The effects of hypoxia are astounding. Please, in case of cabin depressurization, help yourself before helping others, or you may not be able to.

my favorite part of metal gear solid 3 is when snake goes like

                  "After the end of World War II,

            the world was split into two - East and West.

       This marked the beginning of the era called the Cold War.“

(shot of a large plane flying through the clouds)

5:30 AM August 24, 1964 Pakistani airspace

Pilot: Flying over Pakistan, altitude 30,000 feet. Approaching Soviet

(shot of Jack in a flight suit smoking a cigar in the cargo hold)

Pilot: Twenty minutes to dropoff… Commencing internal depressurization.

(shot of Major Zero and Para-Medic on the bridge)

Pilot: Equipment check… arm main parachute.

Zero: All right. You ready to go?

Pilot: Drop zone still showing a high pressure mass. CAVOK. (Cloud and
Visibility OK)

Zero: Good, we’ve got high visibility.

Pilot (to Jack): Put out that cigar. (Jack does not respond) Connecting oxygen
hose to interior connector. Put on your mask. (Jack does not respond) Does
this pantywaist know what he’s doing?

(shot of the plane’s cockpit)

Pilot: Approaching release point… Ten minutes to dropoff. (Jack does not

Zero: Hey! Are you deaf? He said put out the cigar and put on your mask. (Jack
does so)

Pilot: Depressurization complete. Checking oxygen supply. Six minutes to
dropoff. Opening rear hatch. (the hatch opens and Jack looks out) Sunrise…
External temperature minus 46 degrees Celsius. Two minutes to dropoff. Stand
up. (Jack stands up and moves to the open hatch)

Zero: You’ll be falling at 130 miles per hour. Try not to get frostbite from
the wind chill.

Pilot: One minute to dropoff. Move to the rear. Activate bailout bottle.

Zero: This is one for the history books; the world’s first HALO jump.

(Jack steps on his cigar as he moves into position)

Pilot: Ten seconds to dropoff. Standby… Status OK, all green. Prepare for
dropoff… Countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Zero: Spread your wings and fly! God be with you!

(Jack jumps out of the hatch and plummets to the ground below)


(the scene switches to a short flashback in which Major Zero briefs Jack on
the current situation)

Zero: Jack, I’ve got some important news. The head of the CIA has finally
given us the green light for the Virtuous mission.

Jack: Virtual mission?

Zero: No, the Virtuous mission. The future of our FOX unit depends on it. If
it succeeds, we’ll be officially organized into a unit.

Jack: Virtuous mission? Sounds like some kind initiation ritual.

Zero: Don’t get cocky. This isn’t a training a op.

Jack: Right. So what exactly is this wonderful mission?

Zero: Well… About two years ago, a certain Soviet scientist requested asylum
in the West through one of our moles. His name is Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov.
He’s head of the OKB-754 Design Bureau, one of the Soviet’s top-secret weapon
research facilities, and the East’s foremost expert on weapons development.

Jack: Sokolov… isn’t he that famous rocket scientist?

Zero: The very same. On April 12, 1961, the Soviets achieved the first manned
space flight in history.

Jack: The Earth was blue, but there was no God.

Zero: Well spoken. The rocket that carried Yuri Gagarin into orbit was the A1,
known as the Vostok rocket. Sokolov is said to be the man most responsible for
the multi-engine cluster used in that rocket. After Gagarin’s flight, Sokolov
left rocket development to become the head of the newly established Design

Jack: From a lowly technician to the head of a Design Bureau, that’s quite a
success story. So why’d he want to defect?

Zero: It seems he’d become afraid of his own creations.

Jack: Afraid?

Zero: Call it a crisis of conscience.

Jack: And for that, he left his country and his family behind and went over
the fence?

Zero: Not exactly. One of his conditions was that his family was also to be
taken safely to the West. We used a mole to get the family out first and
succeeded in sneaking Sokolov over the Berlin Wall shortly afterwards. I was
the one who conducted the operation.

Jack: The security on the Eastern side was still full of holes back then. Then

Zero: We got Sokolov over in one piece but the whole ordeal had left him
exhausted, and we checked him into a hospital in West Berlin. It took him two
weeks and over 600 miles to get from the research facility in the Soviet Union
to Berlin. He was in no condition to say anything coherent. And it was only a
week later that we had something much bigger on our hands.

Jack: The Cuban Missile Crisis.

Zero: October 16, 1962. President Kennedy received word that the Soviets were
in the process of deploying intermediate-range ballistic missiles in Cuba. The
president demanded that the Soviets dismantle and remove the missiles. At the
same time, he announced a naval blockade to prevent further missile shipments
from reaching Cuba. But the Soviets didn’t back down, instead placing their
armed forces on secondary alert. Soviet transport ships carrying missiles
continued on course toward Cuba. US and Soviet forces went on alert for an
all-out nuclear war. Frantic negotiations were conducted through the UN’s
Emergency Security Council and unofficial channels to end the hair-trigger
standoff. Finally, on October 28, the Soviet Union agreed to remove its
missiles from Cuba. And so the world avoided a nuclear holocaust. But in order
to get the Soviets to pull their missiles out, we had to make a deal.

Jack: You mean the one where the US agreed to remove its IRBMs from Turkey?

Zero: No. The Jupiter IRBMs deployed in Turkey were obsolete and we were going
to get rid of them anyway. They had no strategic value whatsoever to either
the US or the Russians. The Turkey deal was a ruse - a cover story that was
fed to the other intelligence agencies around the world.

Jack: So what did the Russians really want?

Zero: Sokolov. They wanted us to return Sokolov.

Jack: You mean the Soviets pulled out of Cuba just to get their hands on

Zero: That’s right.

Jack: What the hell was he working on?

Zero: At the time we had no idea. We were running out of time. It was either
give up Sokolov or risk full-scale nuclear war. In the end, we had no choice.
President Kennedy gave into Khrushchev’s demand. The next day, I got Sokolov
out of the hospital and handed him over to agents on the eastern side. Sokolov
kept on screaming “Save me!” until he disappeared from my sight. Then, a month
ago, we received some new information from one of our moles.

Jack: About Sokolov?

Zero: Yes. He was taken back to the research facility and forced to continue
working on the weapon in question under KGB supervision. What’s more, it’s on
the verge of completion.

Jack: So? What kind of weapon is it? Something to do with space rockets?

Zero: No, missiles.

Jack: Same technology.

Zero: I guess you’re right. We don’t know the details but it appears to be a
new kind of nuclear device. For a year now the Soviets have been conducting
frequent nuclear tests at Semipaiatinsk.

Jack: Something to do with the weapon I assume.

Zero: We’re talking about a secret weapon so big that Khrushchev was ready to
pull out of Cuba to get it back.

Jack: Is Sokolov still in the facility?

Zero: According to our intelligence, he’s in Tselinoyarsk, a place in the
mountains about 3 miles to the west that’s known as the Virgin Cliffs.

Jack: The Virgin Cliffs. Nice name for a Virtuous mission.

Zero: They moved him there just recently.

Jack: Why?

Zero: Apparently they’re conducting a field test of the weapon. But it’s our
best chance to get him back. This mission would never have been possible if he
were still in the research facility. This is our last chance. Sokolov must
have known that, too, when he contacted us.


(scene switches back to Jack in his HALO jump)

Zero: Listen up, Jack. Your mission is to infiltrate Tselinoyarsk in the
Soviet mountains, ensure the safety of Sokolov, and bring him back to the
West. If we don’t get Sokolov back before that weapon is complete, we’ll be
facing a major crisis. The clock is ticking.

(Jack pulls the cord and the parachute opens up)

Zero: Once we’ve confirmed the rescue of Sokolov, stand by at the recovery
point. A recovery balloon will be dropped at that point. Helium will be pumped
into the balloon to inflate it. The process takes about 20 minutes. Once it’s
complete, the gunship’s arm will latch onto the balloon and pull it up.

Jack: The Fulton Surface-to-Air Recovery System. I’m familiar with the theory.

Zero: Take it easy, it has been combat-proven.

Jack: Do you think Sokolov’s up to it?

Zero: The shock will be less than during a parachute jump. And the arm can
handle up to 500 pounds.

Jack: So you’re planning to go over the border in a single Combat Talon?

Zero: She’s equipped with two 6-barrel 20 millimeter Vulcan cannons as well as
two 40 millimeter machine guns.

Jack: Sounds like she could hold her own against a battalion of tanks.

Zero: Even with the fuel in the reserve tank, we’re facing a 4-hour time
limit. If all goes well, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Jack: Home in time for dinner.

Zero: But if anything goes wrong, you’ll be eating dinner, breakfast, and all
the rest of your meals in the jungle.


(Jack falls into the forest canopy. His backpack snags on a branch as he falls
to the ground. He releases his parachute just in time to avoid going over the
edge of a cliff. Jack then begins to remove some of the equipment from his
flight suit. If you chose “I like MGS2” at the beginning of the game, Jack
takes off his flight mask to reveal that he looks almost exactly like Raiden
from MGS2. If not, we see Jack’s real face and he immediately calls Major

Zero: Do you copy? You’re already in enemy territory, and somebody might be
listening in. From here on out, we’ll be using codenames to refer to each
other. Your codename for this mission will be Naked Snake. I’ll be referring
to you as Snake from now on. You are not to mention your real name.

Snake: “Snake”?

Zero: You don’t like snakes?

Snake: What do you mean?

Zero: You’ve eaten on before, haven’t you?

Snake: In survival training.

Zero: I’m glad to hear that.

Snake: I don’t know if I’d ever order one in a restaurant, but…

Zero: Be careful, you might not have a choice.

Snake: What about you, Major? What should I call you?

Zero: Hmm, let’s see… I’ll be… I’ll be Tom. Call me Major Tom.

(this next section only occurs if you chose “I like MGS2”)

Tom: Oh, and Snake…

Snake: Yeah?

Tom: The crew isn’t watching anymore. You can take off the disguise now.

Snake: Good idea. This isn’t right. Time for the snake to shed his skin.

