der jan


Jan van der Kooi (1957, The Netherlands)

Interior scenes

Jan van der Kooi is a Dutch contemporary figurative painter. His work has two main focuses: painting light, often in the same location during different light and seasons (in the manner of Monet or Hammershøi); and traditional drawing in a manner influenced by Michelangelo and other old masters.


Good comparison of 7 counts with “Sink mit mir ins Meer der Zeit” in “Vor dem Schloss” incl the famous “… und dich befreeeeiiiiiiiiiiin !!!” at the end of the song. Although I have my favourite one all of them add their special touch when acting in this role and I like most of them!


This is really interesting for TDV fans:

A compilation of REALLY ALL Krolock actors ever since 1997 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It must be more than 20 (including understudies). 

“Be prepared” … for some great, funny but also horrible moments ;-)