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I lied

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Jordan Parrish x Reader 

Warnings : none 

Request : Hello, if it’s not bother for you can you write a fic where Jordan Parrish pretends he need the reader’s help with something or fakes an emergency or something whilst she’s on a date (or about to go) because he is extremely jealous and wants to get her away from her date? Maybe he realises she’s his mate ? ❤

     “ Can you excuse me for a minute ? It’s from my place of work and I really need to get it .” you explain and your date nods in approval knowing that your work was extremely important for you . You got up and went to the bathroom to talk with your lovely partner of work .

     “ What is the problem , Jordan ? I told you that I’m on a date .” you whisper-yell and Jordan smiles when he hears how annoyed are you .

     “ You know that raper-criminal that we have had been looking for ?” he asks and you instantly say “yes”. “ We have got a trace on him and we need to go now but if you really want to stay there with your date it’s okay , me and sheriff Stilinski can handle it .” he says nonchalantly .

     “ No , no I’m coming . I’ll be there in five .” you mumble fast and you run back to your date .

     “ Hey , I’m sorry that I have to do this but there one trace of a man that we are searching for a long time by now and I really need to go catch it .” you apologize and your date just nods . He gets up and pays for your drinks then he drives you to the police station .

     “ Thank you !” you mumble as you get out of the car but he catches your hand and you turn around , before you van react his lips are on yours and you find yourself kissing him back .

     “ Call me to find another day for a date , sweetheart!” he demands before you get out and you agree . The man leaves and you see Jordan right in front of you .

     “ Let me go change ! I’ll be here in a second and we can go to look after that son of a bitch .” you affirm and try to leave but Jordan takes a grip of your wrist and you turn around , an angry expression plastered on your face .

     “ I lied .” he says in the moment when you turn around .

     “ What ?!” you yell an he flinches a little .

     “ I lied ,(Y/N) . We know nothing about that man .” he affirms and you look at him confused and angry .

     “ Then why did you told me that we have ? Why have you done this while you knew that I’m on a date ?” you asked and Parrish looked at you with love and fear on his eyes .

    “ I need to tell you the truth ,(Y/N) . I know this thing for a while by now but I was to afraid to tell you this . I mean maybe for you it will seem extremely strange but I can tell you that I never meant to do this to you .” he talks so fast that you can barely understand but you take his hand and give it a light squeeze .

     “ It’s okay , Jordan . You can tell me everything .” you affirm and he looks once again in your eyes .

     “ You already know that I’m a hell hound .” you nod .” Well , hell hound are supposed to find a person whom will be their mate , there’s like a bond between these two and nobody can break it … The thing is that I found my mate .”

     “ That’s great !” you exclaim excited for your partner. ”Who is it ?”

     “ You’re my mate ,(Y/N) .” he divulges and you stay there frozen , not a word slipping past your lips . “ Please say something !” he pleads but all that you do is to bring him closer to you and to kiss his pink full lips . He instantly wraps his arms around you and sighs when the familiar smell of green tea and citrus hits him . You stay there for a while holding onto each other before you go to his house , starting a new life.

Today’s the Day - Jordan Parrish Imagine

Request by Anon: Could you do an imagine where the reader is new to being a werewolf and Parrish helps her through it, love your imagines and thankyouuu!!!

Word Count: 1,445

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: This is the last imagine for the year. Expect new imagines next year. 😉 Have a wonderful New Years y’all!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Y/N sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window as the different shades of brown and green from the trees in the forest blurred together. With his eyes focused on the road, Jordan could see from the corner of his eye how nervous she was. He reached over and grabbed her hand in his. She immediately intertwined her fingers with his as she took a deep breath before looking down at their locked fingers. With her other hand she began to randomly trace shapes on the top of his hand.

“You’re going to do great,” Jordan said with so much confidence. 

“We’ll see,” she mumbled.

“Honey, you’re going to get it right.”

