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What are your thoughts on teen wolf? especially writing wise? I have stopped watching regularly around 3b and I wasn't too convinced by what I've seen here on tumblr about the rest of the episodes, in particular 6x10...

i will always have a special place in my heart for the characters i love that the show gave me. i still blog about teen wolf, i write fic, and i enjoyed s1-3a. saying that, i don’t particular enjoy what the show became, or look back on the experience i had as a fan with much nostalgia (i think we were v much used and abused as a fandom online, for sure). i love my part of fandom, though.

short answer about the writing… it was terrible because

1) there was a complete lack of planning and follow through

2) we love this idea/actor/theme for 30 seconds but oops now we don’t

3) they completely misused their social media as a way to a) explain away/correct plot holes in their own writing and b) encourage viewers to watch a show they implied to be many things that it turned out to… not be any of

long answer

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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine AU

Author: Joi A.. Wade 

Requested: Nah, but I was watching Space Jam??So I thought why not??

Warnings: Swearing, Greaser!PeterPan, Soc!Reader, kinda harsh I guess

Note: Bare with me my friends, band camp has me outside 24/7, barely get computer time anymore! MORE REQUESTS ON THE WAY!!

It was just a typical Friday night. Everyone was out of school, ready for the weekend, chilling out with their friends and whatnot. Ones in particular that were sure to have a wild night was the local street gang-greasers known as “The Lost Boys.” 

The Lost Boys were well known around town, for there multiple fights, shoplifting, smoking up a storm to where you could literally die from second hand, and some of them being just a plain drunken mess and trashing up the small town they lived in. Their leader, who is known as Peter Pan, seems to have little to no self control whatsoever. He sees a fight, he fights, he sees weed, he smokes it, sees a beer, drinks it till there is no more of it. And last but not least, he sees anything with legs and a skirt, he bangs the living shit outta them. 

You, being in a higher class than Pan, could care less about what he was about and who the hell his ‘gang’ was. All you wanted to do was have a good time with your friends at the drive-in, and enjoy yourself. But, of course that wasn’t the case. Once you and a couple of girlfriends found a spot, one of them tapped your on the shoulder, pointing in the direction of the fence behind the wide screen. 

“Take a gander at that,” Once your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you saw known other than Pan and his group climbing and crawling the fence, sneaking into the film. With a role of your eyes, you take long sip from your coke.

“Dumb hood,” You muttered, your other friend on your left bumping your shoulder with hers. 

“You know you like him, Y/n. You have since the damn near second grade.” 

“Yeah, when he had common sense, and didn’t care about some stupid gang, and sex and drugs. He keep living like this he won’t last age 19.” You glared while shaking your head as he started lighting a weed. He seemed to have felt your stare as he looked up and made eye contact with you. He winked at you slyly, making you practically gag in your mouth. 

“I don’t know, he seems to take a liking to you, sweetheart. Remember that time he-”

“No, and I don’t want to remember. Can we just sit quietly, watch the movie, and forget about the stupid Lost Boys?” You snapped, both of your friends’ eyes widening for a moment, until they smirked playfully, but doing what you asked. 

Sighing in contentment, you brought your attention back to the blank screen, waiting for the movie to start, not really in tune with your surroundings. Which probably would have been the best idea, for the face the so called ‘Dumb Hood’ made himself comfortable right behind you and your friends. Once that strong whiff of smoke passed through your nostrils, your once wide open eyes turned narrow as a groan escaped past your lips. You heard the seat creaking from behind you, as you tried with all your might not to roll your eyes so far to the back of your head, you were sure they would stay like that. 

You felt a warm breath fan over your ear slightly, as you just waited for him to say a word to you. You practically dared him in your head.  

“Well, what do we have here, boys? A few broads all by their lonesome, in the dark and scary night?” He rasped, his boys laughing obnoxiously at his unfunny remark. “How’ve you been, Y/n?”

“Get lost, hood,” You snapped, shrugging off the hand that played in your hair, making the boy chuckle at how quickly you became irritated. 

“Ooh, I got a fiery one, boys! I like fire,” He whispered into your ear, you getting a faint smell of alcohol from his breath. Scrunching up your face, you turned to your friend on your right, only to see her flirting it up with Felix. Then on your left to your other friend, only to see her giggling like a deranged lunatic at another one of his boys. Sighing loudly, you practically pushed Pan in the face, turning to give him your full attention. 

“Listen, I don’t know what you want for me, but ya ain’t gettin’ it! So I suggest you leave me and my friends the hell alone, understood? Now why don’t you make yourself useful and go drop dead in a hole, would ya hun?” 

By now you had everyone’s attention, as most of Pan’s lost boys hooped and hollered at your sharp tongue, Pan grinning with that famous eyebrow raised. Taking a long drag from his weed, he blew the smoke in your face. Coughing while fanning the smoke away, you didn’t have time to even register that he was now all in your face, his grin deepening.

“I know you’re crazy about me, Y/n. So let’s cut to the chase, and let me take you to my place for some real fun, huh doll?” 

The next thing he knew, their was cold liquid on his face and in his eyes. A loud groan escaped past his lips, as he fell back into the wooden seat, repeatedly groaning and cursing. You had thrown your drink in his face, standing above him as his lost boys quickly tried to clear his face of the soda. With a slight glare, you spat in his direction.

“Don’t ever call me doll, you filthy trash. The only fun you can have tonight is you and your right hand getting familiar with each other again. You know, like you do every Friday night when your lanky ass can’t get tail?” You grabbed your bag and left your seat, not caring if your friends followed or not. They were right behind you in a second, not really wanting to stick around after Pan got the soda off of him. They couldn’t believe you just did that!