(Snake removes a face mask and reveals his real face. He then calls Major Tom)

Snake: Can you hear me, Major Tom? This is Snake. Kept you waiting, huh?

Tom: This will be a sneaking mission. You must not be seen by the enemy. You
must leave no trace of your presence. Is that clear? This kind of infiltration
is the FOX unit’s specialty. In other words, weapons and equipment are procure
on-site… that goes for food as well. You’re completely naked, just as your
name implies.

Snake: Great. Now I see why you asked me if I like snakes. I suppose calling
me “snake” was your idea of a joke, too?

Tom: No, there’s a good reason for that. I’ll tell you later, when the time is

Snake: Gotcha. Getting back to the subject, how exactly am I supposed to feed

Tom: You’ve been issued a knife and a tranquilizer gun. Use them to hunt for
food. You’ll also find some medical supplies in your backpack.

Snake: Yeah, about the backpack… I lost it in a tree on the way down.

Tom: I see. Well, you’d better go back and get it, then. Do you know where it

Snake: No problem, I can see it from here. It’s stuck on a branch.

Tom: To climb a tree, stand in front of a tree that’s covered in ivy and press
the action button. I’ll be monitoring your progress over the radio. We can’t
risk violating Soviet airspace, but I’ll be in the gunship. My frequency is
140.85. I’ll give you a CALL if I need to talk to you. If you need to talk to
me, use the SEND function. OK, Snake, go get your backpack.


(after Snake gets his backpack, Tom calls him)

Tom: I see you’ve retrieved your backpack, Snake. To equip a weapon, it is
necessary to take it out of your backpack. In the Survival Viewer, choose
“WEAPON” from the “BACKPACK.” Your available weapons will be displayed in a
window in the upper-left. From that list, choose the weapon you want to equip
and press the Enter button. For other equipped items, just do the same thing
from “ITEM.”

Snake: Got it! Use the Survival Viewer, “BACKPACK.”

Tom: Yep, that’s right. Survival is fundamental to this mission. After you’ve
been out in the field for a while, your stamina will start to drop. If your
stamina gets too low, it’ll affect your performance. You won’t be able to
shoot accurately, for example, or your wounds won’t heal as smoothly. Keep an
eye on your stamina so you don’t run out. To recover lost stamina, you can
hunt for local flora and fauna. You can use either your tranquilizer gun or
your knife to hunt.

Snake: My only weapon is an Mk22 Hush Puppy tranquilizer gun?

Tom: That’s right. It’s been fitted with it’s own suppressor. However, the
suppressor will deteriorate every time you fire. Once its durability reaches
zero, the noise suppression effect will be gone. So don’t get too trigger
happy with it. The suppressor’s durability is shown in the icon. Any weapons
and equipment beyond what you’re carrying now, you’ll have to find as you go.

Snake: I have to find my own weapons and equipment? Whose crazy idea was this

Tom: Solo covert actions are standard FOX operating procedure. You can’t leave
any traces of your presence. No weapons, equipment, footprints, sweat, or
bodily fluids - the same goes for bullets and cartridges, too. Your presence
in enemy territory is already a violation of international conventions of
warfare. There aren’t supposed to be any American soldiers in Russia. It could
spark an international incident. You can’t let the enemy see you. You can’t
let the enemy know you’re there. This is a stealth mission. You’re a ghost,
Snake, in every sense of the word. There’ll be no rescue if you’re captured.
The military and the US government will deny any involvement in the affair.

Snake: Then I’ll just have to take care of myself, huh.

Tom: I’m afraid so. You’ve been given a “fake death” pill for that purpose.
SIS guidelines stipulate that soldiers on covert ops like this one be issued a
potassium cyanide capsule. Tape it to your body so you can take it when you
need to.

Snake: How generous of you.

Tom: Use it if you’re taken prisoner by the enemy. It’ll send you into a state
of false death for a short time.

Snake: …fooling them into thinking I’m really dead. So how do I come back to
life again?

Tom: Just take the revival pill.

Snake: You mean that thing they put in my tooth before the mission?

Tom: That’s the one. But be careful. If you remain in a state of false death
for too long, nothing will be able to bring you back. Remember that.

Snake: I’ll keep it in mind. You said this was a solo mission, right?

Tom: Right.

Snake: I guess that means I can’t count on any reinforcements.

Tom: Correct. The mission rests entirely in your hands.

Snake: A real one-man army.

Tom: Relax, there’s a support team ready to back you up over the radio.

Snake: Who?

Tom: I’ll introduce them to you. This time, survival is of the utmost
importance. The first member of the support team will be in charge of
monitoring your physical condition - acting a medic, so to speak - as well as
recording your mission data. She’s a member of FOX as well and she’s here on
the gunship with me.

Snake: “She”?

Para-Medic: Hello, Snake. I’m Para-Medic. Nice to meet you.

Snake: Para…Medic?

Para-Medic: As in a medic who comes in by parachute.

Snake: Aren’t you going to tell me your real name?

Para-Medic: Are you going to tell me yours, Mr. Snake?

Snake: My name, huh… It’s John Doe.

Para-Medic: And they call you Jack for short? You’re a regular Captain Nemo.

Snake: A name means nothing on the battlefield. After a week, no one has a
name. What’s your name?

Para-Medic: Jane Doe.

Snake: Very funny.

Para-Medic: I wasn’t joking but I’ll tell you my name only if you manage to
make it back alive. My frequency is 145.73.

Tom: She’s also in charge of recording your mission data. Whenever you want to
SAVE, SEND a message over the reserved SAVE frequency, 140.96.

Snake: So saving lets me record my mission data?

Para-Medic: That’s right. It also records your state of health.

Snake: Good to know.

Tom: There’s one more person I want to introduce you to, Snake.

Snake: ?

Tom: Speaking of snakes, you remember The Boss, don’t you? A legendary soldier
and your mentor. Actually, it was The Boss that got the DCI’s authorization in
the first place. She’s going to be serving as FOX’s mission advisor.

Snake: The Boss is?

Tom: She also helped me plan this mission. She and I were at SAS together.

Boss: Jack, is that you? How many years has it been?

Snake: Boss??

Boss: That’s right, it’s me.

Snake: …

Boss: Talk to me. Let me hear your voice.

Snake: It’s been 5 years, 72 days, and 18 hours.

Boss: You’ve lost weight.

Snake: You can tell just by the sound of my voice?

Boss: Of course I can. I know all about you.

Snake: Really. Well, I don’t know anything about you.

Boss: What’s that supposed to mean?

Snake: …Why’d you disappear on me all of a sudden?

Boss: I was on a top-secret mission.

Snake: …

Boss: You didn’t need me anymore.

Snake: But there were still so many things I wanted you to teach me.

Boss: No. I taught you everything you needed to know about fighting
techniques. I taught you all I could. The rest you needed to learn on your

Snake: Techniques, sure. But what about how to think like a soldier?

Boss: How to think like a soldier? I can’t teach you that. A soldier needs to
be strong in spirit, body, and technique - and the only thing you can learn
from someone else is technique. In fact, technique doesn’t even matter. What’s
most important is spirit. Spirit and body are like two sides of a single coin.
They’re the same thing. I can’t teach you how to think. You’ll just have to
figure it out for yourself. Listen to me, Jack. Just because soldiers are on
the same side right now doesn’t mean they always will be. Having personal
feelings about your comrades is one the worst sins you can commit. Politics
determine who you face on the battlefield. And politics are a living thing.
They change along with the times. Yesterday’s good might be tomorrow’s evil.

Snake: Is that why you abandoned me?

Boss: No. It had nothing to do with you. I already told you, Jack. I was on a
top-secret mission. A soldier has to follow whatever orders he’s given. It’s
not his place to question why. But you’re looking for a reason to fight.
You’re a natural born fighter, but you’re not quite a soldier. A solider is a
political tool, nothing more. That’s doubly true if he’s a career soldier.
Right and wrong have no place in his mission. He has no enemies and no
friends. Only the mission. You follow the orders you’re given. That’s what
being a soldier is all about.

Snake: I do whatever I have to do to get the job done. I don’t think about

Boss: That’s not the same thing. Sooner or later, your conscience is going to
bother you. In the end, you have to choose whether you’re going to live as a
soldier, or just another man with a gun. There’s a saying in the Orient;
“Loyalty to the end.” Do you know what it means?

Snake: Being… Patriotic?

Boss: It means devoting yourself to your country.

Snake: I follow the President and the top brass. I’m ready to die for them if

Boss: The President and the top brass won’t be there forever. Once their terms
are up, others will take their place.

Snake: I follow the will of the leader, no matter who’s in charge.

Boss: People aren’t the ones who dictate the missions.

Snake: Then who does?

Boss: The times. People’s values change over time. And so do the leaders of a
country. So there’s no such thing as an enemy in absolute terms. The enemies
we fight are only in relative terms, constantly changing with the times.

Snake: …

Boss: As long as we have “loyalty to the end,” there’s no point in believing
in anything… even in those we love.

Snake: And that’s the way a soldier is supposed to think?

Boss: The only thing we can believe in with absolute certainty is the mission,

Snake: All right. But do me a favor.

Boss: What is it?

Snake: Call me Snake.

Boss: Snake? Oh, right, your codename is Snake. It suits you well.

Tom: That’s right. The legendary unit that The Boss put together during World
War II was a snake. The Cobra Unit… a group of heroes that brought the war
to an end and saved the world. As long as you’ve got a legendary hero backing
you up, you’ll be fine. Isn’t that right, Snake?

Snake: Yeah, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have with me. Oh, and one
more thing, Boss…

Boss: Yes?

Snake: It’s good to hear your voice again.

Boss: Same here. After all, who knows if either of us will make it out
alive… Snake, you were always best at urban warfare and infiltrating
buildings. But this is the jungle. Survival is going to be key. Those CQC
techniques I taught you are sure to come in handy.

Snake: CQC - close quarters combat, huh. I’ve been in the Green Berets for the
past few years. I’m probably pretty rusty.

Boss: Not to worry. I’ll be here to help you remember. After all, this is your
first actual survival mission. I’ll be supporting you over the radio.