She let out another deep sigh. “That’s what you said the last time, and I somehow ended up in Scott’s backyard while you were about a mile out from where we started.”

Jordan brought up their locked hands and kissed the back of hers. “Today’s the day. I know it.”

“How are you so sure about that?”

“It’s just a feeling I have, and it’s a good one,” he smiled as he finally parked his truck in the middle of the woods.

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y'all I’m so proud of theo. he literally came back just to help liam and then he stood up to mr. douglas when he was threatening scott and he was also determined to help scott out to defeat the ghost riders. ugh I’m so proud

Let’s just do a little comparison here...

Do we want Styd!a with the sneak attacks?

Or Marrish with the passion?

Styd!a where it looks like Lydia is crying in pain and uncomfortable?

Or Marrish with the steamy shower scene?

Styd!a where Lydia is the one who pushes Stiles away?

Or Marrish where Lydia and Jordan find comfort in each other?

Cuz all I’m seeing here is that Jeff Davis ships Marrish hardcore for 3 seasons but half-heartedly forces Styd!a for one season to “appease” the fans.


his eyes kept drifting to you. you were waiting for Stiles to be done talking to the police guy. but it was taking a while since Jordan (AKA police guy) was paying more attention to you than Stiles. after about five minutes of this Stiles sighed, “ok, her name is Y/N. she’s my friend. shes nice. just talk to her.”

They're Blue - Stiles Stilinski Oneshot

Prompt: Stiles is having a hard time controlling his shift, so he turns to his anchor for help, but it doesn’t work. (Gif not mine)

Warnings: Mentions of dying, sad

Word Count: 1,370

Pairing: Werewolf!Stiles Stilinski x Reader

A/N: Glad I got this out of my drafts. Hope you like it :)

You didn’t expect to become the only human in the pack. You see there was two humans in the pack, You and Stiles, but after what happened to Stiles he didn’t have much a choice. Stiles life was at stake. He was practically on his deathbed. So you had to turn to your only option left; Scott. Scott bit Stiles in order to save his life. It was hard enough as it was, but Stiles becoming a werewolf, now that was even harder. He had a hard time trying to control his shifting. But he had his friends to help him along the way.

“Tell me again why were here” Malia said. She clearly wasn’t in the mood to attend another pack meeting.

“Because there’s a super moon tonight, and we need to make sure nobody does anything stupid” All eyes turn to face Liam after Scott said that.

“Oh come on, it was one time” He whined.

“Yeah and that’s still embedded into our heads” Stiles told him.

“It was really hot out that night” He shrugged.

“Beacon Hills usually is during the summer” Stiles quipped.

“Okay we get it guys, knock it off you two” You gave a playful stern look to them. Whether those two believed it or not they were the best of pals. Liam looked up to Stiles and Scott, but Liam would appreciate it more if the guidance consisted without the constant sarcasm and teasing.

“Y/N’s right, we have a serious matter, this isn’t like any other moon we’ve been through, the super moon will make us more aggressive, stronger, even violent, and we all have to stay alert at all times, we can’t risk anyone getting hurt” Scott said in his alpha leader tone.

“Or killed” Malia pitched in.

“Exactly” Scott nodded.

“So how will we be able to control it?” Hayden questioned.

“We have chains, so shouldn’t that at least help get you through the night?” Lydia said.

“It’s not enough, everyone would break free instantly” Scott shook his head.

What about mountain ash, would that hold you guys back?” Mason suggested.

“That’s not a bad idea” Stiles nodded.

“Great problem solved! Um but what are we going to do about the human in the room?” You pointed at yourself.

“The human…will stay as far away from any of us” Stiles flailed his arms around gesturing to the supernatural beings in the room.

“I wanna help!” You pleaded.

“No, I’m not risking putting you in danger!”

“Since when do you get to decide on my well being”,”What cat got your tongue now?!”. You raised an eyebrow.

“Just stay out of it Y/N, j-just go home” He pointed to the door. Everyone of your friends avoiding your gaze.

