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Jay Z will tell Trayvon Martin’s story in new docuseries and feature film

  • Feb. 26, 2017 marked five years since Trayvon Martin was shot dead in Sanford, Florida. 
  • The 17-year-old’s killing sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and conversations about racial profiling targeting black people in America.
  • Jay Z and Weinstein Company have signed on to tell Martin’s story and honor his legacy through a six-part docuseries and a narrative feature film, Variety reports.
  • The partners solidified the deal after winning the rights to two books that take an in-depth look into Martin’s life and the impact of his case. Read more (3/24/17)

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Signs as religion/beliefes

Aries: Atheist/Agnostic - Analytical, rebellious, skeptical, powerful, free-thinker, self-reliant

Taurus: Muslim - Aims for peace, comforting, supportive, persistent, modest, strong

Gemini: Taoism - phylisophical, transformative, seeks, intellectual, adventurous, duality,

Cancer: Heathenism - Traditional, sheltering, family-oriented, motherly, misunderstood, interesting

Leo: Hindu - Prideful, Egotistical, variety, depth, looks-within, attractive, radiating, structured

Virgo: Paganism - Earthly, helpful, health-oriented, grounded, artsy, organised, beautiful, growth

Libra: Buddhist - peaceful, balanced, enlightened, tolerant, forgiving, community, compassion

Scorpio: Anything Spiritually uplifting - Intense, deep, mysterious, open, experimentalist, fearless

Sagittarius: Greek - Freedom, expression, variety, differential, popular, independent, royal

Capricorn: Spirits/Ghosts - Curious, reserved, hidden, loner, determined, dominating, territorial

Aquarius: Astrology - Creative, knowledgeable, oddball, sociable, understanding, fun, interesting

Pisces: Christianity - Healing, formal, intimate, follower, accepting, forgiving, protective, empathy

*This isn’t what each sign believes; it’s just a close representation of the personality for each sign*


anonymous requested: how about some ifrit gifs? your bahamut one was amazing! + an in-depth look: ifrit. – ifrit in final fantasy xv appears as a demonic humanoid. he is smaller than most astrals, but bigger than a normal human. he has bronze skin, long dark hair, and red eyes. he wears a golden wrist and ankle bracers, and a crown or a helmet. he has long twisted horns and claw-like nails. he is topless and radiates heat, the air around him aflame.


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

You know what’s interesting about the ‘star-crossed’ kind of relationship that Kaiba and Atem have going on? 

That trope wise, it’s wrong.

Think about any story about reincarnated friends or lovers (you can go platonic or non-platonic, it works the same) and god knows there are a lot of them out there. You can fit Priest Set and Atem into those moulds - fine. But then it gets messed up.

Because in all of those stories, you get reincarnated and find each other - recreating old friendships/love all over again. 

But that doesn’t happen here.

If we were to follow that pattern, the clear relationship should be between Kaiba and Yugi. But it isn’t. Yugi almost gets pushed to the side - the puzzle, stating his sacrifice is for the pharaoh rather than leaving it ambiguous, the ending. 

It’s always about Kaiba and Atem.

Atem, who puts so much weight in fate and destiny seems to forget that he was never really supposed to be here. it almost makes me wonder - do we know that Atem even thought that Yugi was his reincarnation? It’s been a while. I know you’d think the hair and eyes give it away, but is it ever made explicit that that’s what he thinks - in the same way he does Set and Kaiba? Does he realise that by his own logic about reincarnation, this should not be him, the role should be Yugi’s, not his, and not shared? And what if Atem had never been there - would Kaiba now have the ‘correct-according-to-trope’ relationship with Yugi, or does his concept of destined relationships now fall apart completely?

Top 10 Favorite New Shows of Fall 2016

1. Queen Sugar (OWN)

Another pulpy soap opera from OWN? No, it’s WAAAY better than that.

2. Search Party (TBS)

A Millennial Nancy Drew with a shocking ending I can’t stop thinking about.

3. Insecure (HBO)

An in depth look into the modern woman that feels groundbreaking.

4. Better Things (FX)

Don’t call it the female Louie, it’s nuances are all its own.

5. The Good Place (NBC)

A redemption story with gut busting consequences.

6. Atlanta (FX)

An eccentric series about Atlanta’s underground rap scene you’ll be rooting for.

7. This is Us (NBC)

Give Sterling K. Brown the Emmy… again.

8. Speechless (ABC)

Not your average family comedy that proves diversity has no bounds.

9. Westworld (HBO)

A slow burn of a sci-fi series that will make you question what’s happening.

10. Luke Cage (NETFLIX)

Screw Superman, a new unbreakable hero is here to stay.

anonymous asked:

I don't think dan would be the one to propose bc of the time dan called phil "mr. marriage is just a piece of paper" and it really seemed like they had conversations about marriage and for phil getting married is not a big deal or a goal in his life so I think dan would feel like he's pressuring phil and would rather wait for phil to step up and propose, give me your opinions

my opinions are these:


ya’ll y’all wanted a selfie, ya’ll y’all got one two! 📸

I promised this like a month ago now let’s all go back to our simming and pretend this didn’t happen

Have you ever thought about how terrifying Molly Hooper actually is?