Snake: Where are you, Boss? Next to the Major?

Tom: The Boss is communicating with us by radio from aboard a Permit-class
submarine in the Artic Ocean.

Boss: My frequency is 141.80. Call me if you need my advice on battle

Snake: Gotcha.

Tom: Your mission is to retrieve Dr. Sokolov. Dr. Sokolov is being held in an
abandoned factory located to the north of your current position. Avoid heavy
combat and don’t let anyone see you. Don’t forget that this is a stealth

(Snake stands up and draws his gun and knife)

Boss: Snake, try to remember some of the basics of CQC.

Snake: Commencing Virtuous mission… now.


(Snake enters Dremuchij North and spots an enemy sentry)

Snake: Major, I’ve spotted two enemy soldiers.

Tom: They’re probably KGB troops sent to guard Sokolov.

Snakes: AK-47’s and grenades…

(Tom calls Snake on the radio)

Tom: Snake, your presence in Soviet territory is already a violation of
international law. We can’t let the Kremlin find out that the CIA and the
American government are involved. Contact with the enemy is strictly
prohibited. Don’t engage them in battle either. This is a stealth mission. Got

Boss: The Major is right. The point of this mission is to sneak through the
jungle without being seen. The success of the mission depends on how well you
use your camouflage. Change your camouflage by selecting “CAMOUFLAGE” from the
Survival Viewer. The “UNIFORM” option lets you pick your uniform, while the
“FACE” option lets you change your face paint. Choosing camouflage that blends
in with your surroundings will help you conceal yourself more effectively.
Also, don’t forget that anything that moves will stand out in the jungle. If
you just stand up and run around like an idiot, you’re bound to be spotted.
But if you crawl instead, you should be able to sneak by without being
noticed. You can see how effective your camouflage is by looking at the Camo
Index. The Camo Index shows how well your current camouflage blends in with
the surrounding area. The higher the value, the harder you are to spot, and
vice versa. The key is to make yourself one with nature. Keep that in mind as
you go along, OK?


(Snake enters Dolinovodno and spots another soldier, but uses his binoculars
to find a hornet’s nest hanging directly above the soldier. Snake smiles as he
gets the idea to shoot it)


(Snake enters Rassvet and surveys the area)

Snake: Major, I’ve reached the abandoned factory where Sokolov is supposedly
being held. This place is a dump. I can’t see Sokolov from here… The
security here is pretty tight. There are sentries posted around the
perimeter… I wonder how many are inside.

(Tom calls Snake)

Tom: Your objective - Sokolov - is inside the factory… they should be
holding him in a room in the northeast sector.

Snake: The northeast section. Got it.

Tom: Be careful. Your mission is to bring Sokolov back alive. He must not be
exposed to any kind of danger. Do not approach Sokolov while in the alert

Snake: Right.

Tom: …Oh, and one more thing, Snake.

Snake: You mean there’s more?

Tom: No… it’s just… when you get to Sokolov, I want you to tell him
something from me.

Snake: And that is?

Tom: “Sorry for being so late.”

Snake: Is that all?

Tom: Yes.

Snake: Understood. Beginning my approach to the target.


(Snake enters Sokolov’s room to find him burning some papers)

Snake: You must be Sokolov.

Sokolov: Are you one of Volgin’s men? (he throws the rest of the papers in the
fire) You’ll never get it from me!

Snake: No. I’m a CIA agent. I’ve come to escort you back to the other side of
the Iron Curtain.

Sokolov: You’re CIA?

Snake: Yeah. I was sent by Major Zero, the man who got you out two years ago.

Sokolov: Zero…

Snake: I have a message from him.

Sokolov: What is it?

Snake: He said to tell you “sorry for being so late.”

Sokolov: Did he now?

Snake: What does it mean?

Sokolov: It means he’s a man of his word. But we’ve got no time for this. You
have to get me out of here before they arrive.

Snake: Who’s “they?”

Sokolov: Colonel Volgin of GRU. You in the West know him as Thunderbolt.

Snake: Thunderbolt?… Never heard of him.

Sokolov: He’s a member of the army’s extremist faction. A man who seeks to
seize control of the motherland. Ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis two years
ago, Khrushchev has been pursuing a policy of peaceful coexistence with the
West. Despite resistance and criticism from hawks in the army, and the
provincial authorities, Khrushchev has managed to suppress the opposition so
far. But the failure of his agricultural policies has put him in a precarious
position. And on top of that… the tragedy last November.

Snake: President Kennedy’s assassination.

Sokolov: Precisely. In a sense, Khrushchev has lost his biggest partner, and
his power base is rapidly crumbling away. A certain group is plotting to use
this opportunity to seize power by rallying the anti-government forces,
overthrowing Khrushchev, and installing Brezhnev and Kosygin in his place. The
mastermind behind this plot is Colonel Volgin of the GRU. He has control over
another secret weapons research facility much like this one - OKB-812, known
as the Granin Design Bureau - and is using it to further his plans. But that
is not enough to satisfy him. Now he is plotting to seize the secret weapon I
have been developing here and use it as leverage in his bid for power.

Sokolov: The intelligence says that they are going to make their move during
the test.

Snake: Then the soldiers outside…

Sokolov: Exactly. They wouldn’t need that many men just to keep me inside.
Their orders were to prevent Colonel Volgin from capturing me. Even if it
meant killing me in the process, or so it would seem. Volgin will come, I’m
sure of it. You must get me out of here before then.

Snake: Leave it to me.

Sokolov: By the way, your Russian is superb. Where did you learn to speak it?

Snake: From my mentor.

Sokolov: Is that so? America is truly a frightening country.

Snake: Having second thoughts?

Sokolov: No. I have no love for this place. Let’s go.

(Snake calls Tom)

Snake: Major, this is Snake. Sokolov is safe with me. He’s doing fine. No

Tom: Good work, Snake. Now hurry up and get Sokolov to the recovery point!
We’ll rendezvous with you there.

Snake: Roger.

Tom: What about the sentries?


(Snake’s response to this question differs depending on your performance. If
you killed the guards:)

Snake: I had to kill them… there was no other way. But no one will know we
were involved.

(If you were in Alert mode:)

Snake: I managed to get past them.

(If you reached Sokolov undetected:)

Snake: No one spotted me.


Tom: I see.

Snake: What about The Boss?

Tom: We lost contact with The Boss some time ago.

Snake: What happened?

Tom: It’s probably just a weak signal. Just hurry and get Sokolov out of

(Snake and Sokolov begin to sneak out of the building. However, they are being
watched by several enemy soldiers)

Soldier: Freeze!

(The two are surrounded. Then, a young Major Ocelot walks up, twirling a
Makarov pistol in his hand)

Ocelot: So this is the legendary Boss? We meet at last.

Soldier: You… You’re from the Ocelot unit of Spetsnaz! What’s a GRU soldier
doing here?

Ocelot: Soldier?

Soldier: He’s the Ocelot commander!

Ocelot: That’s Major Ocelot to you. And don’t you forget it.

Soldier: Sokolov is ours. Now get out of here.

Ocelot: An ocelot never lets his prey escape.

Soldier: What!?

(Ocelot proceeds to shoot all of the soldiers with some fancy gunplay. One
soldier hiding on the roof tries to take cover, but Ocelot fires and ricochets
a bullet off a beam to hit the soldier. Ocelot then kills another soldier
writhing on the ground and retrieves his beret from underneath the corpse.)

Ocelot: I can’t say it feels good to kill a comrade, even if it is for the

Snake: Sokolov, take cover.

Ocelot: Hmm… You’re not The Boss, are you?

(Ocelot makes some sort of wild cat noise and several soldiers clad in black
arrive and surround Snake. They are part of the Ocelot unit)

Sokolov: GRU operatives…

Ocelot: What is that stance? That gun?

(Ocelot starts laughing and the others join in)

Ocelot: If you’re not The Boss, then die!

(Ocelot tries to shoot Snake but his gun jams. Snake grabs Ocelot and throws
him to the ground. Sokolov screams and runs off)

GRU Soldier: Major!

Ocelot: Leave him! Shoot the other one!

(Snake uses his CQC techniques to defeat all of the other soldiers. Ocelot
recovers his gun and tries to attack but Snake throws him to the ground again,
causing Ocelot to lose his gun. The gun hits the ground and the jammed round
is ejected)

Ocelot: Impossible…

Snake: You ejected the first bullet by hand, didn’t you? I see what you were
trying to do. But testing a technique you only heard about in the middle of
battle wasn’t very smart. You were asking to have your gun jam on you.
Besides, I don’t think you’re cut out for an automatic in the first place. You
tend to twist your elbow to absorb the recoil. That’s more of a revolver

Ocelot: You filthy American dog!

(Ocelot draws a knife and attacks but Snake floors him again)

Snake: But that was some fancy shooting… you’re pretty good.

Ocelot: Pretty good…

(Ocelot goes unconscious. Snake calls Tom)

Snake: Major, do you read me?

Tom: I read you. Snake, are you alright?

Snake: I’ve run into a few snags. These guys were after Sokolov, too.
Apparently, they were taking orders from a GRU colonel named Volgin.

Tom: A GRU colonel?

Snake: Part of an internal Soviet power struggle, according to Sokolov.
Something between the KGB and the GRU, between Khrushchev’s supporters and

Tom: Sokolov was being guarded by the KGB and hunted by the GRU? Snake, it
sounds like this could be even hotter than Cuba.

Snake: I don’t like it. Something about this whole thing stinks.

Tom: I agree. You’d better hurry.

Snake: Sokolov ran off by himself, but I’ll catch up to him.

Tom: We’re counting on you.


(Snake enters Dolinovodno and finds Sokolov standing before the bridge)

Snake: You OK?

Sokolov: Those men were from the Ocelot unit.

Snake: Spetsnaz?

Sokolov: Yes. The best GRU has to offer. They’re coming for me. I’m finished!

Snake: Calm down. I’ll get you out of here. I promise. And we’ve got some of
the best backup we could ask for.

(A cannon shell fires)

Sokolov: Look!

(Snake looks up to a cliff to see a large tank)

Snake: That’s what they were making you build?