“Fine” You muttered. Little did he know you weren’t going to listen to him.

“Okay I think that’s enough mountain ash to keep you guys in” Mason got up and dusted his palms on his jeans.

“Good job Mason” Lydia stood beside him behind the line of mountain ash. She used the lake house for situations like these. Scott, Hayden, Liam, Malia, and Stiles were all chained up to poles, the mountain was for just in case. All of them could feel how the super moon was effecting them. They let out animalistic grunts and growls. Fur growing on their face, claws coming out of their fingernails. It was a recipe for a serious disaster.

“I think that’s are cue to leave!” Mason started tugging on Lyds upperarm.

“Good idea” She nodded her head in agreement. They ran to Lydia’s car hoping that the mountain ash was enough to keep them from running wild into the night. When they thought they were good, it just got worse. They saw you walking towards the shed. Lydia immediately calling you to retreat.

You walked towards the door pushing it forwards, the door creaking in response. You stood at the door looking into the dark quiet room, just as you were about to take a step, you couldn’t help but stop dead in your tracks, five glowing eyes staring right back at you.

They charged at you at full speed growling. You stumbled back and fell on your butt, crawling backwards as they approached you. Although the only thing that was keeping them from tearing you to shreds was the line of mountain ash aligned at the door, creating a strong force field that most supernatural creatures couldn’t break through; thankful it worked on werewolves.

You stared at the gaze of your boyfriend Stiles. HIs golden irises staring you down. He never looked more scary.

“…Stiles” You slowly stood.

“This isn’t you okay, it’s the moon taking control of you”

“THIS IS ME!” He roared making you flinch.

“No it’s not!” You cried out. You took each step with caution.

“Baby, just j-just find an anchor, yeah an anchor, okay me, think of me!” You nodded.

“The only thing I want to find is my teeth in that pretty neck of yours!” Okay now you were terrified.

“Stiles please, okay, you have to fight this!” You were now face to face with him. You hand on the force field. You couldn’t stop crying.

“Y/N!” You whipped your head to see Lydia and Mason approaching you. Stiles took your distraction as an advantage, pushing onto the invisible wall making the force field knock you off balance. You slipped on your feet falling to your back, your left foot skidding across the line of mountain ash, breaking it in the process.

“ugh..Stiles” you whispered out in pain. You saw him slowly approach you looking at you as if you were prey. Your eyes widened fearing the worst to come.

“NO!” Lydia screamed, not just any scream, a banshe scream, she was running to you as fast as she could in her heel boots. The rest of the pack gathered around now fulling in control of themselves, looked down at the scene in front of them. Mason being the only one who seemed to call for help, yet nobody would make it in time.

You didn’t know what was happening. It felt like a blur. You felt a horrendous pain in your chest., but you were going numb. You were going in an out of an unconscious state of mind. Then everything seemed to go black. Stiles stopped suddenly, his mind finally processing what he had just done. His claws were dripping with blood. Your blood. His eyes went back to their original chocolate brown. He hesitantly brought a hand to your face caressing it softly.

“B-baby? No no no no no… Y/N nooo please wake up” He whispered.

“Stiles..” Scott voice rang out.

“NO! Y/N!” Stiles yelled out. He brought you into his arms rocking you back and forth kissing your hair. Your head flung back. Your whole body was limp. You were practically weightless. He could no longer hear the sound of your heart beating.

“No baby I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Tears were pooling out of his eyes.

Scott, Malia, Liam, and Hayden didn’t hear any thumping in your chest. You were gone. Lydia was on the floor weeping for her friend, weeping for you.

Stiles knew the risk’s, he knew what would happen to you, but he didn’t think he would be the one to take away your life. Sirens could be heard approaching. It wasn’t the ambulance though, it was Stiles father and Deputy Parrish.

“Stiles” Sheriff Stilinski ran up to his son, his gazed stopped on you.

“Is she-”

“Yeah” Lydia responded.

