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K, last friday my friend broke her ankle during derby practice. We weren’t even doing anything, just waiting for @imetaltheworld to jump over some cones, without dying. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, and then she screamed and I saw her foot standing at a weird angle. I thought to myself “that’s not how it’s supposed to look! lemme fix that for ya!” and then I realised maybe I shouldn’t, and instead someone should call an ambulance. So, we went to the hospital, had some Fun Times, bc she was all doped up on pain meds, while we waited for her husband. Now she’s at home, in pain, bored out of her skull, and I want to show her some love! Like, please, and reblog add a message maybe, or send me something, since she’s not on tumblr. It won’t help the bone heal faster but maybe it’ll lift her spirits :D

Everyone's so concerned with the future.

Me: I hurt my knee, so I’m staying off skates for a few days at least.

Mom: What did you do?

Me: Fell on it. Doctor says it’s a contusion to the tibial tuberosity. Bruised the hell out of my knee, basically.

Mom: Your knee? Ouch. You need your knees for when you get older.

Me: So I’ve been told.

And I’ve heard, “derby isn’t forever,” and other such sentiments, but that’s all crap anyway. I highly doubt that eighty-year-old Stevie is going to wish she had been kinder to her knees. I think she’s going to look at photos of her younger self being a badass and say, “I earned the SHIT out of this arthritis,” while scooting around in a decked out wheelchair.

Also, my birthday next year is on a bout day. I NEED to be drafted in November so that I can spend my 30th in the best way I can imagine.

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Remember this? Robin’s injury-time derby winner from 2012. Get in!