SARTORIAL SERIES ENTRY #2 - “THE VISIONARY”. -A little about yourself. My name is Cedric Quick. I’ve been called an extremist because of my passion to be number 1 and give all I have to whatever my interest is at the time. The problem is those interests change and I’ve become a jack of all trade. I’m still searching for the one thing that I will master and never shy away from. I’m a loving father and husband that enjoys the journeys and lessons of life.  I believe everyday is an opportunity to get better and make my family proud.  FOE

-What pushed you to start growing and maintaining your beard?  First off, my father rocked the beard.  I’ve always wanted to let it grow and see where it goes, but I was concerned about how I would be perceived.  Then I said f**k it… -Who inspires you to be great? Again, my family and friends inspire me to be and do more than anyone ever imagined. 

-What advice can you give anyone who’s trying to grow or keep their beard healthy?  Have favorable genetics, stop putting blades to it, and “Mane The F*** UP”

-What’s one quote that you live by daily?  “Be yourself  #nuffsaid”

Another personal favorite quote:  “Aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun”

PHOTOGRAPHY IG: @RAAT_FASHION  |   visuals-by-raat



Circular Overlap - 0

High quality versions here: http://imgur.com/gallery/XUIbv

Sometimes all you need is a set of Rotating Emissive Circles, a sprinkling of Depth of Field, and a metric tonne of Post-Processing. Gotta love Blender’s Fog Glow glare node. :)

This GIF is one in a set named “Circular Overlap”. This set was inspired by one of my motion graphics heroes, Mr. Div, who created two of my all-time favorite GIFs: Cycloid, and NSide.