“oh no…” Sherif Stilinski ran a  hand down his face. It was bad enough he was dealing with all the supernatural stuff, but to see you, his sons girlfriend laying dead in his arms was worse. He saw sort saw you like his own daughter wanting to keep you safe, but then again no was ever really.

“I killed her dad” Stiles muttered

“Stiles-” His dad started.

“NO! I CAN’T BRING HER BACK, SHE’S DEAD BECAUSE OF ME!” He shouted out. All gazes suddenly fell on him. Everyone knew what would happen, they knew the stories, they knew the outcome, they knew how Derek ended up.

“What?” He cried out.

“Stiles…your eyes..they’re blue”.


Word count: 1,236

Warning: Smut, light bondage, oral (male receiving), rough sex

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader

Summary: Y/N teases Jordan at the Sheriff’s Station which leads to her getting punished whenever Jordan gets home.

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I saunter lazily into the sheriff’s station, smirking a little, my eyes searching the room for my boyfriend Jordan Parrish. I finally find him at his desk scrolling through something on his computer screen. I walk over and sit on his desk and he looks up smiling. “Hey Y/N, what are you smirking at?”

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Deputy's Girl - Deputy Jordan Parish Prompt

Y/N was standing in the middle of her living room in a sparkly silver dress, matching high heels that showed off her tone legs. Curls hung nicely down to the middle of her back with only a touch of make-up, making her face look fresh and natural. The living room was filled with people she knew, family, friends, and cops, her dad’s co-workers. Even though, Y/N and her brother, Stiles, were two years apart they had most of the same friends, as they were both a part of Scott’s pack.

From where she was standing, she saw Allison sitting on Scott’s lap on the recliner in the back corner of the living room. Near the fireplace, Stiles whispered something into Lydia’s ear, making her blush as they held hands and stood close to each other. By the window stood a tall, lean man with his back facing Y/N. She’s rarely seen him in other clothes besides his uniform, but she knew by the figure, the short dirty blonde hair, and that bubble butt she’d recognize from anywhere. It was her secret boyfriend, Deputy Jordan Parrish.

Liam reached Y/N with two cups in his hands, giving her one of the cups, “Admiring the butt again, are we?” 

Y/N laughed. “You know me too well, Dunbar.”

“It’s a good thing he’s not a wolf and can hear your,” Liam shook his head with a smile on his face. “I got you a Sprite. I don’t want to get you the good stuff considering this is your house and you’re dad is here.” 

“Aww,” Y/N whined. “What’s a New Year’s Eve party without a little fun juice? I can’t kiss my boyfriend at midnight, so a little alcohol can cure the pain.”

“Your boyfriend also happens to be a cop. I’m sure he would disapprove of you drinking as well,” Liam took a sip of his coke. “Besides, when are you going to tell your dad? It’s been a few months already. Don’t you think it’s time already?”

“You’re right,” she grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter who walked by. She chugged the cold drink and handed the empty glass to Liam. “Wish me good luck,” she walked away from Liam and towards her father who was in the foyer.

“Dead girl walking.” Liam mumbled.

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Requested by Anon #287

Sheriff: Y/N, are you sure about this?
Y/N: Yes dad I’m sure.
Sheriff: But Parrish?
Y/N: Yes dad.
Sheriff: My deputy?
Y/N: Yup.
Sheriff: Jordan Parrish?
Sherrif: Just making sure.
Y/N: You’re taking it worse than Stiles did.
Sheriff: Sorry, as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters.
Y/N: Thanks dad.
Sherrif: I mean you could’ve chose someone worse. At least I know Parrish will take care of you. If he doesn’t treat you right or hurts you in anyway, I have my ways of making him disappear.
Y/N: I also got that talk from Stiles too. *laughs*
Sheriff: Okay thanks for telling me Y/N. *hugs her* I love you.
Y/N: I love you too.
Sheriff: So you’re sure? About Parrish?
Y/N: Oh my god!

