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I have four projects coming up, all gay roles. People ask if I’m concerned about getting pigeonholed. No one asks, ‘Ellen, you’ve done seven straight roles in a row, shouldn’t you shake it up, do something queer?’ There’s still that double standard. I look at all the things I’ve done in movies, I’ve drugged a guy, tortured someone, become a roller-derby star overnight. But now I’m gay, I can’t play a straight person? OK, cool.

All star ~ Aaron Judge Imagine

A long (word count is 1000+) and super cute Aaron Judge imagine, which involves you to support him at the Home Run Derby and All Star Game and maybe a proposal?! 

To say that you were excited when your boyfriend, Aaron Judge, invited you to go to Miami for the Home run Derby and the All Star Game was an understatement.

You guys had known each other since college when you told him that you would agree to go on a date with him if he won the College Home Run Derby.

Flash forward to now, the two of you were on the way to Miami in a private jet.

“You’ve come a long way,” you said putting your hand on his thigh, “…I’m proud of you.”

Aaron took your hand in his, “thank you for coming with me.” Bringing your hand up to his lips, “after all, you are my good luck charm.”

You chuckled, “well, you definitely know how to charm a lady.”

He smiled, “my charm has worked on you, hasn’t it?”

You hummed in agreement.

“I smoothed talked you into agreeing to go on a second date with me after you’d agreed to that first date when I won the College Home Run Derby,” Aaron said, his gaze meeting yours.

“Hmm, that’s right.” You said, breaking eye contact as your eyes looked down to his lips, “…you got me.”

Aaron’s lips met yours, and his hands moved to your waist.

You suddenly remembered that the two of you were not the only ones in the plane when you heard Dellin, one of Aaron’s team mates say, “hey would the two of quit playing grab ass over there?”

“Yeah, save that shit for the hotel room.” Luis added.

You blushed, hiding your face in your hands.

“Can’t keep my hands off this beautiful girl,” Aaron said.

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The Signs as Bully Characters

Aries: Jimmy Hopkins

Taurus: Gord Vendome

Gemini: Gary Smith

Cancer: Pete Kowalski

Leo: Mandy Wiles

Virgo: Derby Harrington

Libra: Lola Lombardi

Scorpio: Edgar Munsen

Sagittarius: Norton Williams

Capricorn: Bif Taylor

Aquarius: Ted Thompson

Pisces: Trent Northwick

Don’t Drink the (Maple) Water

“Archie’s been drugged,” Betty tried to explain.

“Drugged?” Veronica asked. Archie laughed, pointing at the dangerous slant of her eyebrows.

“The water’s been laced,” Jughead told her.

“Laced with what?” Veronica demanded. Betty and Jughead exchanged a glance.

“With…” Betty sighed, “…mushrooms.”

Magic mushrooms,” Archie elaborated, attempting to match Veronica’s eyebrows with his own.

“Oh no,” Veronica shook her head. “Uh uh. No way did I spend my pubescence playing spectator to the rise and demise of Selena and the Biebs in nightclubs across Manhattan, only to witness my first drug-fueled hallucinogenic meltdown in Riverdale.”

Archie takes a trip, Veronica wears a large hat, and Betty and Jughead go on the case.

Chapter 1: Archie Takes a Trip on AO3 and FFnet.


Belgrade derby days: The collision of red and black 

‘‘Belgrade has the rivers Danube and Sava, the Avala Tower, and Red Star and Partizan.’‘

rebelcaptain au: roller derby

Jyn Erso: has never shied away from a little rebellion. What starts as a sparked, casual interest in a couple of roller-skating rogues outside of her small town, (Maul Mothma and Princess Sleia) she ends up joining a derby team behind her father’s back, and has more than just bruises to hide from him. Jyn’s internalized rage finally has its place on the track and makes her feel strong instead of powerless for once. As derby girl Star Bust, she has a real home for seemingly the first time. Her alter ego has a growing cult following, and success is something that’s hard to hide from a secret identity. Also, there’s this ref who will not get off of her case, and from the way he looks at her, she’s starting to think he knows something…

Cassian Andor: is not the most comfortable with his roller derby ref job, especially breaking up the fights between women that are tougher than him. Leia insisted, and she asked him with her skates on, and it’s impossible to say no to her when she’s armed. The League is his own, awkward little home despite his hang-ups. His resentment flares over new coming jammer Star Bust, who he can’t technically foul because she’s never the first one caught throwing elbows; but she’s certainly the last one. The crowd loves it, but it’s been hell on his back. Until one day, he notices the girl he’s been having to haul, thrashing in his arms, off of opposing team’s skaters is Galen Erso’s runaway daughter, smiling at him around a bloody mouthguard. 

(Test AU. Let me know how you feel about it. In a few days I’ll be linking up unfinished or drabble-d aus that are going to be options for my next multi chapter and you guys can vote and choose).


SO?? 8 months !!!  im finally done !!! ( i didnt draw him properly but one of them has a seeing eye dog)

But yeah,,, HERES MY OCS AT LAST, at least detailed !! it took so long wahh,,, some design changes since my last post, but hey im happy !! Ill write proper bios soon but im not much of a writer !!


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STAR WARS AND ROLLER DERBY AND FUN! -  Naptown Roller Derby teamed up with Star Wars costume troop for charity!