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Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

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  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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Carmina: Shoemaking Excellence

Arguably one of the most renowned shoemakers in the world, Carmina was a mandatory visit during my recent trip to Madrid. Accompanied by my friend Álvaro, I got a chance to visit their flagship store which mind you, is the ultimate  haven for shoe aficionados. In the unlikely event you are unfamiliar with Carmina, the Spanish brand’s origins can be traced back to 1866, when Matias Pujadas established a workshop in Mallorca devoted to crafting tailor-made shoes. Passing on his legacy to the next generations, the know-how in shoemaking was refined throughout the years, evolving and adapting to market demands. In 1997, the third generation of the Pujadas family founded Carmina Shoemakers, set on producing some of the best shoes in the world. I think we can all agree that goal was achieved “cum laude”.

The outstandingly inviting environment is surpassed only by the welcoming staff and sheer variety and quality of the shoes on display. Besides presenting an impressive selection of models which is likely to include everything on your wishlist, the store also provides customers with shoe care services and goods, leather accessories and a wooden version of each available last. Never-ending displays sorted according to types of leather, construction and models surround a central area where a large marble table and winchester couches invite to sit and try your personal favourites… and trust me, that selection is one of the hardest you’ll ever have to make.

Materials range from superb cordovan and exotic leathers to beautiful calfskin and supple suede, in a variety of finishings and treatments, spread throughout their trademark interpretations of oxfords, monks, derbies, brogues, loafers, spectators, boots and wholecuts. The latter, depicted above in light brown suede, were definitely among my favourites and are already on the list for future purchases. Just a final note for the ladies, one of those displays is entirely devoted to you!

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