Rising Waters

SUMMARY: Being the sherriff’s daughter has its ups and downs. Up: free rides after your car has broken down during torrential downpours. Down: this ride happens to be Deputy Jordan Parrish, leading to a new development.

WORD COUNT: 2,707 words


NOTES: none :) and you might spot some s.f.fitz lines because my friend send me a lot of quotes from his writings and it kind of influenced this piece (and there is much more after this but I don’t think I’ll be posting it…)

(Y/n) growls under her breath, kicking the back tire hard as rain comes down harder. Her Jeep just gave up on her after a very late night round of lacrosse practice at the school, and with a massive storm heading to the town, she can’t imagine how she’ll get home.

A car horn grabs her attention and she turns around, shielding her eyes from the downpour as a deputy’s car pulls up. The passenger window is rolled down to reveal Parrish, and she let’s out a relieved sigh.

“Need a ride?” he calls out as thunder shakes the ground. She nods and grabs her backpack from the keep, quickly climbing into the front seat of the SUV.

“You are my favorite person right now,” she says as she sighs again. Parrish chuckles and pulls out of the school parking lot, turning left towards (y/n)’s house.

“What happened to the Jeep?” he asks, and she looks at him.

“It’s one of the oldest prices of crap on the road,” she tells him. “I guess the engine finally quit on me.” He chuckles but stops as he sees the street in front of him.

“Shit,” he hisses, and (y/n) looks through the torrential rain. The streets are flooded, the water rising quick. “All the other roads are blocked to your house.”

“Damn,” she hisses, and he backs up to continue going straight before the water can reach his car. “What now?”

“The station is bare staffed right now,” he explains. “Your father went home hours ago, and from what I hear, your brother is home.”

(Y/n) sighs and leans back, shivering in the wet clothes. Parrish looks over and frowns.

“You’ll stay with me until the rain quits,” he says, turning right.

“Are you sure?” she asks, putting her arms around herself for warmth.

“Yeah, I’ll call your dad when we get to my place,” he says with a nod. He looks to her and she gives him a grateful smile, one he makes sure to return.

They pull into his apartment complex just a few minutes later and the water is up to the middle of the lifted tires. (Y/n) grips her bag and they give a nod to each other, sprinting out of the car and up the stairs. They laughs loudly, almost over the sound of the thunder, and Parrish opens his apartment door.

(y/n) drops her bag and they take off their soaked shoes as he shuts and locks the door. She looks at him, his clothes soaked like her and hair messy, and she can’t help but laugh.

“What?” Parrish asks, running his hands through his hair. “You should see yourself.” She laughs harder and he grins. “Come in, I’ve got some clothes you can change into.”

He leads her to his bedroom and as they walk through his apartment, she realizes how cluttered it is. Bullets and wires lie on the tables, books on the floor in pikes up to her knees. But the organized chaos feels welcoming to her, and she smiles a little.

“Here,” he says, tossing her a BCPD shirt, one long enough to go mid thigh on her. She nods and he points to the bathroom. “I’ll find a pair of shorts-”

“This should be fine,” she tells him, figuring the shirt could double as a dress. “Thanks.” She walks into the bathroom and changes out of the wet clothes quickly, hating the feeling of the cold fabric on her skin. She sets her clothes on the edge of the bathtub and runs her fingers through her hair. She slides the shirt on and it goes just a few inches below her waist, enough to cover her to where she’s comfortable with it.

She opens the bathroom door and sees Parrish is still changing in the bedroom. He has his shirt off but a pair of sweatpants on, his hair disheveled as he slides a shirt on. (Y/n) can’t seem to do anything but stare, until she snaps herself out of the daze and walks out to him.

“See?” she shows him. “Basically a dress.” He laughs, grabbing his phone.

“I better call your dad now,” he says and she nods as they walk to the living room. They sit on the couch and (y/n) picks up some stray bullets, rolling them around in her hand.

