deranged housewife vibes


In 1941, Britain introduced clothes rationing to conserve materials and valuable resources for World War II troops. The U.S. would follow later that year. Nylon stockings were some of the first products to go… Wartime propaganda machine instructed women not abandon standards of dress (this might be bad for morale). “Make Do and Mend” became the motto. When mending old stockings failed, women actually painted dark stripes up the backs of their legs to mimic stocking seams. Gravy browning was a popular paint. This wartime look was termed “Glamor Hose.”

A representative of Max Factor paints cream stockings onto a woman’s leg as a solution to the unavailability of stockings during the war (by unknown photographer)

Customers have their legs painted at a store in Croydon, London, so they can save their ration coupons, which would otherwise be used for stockings (by g.w hales)

i am introducing 10 new tags to collect reference images for my art major work (about the stereotypical images of the perfect woman throughout history)

  • Perfect as marble (Ancient Greek statues/classical art)
  • Bennet sister (1700/1800/early 1900, I am somewhat limited in costuming here) named for Pride and Prejudice
  • Flapper vibes (1920s)
  • Gangster femme (1930s), cross between gangster’s wife and Hollywood femme fatale
  • Rosie Andrews (1940s), the “war women”, a cross between Rosie the Riveter and the Andrews Sisters
  • deranged housewife (1950s duh), 4ever and ever)
  • Carnaby Supreme (1960s), the “liberated” Mary Quant London girl avec Diana Ross beehive
  • Joni Woodstock (1970s), the gypsy/folkhippie without a care in the world except the next festival… supposedly
  • Glam rock girl (1980s), David Bowie, Boy George and Madonna take their toll
  • Power suit (1990s), third wave feminist ‘working woman’
  • Martha Kardashian (now), women “liberated” enough to be and do everything, from cakes to sex tapes, named for Martha Stewart and that person who I cannot believe is being brought up on this blog but the concept of her is perfect for this

as always, these make sense in my head if nowhere else

any complaints see me