While you walked away, Pan had finally gotten the soda clear from his eyes, as he wiped the rest of the sticky substance on his leather jacket. He watched you leave, his jaw locked as if he were angry; but his smirk and lust-filled eyes told a whole other story as he purred to his gang. 

Fuck, I love her.” 

My grandfather had a beautiful voice. Irish tenor. Beautiful. Too much of a military hardass to deal with his own and his son’s talents. I wish it were otherwise. I love you, you poor bastards…With a father like this man, it is no wonder that Tim Buckley was afraid to come back to me. So afraid to be my father. Because his only paradigm for fatherhood was a deranged lunatic with a steel plate in his head…I know that he must have been scared shitless to think that he might possibly become like his father. Scared shitless of treating me the way his father treated him and his family. Can you imagine the heartbreak? The useless, shitty torture day in, day out?
—  Jeff Buckley, Journal Entry 6/9/95

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I just had a strange idea; what if the third character in sonic forces is a Sonic from the future, however, he's a very bad villain and wants to destroy the world? Can you make a Sonamy Drabble outta this? XD (you've been so hardworking with these prompts and we all really love you and appreciate you <3 just don't forget to take breaks lol)

Y-You mean..


Not so much this crap… just because this certain crap is hard to get a good grasp on in writing. He’s not the twisted Sonic I like to write, but that’s just me.

I usually write evil Sonic as taking all of Sonic’s good qualities, twisting and expounding on them with their opposite, and then taking all his weaknesses and flaws and making them ten times more diabolical and wicked; twisting them to almost seem like strengths for a evil sonic.

Either or, how about I combine the two?

Also, to your comment-

Thank you so much! Sometimes, it’s hard to write. Especially with everything I’m going through, but your words and comments mean everything to me!

So thanks~

Wow, so many pictures, alright, moving on!


Eggman laughed, before the footfalls of someone he’d rather not see.

“Oh… it’s you.” He glared, turning around.

“Why, dear doctor, are you laughing?” The silhouette smirked in the corner, his hands on his hips, looking striking in the shadows contrast.

“Hmph. Can’t you see? I’ve finally stumped your little double ganger! He’s history!” Eggman’s glasses shone in the light of his screen, the only light visible where he was in the dark room.

The silhouette flipped out a comb, and brushed his quills back, walking forward.

“That’s just the thing, Doc. You shouldn’t take me so lightly… Have you ever wondered… why there’s a future me that’s so…” he suddenly clicked the item again, and it was a knife. “Dashingly-”

He slammed it into the gears, as sparks flew off with smoke and the robot about to attack a downed Sonic suddenly malfunctioned and collapsed by the teams working together.


“Ah!” Eggman stepped back, falling to his knees. “N-no! You… you said you were from an alternate reality!”

“Fools snooze and loose, Egghead.” He pulled the knife out, tossing it up and down horizontally.

“And I’m afraid our little game comes to an end…” he slowly advanced on Eggman, holding the knife down and motioning his arm to the side of him to slash down before-!

“Sonic! We did it!”

The silhouette looked up, his white around his eyes now shining to reveal the green of Sonic’s own eye color.

He turned around as Eggman scooted backwards, kicking his feet out and racing away, terrified.

Future Sonic dropped his knife, and slowly walked to the screen, looking amazed as he watched this world’s Amy Rose jump into his past selves arms.

He slowly rose a hand to the monitor.

This time…” he whispered, ever so quietly.

He then gripped his hands into tight fists, and slammed them against the monitor.


After a few battles and revealing himself as the future they were all ‘fighting for’ the teams began to loose hope in Sonic, and he, himself, questioned how he even would turn so dark.

In the mist of this confusion, Sonic tried to fight his future self.

“What happened to you!?”

“One bad day. That’s all it takes!” (direct reference to Scourge, yes. I don’t like that line, but I don’t completely disagree with it either…)

He gritted his teeth before charging up with some dark matter, and black chaos emeralds swarmed him.

“I can’t kill you, dude. But I can open your eyes to the real power your missing!!!”


He suddenly stopped, looking over at Amy who ran into the building they were fighting.

She put a hand over her heart before looking to her Sonic.

“A-Amy…” Sonic slowly got up, onto his knees, before swiping the air. “This is my fight! G-get out of here!”

Future Sonic slowly lowered his arms, looking and watching the two, as if seeing this scene through new eyes.

“I can’t just leave you here like this, Sonic! I’m going to fight too!” She turned to Future Sonic, and summoned her hammer.

He seemed almost at war with himself, as Future Sonic looked with pain at that hammer…

“…You could never understand…” he whispered once more.

“…That this future… would have saved you.”

“W-what was that?” Amy couldn’t really hear him.

He shook his head, smiling to her, and cocking his head slightly.

“You tried to fight me like the rest of’em. I would have thought you were smarter than that. Guess ‘true love’ is only when your heart’s as white as snow, huh? Amy Rose?”

She heard the hiss in his voice and stepped back, seeing him lean forward with rage at the very utterance of her name.

“A-…Amy, get back!” Sonic swiped again, getting up and straining to stay upright.

He went super then, and directly charged Future Sonic, who smirked at his hastiness.

“Sonic! Wait-! It’s a-!”

“Ur-HAA!” Future Sonic, anticipating this, had reared his hands back, and sent a huge blast of negative chaos energy directly at him.

The blast blew him sky-high, right out of the building.