“Hey Stilinski,” Parrish says, grabbing her attention. “(Y/n)’s Jeep broke down and all the roads to your house were blocked, so she’s with me until it clears up.” (Y/n) can’t hear what her father says. She lies down, putting her legs on his lap and resting her head on the pillow. Parrish laughs at her, pulling her legs closer.

“Yes sir, I’m taking the couch,” he says, and (y/n) sits up.

“No, I am,” she tries to shout into the phone, but Parrish playfully pushes her back down. She scrunches her nose, a look he happens to adore on her, and crosses her arms.

Parrish hangs up the phone and looks to her. “I’m taking the couch,” he repeats slowly as he stands, and she stands with him.

“That’s not fair!” she argues. “This is your place, not mine-”

“You’re the guest, and just so happened to be sheriff’s daughter,” he says, looking down at her as he steps closer. “No way in hell I’m not taking the couch.”

She groans in frustration, falling back onto the couch and crossing her arms as she lies down. “Not if I fall asleep first,” she says with an involuntary yawn, grabbing the blanket at her feet and covering up.

“Why are you so stubborn?” he mumbles, turning the lights off. She smiles at him as he walks to his bedroom, where he climbs under the covers but makes sure to keep the door open. The sound of thunder echoes through the apartment and not before long, (y/n) ends up falling asleep on the couch.

Parrish waits about half an hour, making sure she really is asleep, and walks back out to the living room. He slides his arms under her legs and back carefully, her head naturally resting on his chest. He carries her into the bedroom and he sets her down on the bed, covering her up with a victorious grin.

“Damn you, Jordan,” she growls lowly, burying her face into the pillow. He just laughs and walks back out to the couch, taking his spot and covering up.

Not even five minutes pass before (y/n) shuffles out to him, lightning the only thing guiding her to the couch. She takes his hand and pulls him up, making him frown as she drags him to the bedroom. She climbs under the covers and continues to pull him, and he laughs as he’s forced to lie under the covers.

“There,” she says, putting her face into a pillow and keeping only a few inches of room between them on the large bed. “We both win.” He laughs covers her up more. He takes his shirt off and sets it next to him, and they both fall asleep to the sound of the storms.


She doesn’t know if it was the thunder that shook the apartment that woke her, or the flashes of lightning, but she wakes as the clock on the nightstand reads 2:17.

She frowns and sits up, looking over to Parrish. She catches a glimpse of his face as lightning strikes outside. It’s riddled with pain and he grips the sheets with white knuckles. He tosses and turns, and she realizes he’s having a nightmare.

“Jordan,” she whispers, placing a hand on his shoulder. He growls under his breath, still asleep, and she shakes his arm. “Jordan, you need to wake up,” she says a little louder. Lightning strikes and a roll of thunder hits the apartment, making him sit up with wide eyes and involuntarily grab her wrist tight.

“Jordan!” she shouts and he quickly releases her hand, panting as he looks at her.

“Oh my god,” he mutters, running a hand down his face. (Y/n) ignores the dull pain in her wrist and scoots to him, placing a light hand on his cheek.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asks quietly, and he closes his eyes, letting her hand support him. She frowns, pulling him into a hug. “Want to tell me what that was about?” she asks, running a hand up and down his bare back. He shakes his head and grips her shirt in his fists, burying his face in her neck. She frowns more, nodding.

She lies down, pulling him with her so that his head lies on her chest. He wraps his arms around her tight, like she’s the only thing keeping him grounded at the moment. He lies on top of her and it doesn’t bother her, his weight and shape almost fitting to her body. She runs a hand through his hair and she can feel his laboured breaths, his chest struggling to stay steady.

“Do these happen often?” she asks.

“Every night,” he whispers into her shirt. “Ever since the army, mission gone wrong.” She purses her lips, finally realizing it’s PTSD that haunts his mind.

“When was the last time you got real sleep?”

“Before I was deployed,” he answers, and she squeezes her eyes shut. She swears she can feel his pain, like it’s radiating to her, and she wants to cry knowing he’s in pain.

