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Im putting this out here as a New Rule: if its POSSIBLY applicable for a modern au Motorcity fic, Texas has to drive either a 64-66 Chrysler Imperial or a vehicle made from a modified version of it because. Its one of the only vehicles unanimously banned from all demolition derby events because its fuckin inpossible to destroy

HALA MADRID - Sergio Ramos

“Ok Y/N, you’re on in 5.” My supervisor spoke, checking my mic was attached before walking off. I took a deep breath and looked around the stadium that was filled to the brim with Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid fans. I had been chosen to cover this match, much to my delight. It gave me an excuse to see my boyfriend Sergio. Working at one of the biggest sports TV channels in Spain and Sergio being a regular player for the Real Madrid first team meant that opportunities to see each other do what they do best came few and far between.

I looked onto the pitch and saw both teams warming up. It was easy to spot Sergio. God, he looked so good in his training kit. Iker spotted me from the goalpost that I was near and gave me a jaunty wave and smile which I returned gladly.

One thing I needed to remember while reporting on this game was not to show that I was bias. Everyone knew that Sergio and I were a couple but I needed to show my professionalism by commentating on the game fairly, even if Sergio was being an angry dickhead.

“Aaand, you’re on Y/N!”

“Yes thank you Marco. This Madrid derby is still as important as ever. The Bernabeu is buzzing while both teams warm up. The teams are relatively unchanged, although Gareth Bale is not included in the Real Madrid squad due to injury, with Chicharito taking his place. Isco Alarcon has kept his place in the team, to the shock of some. Fernando Torres has come back from injury and claimed his rightful place in the Athletico squad.” I smiled at the camera, delivering the information.

The game had been relatively boring, Ronaldo had scored for Real and so far Athletico had been unable to equalise. I think I was succeeding in being unbiased towards Real.

“Y/N! You’re on!”

“So far the game has been fast paced, and what else would you expect from a Madrid derby? There has been only one goal and that has been scored for Real Madrid by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The cameras turned off and I relaxed again. I could see both teams warming up on the pitch, dirty glares being exchanged between a few. I prayed that Sergio wouldn’t participate in such antics as I knew how quick his temper was and if an Athletico player said something that he didn’t like he would blow his fuse.

The game restarted and the fast pace resumed instantaneously. I stood by the side of the pitch, keeping my eyes on the ball. The ball drifted towards the Real defenders and Sergio charged towards it. Unfortunately so did Torres and they collided harshly. Torres lay on the ground for a moment, waiting for the referee to blow a whistle, whereas Sergio got up and continued to play. When Fernando realised there was going to be no whistle he jumped up and ran to Sergio. He pushed Sergio and from what I could see was yelling expletives in his face. As Sergio had a short fuse he pushed him away from his body and yelled back. The referee noticed the altercation and stopped the game.

At this point other players were getting involved and my stomach was beginning to feel sick with worry. The last thing I wanted was to have to bad about any Real players, most of whom I’d gotten close with by being Sergio’s girlfriend.

Before that happened the two captains of Real and Athletico were called other, as well as Sergio and Fernando. The referee talked with the four players for a few moments before issuing a yellow card to Fernando. He dismissed the other players and signalled for the game to continue.

Relief flooded my body when I realised that Sergio had not been penalised for his quick temper. I just hoped that the game would continue with no further mishaps.

The final whistle blew and the Real Madrid players whooped and jumped in happiness while the Athletico players hung their heads as they walked sheepishly off of the pitch. I was engrossed in watching Sergio being so happy that my supervisor had to tap my shoulder to tell me I was almost on the air.

“Well it certainly has been an eventful Madrid derby. After a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in the first half the game had no further goals. The game was continuously fast paced and towards the end of the game Benzema was subbed off for the fantastic Isco Alarcon. You really couldn’t have asked for mor-” I was cut off my sentence by Sergio, Iker, James and Cristiano running behind me and shouting.

“Hala Madrid! Real Madrid are WINNERS!” I laughed along, forgetting to be unbiased. Sergio wrapped his arms around me from behind, his cheers echoing in my ears.

In my ear I heard a voice from the studio. “Is the normal celebrations then Y/N?” The presenter laughed. I lifted the microphone up to my mouth.

“Definitely! I’ve been attempting to remain unbiased for the game to be professionalism but now the game is over I can express my feelings.” I smiled. “HALA MADRID!” I yelled, stirring laughs from the boys surrounding me.


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Question of the day

Since we know Jack/Sean loves destruction in videogames. What would he do if he was actually in a demolition derby?

(A demolition derby is an event that is at fairs when old cars or combines bashing into each other. This event will have permission and safety​ rules as usual. Plus in case if anything goes wrong they have an anbulence and a fire truck on the side. How demolition derbies work is that cars would bash into each other and who’s ever cars still driving gets all the glory it’s the same with combines.)


We immediately had this bond, but as you know with any of your best friends or whoever you share a lot of secrets with in your life: You can share an immediate stronger bond, but still get stronger and stronger and stronger. We just got close and we continue to grow. I think with any relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic or familial, I think the more you go through, the more highs and lows you see, the more you come out the other side stronger. - Jared Padalecki