Future Sonic grinned widely, before taking a more… gentle look when it came to Amy.

She stepped back, not sure what to do now.

He approached her, with rapid footfalls, as if eager to continue his plans for why he came back to this time-period.

“Now… to make sure my future is everything it needs to be!” he swung an arm back, and charged through the air, flying directly at her. “You’re mine!”

She fought him for only a few seconds before he got the better of her, and grabbed her from behind, flying out and chuckling a moment before taking her where he had set up base…

Eggman later joined up with Sonic, nursing him back to health and offered a truce. It was hard for Sonic to swallow his pride and do, but for his friends and the world’s sake, he had to team up with his enemy.

Amy was flung down on a desert ruin palace, so it looked like, within a rocky cave.

She stumbled up as Future Sonic hadn’t powered down, but adjusted his gloves.

“What do you want with me!? If you aren’t going to stop your past self, then what are you here for!?”

He slowly stopped, and turned around.

“All my friends are dead.”

He shot his arms down and flexed them out a bit. 

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do them the honors.”

She sighed in almost relief at that terrible thought.

“But I’ve come back to get you all. Convert you to negative chaos. And show you that this is the only way…. to victory.” he held up his hands… before clamping them down and having dark chaos energy surround his being.

“Heh, what’s with that fear in your eyes, Amy?” he turned back to her, a wicked, and playful bounce in his voice.

“I thought you might be flattered. Having me bring you here…” he moved around the rocky throne, before playfully leaning out from it and smiling to her. “All alone?” there was something else in his actions too, a darker intent, but she couldn’t quite pick up on it.

He continued to walk around, speaking, as she just remained silent, hoping to learn more…

“If I were to simply take you all back with me though. You may think me insane, deranged, a lunatic and try and reform me… tsk, tsk, tsk.” he gestured with his hands, walking down the steps around her, and then shook his head, holding up a signature, wagging pointer finger.

“But you’re the ones in sore need of reformity.”

“Sonic. I can’t comprehend the pain you must have felt at facing defeat like that.” she was still sitting down, but turned to face him as his expression changed.

He slowly bent his finger down, forming a fist, and his smile shifting to an furious frown that he held together and back.

“But trust me! You can’t destroy to gain! And you can’t steal to love!”


Bending down, he gripped his head, before blasting himself at her, and gripping her neck, breathing hard.

“You’re not going to make this easy, are you?” he tilted his head, smirking a moment before losing it.

“No matter. You also didn’t like my plan before. Why should you suddenly accept it now?” he threw her lightly to the side, as she coughed and turned back to him.


“Enough…” he swiped his hands out, but seemed to be losing some of his anger as he fell to the throne, gripping his head.

“Out of them all.. hearing the truth… I swore you would turn to me…” there was so much pain in his eyes, as if tears weren’t able to fulfill the dark sorrow he felt.

  “Not against me!

He whirled back around, “Well, you can be happy to know I’ve changed my mind about you.” his dark grin sent a shiver down her spine, as she tried to stand up and move away.

He slashed the air and she was thrown back down, landing hard on her back, getting the air knocked out of her a moment, unable to speak as she tried to crawl away.

“Instead of thinking your obsessive tenancies a nuisance and a bore, I’ve actually reconsidered to think it, well.. rather cute.” He stopped a moment in his walk to looked and gesture, before his terrifying smile returned to address her, and then he raced down to slid to stop in front of her, seeing her trying to get away.

His face was directly in front of her, and with a evil longing, he started to turn his head left and right, as if looking for an opening….

“So I’ve decided to reform you first… have you on my side. And with your unique abilities, help me to convince the others of dark chaos’s charms and divinity.”

He crawled forward as she tried to desperately get away, but he overcame her and she fell down, looking up afraid.

He smiled, seeing there was nothing she could do to stop him.

“And now… prepare to enter a world of dark excitement.. Amy… because there’s no going back where I’m taking you.” he shook his head as he pulled hers up, leaning up and on his knees as he pulled her the same.

In shock and terror she did nothing, probably because she couldn’t fathom the thought of her Sonic being so lost in grief and pain that chaos could so easily control him.

“Please…” she begged, feeling great sympathy and love for him. “Don’t do this.” her quiet plea almost made him stop, look away a moment in thought, as if considering what he was doing.

He then looked down, closing his eyes and smiling as more chaos power soared through him.

“It’s too late for that, Rosy.” he spooked her by using her old nickname, throwing her off guard.

His eyes shot open, revealing the glowing white and no eyes anymore, as he narrowed them down. “Maybe you could have helped me… if you were still alive!!!”

He forced himself on her, and as the painful kiss began he pushed his negative chaos into her, and pulled away as she flailed and struggled against the power, feeling it control and even take over her mind.

He slowly got up, a wicked excitement as he watched her cry out and her fur flicker from pink to a dark aura of magenta.

“…All hail the queen…” he grinned, seeing her at last get knocked out from the power that she fought so hard against.

Her eyes opened as she looked over herself, and he slowly bent down to help her up.

“… How do you feel?”

She leaned into him, unable to fully stand at first, as he carefully, lovingly, held her in his arms.

“…I…” she leaned back. “Never knew good being evil felt.”

He smirked.

“Welcome to the dark side, Amy.”

They kissed passionately.


(Geez. I don’t know how to stop myself >x<)

Sonic rushed in with his friends and teams of forces to recuse Amy and put an end to Dark Sonic.


“Ah! The cavalries arrived!”

Future Sonic rested upon his throne, looking giddy as Amy sat on his lap to the side, laughing with him as he held up his hand to greet the party.

