This “Love” shit can be some of the hardest shit you could ever go through. But God damn, I wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone else on this planet but you.
I Like My Men Like I Like My Books

If every man was a piece of literature,  a Novel guy would be a guy who is loaded with intriguing and compelling features, information, flexibility, inspiration, and all the wonders of a good book where every new chapter keeps you on your toes. These are the guys I like. Because they’re deep thinkers, grounded, with a strong sense of self and a humble sense of adventure. I can reread then over and over again, and never get tired of the familiarity.

Some guys are like Newspapers. They can tell you all sorts of things many of which will shock and intrigue you,  but most of the things you learn from them you will find are not relevant to you and therefore, you will find them disposable and boring.

Some guys are like magazines. They have all the makings of an idealistic partner. They are flashy and attention grabbing just like ads. The facades that they put up are either superficial, and you find out that what their selling is far from anything you’d actually be proud to call your own, or the product is exactly as it describes and there is nothing deeper to read about these guys. So you stack them neatly on the shelf or the coffee table and let em collect dust until a guest brings them up for the sake of conversation: the hot topic.