deputy tim

"Hey, we're with the cast of Wynonna Earp! Could you guys introduce yourselves and tell us who you play?"

Which basically means:

“We don’t know how to pronounce Dominique’s last name… We should just let her do it herself! Let’s make everyone do it to cover it up and throw in their characters so it isn’t as awkward!”

A lot happen’s in just 13 minutes. 

If you go by Nedley and Dolls head to Shorty’s at four (That’s what Nedley implied anyway.) then in 13 minutes; 

  1. Gus sold Shorty’s
  2. Wynonna and Doc had an altercation with Bobo
  3. Wynonna and Doc interigated then buried the Stone Witch in the salt
  4. Dolls got Wynonna her job back and
  5. Nicole and Waverly made good use of Nedley’s office. 

Either all that happened in 13 minutes (which come on, seems a little much to happen in 13 minutes) or the timelines with this show are a little funky.