“So good of you to offer yourselves up to dark chaos. Well advised. Good decision.” he then leaned over and rubbed his muzzle with his nose lightly against Amy’s cheek, as she giggled before glaring down at the others. “You’re just in time.”

“Amy…?” Present Sonic stepped forward, his eyes filled with confusion and betrayal.

Future Sonic smeared a wicked look of pleasure at seeing that expression, knowing full well what he must be feeling and thinking, before moving his head back around Amy and pulling her closer, continuing to be intimate in front of him as Amy’s cries of laughter sent his once hurt expression to a painful rage.

“What’s wrong, hero? Realizing it only takes one of us to satisfy her?”

“What… what have you done to her?” Sonic knew it couldn’t be his Amy, it couldn’t be!


She looked away, “Oh?” she placed a finger at her mouth, as if truly pushing the knife deeper from his back into his heart.

“She’s not the Amy you once knew anymore, dude.” Future Sonic leaned up, moving her off of him to stand. “And soon, none of your friends will be what you once knew! Haha! Amy!” he turned back, offering her his hand as she took it and he helped her down the throne. “Let’s save all our friends, shall we?”

He rubbed once more his muzzle to her cheek, before grinning as dark chaos spiked both him and her.

“Sonic!” Tails shouted out, as Sonic turned to look at him.

“It’s him! He’s sending negative chaos energy into Amy! He’s controlling her!”

“She willingly yield!” Future Sonic pushed Amy up next to him, “I won’t let you twist my perfect world. You- Or any one of you!!!”

“He’s delusional. And he’s fooling himself in what he’s doing to Amy! We have to break her free of it!” Tails leaned down from his X-Tornado to look to Sonic, who nodded, glad it wasn’t what it looked liked.

“Grrr.. You’ll all thank me when dark chaos saves your lives!!!” Future Sonic slashed his hand out, causing the cave to tunnel in.

After a large battle, Future Sonic found himself loosing, and turned to Dark Amy, as she coughed under a rock.

“I won’t let even one speck of my future pass from me!” he glared down and threw the rock off of her, getting her up.

He gasped in fright as he noticed the negative chaos that he put into her fading, and her own mind being unclouded and growing clearer.

Her fur flickered from magenta to pink again, as she tried to flutter her eyes open, but was too weary to succeed.


“Don’t worry, Amy. I wont’ let them take you from me, too!” he held her head up from her cheek, and kissed more dark energy wtihin her, even making his own fur flicker to his normal blue.

He was risking losing too much power, but refused to give her up.

When the power took over her again, he felt her being as tangible and controlled her again, making her say and do what he wanted.

“You alright?” he almost seemed to say that as if he was normal Sonic again, holding her up.

“Always, with you.” she smiled but collapsed.

“No! Stay with me! Smile! Smile like you used too!!!” he shook her, before he heard voices of his former friends and let out an irritated, raspy, almost growl like sound escape him, biting at the air.

He flung Amy over his shoulder and started racing through the debris of the ruins.

Eggman shot out a finishing blow, and suddenly he was blasted from where he was going, and Amy tumbled from his grasps.

“NOO!!” his eyes widened, holding out a hand to her.

His eyes softened as they formed back into eyes, and memory flashed over his being.

“Sonic! Noo..!!”

His Amy… holding out her hand back to him, as she slipped off the falling building and rolled into the fires.

“Not again..” Dark chaos energy swarmed his being again, “NOT AGGGAAAINNN!!!” he burst up from the ruins and started destroying everything in sight.


While he was distracted, Knuckles and Shadow raced to Amy, dragging her away from being directly beneath his frenzy, before he looked down to see them pulling her away.

“No… If I can’t have at least one… that’s it.” his eyes widened again. “I can just leap through time again! With Negative Chaos! I can exceed the barrier of time and space itself! My speed is flawless. Unparalleled. I’ll snatch them one by one… starting with her!!!” He charged down, firing blasts of Dark Chaos beams before Super Sonic slammed into him.

“You’re not going anywhere near her!”


Amy’s dark energy was being recalled, but he noticed this out of the corner of his eye.

And as Present Sonic pushed him away with the cometing tackle moments before, he out stretched his arm.

“HELP MEE!!” he cried out, not wanting to lose her.

Amy’s eyes flickered open as dark chaos channeled back into her, forcing her up and shooting into the sky.

“Shoot!” Knuckles couldn’t hold her down in time, as he stepped forward, watching her black aura blast her through the air and up to the two Sonics.

“What?” Super Sonic was slammed into by a mind-controlled Amy, as she used all the same powers Future Sonic had used.

He laughed, “Yes… Yes, she’s mine!”

“She didn’t choose you! Quit bluffing on yourself!” Sonic used his hands to dodge her hits, before grabbing her wrists and pulling them away from him as she struggled, growling and unable to form words from Dark Sonic being too heavily controlling her every move.

“Watch, I bet if I gave her back her freedom, she’d choose the light!”

“Noo…NOOO!!!” Before Future Sonic could do anything, a bright light shone around Sonic, and he gently kissed the flowing chaos energy into Amy, canceling out the dark and giving Amy her soul back.

She flickered her eyes open, before her fur changed back to pink, and then to yellow, as she gripped Sonic and looked down, terrified she was in the air.

“I.. I can’t feel her…” Future Sonic twitched his fingers, looking up at the two. “Why… you were mine… you understood me..” he suddenly leaned his head down as more dark energy formed into his being.

“Why am I flying!?” Amy kicked her legs out, still not fully having her memory back yet.

