deputy jones

it has come to our attention that a teacher from river falls high school, miss geraldine grundy, has been the next victim to go missing. deputy jones & the entire department have lengthened the search parties in hopes to find her & the rest of the missing. please tune in tonight for any new details.

don't shoot the sheriff | killian && emma

Emma Swan knew, when she announced she’d stay, that things would change a lot. With her baby brother now in their lives, things in the sheriff station changed the most, it seemed. Her father had been in once or twice and frequently fallen asleep in one of the cells. Emma had sent him home. She was still Sheriff and so she couldn’t let her exhausted father lose on the people. Besides: She did not want to be responsible for him missing any firsts with her brother, yet she was sure he wouldn’t mind. He’d have some ‘I didn’t get to see it with you, if it’s the price for being with you now’ bla bla bla. She would’t have any of it. This was their second chance. Despite it actually hurting that she didn’t have her parents as a child, she was not going to accept the same for little baby Neal.

Neither could she do this alone. She had relied on her father a lot in the past. She needed help. She needed a deputy and as soon as the thought crossed her mind, she knew the perfect guy for the job: Their resident fearless pirate. How ironic to appoint the pirate deputy, but she knew no better guy for the job.  And so she asked him to come to the station later, to break the news to him. Actually later had come quite fast once she started going over the files and so she heard someone come in. It had to be him, so she didn’t even bother to turn around.

“About time, Deputy Jones.” Emma grinned, waiting for his reaction. She had to teach him quite a lot, like using the coffeemaker and - oh god driving! Oh well, they could handle it. They handled time travel and witches and what not. Driving was nothing compared to that.