“Sleep,” she whispers, pulling the covers over him to his shoulders. She runs a hand through his hair still and he holds her like she’s his anchor during a storm at sea. “Just sleep.” He closes his eyes and focuses on her heartbeat, and soon, he’s asleep in a dreamless state for once.


Parrish wakes first, the sunlight and absence of rain causing him to rise. He blinks his eyes open and looks down at (y/n), who lies asleep in his arms now. She has her face in his bare chest, one hand lying on his chest and another wrapped around him. One hand of his lies on her hip, another on her back under her shirt.

He lies his head down on the pillow and watches her, taking in how peaceful she looks and how right this feels. He realizes then that he wouldn’t mind waking up like this every morning, with her in his arms and him holding her this close. He realizes that she keeps him calm at night, and that that was the first dreamless sleep he had gotten since years ago before the army. He realizes he needs her, and he pulls her closer as he does.

(Y/n) shifts, nuzzling her face into his shoulder as she drapes a leg over his. He holds back a chuckle and buries his face in her hair, taking in the scent of rain and dew.

She blinks her eyes open, her lips accidentally on his collarbone. She closes her eyes again, leaving her lips where they are, and Parrish runs his hands up her back to pull her even closer.

She likes this, she admits to herself. She likes how he has her so close and how his rough hands are somehow so soft on her hip and back. She doesn’t mind her shirt is rose up, because she realizes just how much she trusts him. She loves how he’s like a heater, and he loves how she’s as cold as ice, and how they seem to balance each other out is beyond reason to anyone in the world.

Both awake now, yet dazed by each other’s touch, remain still and in embrace for the longest time, neither wanting to move away. But the sharp ring of his cellphone on the nightstand pulls them to reality, and he sighs as it rings aloud.

“Are you going to get that?” she asks, her lips tracing his collarbone as she does.

“It can wait,” he mumbles.

(Y/n) just nods and soon the ringing stops, allowing them to close their eyes and relax their bodies to fit like puzzle pieces.

Someone knocks on the front door and both shoot up, eyes wide as they look at each other. Knocking echoes the apartment again and Parrish rushes out of bed, slipping his shirt on and covering her up.

“Pretend you’re asleep!” he hisses, and she throws herself onto the pillow and tries to look at peaceful and possible.

Parrish looks at the couch and nods as he sees it looks like he slept there, and he opens the door as he brushes a hand through his hair. It’s Stiles, an annoyed look on his face as he pushes himself into the apartment. Parrish just stares at him.

“I’m here to pick my sis up,” he tells him, looking around. “Do you believe in cleaning up, or is that just against your beliefs?” Parrish rolls his eyes and Stiles walks to the bedroom, Parrish chasing after him.

Stiles walks in, crossing his arms when he sees his twin. “I know you’re awake,” he says in a bored tone, but she stays still. Stiles sighs and jumps on the bed, Parrish laughing as (y/n) curses under her breath.

“Hey, you two didn’t fool around, did you?” Stiles asks, and (y/n) kicks him off the bed. “Ouch, okay, I’ll take that as a no…” Stiles stands up, brushing his shirt off. “Dad got the Jeep into the shop, he told me to come get you.” She groans as she sits up, running her fingers through her knotted hair.

“Whatever,” she hisses. Parrish watches her with crossed arms and Stiles looks back and forth between them.

“Are you two sure you didn’t-” (Y/n) throws a pillow at him, making him stumble back as he laughs and throws it back at her. “I’ll be out in the car,” he calls out as he leaves, the front door slamming shut.

(Y/n) moans as she stretches, standing up and popping her back. She pulls Parrish back to the bed and he laughs as they lie down, Serilda laying on top of him.

“You slept the rest of the night,” she mutters into his chest, and his hands trace up her body and under her shirt. She smiles into his shirt as his hands wraps around her sides, big enough to hold her easily.