The whole of the forces saw Future Sonic let out a cry as his entire being shot with dark chaos.

“Stop it! Let it go!” Amy shot down towards him.

“Amy!” Present Sonic watched as she flew down and kissed back all the super chaos energy she had and force it through to cancel out so much of his dark energy.

Future Sonic and her slowly floated to the ground, where he looked knocked out, his fur turning to normal, as Present Sonic also bent down by his side.

As he opened his eyes, he cried softly. “I let darkness… emm.. take over myself. I thought… it was the only way. Pain.. sorrow… pity… rage… it all made me that monster.”

The gang formed around him, as he looked up to Sonic.

“Don’t, not even for an instant, allow your anger to fuel you. In anything you do.”

Present Sonic nodded, looking very serious on that statement.

Future Sonic started to fade, looking at his hands as he noticed his timeline was being erased.

He looked up to Amy, a painful smile on his face before dropping to a frown of regret, holding a fading hand up to her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

She bent down to cry on his chest.

He disappeared and that was the end of that dark future.

-to cry endless and in great pain and torture because of angsty feels.


Requested by anonymous: Okay. Do you are Matts sister. Maybe twin. (You aren’t blind tho) and you go on missions with him but then on the roof where Matt was chained up Frank and you make eye contact and he’s like woah she’s gorgeous. And then you start secretly seeing him and helping him when he goes out on missions. But then Matt finds out you guys are together. And he gets v pissed and idc how it ends
Frank castle SLAYS me and I would love it sm if you could write some smut about him idgaf about plot

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader, Matt Murdock x Reader (siblings), illusions to Karen Page x Matt Murdock

Rating: M

Word count: 20.1k

Warnings: violence, blood, smutty sexy times, long ass fic bc I’m a wreck, swears, you kill people and Matt doesn’t know, you and Frank kill people but Matt doesn’t know, you call Matt ‘Matty’, you and Matt are super close, like honestly your platonic sibling relationship is goals, fluff w Frank, angst, oral sex, unprotected sex (cover the willie guys), the Trial of The People v. Frank Castle, you try to get over Frank (it doesn’t work out), upset and disgruntled Matt Murdock, ends on a hopeful note

A/N: okay, so in this fic, reader is Matt’s adopted little sister bc if she was his twin that would mean that reader would have to be the same race as and at least kind of look like him, and, as I intend for my fics to be read by people of all races, reader is Matt’s adopted sister. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ enjoy!

Matthew and Y/N. Y/N and Matthew.

That’s how it always was when the two of you grew up. The two of you were always together, no matter what.

You had been given to Jack Murdock when you were an infant, barely two months old, from one of his few friends that had passed away.

When Jack had brought you home, Matthew was immediately drawn to you. It was perplexing, how small and tiny and fragile you were. How helpless you were.

“What’s her name?” Matt had asked his father.

“Y/N,” Jack had answered. He looked to his son and ruffled his dark hair between his fingers. “You’re a big brother, now, Matty, so you gotta take care of her, too, alright?”

Matt had been four at the time, and even then, he had vowed that he would always protect you. He promised his father that he would watch out for you whenever you needed help, because that was what responsible older brothers were supposed to do.

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You must listen to this album with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek. If you don’t have a sense of irony, or you are a piece of shit bigot, or a fundamentalist anything, return this album immediately. Fuck off. If you’re a parent who neglects, beats, or doesn’t show your child love, know that we don’t condone violence so don’t waste our time in court while you try to explain to a jury how our music made your “happy & normal” child into a deranged lunatic. Thank you.
—  Mindless Self Indulgence, Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy, 1999

I can’t believe that after everything Prometheus has done, Evelyn still thinks the city needs to be saved from Oliver?!?!! I thought by now she would see that she was wrong. Wtf is up with that girl? Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E must really have seriously messed her up if she is still following that deranged lunatic.


There were two things you loved in life: Kol, and annoying him. Snow days were the perfect opportunities to have both. 

“You want hot chocolate?” Kol asked with his eyebrows raised. “Yes, now quit being a judgemental prick and bring me some.” You said shoving him towards the cafe. He rolled his eyes but complied none the less. 

While he was in the you gathered up several handfuls of snow and waited. 

“Here’s your–” Before he could finish you slapped him in the face with the snow you’d gathered up. The chocolate spilt on the ground, the rich brown providing a beautiful juxtaposition against the ivory. 

“You’re dead.” Kol said as he started forming his own arsenal. You laughed before taking off down the street dodging between pedestrians on their way to work. 

Kol hit some of them in an attempt to get to you and you let out a gleeful laugh. As you ran you picked up snow forming it into balls as you ran, you tossed them behind you barely aiming. 


“I wish I could give you more days like this.” Kol said as the two of you laid in front of the fire. Cliche? Yes, very much so, but you enjoyed it, your clothes were thrown on the couch and the two of you were covered by a warm blanket. 

“I don’t mind. As long as I still get to have you around I do care what we do.” You said as you drew patterns on his chest. “I know you say that, but I see you running around, without a care in the world and I just wish we could be like that forever. I just keep wondering: Why can’t everyday be like this?” Kol said as he ran his fingers through your hair. 

“Because you’re brother is a deranged lunatic.” You answered sarcastically. Kol chuckled. “Which one?” He asked making you laugh. “All of them.” You replied as you leaned up to placed a gentle kiss on his lips. 

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Borderlines || Part 2

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD):

Disorder in which causes unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. People who have this disorder usually have trouble regulating their thoughts and emotions. Also, have impulsive and reckless behavior. Usually begins in early adulthood.