Sokolov: Yes. The Shagohod - “The Treading Behemoth” - a tank capable of
launching nuclear IRBMs.

Snake: It can launch nuclear missiles from that kind of terrain?

Sokolov: Oh yes. And without support from friendly units.

Snake: A nuclear-equipped tank capable of operating solo. Is that thing

Sokolov: No. This is only the end of Phase 1. It won’t be truly finished until
we complete Phase 2.

Snake: Phase 2?

Sokolov: The weapon’s true form. If it is completed and the colonel gets his
hands on it, it will mean the end of the Cold War.

Snake: The end of the Cold War?

Sokolov: Yes. And then the age of fear will truly begin…

Snake: A world war?

Sokolov: I had no choice but to cooperate! I didn’t want to die. I wanted to
see my wife and child again in America… Please, take me to America quickly.
They cannot complete it without my help.

Snake: Got it. Let’s go!

(Snake and Sokolov begin to cross the bridge. However, a woman comes from the
other side, carrying two large cases)

Snake: Boss?

(The Boss drops the cases, causing the bridge to go unstable)

Boss: Good work, Jack.

Snake: What are you doing here?

Boss: Sokolov comes with me.

(A swarm of hornets then appears)

Snake: Hornets!?

(In the confusion, The Fear descends down, grabs Sokolov, and pulls him up to
a helicopter)

Boss: My friends… let us fight together again!

Fear: I have waited long for this day.

(The Pain, The End, and The Fury are also in the helicopter)

Pain: We will fight with you once more.

End: Welcome back, Boss.

Boss: Now that the five of us are together, it’s time we go to the depths of
hell itself…

(It begins raining)

Boss: It’s raining blood…

(A ghost of The Sorrow walks up behind The Boss)

Boss: …is he crying?

(Colonel Volgin walks up and joins The Boss)

Volgin: Kuwabara, Kuwabara… Ah… What a joyful scene.

Boss: Colonel Volgin…

Volgin: Welcome to my country… and to my unit.

Snake: Boss? What is this?

Boss: I’m defecting to the Soviet Union. Sokolov is a little gift for my new

(Volgin picks up the two cases)

Volgin: Recoilless nuclear warheads… these will make a fine gift for me…

Snake: This can’t be happening!

Volgin: Who is he? Another one of your disciples? Are we taking him with us?

Boss: No. This is one is still just a child. Too pure for us Cobras. He has
not yet found an emotion to carry into battle.

Snake: (aiming his gun) What are you talking about!?

Boss: Think you can pull the trigger?

(The Boss grabs Snake’s gun and dismantles it with her bare hands. Snake tries
to attack but The Boss grabs him and breaks his arm)

Volgin: He’s seen my face. We can’t let him live. If Khrushchev finds out
about this, we’re finished. He must die.

Boss: Wait. He’s my apprentice. I’ll take care of him. Jack, you can’t come
with us.

(She holds out her hand. Snake takes it and The Boss rams her elbow into his
ribs. Snake grabs hold of her bandana as The Boss throws him off the bridge
into the river below)

Pain: The new blood has been rejected…

Volgin: Are we done here?

Boss: Now… on to Sokolov’s research facility.

Volgin: Shagohod is ours!

Boss: Drift away. My place is with them now.


(Snake washes up on a riverbank. He receives a call from Tom)

Tom: Snake! Can you hear me?

Snake: Yeah, just barely…

Tom: Snake, listen to me! You need emergency medical treatment. Can you move?
You’ve got to get those wounds treated. Hang in there! All right, let’s get
you fixed up… Para-Medic?

Para-Medic: OK, Snake. Just relax and it’ll all be over before you know it.

Snake: …

Para-Medic: Stay with me! I’ve seen people in worse shape before. Think you
can handle it?

Snake: Major? The Boss… she’s defected.

Tom: We’ll talk about that later. First we’ve got to get you patched up.

Para-Medic: OK, here we go! First, open the Survival Viewer with the START
button. If you select “CURE” you can start the treatment. Healing is divided
into treatment using the medicine with the Item Window Button and surgical
treatment using the Weapon Window Button. Your injuries include a fractured
left elbow and rib bone, and lacerations on your upper arms, right elbow, and
abdomen. They need to be fixed using surgical treatment. Move the healing
cursor with the left analog stick to the affected part of your body. Once
you’ve selected the affected area, hold the Weapon Window Button and use the
left analog stick to select the medical item, and then press the Enter button.
With this method, you can use items to help your recovery process. To treat a
bone fracture, first secure the affected area with a fastener and then wrap it
in bandages. That should do it. For lacerations, you’ll need disinfectant to
clean the wound, sutures to stitch it up, styptic to slow the flow of blood,
and bandages to wrap the wound. If you do everything I mentioned, the wound
should heal completely. Understood?

Snake: Yeah…

Para-Medic: Stay with me! Go into the Survival Viewer and treat those wounds!

(Snake treats his wounds and snaps his broken bone back into place)

Para-Medic: Good job, Snake!

Tom: We’re coming to get you now. Just stay where you are… we’ll drop a
recovery balloon. Can you set it up?


(Snake is resting against a tree. He looks up and sees several helicopters
airlifting the Shagohod. The Boss is on board one of the helicopters as it
passes over the riverbank. She holds out her hand and Snake returns the
gesture. On another helicopter, we see Volgin, Ocelot, and a young woman.
Volgin opens the two cases to reveal a small nuclear missile and what appears
to be a cannon)

Volgin: Excellent. A great success, thanks to The Boss and her Cobras. I have
both Sokolov and the Shagohod.

(Ocelot stands up and suspiciously eyes the woman)

Ocelot: What are we going to with the girl?

Volgin: Who is she?

Ocelot: Apparently she’s Sokolov’s woman.

(Volgin approaches and looks into her face)

Volgin: She’s a nice catch. I’ll take her.

(The woman beings to reach for something in her pocket. Volgin snatches away
what she was trying to get; a tube of lipstick)

Volgin: Not so fast, my dear. (he inspects the tube) A Kiss of Death?

Ocelot: Are you KGB?

Volgin: We might be able to use her. She has spunk. (he gives the lipstick
back to her)

Ocelot: Shall we take her back to the base?

Volgin: Perhaps we should… we have no further use for Sokolov’s research

(Volgin picks up the cannon, called a Davy Crockett, loaded with a nuclear

Volgin: I think it’s time I gave this marvelous new toy a try. (he aims the
Davy Crockett)

Ocelot: Colonel! Even if they are our enemies, they’re still our countrymen!

Volgin: But it won’t be me that pulled the trigger. It will be our friend, the
American defector.

Ocelot: You’re going to nuke your fellow Russians!?

Volgin: Remember the Alamo.

Ocelot: Colonel!!!

(Volgin fires the Davy Crockett and the missile streaks towards the facility.
A blinding white light ensues. Back on the riverbank, Snake watches the
recovery balloon fall, closely followed by a brilliant light and the familiar
mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion)


3. Script - Operation Snake Eater

This section will cover all of the dialogue and cut scenes for Operation Snake
Eater. There are several optional and hidden cut scenes that can be viewed as
well; they are all covered in the following.

(We first see the intro movie accompanied with the Snake Eater theme. Then cut
to a shot of a futuristic-looking plane flying through the night sky)

One week later:
11:30 PM August 30, 1964 Arctic Ocean airspace

Pilot: Currently flying over the Arctic Ocean. Altitude 30,000 feet.
Approaching Soviet airspace. Arriving at the designated drone launch point.
Drone oil pressure and voltage are nominal. Payload oxygen supply is nominal.
Power supply to payload antifreeze system shows no problems. No gusts. All
systems go for drone detachment.

Zero: Snake, we can’t risk a HALO jump this time around. Airspace Security has
gotten tighter since we were last here. We can’t get as close to the ground as
we did during the Virtuous mission. So instead we’ll be using one of our
newest weapons. Snake, you’re being given an honor on par with Alan Shepard.
This is our last chance. Show your patriotism. If you fail, you’ll be back in
a hospital bed again waiting for the firing squad.

(The scene switches to a briefing section)

Zero: So, how does it feel to be a patient in one of the most advanced ICUs in
the world?

Snake: Would you do me a favor and tell the suits about visiting hours? I’ll
never get better with them assaulting me day and night with their questions.

Zero: Must be part of the top brass’ inquiry.

Snake: More like an interrogation. According to them, I’m a traitor and an
accomplice to The Boss’ defection.

Zero: They’re just looking for a scapegoat.

Snake: Does that mean they’re after you too?

Zero: Let’s just say neither one of us is going to be made a national hero out
of this.

Snake: Does this mean FOX is going to die?

Zero: No. This fox is still one step ahead of the hounds. The reason I came to
see you today… Jack, it’s time for FOX to clear its name.

Snake: What are you talking about?

Zero: The situation has changed. We’ve still got a chance to come out of this
one alive.

Snake: Yeah? What kind of chance?

Zero: Don’t get too excited. Here, have a cigar… it’s Cuban. This morning I
had a meeting with the CIA.

Snake: They decided when they’re going to execute us?

Zero: No. Something even bigger. Yesterday, the White House received an
unexpected call.

Chairman: President Johnson?

Johnson: Yes, I hear you Mr. Chairman.

Zero: It was a hotline call from Khrushchev to President Johnson.

Snake: From the head of the Soviet Union?

Zero: That’s right.

Khrushchev: A few days ago one of our country’s main Design Bureaus, OKB-754,
was destroyed in a nuclear explosion. At about the same time our anti-aircraft
radar picked up a signature that appeared to come from one of your military
aircraft. Does any of this sound familiar to you? In retaliation, I have
placed our armed forces on secondary alert. Depending on your response, I may
be left with no choice but to order the military to maximum alert and unleash
Armageddon. With the help of your predecessor I was able to survive the Cuban
incident. But my power is not as great as it once was. If I am to survive this
crisis, I must have your full cooperation.

Johnson: I should have contacted you myself. Did you know that one of our
soldiers defected to your country a week ago?

Khrushchev: No.