“You’re brother is waiting outside,” he whispers into her hair and she groans, sitting up and straddling him. She puts her hands on his chest and his find their way to her hips again. He looks up at her as she pulls her hair into a messy bun, and he can’t help but fall in love with every freckle she has that paints her cheeks.

“You’re staring,” she says, and he grins.

“How could I not?” She smiles wide, biting her cheek as she tries to look away. Parrish sits up, keeping her on his lap, and kisses her softly. He was chilled by the innocence of her kiss and how her lips locked with his, how her hands pulled his face closer to her and pulled him deeper into the kiss. He realizes he loves her, and that this was the beginning and ending to everything they know.

Stiles honks outside and they pause, (y/n) leaning back but keeping her eyes locked on his. She kisses him once more, and it feels like the longest kiss in the shortest seconds. She pulls back and climbs out of bed, running to the bathroom and shoving her clothes into her bag, Parrish watching her the whole time. She looks back at him as she leaves the bedroom, and she pauses for a moment.

“You know where to find me if you can’t sleep,” she says with a small smile. And with that, she leaves, and Parrish is left by himself to sort out his love sick mind.

Spaghetti Night - Deputy Parrish imagine

Request:  y/n is stiles sister and parrish has to come to their house to bring something an y/n is dancing around with headphones and when the sheriff see that he say to parrish: dont look at her like this. Y/n regonize after a while and blushes

[A/n]: I absolutely loved this request, so thank you so much, Anon, for requesting it!

Word count: 420+

After four, agonizingly long years at college, you were finally back home in Beacon Hills for longer than a few weeks. You had to admit, you missed waking up to your brother’s snoring in the next room over and visiting your dad at the station whenever you weren’t busy. Everything was just the way it was when you’d left for college…well almost.

You stood in the kitchen dancing around in one of Stiles’ old shirts and a pair of athletic shorts, stirring the sauce to the spaghetti you were cooking for your brother and your dad. You were so wrapped up in melody of your favorite song that you didn’t even notice a complete stranger—to you at least—standing right in the doorway of your kitchen, giggling slightly at your dancing figure.

Jordan was standing there for a good two or three minutes before he felt a hand gently slap down on to his shoulder. He jumped which you saw out of the corner of your eye, and you finally turned to see your father and some other guy.

“Parrish, what are you doing here?” The sheriff spoke again before the deputy could answer, “And how did you get in?”

Parrish stared at you in absolute awe as he caught sight of your full face, “I came to give these to you—” he held up a small stack up papers, “And Stiles let me in.”

You stood there awkwardly as he continued to oogle over you until you finally decided to speak.

“Uh, hi.” You blushed. Your hand subconsciously reached up to move a piece of hair behind your ear. “I’m [Y/n]–”

“My daughter,” your dad cut in with a firm grip on Jordan’s shoulder.

Jordan took a small glance at your father and let his eyes trail back over to you, “I’m Jordan, the deputy.”

You look at the pot of almost done spaghetti noodles on the stove before letting your eyes flick back over to Jordan. “Would you–um–like to stay over for dinner? I’m making my famous spaghetti.” You laughed nervously which made the sheriff look between you two before realizing what was going on right in front of him.

And though he had never really liked spaghetti, he was willing to eat it if it meant being around you longer. “Sure, I’d love to have some of your spaghetti,” he grinned as the two of you continued to exchange looks.

“Hey,” your father started sternly as Jordan walked off into the kitchen, “You stay away from my daughter and her spaghetti.”

“No Officer?” - Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine *SMUT*

AN// I had to upload this real quick because I have work soon…

Request// Can you do kinky sex with Parrish please?

Pairing// Parrish x Reader

Warnings// Much smut, very oral. Lmao no but seriously don’t read this if you’re young.


Request babies…

You were out to lunch with one of your best friends talking about this and that, mainly the men in your lives.

“I can’t believe Luke and I have almost reached our three year anniversary.” She sighed happily as she drank some of her wine.

“Nor can I, I’ll be shocked if Jordan and I get that far.” You said truthfully as you finished your salad.

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