Word Count: 3.8k+

WARNING: Light smut I guess (sorry if it sucks)

A/N: This is unedited, sorry for mistakes! Read Part 1 for the story to make sense:)

Part 1 | Part 3

You were swimming in thoughts of what happened in the span of just 30 minutes. You were conflicted about the events that took place, your emotions everywhere. You were even more so confused about who Jungkook was, and why he kidnapped you.

The events worn you out, so you decided to sleep. After all, you couldn’t do anything else. You laid your head and adjusted your body in a position that would work for you and your wrist that was still handcuffed to the bed. You closed your eyes and the last thing you thought was He’s a lunatic…Jungkook is borderlined.

Awakening the next day was painful for you. You didn’t know what time of day it was, and you completely forgot about your surroundings and where you were. Whatever happened the day before was quite blurry, but the sudden soreness that buzzed  from licking your dry lips had the memories of yesterday flooding back to you.

Jungkook fed you with his mouth. He kissed you, he kept going even though he knew you ate all the food that he fed you. You couldn’t help but remember the feeling of his soft, pink lips on yours. He was being so rough at first, but slowed down and deepened the kiss. You felt love, and almost safe kissing him, forgetting that he was the one who kidnapped you.

The memory of yesterday made you scrunch your face in pure disgust. You didn’t want him to touch you again. You wanted to flee from him, get out of this room, escape and never see him again. His words from yesterday rang through your head,‘You are going to have to get used to my presence (y/n) because we’re going be together for a long, long time’. You didn’t want to believe him, you still wanted to have hope that you’ll be able to escape him, but the way he said those words made you believe that he would be capable of doing anything to prevent you from leaving him. The thought of him keeping you captive for the rest of your life frightened you. The thought of what he wanted you for frightened you even more.

What was the most frightening was, who the hell was Jeon Jungkook? He doesn’t look like the emotional, deranged lunatic others claimed him to be. He looked completely harmless to you. He seemed kind, was what you thought. He was and looked defenseless was what you thought of him at first. But he proved himself to live up to those supposed rumors of what people claimed him to be. An emotional, psychotic lunatic.

Just as you were collecting your thoughts about Jungkook, someone gently knocked on the door of your room, then silence took over for a minute before the voice that belonged to the person behind the door said, “We’re going out for a while (y/n). Jungkook told me to unlock your door and take your handcuffs off.” Your heart immediately started beating at an amazingly fast pace, thinking it was going to fly out of your chest. This might be my chance to escape him, you thought. But before you could think any further about how you were going to conduct your escape, the deep, husky voice spoke again. “Now, don’t think of anything because he’s staying behind to take care of you.” Your entire body froze. It felt as if your heart stopped beating for a moment. Fear overflowed within you, thinking, I’m not going to escape anytime soon.

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Joker in Gotham

Before I get started let me say that I thought Cameron Monaghan was excellent as Jerome/Joker. He was the perfect combination of charisma, mania, and unhinged genius. I wish we had, had more episodes with him in the role.


I kinda like where the Gotham writer are going, or could possibly be going. We knew something had to happen to Jerome from the first episode of season 2 (although we didn’t want to admit it). He was too big, too bad, and too much of an episode stealer (Bruce Who?) to remain at large on the show. This puts the writers in a tough spot, they can’t put him in Arkham as the idea that it could hold him for any length of time is ridiculous, and if they do a is he/isn’t he dead thing then people will expect him back quickly which means he’s back too soon stealing episodes. So instead the writers decided to do something big. They killed him.

But in a way they didn’t. What they’ve done is immortalize him. Or, more specifically, the idea, the concept, of the Joker has been immortalized. Just as the Joker is THE comic book villain (and some would argue THE villain) Jerome is now THE monster in Gotham. They’ve even put this idea into the show; firstly in through this quote 

You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake from sleep screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.

And secondly through the many possible Jokers we see at the end of the episode.

By doing this the writers have made the Joker much scarier: Now he is actually immortal. Batman could be in a nursing home and the Joker would still be going. Once the Joker dies there will be no relief just a gnawing worry and fear that the next deranged lunatic, or abused kid, who finally snaps and shows up with a mad laugh and terrifying smile will be worse than the one before him. Can you imagine each Joker trying to outdo the last?  The Joker is now totally unpredictable, one creates elaborate traps for Batman and the next puts Barbra Gordon in a wheel chair.  Every version of the Joker (from the campy, cartoon like showman, to the deranged chaos loving hammer wielding psychopath) is now possible. Moreover, every origin story in now possible.

I don’t know if any of this will actually happen and I wish we could of had more of Cameron Monaghan as the Joker. But there could be a bright side to this. And whilst I’m nervous about what is going to happen with the show I think this version of the Joker has some fantastic potential.

arwenxs  asked:

"Listen, I am genetically modified and on the run and you will let me hide in your house" au for winteriron please?

So, I finally finished arwenxs’s ask (sorry for the late response) I hope you like it (this is pre-slash and it has some promise so maybe I can come back later and continue, let me know what you think)

Tony would be gladder of his latest “upgrades” if it weren’t for the fact that he was been chased by the people who forced another bout of mods onto his organic system and for fuck’s sakes he missed Pepper and JARVIS, with their constant nagging about how he was indeed a real flesh and blood-soul bound boy. As Tony, who’s been dodging EMP-bullets and also the other kind that could still make him bleed, ducked into an empty dead end alleyway, because he was honestly tired, his pursuers were going the merry-way-round  so he had at the very least, a minute to breathe and regroup.