Johnson: So you haven’t heard then… The man who arranged the defection was a
GRU colonel by the name of Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin.

Khrushchev: Volgin? Of the extremist faction? Go on. Who was this soldier?

Johnson: Her name is The Boss. She’s a living legend. During World War II, she
was the one who led us to victory in that war. In Russia, you know her as

Khrushchev: You mean… THE Boss? The mother of your Special Forces?

Johnson: Yes, that’s the one. And she took two miniature nuclear shells along
with her.

Khrushchev: The Boss took two miniature nuclear shells?

Johnson: I’m afraid so… I believe they were a gift for her new hosts. The
“Davy Crockett” Atomic Battle Group Delivery System was completed two years
ago. But serious problems were found with the launcher’s range and precision.
Although they were mass-produced they’ve never been deployed in battle.

Khrushchev: But Sokolov’s research facility was completely wiped out! The
whole area is polluted!

Johnson: I can only offer you my deepest condolences over this terrible

Khrushchev: So The Boss with Colonel Volgin’s help stole two experimental
nuclear shells and took them with her as a gift when she defected. Then,
shortly thereafter, Sokolov’s design lab, a top-secret military research
facility, was destroyed by one of these weapons. Am I right so far?

Johnson: Yes, that’s correct.

Khrushchev: And the American government denies any involvement in the affair,
is that right as well?

Johnson: That’s correct. We were not involved in any way.

Khrushchev: Then what was a US military aircraft doing on our radar screen? It
was clearly in violation of our airspace. And yet you say it was not acting
under your orders?

Johnson: That’s correct.

Khrushchev: You expect me to believe that this was all the work of a single

Johnson: I don’t know what else to tell you.

Khrushchev: The army insists that this is all a ploy on your part.

Johnson: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Our government had nothing
to do with it.

Khrushchev: And I would like dearly to believe you. However, I’m afraid my
power over the military has weakened since the Cuban incident. I will need
some kind of proof that was not the action of the American government. You
have one week. You must catch The Boss yourselves and recover the remaining
nuclear device. Then, you must find some way to prove your innocence.

Johnson: Prove our innocence?

Khrushchev: Yes. Preferably with something… painful. Prove to me that this
is not merely another one of your tricks.

Johnson: The Boss should be close to Colonel Volgin. How about a little

Khrushchev: I would not expect too much if I were you. The political situation
here in unstable. And Colonel Volgin is a member of the Brezhnev faction which
seeks to topple my government. One week. You have only one week… and if it
is not too much to ask, do something about Volgin as well.

Johnson: What is that supposed to mean?

Khrushchev: Nothing… it means nothing. Call it a modest gentleman’s
agreement to ensure our continued relationship.

Johnson: What if we can’t “prove our innocence?”

Khrushchev: Then I will be unable to restrain the military. I will be ousted
and they will seek their revenge.

Johnson: A nuclear attack on the United States?

Khrushchev: I leave the disposal of this situation entirely to your
discretion, Mr. President.

Johnson: Disposal, huh…

Khrushchev: If you fail, it will mean the beginning of a new world war.

Zero: To put it simply, in order to avoid a full-scale nuclear conflict, we
have to prove that America was not involved in that explosion.

Snake: And eliminating The Boss ourselves will prove America’s innocence?

Zero: Right. The higher-ups have decided that you’re the only one capable of
pulling this off. You were her last apprentice. Screw this one up, and we’ll
both be six feet under. There’s no choice.

(scene returns to the jet plane)

Snake: Are the Russians going to be helping us?

Zero: The KGB has promised to lend us one of their communications satellites
so that you and I can talk to each other.

Snake: That’s it?

Zero: They’ve also put us in touch with a couple of insiders.

Snake: Insiders?

Zero: There was a defection in September 1960… do you remember it?

Snake: You mean the two NSA code breakers who went over to the Soviet Union?

Zero: Precisely. Since then, they’ve apparently been training with the KGB for
exactly this kind of situation. Their code names are ADAM and EVA. I’ve been
told that ADAM has infiltrated Volgin’s ranks.

(The jet flips upside-down and a delivery pod containing Snake is detached)

Zero: We’ve also arranged for him to provide you with an escape route. You’ll
need to rendezvous with him when you get there.

(The jet shoots off. Two Russian jets detect it)

Russian pilot: Control unidentified aircraft detected. Altitude 30,000 feet.
It’s fast! Estimated air speed exceeding Mach 3. Bearing south… I’m about to
lose it.

(The jets break off. Snake’s pod descends to the ground and beings to slow.
Snake is ejected from the pod; it crashes to the ground while Snake falls with
a parachute. The parachute detaches and Snake hits the ground, rolling to a
stop. He dusts himself off and calls Major Zero)

Snake: This is Snake. Do you read?

Zero: Loud and clear. Glad to see you landed safely.

Snake: I got blown pretty far off target.

Zero: Snake, let’s go over your mission objectives one more time. Rescue
Sokolov. Find out what’s happened to the Shagohod - then destroy it. And
finally, eliminate The Boss.

Snake: Eliminate The Boss…

Zero: This mission will be code-named “Operation Snake Eater.”

Snake: Because I’ll be taking on The Boss and her COBRA unit, right?

Zero: Don’t forget about Colonel Volgin.

Snake: I’m not a hired killer.

Zero: I know. But that was the Kremlin’s demand.

Snake: Demand? You mean it wasn’t just a request? What’s it to us if the
Khrushchev regime is threatened by the colonel and his faction?

Zero: If supporting the current regime helps avoid a nuclear exchange, then
that’s what we’ll do.

Snake: And what are the CIA’s demands?

Zero: Our priorities are the rescue of Sokolov and the destruction of the

Snake: Roger that, Major Tom.

Zero: Hold on, Snake.

Snake: What now?

Zero: I’m changing my code name. It turns out “Tom” wasn’t the most auspicious

Snake: What do you mean?

Zero: Well, the truth is, when I chose my code name… I picked the wrong one.

Snake: The wrong one?

Zero: Did you ever see the movie “The Great Escape?” It came out last year.

Snake: Must have missed that one.

Zero: Anyway, it’s based on a true story about prisoners who escaped from a
POW camp in Nazi Germany. The prisoners dig three tunnels as part of their
plan. But the Nazis find two of the tunnels before they’re finished. The
prisoners succeeded in escaping by using the last remaining tunnel. The names
of those three tunnels were Dick, Harry, and Tom.

Snake: I get it. You used the name of the tunnel they escaped in as your code
name because you thought it would bring you good luck.

Zero: Yes, that’s exactly right. At least that was the plan…

Snake: …But?

Zero: But I got the name wrong. The one they escaped in was Harry. Tom was one
of the unlucky tunnels - it was discovered by the Nazis before it was
finished. I watched the movie again just to make sure. In fact, I even ordered
the actual film from the movie company.

Snake: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like the greatest name to use. So, what should I
call you instead?

Zero: Hmm. You know, let’s just use Zero, like we’ve been doing all along.

Snake: All right, then, Major Zero it is. We’ll start over from square one.

Zero: From square zero. My frequency is 140.85. Oh, I almost forgot. Para-
Medic is with is again on this mission.

Snake: Is this her last chance, too?

Zero: If we fail, she’ll have her medical license revoked. It’s more or less
the same kind of fate… Her frequency is the same as during the Virtuous
Mission, 145.73. She’ll be recording your mission data, as well, just like
last time. That frequency is also the same: 140.96. And there’s one more
person on your support team. His name is Mr. Sigint. He’s an expert on the
latest in weapons and equipment technology. You’ll be going up against some
the world’s most advanced weaponry when you infiltrate the research facility.
If you have any questions, just ask him. His frequency is 148.41.

Snake: Mr. Sigint. Got it.

Zero: ADAM, your KGB contact, is waiting for you at the abandoned factory up

Snake: The same factory Sokolov was being held in last week?

Zero: Yes. Meet up with ADAM first. He’s cleared the way for you to rescue

Snake: How will I know this ADAM guy when I see him?

Zero: You’ll know once you reach the factory. The whole area’s been polluted
by the fallout from that nuclear blast. No one else would dare come close. The
password is… “Who are the Patriots?” and “La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo.”

Snake: “La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo.” Gotcha.

Zero: You’ve been equipped with a .45 for this mission. Be careful… it’s

Snake: I thought standard FOX procedure was procure on site weapons

Zero: The circumstances are different this time. You’re now on an official
mission for the United States government. It will be necessary to make your
presence known to a certain extent. To the Khrushchev regime at the very
least. But remember - this is still a sneaking mission. Snake, if you fail
this mission, it will mean an all-out nuclear war. Keep that in mind and
proceed with extreme caution.

Snake: Understood. Commencing Operation Snake Eater.


(Snake enters Dremujich north and finds a white horse.)

Boss: Looks like death wasn’t ready for you yet.

(The Boss is standing behind Snake wearing a cloak. Snake draws his gun)

Snake: Boss?

Boss: That arm still hurt?

Snake: What are you doing here?

(Before Snake can react, The Boss pulls off the cloak, revealing a white
battle suit. She dashes forward and disarms Snake before breaking his gun into
pieces with her bare hands)

Boss: Go home!

(Snake tries to attack, but The Boss flips him to the ground)

Boss: Go home! GRU and my sons are waiting up ahead. You don’t have a prayer
of finishing your mission - you’re not even armed. (walks away)

Snake: Boss!!

(Snake tries to attack, but again, he is floored by The Boss’ superior CQC

Boss: I’m not your boss anymore. There’s nothing for you here. Go home. Go
back to your boss. (draws Patriot machine gun) There’s no need to prove that
you are virtuous here. This isn’t America.

(The Boss fires on the wreckage of Snake’s landing pod, causing it to explode)

Boss: That should stir things up a bit. You’d better hurry. (it begins to
rain) The Border is 60 miles south of here. You ought to be able to run that

Snake: Why’d you defect?

