Ca y est, maintenant que les Artbook “Modern Witches” de Vicky Pandora sont tous commandés et envoyés, je peux enfin vous montrer ma participation. Du coup, elle date d’il y a quelques mois mais je suis toujours plutôt contente du résultat. C’est une de mes premières illus sans line.

Il faudra que je refasse des persos aux cheveux blancs comme ça.

Hexpert #4 - Wreckliz N Dangerous

Yowza! Looks like somebody fell in a giant pile of awesome. That reminds us, GIVE US YOUR HAIR. And your speed. 

Name: WreckLiz N Dangerous

Team: Lone Star Assassins 

 League: Assassination City 

Years in derby:  I started in Dec 2010.

Position: Jammer for the most part, not that great of a blocker yet.

Fave Hex style: I think they are called the Rachel, the high-waisted shorts. Great for Derby!

Fishnets or socks: Socks all the way. 

Favorite band (don’t be a music snob): Boondox, Tech N9ne, Sublime (were i got my derby number), Mudvayne, Bob Marley, MSI, SoAD, Tool, i can go on…

Pre bout snack: Anything I can get my hands on, I’m a total fat kid on the inside. Except coffee, I TRY not to drink coffee the day of a game…and I LOVE coffee, drinking it right now.

Derby wife: None at the moment

Derby crush (scandalous!): Are you talking about the people I obsessively stare at when they’re skating? Lol, I don’t know. There are a lot of skaters who I want to be more like, somehow obtain their awesome derby skillz. I did have a Derby crush on Calypso Crash, but she retired right as she was helping me better my hip check, broke my heart. 

What got you involved in this zany sport we all love: CASTRO! well and an observer recruitment ad. I saw the ad and called her, she was very excited to say the least. 

Tell us about your favorite derby moment (on or off the track): On man that’s hard. I don’t know if I have a favorite, I love it all. Anytime there is not drama its great and I have a blast. The most recent thing I did was skating Fair park for the 4th of July passing out flyers, sounds like work but I had a blast. I would say I have more fun working different events, because you get to know the girls you’re skating with better.

How do you train?: Derby practice 2-3 times a week, sometimes 4. It’s like learning a new language, you pick it up faster if you are completely submerged in it. I also skate trails with friends and walk my dog! 

How do you psych yourself up for a bout?: HA! I actually have to calm myself down, I am so nervous the days before a game. I just tell myself its another practice. After I’m on the track though everything is great!

Best injury story?: So far nothing more than rink rash, a sprained ankle and a sore knee. 

Which is more rock and roll: a prius or an argyle sweater? Please expound on why: Wow…seeing that I don’t know what an argyle sweater is when compared to a regular sweater, I say prius. Why….well like I said wtf is an argyle sweater?! 

Hexpert #tres - Luna Tick Tick BOOOOOOOOOM

Dear God in Heaven. If you haven’t met this woman, what a tragic life you lead. She’s hot as hell and we can personally attest a demon on the track. Everyone wants to grow up to be just like her. Hand to Derby Jesus. 

Name–Luna-tick Tick BOOM

 Team–Bombshell Brigade/Special Ops

 League–Assassination City Roller Derby

Years in derby– 2


Fave Hex style – Bike Shorts

Fishnets or socks?– Socks!!!

Favorite band (don’t be a music snob)—Ummm…..Not really sure about that…..I am more of a “Rap and R&B”-type girl…but if I had to pick one, I would say….yeah, no…i don’t have a good answer.

Pre bout snack– Uncrustable (Hellz YEAH!!!)

Derby wife– Pow Powell Wheels/Button Thru

Derby crush (scandalous!)– Cra-C of Assassination City Roller Derby (Let’s be serious…..who in the free world doesn’t have a crush on her and her awesomess!?! If it you…You’re CRAZY! Ha!)

What got you involved in this zany sport we all love? Was a “rink rat” as a kid, but it had been a good ten years since I had been on skates when I joined. I heard about roller derby in Dallas, did a little research and found ACRD. Jumped right in….and have been LOVING every minute of it! Wish I would have found it years ago.

Tell us about your favorite derby moment (on or off the track).– My mom getting to see me play for the first time. When I first started she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was receiving chemotherapy. She has been cancer-free for a year now, and recently had a chance to see me play. It made for a very awesome moment and my favorite derby moment, thus far.

How do you train? I practice usually three to four days a week….and when I am not on skates, working, or doing papers for grad school….I swim.

How do you psych yourself up for a bout? By getting my team pumped.

Best injury story? So far I am SUPER blessed to have not had any serious injuries.

Which animal is more fierce: a Sea Bear or a Zombie Alligator? Please expound on why. Zombie alligator….most definitely, he is dead already….what can he possibly have to lose.

Meet the Hexperts - Smack the Ripper

She’s muscular as all get out, she’s teeny tiny (seriously, does this girl clear 5 ft??), and we’re pretty sure she’s got a magnet in her ass: meet Smack the Ripper. About as fierce as small packages get, Ripper entranced us the first time she came out of nowhere and quite literally swept us off our feet and out of bounds. Check out her deets. 

Name: Smack the Ripper

Team: Lone Star Assassins, Special Ops travel team

League: Assassination City Roller Derby

Years in derby: 4+

Position: Pivot

Fave Hex style: The natural waist scoop because I have a blocker booty and need a little extra coverage on the top but want a little cheeky action on the bottom. 

Fishnets or socks?: Footless compression dance tights and bare feet (gives me a better connection with my skates)

Favorite band (don’t be a music snob): Anything Zombie! (White or Rob)

Pre bout snack: I try to time my food on bout day so all I need before the bout is a protein shake 

Derby wife: The Dixie Witch, both an amazing skater and an amazing clothing designer [edit from Hex: *blush*]

Derby crush (scandalous!): Whoa Silla Tha Killa because of her determination. When she joined the league she could not skate at all and now she is one of our starters on our All Star team. 

What got you involved in this zany sport we all love?: Some of my co-workers were going to a bout, so of course I wanted to see what it was about. All it took was that one bout and I was at the next practice signing my life away to derby. I’ve been hooked ever since.  

Tell us about your favorite derby moment (on or off the track): My first home team bout my rookie year I caught the jammer on turn 1 with a snakebite. She was probably the best jammer in our league at the time and not only had I managed to hit her but she went flying into the crowd. I was already hooked on derby but at that moment I discovered my passion as a blocker. 

How do you train?: Cardio, high intensity interval training, weights,  supersets,  swimming, & yoga 

How do you psych yourself up for a bout?: No psyching required! I am always so pumped about skating I don’t need external stimulation. 

Best injury story?: I have a zombie knee - My ACL was reconstructed using cadaver tissue. 

We hear that hair dye makes you into a superhero. Is it more like an awesome radioactive bug bite or a tragic villain related deformity?: Well obviously this is my natural color. But, if I had to guess, I would say it’s more like a mutant power one is born with. The color is just to make the outward appearance match.