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There is more to Paterson, however; there has to be, since he is played by Adam Driver. One glance at the guy, and you instantly wonder, Why the long face? So fine are those pallid features, skittering with anxiety and intent, that his agent must be constantly tempted to skip the movie offers and enter him in the Kentucky Derby. Driver has a hint of Basil Rathbone, but without the dash, and the time may come when he delivers the most highly strung Sherlock Holmes ever witnessed onscreen. Little surprise, then, that Paterson should harbor a secret—a private fixation, known only to his wife, which keeps him down in the basement, after hours. You can be forgiven for assuming that he is a serial killer, or an abductor, those being the only vocations, as far as movies and TV are concerned, that drive quiet men to their cellars, but no. Paterson does something even more inexplicable. He writes poems.
—  Anthony Lane

anonymous asked:

Did you ever write that canon!single teen dad Louis???

I never finished it but it’s still sitting in my WIP folder as something I might pick up in the future. However, here’s what I have, which is basically 4000 words of canon teen dad Louis :))

The first time Liam hears that Louis Tomlinson is a dad, they’re at Boot Camp, and Louis is doing three things all at once: a) pinching Niall Horan’s nipples, b) hanging backwards off the back of a sofa and managing to keep himself from falling by what looks like sheer force of will, and c) singing How To Save A Life at the top of his lungs.

“How on earth can you be a dad,” Niall snorts, batting Louis away. “Stop that. Leave my nipples alone.”

“I am a spectacular dad,” Louis says, in satisfaction. He goes for Niall’s balls this time, and topples backwards off the sofa. “I am the best dad in the world.”

Liam thinks there must be a joke he’s not getting, because Louis isn’t old enough–or mature enough–to be a dad. Louis refuses to get enough sleep and is always messing about and pushing people around, and Liam can’t quite separate Louis’ laughter from that of the boys at school, who’d spent much of the last six years pushing Liam around quite gleefully.

“You’re a nightmare,” Niall says, poking Louis in the side, and Louis beams up at him from where he’s sprawled across the floor.

“Thank you, Niall. You are now second choice to be my personal husband for the rest of forever. After Harry Styles, obviously.”

Niall just laughs at that, and tugs Louis to his feet.

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