Boss: I didn’t. I’m loyal… to the “end.” To my purpose. What about you,
Jack? What’s it going to be? Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me? Your
country, or your mentor? Your mission, or your beliefs? Your duty to your
unit? Or your personal feelings? You don’t know the truth yet. But sooner or
later, you’ll have to choose. I don’t expect you to forgive me. But you can’t
defeat me, either. You know me too well. Just look at that bandanna. If you
can’t put the past behind you, you won’t survive long. If we meet again, I’ll
kill you.

(the horse rears up and stomps Snake’s hand)

Boss: Now, go home!

(The Boss rides off. Snake calls Zero)

Snake: This is Snake. Major Zero?

Zero: I read you, Snake.

Snake: I was ambushed by The Boss.

Zero: You were what!?

Snake: The drone’s been shot to hell. It’s up in flames.

Zero: That’s not good. Enemy scouts are going to come looking for you.

Snake: Yeah, I know. But what was The Boss doing here in the first place?
There’s got to be a leak somewhere.

Zero: No, that’s impossible. The man The Boss is working with, Colonel Volgin,
isn’t exactly on speaking terms with Khrushchev.

Snake: I lost my gun… The Boss destroyed it.

Zero: Snake, I know how you’re feeling. It’s hard for me to believe, too -
that a legendary hero like The Boss would go over to the Russians, that she’d
double cross us like this… But that’s how it is, and if you don’t accept it,
you’ll never be able to beat her.

Snake: That’s not the problem. In terms of sheer technique, I’ll never be able
to beat her. I know that all too well.

Zero: You’ve got to do it, Snake. She’s your enemy and your objective.

Snake: Enemy!? We were together for 10 years. And now you tell me she’s my

Zero: Enough. Hurry to the factory where ADAM is waiting. Scouts have probably
already been sent out to investigate the explosion. You’ve lost your weapon,
right? That means you’ve got no chance of winning in a battle situation.
Whatever you do, don’t let them see you.


((After Snake leaves Sokolov’s previous holding chamber, he heads out into the
complex. A blinding light form a motorcycle issues from his left)

Woman: Sorry I’m late.

Snake: Cut the engine, they’ll hear us.

Woman: Are you the agent they sent?

Snake: Are you ADAM? I thought you were supposed to be a man.

Woman: ADAM couldn’t make it.

Snake: All right, say the password. Who are the Patriots? (no answer) Who are
the Patriots? (no answer) Answer me!

(soldiers suddenly appear and surround Snake)

Snake: Trapped?

Woman: Get down!

(The woman pulls out a Chinese Mauser 17 pistol and lets loose, killing all of
the soldiers)

Woman: There… is your answer.

(She gets off the bike, removes her helmet, and approaches Snake, unzipping
the front part of her suit)

Eva: The name’s EVA.

(We next see Snake and Eva in Sokolov’s room, Snake smoking a cigar)

Snake: This wasn’t part of the plan. What happened to ADAM?

Eva: What’s your code name?

Snake: It’s… Snake.

Eva: Snake, huh. Well, I’m EVA… are you here to tempt me?

(She sits next to Snake, but he turns away)

Snake: What happened to ADAM?

Eva: Colonel Volgin is a very suspicious man. He decided ADAM wasn’t the right
person for this mission.

Snake: And you were?

Eva: Yes.

Snake: Why?

Eva: Because I can do things he can’t.

Snake: I heard you used to be a code breaker for the NSA.

Eva: I was. 4 years ago I defected to the Soviet Union with ADAM.

Snake: (eyeing Eva’s gun) Mauser Military… the “Broomhandle.”

Eva: It packs quite a punch. Nice to have when you’re on a bike.

Snake: You held it sideways, and used the muzzle jump to create a horizontal
sweep; that was impressive.

Eva: Bet you’ve never seen that technique in the West.

Snake: It’s imitation, isn’t it?

Eva: Yeah. It’s a Chinese Type 17 pistol. Around here, even that’s hard to
come by. Don’t worry, though. The one I’ve got for you is American made. (hand
Snake a gun)

Snake: .45, huh. (stomps out his cigar) Incredible…

Eva: Do you like it?

Snake: The feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. The slide’s been
reinforced. And the interlock with the frame is tightened for added precision.
The sight system is original, too. The thumb safety is extended to make it
easier on the finger. A long-type trigger with non-slip grooves. A ring
hammer… The base of the trigger guard’s been filed down for a higher grip.
And not only that, nearly every part of this gun has been expertly crafted and
customized. Where’d you get something like this?

Eva: I grabbed it from a Western munitions armory. It probably used to belong
to one of your officers… and there are more where that came from. You had
this with you, didn’t you? (holds up Snake’s Mk22) Better take this, too.
(shows Snake the scientist outfit)

Snake: What’s this?

Eva: A disguise to make you look like a scientist.

Snake: A disguise?

Eva: Yes. You’re here to rescue Sokolov, right?

Snake: Sokolov’s still safe, then.

Eva: Yes. He’s being forced to continue his work on the Shagohod.

Snake: Where?

Eva: At the lab. They’ve got a whole army of scientists there developing new
weapons. Security is tight, but if you disguise yourself as a scientist you
might be able to sneak in.

Snake: Can we get Sokolov out of there?

Eva: We’ll see, won’t we.

Snake: Tell how to get to the lab. (begins whittling the grip of his .45 with
his knife)

Eva: The safest way in is from the rear. First, you’ll have to head north
through the jungle. You’ll come to a heliport used for shipping materials.
Pass the heliport and continue north, and there will be a large crevice.
Descend into that area and you’ll reach a cave. Move through the cave and you
will arrive at a mangrove swamp. After the swamp, there’ll be a warehouse.
Make your way through the warehouse and you’ll come out just south of the lab.

Snake: Got it.

Eva: And just what are you doing there?

Snake: In close range combat, a knife can sometimes be more useful than a gun.
By doing this, I’ll be able to hold a knife at the same time and still keep
the gun steady. That way, I can instantly switch between a gun battle and a
knife fight. Right. Let’s get going.

Eva: Wait a minute.

Snake: What now?

Eva: You must be tired. Why don’t you take a little rest?

Snake: I’ll be fine. (walks away but staggers)

Eva: You’ll never make it in your condition. It’s a jungle out there. There’s
still an hour before dawn. It’s dangerous to be out in the jungle at night
without a guide.

Snake: What about you?

Eva: I have to get back. I can’t be gone for too long. They’ll start to
suspect something. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated over the radio.

Snake: That’s it?

Eva: My orders are to provide you with information. Nothing more… You look
disappointed. All right then… I’ll do something special for you. I’ll stand
watch until dawn. Now be a good boy and lie down. (Snake turns away) What’s
the matter?

Snake: I don’t know you well enough to trust you.

Eva: How well do you have to know me to trust me?

Snake: I don’t know if I can trust anybody. (his radio beeps)

Eva: Gonna get that?

(Para-Medic calls Snake)

Para-Medic: She’s right Snake. You should get some sleep. Although in your
condition, you really ought to be back in the ICU… Whenever you save the
game and quit, you’ll go to sleep. Sleeping allows you to gain back stamina
naturally. Depending on how long you sleep, you may also recover naturally
from sickness and injury. When you’re tired or hurt, the best thing to do is
just get some sleep. So do yourself a favor and take a nap. Doctor’s orders,

Snake: Yeah, OK.

(We next see a shot of Eva using a radio in briefcase while Snake is sleeping.
An hour passes and dawn arrives. Snake wakes up to Eva dressing right in front
of him. He hears a noise)

Snake: !

Eva: What’s the matter?

Snake: We’re surrounded. I see… 4 of them.

Eva: We’ve got company. It’s the Ocelot unit. Let’s get out of here. Hurry!
Don’t forget your gear. Here, give me a hand. (they move the bed away to
reveal a trapdoor) We can use this to get to the basement. (she crawls down
and peeks through the grating) Dammit! Ocelot! I’ll get past them on my bike.
I’ll call you later.

Snake: Okay, I’ll keep them busy. (Eva kisses Snake on the cheek) !

Eva: Don’t go dying on me now.

(Eva crawls away. Snake closes the trapdoor and then draws his knife and gun)


(After defeating the Ocelot unit and heading north, Snake hears several
gunshots back at the factory. He goes back to find Ocelot holding Eva hostage
on a platform)

Ocelot: I’ve been waiting for this moment…

(Ocelot has the ejected bullet from his Makarov hanging from his neck)

Ocelot: That’s it! That’s the stance! (Eva tries to escape) I don’t think so!
(he fondles her chest) Wha…? A female spy? This bitch is wearing perfume…
(to Snake) Stay where you are! I’ve had enough of your judo!

Snake: I see you’ve got yourself a single action army.

Ocelot: That’s right. There’ll be no accidents this time.

Snake: You call that an accident? Well… it wouldn’t have happened if you
hadn’t been showing off.

Ocelot: What did you say!?

Snake: It’s a nice gun, I’ll give you that. But the engraving gives you no
tactical advantage whatsoever. Unless you were planning to auction it off as a
collector’s item. And you’re forgetting one more very basic thing… You don’t
have what it takes to kill me.

Ocelot: We’ll see!! (he pulls the trigger but nothing happens. He is out of
ammo) !

(Eva frees herself and roundhouse kicks him, sending him flying off the
platform. She jumps off and lands on her motorcycle. Ocelot tries to stop her
but Eva does a back flip on her bike, hitting Ocelot squarely in the face and
flooring him. Eva catches his knife on its way down)

Snake: 6 shots…

Ocelot: ?

Snake: That thing only carries 6 shots. The Makarov carries 8. You have to get
a feel for how many you have left. (Ocelot recovers his gun) This is a high
class weapon. It’s not meant for shooting people.

Ocelot: Damn! This isn’t over yet! (he runs off)

(Eva tries to shoot him but Snake stops her)

Snake: Don’t!

Eva: Why?

Snake: He’s still young.

Eva: You’ll regret stopping me. Dammit! I’ve got to get back before he does.

(Eva revs up her bike and goes up the stairs. She ramps off and flies over the
rooftop before landing and riding off through a gate)


(while traveling through Chynoryj Prud, Eva calls Snake)

Eva: Snake, are you there?

Snake: Eva?

Eva: Did you miss me?

Snake: Did you make it without any trouble?

