom inked on the stranger’s skin.
But the stranger may not be a stranger after all and though he has flowers on his wrists, he may not wear his heart on his sleeve. Bilbo Baggins is at a turning point. Call it mid-life crisis, call it responsibility, call it teaching Geography to kids in the bloody middle of Derbyshire. Of one thing Bilbo is certain: disgruntled-yet-rather-endearing florists are not what he needs in his life right now. Definitely.