The girl’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy and pathology that makes Sherlock jealous, regularly processes murder victims as part of her routine job, is closely acquainted with police investigative procedure and when she helped Sherlock fake his death she played her part so convincingly that Scotland Yard was completely fooled.

If she wanted, she could easily be the deadliest character on this show. Your ass is just lucky she prefers kittens and fluffy sweaters to recreational murder.

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Jimin showing us who’s boss once again
Tigers in the mud, by Hayao Miyazaki
A manga based on the book of the same name.
By Imgur

The manga adaptation of the story of german tank ace Otto Carius, as illustrated by the legendary artist Hayao Miyazaki

An in-depth look at the lives of Otto and his comrades in the ever changing Eastern Front, the conditions and challenges they faced, and how they managed to stay alive and victorious during their ordeal, all made throughout a lighthearted anthropomorphic style that still manages to capture the bleakness of war.

Today’s informative piece will be an in depth look at the various cat Pokemon and my thoughts on them. Originally I was going to create something a little more in depth and serious, some kind of review or actually informative piece, but I’ve chosen to base today’s piece on importance. In this case, the importance of bringing information to the people. So, here we go.

Meowth and Persian. Meowth alone is the first time we’re introduced to a cat Pokemon. Especially with the anime. A popular, kind of pointy looking cat. Many would call them plain, but they’d be incredibly wrong. They’re a cat, but a cat that brings money to people? That’s pretty cool, honestly. And of course there’s Persian. It would be cool to own a Persian, I think, it would be like having your own panther, but it would obey your commands. Kind of. A little bit? Probably not. But still cool! 10/10, very cat.

Everyone calls Mew and Mewtwo cats? Personally I don’t really see it. I guess they’re kind of catlike? Sort of like hairless cats, maybe? They don’t really act like cats. Mewtwo kind of does because he’s an asshole. 10/10, kind of cat, that’s good enough.

Espeon is the only Eeveelution that’s a cat. Sort of like a fox-cat, even. I can appreciate that. Also they’re a psychic Pokemon! Imagine a cat, but it could read your mind. And also like, lift things and throw them at you. Like its food bowl when it’s empty. 10/10, kind of terrifying to think about, honestly.

Raikou is like a cat, but also a God? I guess a sub-God, there’s a whole hierarchical pantheon in terms of how Pokemon Gods go. I’m not too sure how it works. All I know is this one’s a cat, and like, a God of electricity or something? I guess you can’t really own a cat-God but it would be nice and comforting to know there’s one out there. 10/10, powerful. 

Skitty is my personal favourite cat Pokemon. They turn into delcatty, which is also pretty good I guess, but Skitty sort of resonates with me more. I think it’s the tail chasing thing. But I like the idea of a super classy cat like Delcatty too, a cat that would quietly judge all your stuff. Do that  cat thing where they knock really cheap stuff off tables or something. 10/10, cute and classy.

I’m going to be honest, I forget this whole evolutionary line exists a lot. Even though they do look pretty cool, honestly. They’re like that thunder God Pokemon? But you can actually own them? Shinx, Luxio and Luxray probably deserve more love from me than they actually get. I like that Shinx and Luxio wear pants and Luxio even has little socks. 10/10, well dressed.

Glameow and Purugly are honestly pretty interesting. I forget about them too sometimes, but honestly I appreciate the idea of like, a pug? But it’s a cat? Or one of those really big dogs with the smushed face and everything. But again, it’s a cat. I like to think it would have a little meow-bark hybrid and everything. 10/10, would let it guard my home. 

Purrloin and Liepard. It sort of reminds me of Meowth and Persian, how you go in buying a housecat and wind up with a wildcat in your house. Which I guess is safer than it would be in the real world. Liepard strikes me as a more command obeying type. Also, they’re purple! 10/10, stylish 

Litleo and Pyroar. Unlike the previous entry, you know straight up you’re actually, literally adopting a lion. There’s no hiding that fact. This seems like it would be kind of dangerous. But then again look at Litleo’s cute little face. Those beans. How could you say no? Also look at the diversity in its evolution’s! They’re gorgeous! They wear leggings! 10/10, stylish cat, still dangerous though

Espurr and Meowstic. Espurr is a fan-favourite because of that vacant stare. That vacant, kind of concerning stare. Very concerning when you consider it’s meant to be incredibly dangerous or something? Due to all that psychic energy? But then it evolves into this classy magician. I’m proud of this weird kid growing up and making something of themselves. 10/10, an inspiring story.

The newest member of the cat family, Litten! I’m only going to put Litten here because I’m sure there are a lot of people who would like to avoid spoilers. And we all know about Litten. They remind me of that grumpy old cat that sits quietly and judges every move you make. So, most cats, I guess. But like most cats, I’m sure they’d curl up next to you, but be extra toasty like a purring hot water bottle. 10/10, welcome to the family, Litten!


And sometimes those two things are the same [insp]


With the party season upon us, I thought it was time to create something super smokey but with a splash of vibrancy! And as I have Brown eyes, an ideal colour to emphasis them is Blue.

Here I used a mix of creams and powders in a Matte and Metallic finish. This creates texture and adds depth to the look.

The tutorial for this makeup will be up on my YouTube on the 27th November!

It’s in association with Simple, so I will be showing you how to remove this heavy makeup so that you are not left with the dreaded ‘Panda Eye’ effect.

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