Depth of Field

As explained in my “Exposure in a nutshell” post, depth of field determines how much of your image is in focus. By adjusting the size of your aperture, you can increase or decrease the depth of field.

A large aperture like f/1.8 will isolate your subject and blur out the background. A large aperture (low number) is very good for portraits where you want the person to really stand out. 

If you choose a small aperture like f/22, everything will be in focus. f/22 is for when you have something really close, and you still want far away stuff in focus.

A smaller aperture (higher number) is great for landscapes when you want to see every detail clearly. But only use the aperture you need and keep an eye on your shutter speed when handheld. 

SARTORIAL SERIES ENTRY #2 - “THE VISIONARY”. -A little about yourself. My name is Cedric Quick. I’ve been called an extremist because of my passion to be number 1 and give all I have to whatever my interest is at the time. The problem is those interests change and I’ve become a jack of all trade. I’m still searching for the one thing that I will master and never shy away from.I’m a loving father and husband that enjoys the journeys and lessons of life.  I believe everyday is an opportunity to get better and make my family proud.  FOE

-What pushed you to start growing and maintaining your beard?  First off, my father rocked the beard.  I’ve always wanted to let it grow and see where it goes, but I was concerned about how I would be perceived.  Then I said f**k it… -Who inspires you to be great? Again, my family and friends inspire me to be and do more than anyone ever imagined. 

-What advice can you give anyone who’s trying to grow or keep their beard healthy?  Have favorable genetics, stop putting blades to it, and “Mane The F*** UP”

-What’s one quote that you live by daily?  “Be yourself  #nuffsaid”

Another personal favorite quote:  “Aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun”

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Circular Overlap - 0

High quality versions here: http://imgur.com/gallery/XUIbv

Sometimes all you need is a set of Rotating Emissive Circles, a sprinkling of Depth of Field, and a metric tonne of Post-Processing. Gotta love Blender’s Fog Glow glare node. :)

This GIF is one in a set named “Circular Overlap”. This set was inspired by one of my motion graphics heroes, Mr. Div, who created two of my all-time favorite GIFs: Cycloid, and NSide.