Eva: No one saw me.

Snake: So you’re back with Volgin?

Eva: In a matter of speaking.

Snake: What about The Boss?

Eva: Yeah, she’s here too.

Snake: Better be careful.

Eva: Thanks, I will. The Boss and I get along pretty well, though. I guess we
traitors have a lot in common.

Snake: Why would anyone want to defect? Betraying your country like… I… I
just don’t get it.

Eva: Are you talking about The Boss?

Snake: Why’d you do it? Weren’t you born and raised in America?

Eva: Yes, in a small rural town. I never even knew there were other countries,
other cultures, other ways of thinking. Until I went to work for the NSA.
Then, one day, I’d found I’d lost faith in the things I’d been taking for

Snake: What did you see? What was it that made you want to change sides?

Eva: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Snake: Try me.

Eva: I saw the universe.

Snake: The universe?

Eva: Not the actual universe. The universe as the intelligence community sees
it. I realized that the gravity in this universe was holding me back. That’s
all. People and their countries are both changed by the environment. And by
the times.

Snake: That sounds like what The Boss was saying.

Eva: There’s a world of difference between this country and America. But it’s
only a difference of position. A difference of perspective. Coming here made
me realize something. Half of what I’d been told was a complete and utter
lie… the other half was a conveniently constructed lie.

Snake: Where’s the truth then?

Eva: It’s hidden in the lies.

Snake: Are you lying, too?

Eva: Who knows? I’ve been trained to make even the most severe falsehood sound
like the honest truth. Weren’t you?

Snake: No. I… believe because I have to. Even if it is a lie. That’s part of
my mission.

Eva: I’ll have to remember that. If you need to give me a call on the radio,
my frequency is 142.52. See ya.


(Snake finds the Bolshaya Past Crevice and meets Ocelot)

Ocelot: Ah, you’re here at last. Looks like The Boss’ info was right. (draws
gun) Twice now you’ve made me taste bitter defeat.

(Ocelot gives that strange animal call and more Ocelot unit soldiers, as well
as regular soldiers, appear behind Snake)

Ocelot: I hate to disappoint the Cobras but you’re mine now. All of you, leave
us! (the others lower their weapons) It’s just you and me. No one to get in
our way. Ocelots are proud creatures. They prefer to hunt alone. (he shows off
by twirling two revolvers) 12 shots… (twirls some more) This time, I’ve got
12 shots. Okay… Draw!


(Snake and Ocelot hold each other at gunpoint after the battle. Before they
can shoot, swarms of hornets appear)

Ocelot: Damn! He found us!!

(The hornets attack everyone in the area. Ocelot is able to fend them off by
twirling his revolvers. The other soldiers are not so lucky; all are stung to
death. Ocelot hides behind a tree)

Ocelot: You were lucky. We’ll meet again! (the same line from MGS1)

(Ocelot runs off. Snake cannot hold off the hornets, so he jumps down into the


(Snake enters a cave and a swarm of hornets appear. Snake dives into the water
to avoid the hornets and surfaces to find The Pain standing on a small island)

Pain: I’ve caught you at last. We are the sons of The Boss. I am The Pain. I
will guide you to a world of anguish beyond your imagination. Let’s get


(after taking down about half of The Pain’s life, he pulls off his mask to
reveal a horribly scarred face from hornet stings. He begins to shoot his
“bullet bees” out of his mouth)


(When The Pain dies, he falls to the floor. Hornets begin to swarm around him)

The Pain: The pain… the pain… the pain! (he explodes) The pain!! (echoing)


(Snake enters the Chonarya Peschera Cave Entrance and sees several soldiers on
patrol riding what appears to be flying vehicles)


(Snake enters Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior and takes a look with his
binoculars. A guard is pushing Sokolov around)

Sokolov: Get your hands off me! I’m not going anywhere!

(Volgin and the woman from before appear)

Volgin: Really now. How many times must I tell you?

(Volgin places a hand on the woman’s shoulder and gives her an electric shock,
sending her tumbling down the stairs(

Sokolov: Tanya!

Volgin: Each time you resist, your lover will suffer the consequences. Is that

Sokolov: Volgin…!! (he tries to move forward but the guard pushes him back)
Damn you!

(Volgin picks up Tanya and gives her another electric shock. The guard begins
to push Sokolov into the warehouse when Ocelot shows up)

Ocelot: Hold it right there, traitor. Let’s find out just how lucky you are.

(Ocelot reveals a bullet for his revolver. He loads the bullet)

Ocelot: Watch closely. (takes out three revolvers)

Ocelot: One of these three guns has a single bullet in it. I’m going to pull
the trigger six times in a row. Are you ready?

(Ocelot juggles the three guns. Each time he pulls a trigger, Sokolov winces.
The fifth time a trigger is pulled, Sokolov pisses his pants)

Ocelot: Looks like your luck hasn’t run out yet.

(Ocelot is about to pull a trigger the sixth time when The Boss intervenes and
grabs the gun. She pulls the trigger and the bullet is fired into the water)

Boss: There’s no such thing as luck on the battlefield.

(Volgin signals to the guard and takes him into the warehouse)

Boss: You’d better stay in line from now on. The Cobras will take care of him.

(The Boss hands the gun back to Ocelot, but he is surprised to see that The
Boss has dismantled it with her bare hands. He angrily stomps off)

Volgin: Has the CIA dog been disposed of yet?

Boss: The Pain is dead.

Volgin: What!? (he punches the wall several times) He may be a child but he’s
definitely one of yours! (several bullets wedged in between his knuckles fall
to the ground) I fear Khrushchev may have a hand in this. We have no time to
lose. You must eliminate him before the final test.

Boss: Don’t worry. They’ll be bale to handle it.

(An old man in a wheelchair comes out of the warehouse)

Boss: I’m leaving him to you, The Fear.

(The Fear appears and runs across the water, jumping away from scene)

Volgin: The old man is always sleeping. Is he all right?

Boss: The End is saving what life he has left in him for battle. Normally,
he’s dead. But he’ll wake up when the time is right. (it begins to rain) And
when he does, it will The End for the boy.

(Volgin goes to Tanya)

Volgin: Sokolov isn’t worth your love. You can entertain me until the rain
stops. (walking away) Kuwabara… Kuwabara…

(Tanya leaves. The Boss looks up into the sky)

Boss: The Sorrow? Is that you? (leaves)


(Snake enters Granin’s office in the Graniny Gorki Lab)

Granin: If you’re looking for Sokolov, he’s not here anymore.

Snake: (draws gun) !

Granin: Put that thing away. You’ll spoil my drink. So, you’re the intruder
everyone’s talking about. Typical capitalist dog - no manners. (takes a swig
form his flask)

Snake: And who are you?

Granin: You mean you’ve never heard of me? And you call yourself an agent.
Very well, then. Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin. A man of some importance if I do
say so myself. I am the foremost weapons scientist in the Soviet Union and the
head of the glorious Granin Design Bureau. This is the Order of Lenin. It is
an honor of the greatest magnitude given along with the title of “hero of
socialism,” to only the finest workers. It was awarded to me in recognition of
my brilliant contributions to society. Since the Great Patriotic War, I have
created countless weapons in the service of our great communist society. It
was thanks to me that we were able to stamp out the Nazi scum. It was I who
created the basic design for the mobile ballistic system you know and fear as
SS-1C. (takes another swig)

Snake: You’re crocked, aren’t you?

Granin: I am merely drowning my sorrow. Because of him, I’ve got nothing to do
but sit here and drink this crap.

Snake: Him?

Granin: Sokolov! It’s him you’re looking for, isn’t it? Because of him, I have
been stripped of my authority. My research has come to nothing. Look! (pulls
out some schematics and hands them to Snake) It is a revolutionary mobile
nuclear missile system, a bipedal tank.

Snake: A bipedal tank?

Granin: Yes, a walking tank - a robot! Are you familiar with the theory of the
missing link between apes and humans? Well, this technology will be the
missing link between infantry and artillery. A kind of metal gear, if you
well. And this magnificent metal gear will make a revolutionary step forward
in weapons development.

Snake: Metal Gear…

Granin: But I won’t be used so easily. No, no crying myself to sleep. For you
see, I’m going to send these documents to my friend in the United States. (we
see a picture of this person who looks a lot like Otacon from MGS1)

Snake: What!?

Granin: These bastards will live to regret this. And when they themselves
become the targets of my creation, they will know my true greatness. Yes!
Sokolov’s pathetic Shagohod pales in comparison to my work! What are you going
to do with a rocket engine on a tank?

Snake: About Sokolov…

Granin: A tank does not need a rocket! It needs something else. Look at these
(motions to his legs).

Snake: Nice shoes.

Granin: No. Legs!! Legs that allow it to go anywhere!! Just as when humans
learned to walk upright! THAT is the real evolution in weaponry! Don’t you
agree? But… the fools in charge choose Sokolov.

Snake: And where is Sokolov?

Granin: My project has been terminated. The Philosopher’s Legacy has been
handed over to him.

Snake: What the hell are you talking about?

Granin: The Philosopher’s Legacy. Haven’t you heard of the Philosophers? The
colonel has inherited their immense legacy. Volgin’s father was in charge of
the Philosopher’s money laundering activities. In the confusion of the war, he
somehow ended up with their treasure. And Volgin inherited that treasure
illegally. We never need to worry about the military budget. The development
costs at our facility are all paid out of the colonel’s deep pockets. The
weapons born here will be the genes for creating an entirely new form of
warfare! The funding for my research came out of that legacy. CAME out of it.
Now, my money, my men - all have been diverted to the Shagohod project.
Tomorrow they will be conducting the final test. While Sokolov is making the
final preparations in the weapons factory, at Volgin’s main base, the great
fortress of Groznyj Grad, here I am playing host to an enemy spy and drinking
myself into a stupor.

Snake: That’s where they moved Sokolov?

Granin: Yes.

Snake: And the Shagohod is there, too?

Granin: Of course. (Snake starts to leave) Hey! You’re not thinking of going
to Groznyj Grad? Are you mad? It’s an impenetrable fortress!

Snake: I’m sure it is.