One of the upsides of this late bad hand is the ability to calculate 3 times faster and his flash quick scan revealed an empty apartment on the last floor of a building, Tony took a running leap and made it to the emergency staircase with agility that he use to lack in his late 30’s and after the reactor. Procuring to make the least amount of noise, Tony broke into the apartment and did another scan; paranoia was more of an ally than a hindrance. The place seem well kept but small, it had the one bedroom and a small bathroom, an open space that was a mesh of living-dinning-room with a narrow breakfast bar that separated the equally small kitchen. It was there he found a newspaper (and why did people insist on those still, he’d never know) he tried to pin-point how long he’d been gone this kidnapping around and after seeing the date, Tony lost a bit of time.

He knew he made it into the shower before completely losing it, but that’s about it. 18 months, he’s been gone for a year and half! They had him for that long, experimenting on him, making him even more machine, altering him for 547 days. Tony startled out his fugue when a door closed, with the alterations it sounded more like a gunshot, it made him stay, exactly where he was, hyper aware of the shuffling footsteps and the thud of a bag, the opening of a fridge and then the person - whoever they were, most likely the tenant of this matchbox sized apartment- got closer to his hiding place. Ha, if Natasha could see cocksure, arrogant, narcissistic Tony Stark now.  

Bright flashes of information overload seized him momentarily and then he was trapped inside the tub of some stranger, while they took a piss, goddamnit! Tony tried his very best to remain still and keep his breathing to a minimum not that it seem to do anything, because he found himself staring at the barrel of a gun pointed at his head after the curtain had been yanked.

Before the other man could say anything, Tony had his hands up (he missed his suits, the weight of his gauntlets, JARVIS in his ear) and spoke as fast as he could. “Listen, I was kidnapped, genetically  modified and currently on the run.” The man didn’t lowered his gun but he looked…confused? “will you let me hide in your house?”

In the very uncomfortable silence that reigned afterwards, Tony studied the man before him. The way he was holding the gun suggested familiarity and experience, maybe a police officer, nah, the man was quiet and studious; patient, like a sniper. He was also pretty good looking with pale eyes, dark hair and stubble and if Tony was right, hiding a body that was tight as a drum and hard as a brick wall. Glad to know his libido was still alive, just wrong time to make itself known. “Who are you?”

“What, a man takes a forced sabbatical for a year and half and the general public forgets his name?” The man just raised an eyebrow, clearly unimpressed by Tony’s wit. Sighing with resignation, Tony answers at last. “My name is Tony Stark, owner and former CEO of Stark Industries, there.”

Instead of relaxing, the man frowned and took aim, growling. “Bullshit, Tony Stark was pronounced dead…”

Tony does his very best not to flinch at the vehemence in the guys voice and interrupts him. “Let me guess, a year and a half ago? I almost did, you know? Touch and go for a while. Which is why the fuckers that took me gave something and no, I don’t fucking know, alright? All I know is that I was there for the last 18 months and they want me back and I can’t call JARVIS or Pepper without alerting them and for fuck’s sakes I haven’t even looked in a mirror, I must look like a deranged hobo, godfuckingdamnit! I just wanna go the fuck home to my ‘bots and maybe take a hot shower and learn what the fuck did they inject me with and sleep, I wanna sleep and coffee and can you fucking please get that fucking gun outta my face!?”

One of his hands was over the reactor and the other on the wall of the shower, his breathing was shallow and he was really, really close to panic. Tony understood the stranger, he’d for all intents and purposes broken into the man’s home but the mere thought of falling into the hands of the people who’d kept him captive for almost 2 years was too much. “…HEY! Slowly, breathe in, hold it. 1, 2, 3 and let it out. Good, again; in. hold it. 1, 2, 3 and out. Very good, dollface, that’s it.”

Somehow, Tony went from being a possible threat to dollface in the span of shortness of breath, and shit that tone of voice shouldn’t give him head tingles, shouldn’t relax him so, but apparently this guy was a “Tony Whisperer”. When he felt he had a lid back on the shitstorm of emotions he had no time to deal with, Tony looked at the man, who was looking at him with too much understanding. “Is there someone you can call? To at least tell them you’re safe?”

It was his turn to look distrustfully at the man. “Am I? Safe, am I?”

“Wha- Yes! I saw some shady shit on my way up here and I doubt someone looking as roughed up as you do will make up being on the run from kidnappers, so I’ll ask again; do you have someone you can call to tell them you’re safe?”

“I can’t call them. You’ll have to do it, the less I expose myself the better you’ll be.”

“I can take care of myself!” And there was that growl again, lovely.

“I don’t doubt that, Robocop. I just don’t want to risk you if I can help it.” Tony tried to placate the man. He felt the sting of the flashing influx of information and wherever they have kept him until now had to be deep underground because since his escape, he kept receiving data, like a fucking machine. “and to answer your question, yes, there is someone. Her name is…”

“Eh, no. Don’t tell me ok, just dial the number and I call.”

“Fine, do you have a phone with you?” The man huffed, as if Tony had greatly offended him with the question. “What? I don’t know if you’re one of those hipsters with technophobia.”

“First of all, I’m not a 90 year old grandpa, second, hipsters are not technophobic, they’re just pretentious little fuckers that try to fake they are and third, I am not a hipster.” Ticking each point with a finger.

“Coulda fooled me with the man bun you’re rocking. Also, hipsters tend to deny being hipsters so…” The man huffed again and stood from his crouch, exiting the bathroom with gun in tow.

