depths came out a year ago

People I follow: Spend money on the newest coolest consoles, get the hottest games, post sick tumblr content, in depth reviews, nice lore analysis.

Me: Still plays some game that came out like 5 years ago, just gets into games that came out like 5 years ago. “yeah idk its p fun”

Stop Being A Troll Frank Ocean

The year was 2012. Frank Ocean, formerly a member of the group Odd Future, released his solo debut album, Channel Orange. The album was a follow up to his critically acclaimed mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra. The album was released to much fanfare. It was called an instant classic.

It received rave reviews from critics. It was honest and provided an in depth look at what seemed to be a promising young talent. During the time right before the release of the album, Frank released a now infamous letter, detailing a portion of his sexuality that he sung about on the album. Beyonce, Jay Z, and others came out in support of him.

And then nothing.

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Getting Even: Prologue

A/N: I decided to bring this old story I started like a year or two ago but never really updated. I’ve always loved this idea and I liked how the original prologue turned out but I wanted to add more of a backstory to the main character. There will be more in depth explanations about each of the characters and how they came to be in the CIA. I’m gonna tag this fic  ‘Getting Even’ too. I’ll also be posting a character list and their face claims. I hope you like it! Also feedback is greatly appreciated!!(:

Warnings: Swearing, Violence

She donned a floor length silk gown that was a gorgeous midnight blue,and Swarovski diamonds covered the entire dress. It cinched in at her waist,  showing off her curves and the body of the garment was in the style of a mermaid’s tail. A slit ran all the way up her left thigh and a deep V was cut into the bodice so that her cleavage was on display. It was safe to say that she had all of the attention of every single man and a few women too, inside of the Mansion Dar Maghza. However, she was only focused on the man who was holding onto her waist firmly. His name was Federico Del Rosa one of the wealthiest business men in Morocco. His skin was a warm caramel shade, he had black hair that was combed to the side and gelled down. He was born and raised in Spain but he moved to Morocco to further his entrepreneur aspirations.

“Federico, can we please go home?” She whispered into the man’s ear.

“Estrella I still have to talk to a few others about a possible business merger.” The R in Estrella rolled off his tongue effortlessly.

She stuck out her lipstick covered lips into a pout, “Please? I really need you right now.” Her hand slowly made its way down to Federico’s black slacks where she cupped him.

His breath hitched and any plans to talk to Raphael and Samir about the deal quickly left his mind.

“Shall we go?” He motioned towards the door.

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I can’t believe people are STILL bitching about Frozen.

Like, writing LONG articles and going into extreme depth as to why this CHILDREN’S MOVIE is so awful.

Holy shit you people need to get a life for real or get a goddamn hobby it’s a kid’s movie it’s not even like it’s offensive in anyway you’re just complaining about it because you don’t like it.

But it’s

A kids movie.

It came out like a year ago get over it.