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Hey, you wouldn't happen to know of any good DA2 fics that don't have that like, lowkey background pro-anders rhetoric? Any ships fine but I do have a little pref for Fenhawke if you know any! Thanks

*dramatic bitter sobbing*

There are so few, anon, so few! An/ders is a plague upon this fandom! Seriously, just four days ago I thought to myself that I’d take a look at AO3, as I hadn’t checked out the m!Hawke/Fenris tag since July, and the first fic I clicked on opened with a note citing another fic as inspiration – a Certain Fic where m!Hawke treats Fenris like shit and laughs at how funny he thinks it is that Fenris gets upset and uncomfortable when And/ers antagonizes him and calls him an animal. Obviously I closed out of that right away.

It’s almost impossible to find anything, especially in Fenhawke fic, that isn’t An/ders-centric. There’s this omnipresent expectation that the way fics must be written is that Hawke is really in love with A/nders even when they’re with Fenris and will always take And//ers’s side and will always lecture Fenris about #NotAllMages. Or things like Certain Other Fic which infuriates me where Fenris is portrayed as being in the wrong for being upset that Hawke is cheating on him with Anders, and this kind of bullshit is just so inescapably common!

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. And I’m not going to stop complaining because I think it’s a serious problem in this fandom that dehumanizing and degrading an abuse survivor is constantly portrayed as a good and/or humorous thing.

OK, let me think of what few fics don’t do that…

⦁ First of all, let me recommend literally everything by one of my closest friends, @theoxfordcommando (AO3 link here and writing tag on Tumblr here) because her writing is magnificent, with a poetic beauty and a strong emphasis on respecting Fenris’s boundaries and autonomy (something that is sorely lacking in way too fucking many fics, usually because of An/ders). She also writes the Mage!Hawke/Fenris pairing I love the most.

When The Dark Night Seems Endless – Fenris comforts Hawke on the anniversary of Leandra’s death. This one is emotional hurt/comfort (the good shit!), and An/ders isn’t in it or even mentioned!

Breathe Sweetheart by @the-tevinter-biscuit – Hawke helps Fenris through a panic attack. Tag warning on this one for referenced past rape and past abuse as per Fenris’s backstory, but it’s so well written and feels very cathartic for me to read. And no And//ers!

A Gift For Tongues – This fic has much more of a Pro-Mage slant than I normally prefer, but not a pro-An/ders one, and it cuts straight to the heart. Fenris is struggling with the reading lessons Hawke gives him, and it becomes so emotional and deep, and there’s so much character development over the course of the lessons for such a short fic, and the way Hawke spells the word “love” – it wrecks me! This fic wrecks me!  

⦁ I should definitely list several works I love very much by CumberbatchCritter, namely: i need your grace to remind me (Fenhawke wedding!); dum spiro spero and By My Side Not at My Feet (both deal with Fenris being triggered during oral sex and with his PTSD; tag warning for past rape; Fenris being able to reclaim his sexuality with Hawke’s encouragement and support is very important to me); Bathed in Moonlight (Hawke is an adorable romantic dork who likes declaring his love for Fenris through sappy poetry; fluffiest of fluff; tag warning for alcohol); and also A Mind Meant For Speaking (background Fenhawke with the main focus on the friendship between Fenris and Sebastian; tag warning for alcohol, because I commissioned this particular fic and specifically requested they attend a wine tasting; seriously, Fen and Seb going to things like wine tastings together and spending time together and enjoying each other’s company and being so encouraging of each other fills me with so much joy!)  And/ers is in some of their other stuff, but not these.

Unspoiled by @9lunarseas6 – A short piece focusing on Mage!Hawke respecting Fenris’s boundaries, particularly when it comes to magic.

Uhhh……. That’s all I can think of at the moment for M!Hawke/Fenris. Well, except for my own stuff, if that’s not too egotistical of me to rec, which, let’s face it, the main reason I’ve posted most of what I have is so that there is more content out there of Hawke actually treating Fenris with the love and respect he deserves, and with absolutely no prioritizing An//ders over Fenris, gaslighting Fenris about mages or about slavery, telling Fenris to “get over” his past, or the many other issues that abound in DA2 fics. Plus there’s my And/ers hate fics.  And my one (still incomplete) fic where Hawke stabs An/ders in the throat and then kicks his corpse. That was such a good moment to write.

For F!Hawke/Fenris fic I recommend @amata-hawke’s work. (Do you have an ao3 page?)

For other Fenris ships:

What It Takes To Heal by @the-tevinter-biscuit – Sebris, Modern AU. Healing isn’t easy, but it’s better to do it together. Past Fenhawke, but Hawke died in an accident, and Fenris has relied on Sebastian for support since. Tag for past major character death.

Expectations by @the-tevinter-biscuit – Sebris, Modern AU, ace!Sebastian and demisexual!Fenris, which is my favorite version of Sebris! ^_^

A Change of Pace by stitchcasual – Sebris reading lesson fluff.

⦁ (Seriously, one would think that a ship like Sebastian/Fenris would be free of An//ders bullshit, but it’s not! It’s not!! The ao3 tag is still full of shit like teaching Fenris a lesson about mages, and a rather significant number of fics in the tag are actually Seb/Fen/And/ers, which ewwww no. Just no. So gross.)

Somebody That I Used to Know by @archdemonblood – Fenbela. Hawke gave Isabela to the Arishok and betrayed Fenris to Danarius; Isabela has escaped and rescues Fenris.

No ship:

Scars by @archdemonblood – Cullen deals with the aftermath of DA2 and protects the Loyalist mages who remain at the Gallows. An/ders is dead.

I don’t have any fics for other ships like Sebhawke, Hawkebela, or Hawke/Merrill (what even is the ship name for Hawke/Merrill?) saved in my bookmarks, and I haven’t looked at any of those tags in more than a year (except for Sebhawke which is full of love triangles where Hawke pines for And/ers, ugh), so I can’t think of anything for them at the moment, but if any followers have any recommendations, feel free to offer suggestions.

I’m sorry it’s such a short list. I really truly wish I knew of more.

Jungschwanzdreier am Strand - Teil 3

Ich wollte ihn zurück halten, aber es war schon zu spät. Fragend schaute ich ihn an als ich begriff das sein Freund ihn nun vertreten sollte. Dies war mir natürlich sehr recht, denn umso langer wurde ich dieses Liebesspiel genießen können. Er entfernte sich nun und der jüngere nahm seinen Platz ein. Sein dickes Glied wippte etwas auf und ab als er sich meiner Lustgrotte näherte. In freudiger Erwartung wollte ich ihn aufnehmen. Aber er schaffte es nicht ihn in meiner Muschi zu versenken. Ich wurde schon etwas ungeduldig, nahm meine rechte Hand umfasste seinen Schwanz um ihm zu helfen.

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This is a reminder that hating An/ders is valid. I will never criticize anyone for hating An/ders or for stabbing him because the truth needs to be spoken.

Don’t fucking call it “sweet” or “concerned” that Ande/rs tells a Fenris-romancing Hawke that Fenris is an animal instead of a person and that he reduces a lifetime of abuse, slavery, rape, humiliation, and mutilation to “one bad experience.” That is not And/ers being concerned about a friend. That is Ande/rs being a whiny asshole who feels entitled to Hawke. That is And/ers actively abusing Fenris.