derby nelly

fav cocktails:

- bloodhound
- pink lady
- manhattan
- moonriver
- gibson (classic)
- twelve lime limit
- vancouver
- el presidente
- humble pie
- brown derby
- whoa nellie! (another classic)
- golden gun
- hurricane
- hanky panky
- lucien gaudin
- monkey gland
- satan’s whiskers
- coffee cocktail
- crème de violette
- seelbach
- bronx
- aviation
- saratoga
- white lady

Derby Leader Nelly.

I decided for her gym they’ll play  *Queen of the Rink.

*Queen of the Rink - A game played during practices and sometimes performed in public.  The object is for skaters to knock the other skaters out of bounds.  Once a skater is knocked out of bounds, they are out.  The last remaining skater on the track is declared Queen of the Rink.

Impress Nelly and she’ll battle you. 

Fresh Meat is kinda self explanatory, but it means noob in Derby speak.