deputy jordan parrish

Can we just talk about Ryan Kelley for a second??

So I happened to find a bunch of these pictures of him behind the scenes of Teen Wolf and oh my god…

It seems like he enjoys being Parrish even off camera


and sometimes he’s good cop

sometimes he’s bad cop

sometimes he’s angry cop

(notice how under sex it says YES)

sometimes he’s sneaky cop

sometimes he’s proud cop

sometimes he’s funny cop

but let’s be honest

he’s always funny cop

oh my god

he’s also sometimes cutie cop :}

look at him


but most of all

he’s sexy advertisement cop :D

I hope you all realize how much Ryan Kelley is a precious dork


requested by anon

“You’re dating the Deputy?!” Stiles exclaimed, “Oh my god, (y/n)!”

You rolled your eyes at your younger brother, “Oh shut up, Stiles.” You scoffed, “You’ll love him. Dad loves him, so you will too.”

When Jordan came around, Stiles was very interrogative and Jordan had had just about enough of it, “Listen, Stiles, I’m not going to hurt your sister; I love her. I’d do anything for her, you know that, right?”

Stiles nodded, “You? I like you.”


“You haven’t seen the last of Danny.”

“There will be a major death this season.”

“Lydia will get several love interests.”

“Crucial moment between Malia and Peter.”

“Stydia related cliffhanger.”

“It’s Lydia centric season.”

“Lydia will have mixed emotions about Stiles and Malia’s interactions.”