• M:Dude, you looked so dead this morning. Passed out with the door open and everything on in your room.
  • J:Fuck, I know. It's so weird. I remember getting back but the recorder switches off the second I closed the front door behind me and then, boom, I wake up in bed like that.
  • M:Well, that's generally what happens when you drink 2000 ml of beer in one sitting.
  • J:Yeah, you right.
what's 4 brunch bitches?

yeah, we’re not making it to lunch today. still full from last night delectibles. i barely have room for water even though i am in desperate need of re-hydration…again. i am not sure what to blame for my dried up feeling today…the wine at jake walk, the custom citrus gin cocktail at clover club or the bitburgers at der schwarze kolner. really not sure which one put me over. it could’ve been worse if i didn’t have the bitchin’ fig and goat cheese app at jake’s and even worse if there was no warm salty pretzel to soak up the bitburgers at der  scwarze kolner.

all of the nights activities made the alarm this a.m. silent. i didn’t hear a thing. that never happens. seriously! still dressed in my clothes i awoke at my friends house and headed to choice market to fill my body up with the best coffee and croissant in the hood. i chose the almond croissant b/c it’s always good for a bitch to get some protein with her carbs. choice is amazing, i can’t wait to go back and try their savories. check it!

editor returned to city chow for a turkey burger, broccoli and a “rice thingy”. he’s now pissed because they didn’t heat it up. what do you except for a place with a “c” rating?