deranged cookies

If Moon Was Cookie
If Moon Was Cookie

A couple years ago I said I was going to start an album tag for all of my bullshit MIDIs.  I only ever posted one.  Most of them are unfinished and embarrassing, and since I was primarily making them between 2008-2009, I have no plans to finish them.  Might as well put them out there anyway.  A lot of them are bizarre covers/re-arrangements of whatever theme song or video game track I was transfixed with at the time.  A few of them are originals.  All of them were made by clicking in notes with a mouse, no keyboards or MIDI controllers.  I was deranged.  

“If Moon Was Cookie” is a song from Sesame Street, where Cookie Monster fantasizes about the moon being a giant cookie, and how he’d attempt to eat it.  He comes to the conclusion that he’d actually regret it, because he’d miss looking up at it every night, which is kind of moving for a character that’s basically a walking id.   I made it into more of a waltz.  It also does not have a melody/”vocal” track, it’s only an accompaniment.  

I made this track in 2011, which might have something to do with it having the rare distinction of not only being one of the only MIDIs I’ve ever completed, but being one of the only ones I’m satisfied with.  Which means it’s all downhill from here, folks!  I might drop one of these HOT TRAXX every so often so make sure your socks are properly secured.