deputy edwin durland


One of my favorite things about Gravity Falls is Durland and Blub’s relationship. They really are a cute couple and I’m so glad that Alex Hirsch and his team made their relationship official.

Hi there Darling! :)
the entire town of gravity falls
Hi there Darling! :)

I found this in the inbox for my voice acting blog.
The person who sent it didn’t specify who to voice it as, so I decided to do all my Gravity Falls impressions

In order:

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Crispy updates (dying edition)

NNNHH As some of you may have already read on the Crispy main blog, some of my teachers teamed up to try and kill me /iskicked 

(I’m just making a more detailed update under the cut for you lovely peeps before I get back to work ;v; + some bonus doodles yaay!) 

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I usually try to stay as impartial as possible on character ships, they could be really close friends or they might be something more… Regardless of whether it’s romance or bromance, I think everyone can appreciate the adorable relationship they have.