der luftpirat

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I need help finding info about a German Sci-Fi pulp novel. Der Luftpirat (The Air Pirate and His Steerable Airship). Which was a series of 1900s pulps about Captain Mors, 'Air Pirate' and his adventures on his airship. He was allegedly a literary precursor to Captain Nemo. But many of his stories have been lost to time due to WW1 Censorship. I can't find anything, no mention on project Gutenberg, Wikipedia is barebones, there's allegedly an english translation but I haven't found anything. Help?

The first of the Captain Mors books, translated into English, is available at this website for reading. 

I don’t have your location information, so I can’t use this tool for you. But if you ever need to find a physical copy of a book, you can search almost all libraries simultaneously with WorldCat, at and it will bring out results for libraries close to you.

I am not ashamed to admit this: I love old school adventure and literary characters, but Captain Mors was one of three times in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen where I was absolutely thrown off guard. I’d never heard of him and I had to look him up.