derby 2013


Revolutionary, training days before the Oaklawn Park Handicap.

This colt is one of my favourites 4yo. He also was one of my favourites for the last year’s Kentucky Derby. He has something special, maybe is his name, who knows, but I love him. 


Tony Goldwyn talks Scandal to Gold Derby June 27th 2013…

I think that without exception, the disasters that have happened to Fitz are because he didn’t listen to himself, from marrying Mellie to killing Verna, to behaving the way he did with Olivia. You know there’s so many different things so if I was his friend I’d tell him to have the courage of his heart.”

Oh look, Tony was under the assumption as per previous episodes that Mellie and Fitz didn’t marry for love. As we know that shit was retconned in episode 307.

Gotta love the fact that Tony is the biggest Olitz shipper that ever lived though. Good interview!