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Here it is, the contributors for the Haikyuu!! Second Years Zine! We’re really excited and hope you’re really excited!

AUTHORS: @owlinaminor @astersandstuffs @inberin @rielity @notallballs @josai @candy-harlot @carriecmoney

ARTISTS: @pastej @naydeity @springroove @salsae @mokuba @gabiarts @pahnts @steph_is_cuteaf_btw @nekokat42 @noellekroeger @pretendou @queenoftheantz @andythelemon @der-gao @laurenbaldoart @mitsouparker @ohohohobro

Look ahead to preorders and previews at the end of the month!!


Official lineup of artists and writers is here!! The zine with be titled ‘Paradise’ and will be focused on Tendou and his definition of paradise - the things and people that make him happy! More information will be shared soon, though most of the work for this zine is going to be done during the summer! If you have a twitter account, I suggest following the tendou zine twitter so you don’t miss any updates!

The secondary zine will also still be available for anyone who is interested and wasn’t accepted! I’ll try to make a google form for participation in that sometime soon! The secondary zine will be an e-zine and (though I said before that it would be free) will be sold for around $3-5! 

The usernames in the images above are primarily twitter accounts, but here are the participants’ tumblrs:

✧ Artists ✧

AJ [ @thehauntedboy ] // Andy [ @andythelemon
Bear [ @hqrarepairs ] // CC [ @ohohohobro
Eli [ @eliyachi ] // Gao [ @der-gao ]
Julian [ @neuronogami ] // Julian [ @aonetakanobus
Kat [ @tendou-satori ] // Kim [ @kim-quim
Kitt [ @captain-kitt ] // Kristin [ @rurounikristin
May [ @azeher ] // Mits [ @mitsouparker
Nat [ @natroze ] // Neroro [ @slumber-o-fish
Niko [ @phleboptimist ] // Ridi [ @pistachioshiba ]
Siruoa [ @siruoasart ] // Yu [ @sepulchrate ]

✧ Writers ✧

Amber [ @tobioslilgiant ] // Betsy [ @owlinaminor ]
Claude [ @mother-iwa-chan ] // Kat [ @tendou-satori ]
Kris [ @pinkteabagarhut ] // Lucy [ @von-bats
Rev [ @redrequiems ]

I’m very excited about this project and incredibly honored to have so many amazing content creators working alongside me! Thank you all so much for helping me make this happen!!! ♡♡♡

HERE IT IS FINALLY !!! MY FIRST EVER FOLLOW FOREVER AND MY 10,000th POST ON THIS BLOG!!! I only started this blog about 9 months ago, and the fact that I have 5.2k+ followers is bloody incredible!! THANK YOU ALL WHO FOLLOW ME AND ENJOY MY BLOG!! i hope i can continue to bring some cool stuff to your dashes! I still have a thank you post in the works, but for now let’s get on with this FF! 

special shoutout to my piece of trash babin BFF @babydaichi !! we set up this blog in her bedroom, and it took a loNG time bc we kept getting distracted by movies and food and trying to pick a goddamn theme ha. show her some <3!

This is lengthy af, bc ive never done one before lol, so it’s going under a cut!

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An illustration I made for the personal project I have with @der-gao and @vanyaliful !

The story is about Charlie (the girl in the front), a young woman who comes back in her childhood village in the moutains to investigate on supernatural phenomenons with her childhood friends Will and Joséphine, haunted by Ferdi, a ghost from the revolutionary era.

Other drawings may come this summer !

(This illustration is highly inspirated by the cover of “Lastman”, tome 5)