“Are you gonna camp out in my shower?” Carried the man’s- and really, Tony need to find out his name- voice, with little trepidation, Tony made his way to the living-dinning room-kitchen and found the man unlocking his phone, his iPhone, Tony was honestly a bit insulted but refrained from commenting on the man’s lack of taste, at least it wasn’t HammerTech. “Here.”

Tony forced himself to take the phone, no time for his hang ups and without missing a beat he dialed Natasha’s number, the one only a select few had and he wasn’t supposed to be one of them, but whatever needs must and all that jazz. When the phone started ringing, Tony started feeling antsy and gave it back to the man, who was standing still as if awaiting orders. “Military?”

The man nodded. “Sergeant of the 107th, 3 tours.”

“What changed?” Tony asked, because for Rhodey it was becoming a liaison between SI and the Military. The man - Sergeant- opened his mouth to answer.

“Who is this and how did you get this number?” Ah, the murder vibes of the one and only Natasha Romanoff, it felt like a soothing balm. The Sergeant lifted his left arm to Tony in lieu of an answer, a prosthesis.

“Hello my name is James Barnes and I have a message on behalf of T…” The man, James Barnes, -Tony mustn’t forget, not like it was likely but just in case he made a mental note and felt a ping- cut himself off at Tony’s abortive gesture and widened his eyes in exasperated question.

“On behalf of?” Natasha’s tone promise loss of limb for James, who looked like he couldn’t afford any more. Tony thought about muting the phone and to his surprise the mute icon lit up, shit shit shit! “Hello?”

“Tell her, a man not recommended.”

James looked at him like he looked at Dum-E when the bot was being a deranged lunatic and sighed when Tony made shoo motions with his hands. Tony thought ‘unmute’ and James repeated his words.

“Come again?” There was a flurry of sound in Natasha’s background and Tony winced at the volume.

“I said, I’m calling on a man not recommended.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, ma'am.” He ignored Tony’s vigorous head shake and carried on. “He is standing right in front of me. Looking a bit rough but all in all in one piece.”

“I’m coming over.”

That seem to shake James. “I haven’t even given you my address, ma'am.”

“Call me ‘ma'am’ one more time, I dare you. Also I don’t need you to tell me, I’ve got you pinned.”

“What the fuck?”

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Inconspicuous, Rushman. Tails.” Tony couldn’t help but warn.

There was a breath on the line that sounded to much like a relieved sigh, ok. Tony signaled James to hang up and he did. “What the fuck was that?”

“That, James, my friend is the very terrifying badass known as Natasha Romanoff.” Tony said with a smile, and James was staring. “What?”

“Don’t call me James. Bucky will do.” And What?

“What the hell is a Bucky?” Tony asked incredulous, hands on his hips. Clearly judging the other man.

James- Bucky- smirked and gestured himself with his hands. “I’m a Bucky, you’d be too if your name was James Buchannan, which lucky you is not.”

“Did your parents want you to get beaten up? ‘Cause that’s how you get beaten up.” Bucky rolled his eyes at Tony and made a show of pointing at the bathroom.

“Wanna take a shower before your girlfriend shows up?”

“Not my girlfriend. I’m single as a dollar bill on a college student’s pocket after paying tuition.” and because Tony needed to keep himself grounded until he reached home again, until Natasha came to take him home to Pepper and Rhodey and the ‘bots. Tony made a show, ok, not that much of a show because Bucky was hardly hard to look at. “How about you?”

“About the same. That meaning pathetically single.”

“Nothing wrong with singleness, Bucky. Seriously, Bucky? Couldn’t have been Jamie or something?”

“You want that shower or do you wanna mock my nickname some more, darling?” Bucky asked with so much sass, Tony was sure he was falling in love, no self-preservation whatsoever. “Come on, I’ll lend you a pair of sweatpants.”

“Well, well, well Mr. Barnes, that’s quite forward of you trying to get me naked and wet so quick, at least make me coffee first.”

Bucky cocked his hip against the breakfast bar and his eyes went at half-mast before his mouth curved into a sinful, honest to Newton’s Law of Gravity, sinful smile. “You got me, doll. I want you naked in my shower, wearing my clothes, smelling of my shampoo. Maybe if we get lucky I can mark you up all pretty before coffee is done and your friend gets here, whatcha think, Tony?”

Was he breathing? Was this the real life or had he died in captivity and found this really weird but rewarding in itself version of the talked about Paradise? ‘Cause that? That was too fucking hot and tempting for words and now he was just nodding like a fucking dumbass, that he’d attribute it to the very hot, very tempting mental picture Bucky had painted for him and now had blood redirecting south. “Um, yeah, I’d like that shower now.”

“Follow me.” Bucky said and swaggered in front of Tony.

He, gladly obliged.

No matter how much you love somebody, sometimes there’s always something that’ll take them away, even if they love you. In “Eternal Life”...I don’t know, I was just angry, I couldn’t sleep. I was angry for weeks, and I didn’t know exactly why. But, I kept thinking about how people sometimes just try to live their lives, to raise kids, to go to work, and to have good sex with their men, whatever. Somewhere down the line, there’s somebody F-CKING with them. Either it’s old company boys in Washington, or it’s a deranged lunatic that’ll raise the blade and send them away forever. There’s so many things about trying to be a human being that people don’t even have a handle on…what they keep on emphasizing in their lives are really violent things that hurt other people, which are really just reflections of them. They refuse to look at themselves, so they take it out on you

Jeff Buckley

Inside Edge Dec 1994

Jeff listening to Eternal Life Dec 3, 1994 Photo - Merri Cyr.