Granin: You’ll be killed!

Snake: I’ll take my chances.

Granin: Wait!

Snake: What?

Granin: Listen to me, you fool! I want to help you.

Snake: Help me?

Granin: To thank you for your compliment.

Snake: What compliment?

Granin: My shoes. Tatyana gave them to me. I wanted to thank you for
complimenting me on them. I’ll tell you how to get into the fortress. In
return, I ask only that you get that idiot out of there and destroy the
Shagohod. There is an underground tunnel that runs around the perimeter of the
base. You should be able to use it to sneak into the base. Head for the
mountains. The entrance to the tunnel is located there. Take this. (hands over
a keycard) You passed through a warehouse on your way here, didn’t you?

Snake: Yeah.

Granin: There should have been a locked door inside of it. Do you remember it?

Snake: …

Granin: This key… will open that door. Beyond that door lies a vast jungle.
You climb up into the mountains from the far end of the jungle. Go back to the
warehouse. Use the key to open the locked door and head for the mountains. Got

Snake: Why are you helping me?

Granin: Unlike Sokolov, the thought of defecting has never once crossed my
mind. I love… my country. I love this land. I cannot even imagine living
anywhere else. I wish to remain a hero… of the great motherland. I cannot
bear the thought of being hounded into a corner and left to waste away. It is
already dawn. You must hurry. I will remain here and nurse my troubles for a
little longer. (Snake starts to leave) To capitalism! (takes another swig)


(Snake is walking through Graniny Gorki South but is ambushed by The Fear. A
bolt from a crossbow flies down and hits Snake in the leg. He takes cover
behind a tree as The Fear, clad is some sort of stealth camouflage uniform,  
jumps down to the ground)

Fear: I am The Fear… That bolt is coated with the venom of the Brazilian
Wandering Spider. Soon a most exquisite pain will engulf your entire body.
Your limbs will be paralyzed, your lungs cease to draw breath, eventually your
heart will stop beating. Ah, but what fun would that be? Not a fitting death
at all. The Boss’ apprentice… I will give you fear such as you’ve never
experienced before. Come into my web… It is time… (he dislocated his arms)
for you to feel the fear!


(Snake defeats The Fear. The Fear is suspended in the air by several ropes,
like a spider web)

Fear: The fear! The fear!! I see it! The fear!

(The Fear explodes, sending hundreds of bolts every which way. Snake dives out
of the way just in time)


(When Snake enters Svyatogornyj South, Eva calls him)

Eva: Snake, are you there?

Snake: Eva? Where are you?

Eva: In the fortress - in Groznyj Grad. Dr. Sokolov is here, too.

Snake: Is he all right?

Eva: He’s fine. Right now he’s busy putting the finishing touches on the

Snake: Good. That’s means they haven’t killed him.

Eva: Not yet anyway. But you better hurry. They’ve already finished the Phase
2 tests. Once the final preparations are complete, they’ll have no more use
for him. The colonel won’t have any qualms about killing him if he thinks the
CIA is closing in.

Snake: Eva, you can’t let Sokolov out of your sight.

Eva: I know. Snake, do you know where Groznyj Grad is?

Snake: Granin told me that I should be able to get there from the mountains to
the north through an underground tunnel.

Eva: Granin told you?

Snake: Yeah. He even gave me the key to the warehouse.

Eva: Why?

Snake: Because he was drunk, I guess.

Eva: You’ve got to be kidding.

Snake: Hell if I know.

Eva: Snake, there’s one problem with that route.

Snake: What problem?

Eva: The mountain entrance to the underground tunnel that leads to the
fortress is sealed. You need a key to get in.

Snake: A key… what about the key Granin gave me?

Eva: That key won’t work. But don’t worry. I’ll figure something out. I have
an idea. There are some ruins at the top of the mountains. Meet me there.

Snake: The top of the mountains. Got it.

Eva: Wait. There’s something else I’ve got to tell you.

Snake: Now what?

Eva: I heard that one of the Cobras is waiting for you in the jungle at the
foot of the mountains. He’s a legendary sniper call The End.

Snake: Yeah, I’ve seen him before. That ridiculously old guy, right?

Eva: Don’t underestimate him. He’s known as the father of modern sniping.

Snake: Is he alone? No spotter?

Eva: None. He’s all by himself. Apparently he doesn’t need a spotter.

Snake: You can’t be serious.

Eva: The entire forest is on his side.

Snake: The forest…

Eva: Stay alert.

Snake: Yeah. I’d hate to have it be the end for me.


(Snake enters Sokrovenno South and hears a noise. From far away, The End lies
motionless on the ground. His parrot wakes him up)

End: I beg of you, grant me the strength to take this final prey. Let me
linger in the world just a little longer. I have already slept enough for one
lifetime… enough for an eternity. You have my thanks. I have to thank you
for waking me. If you hadn’t shown up… my sleep… would have been eternal.
Do you hear me, Snake? I am The End. I am here to send you to your ultimate
fate. You’ll make a fine quarry for my final hunt.

(Snake takes cover and calls Eva)

Snake: Eva, I found that sniper you were talking about.

Eva: That’s The End. He’s a legend, known as the “Father of Sniping.”

Snake: I’ve got experience sniping in urban and marine environments.

Eva: What about the forest?

Snake: Never.

Eva: I see… well, that forest is divided into three areas: a river, a
plateau, and a clearing. He should be lying in wait for you in one of those

Snake: Sounds like this may take a while.

Eva: It’ll be a test of endurance. Be careful, though. From what I’ve heard,
The End has an almost supernatural knack for camouflaging himself.

Snake: So whoever moves first, loses… This guys’ over a hundred years old,
though, so I should have the advantage in terms of stamina.

Eva: I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you.

Snake: Why’s that?

Eva: I’ve heard that his body is photosynthetic, like a plant.

Snake: What is he, some kind of monster?

Eva: On top of that, he can speak to the forest, too.

Snake: So in other words, he knows it inside out?

Eva: Uh huh. But he doesn’t know you. I’m sure you can beat him.

Snake: Don’t worry. I intend to.


(If you save the game and quit, Snake will go to sleep. After 3-5 days,
loading up the game will cause this scene to occur. Snake is resting against a
tree. He wakes up but is shot in the head with a tranquilizer dart. The End
has outwitted Snake)

End: You disappoint me, young Snake… The moment you close your eyes on the
battlefield is the moment you never open them again. That’s why I don’t sleep

(He carries Snake off to the Graniny Gorki Lab)


(If you save, quit, and then load the game up after about a week, another
scene will occur. Snake spots The End with his back turned and slowly sneaks
up on him)

Snake: Drop your weapon. (no response) Drop your weapon!

(The End topples forward. He is dead. Snake calls Zero)

Snake: Major, I found The End. He’s dead. What the hell happened?

Para-Medic: Maybe it was from old age.

Zero: You mean he kicked the bucket in the middle of a battle?

Para-Medic: Maybe.

Zero: Well, Snake, the victory is yours.

Snake: No, I don’t think so.

Zero: What do you mean?

Snake: It was his dying wish to fight me. But I disappointed him.

Zero: Snake, listen to yourself. This is a mission. It’s not a game; it’s not
a sport. You think you’re competing for the gold at Tokyo or something?

Snake: …I guess you’re right…

Zero: Just focus on completing the mission.

Snake: Yes, sir…

(Snake rings off and walks away at The End’s corpse explodes)


(Snake wins the battle and The End collapses to the ground)

End: Spirits of the forest… I thank you. The Boss would be proud of you. The
time has come for a younger generation to rise. I’ve been wandering for more
than a century and now my journey comes to a close. What a splendid way… to
end it all. I have no regrets… I can return to the forest at last…

(The End’s uniform slowly turns brown. His dentures fly up in the air and he
explodes, like all the other Cobra unit members)


(Snake walks into the ruins at the top of the mountains. He sneaks upstairs to
find a half-naked Eva getting dressed)

Eva: Well, that was quick.

Snake: You look like you could use some rest.

Eva: I’ll be fine. It’s just that playing these two roles hasn’t left me much
time to sleep.

Snake: Where’d you get those cuts?

Eva: The colonel.

Snake: He found out?

Eva: If he knew, I’d be dead already. No, this is his “hobby.” He’s a sadist.
He gets pleasure out of making people suffer. He’s scum… (Snake touches the
scars on her back) Does it look that strange to you?

Snake: No. I’m the same way, scars all over.

Eva: Can I see?

Snake: No. (indicates the scar on her abdomen) Where’d you get this one?

Eva: I got it after defecting to the Soviet Union.

Snake: I don’t think so. It’s older than that. Code breaking is a desk job.
Where’d you get this kind of scar?

Eva: You really want to know? Well, too bad.

Snake: …

Eva: A girl’s got to have some secrets, you know. But enough about that.
You’ve got to get going. The Phase 2 trial of the Shagohod is about to start.
And it looks like someone might be coming to spoil the party.

Snake: Khrushchev?

Eva: His forces are on their way here. The colonel is gathering his troops
together to meet them. If we don’t get a move on the security will be even
tighter than it is now. You’ll need this key. (hands it to Snake) It unlocks
the door to the underground tunnel. Once you’re in there, you can follow the
tunnel to get inside Groznyj Grad. And take this, too. (pulls out two packages
of instant noodles)

Snake: What is it?

Eva: The food of the future. A well-balanced meal for the space age. It’s good
to eat some real food once in a while. I’ll bet if I kissed you, you’d taste
like a wild animal.

(we some shots of the Groznyj Grad)

Snake: Do you know where exactly in Groznyj Grad Sokolov is located?

Eva: He’s in the heart of the fortress, the weapons lab. The weapons lab is
divided into three wings. There’s the east wing which houses the research
facilities. Then there’s the main wing where the weapons are assembled. That’s
where the Shagohod is. Finally, there’s the west wing which is connected via a
passageway to the main building. That’s where Sokolov is. To get in, you’ll
have to enter the main wing from the east wing. Then, go through the
passageway on the second floor of the main wing.

Snake: The west wing of the weapons lab. Got it.

Eva: There’s just one problem.

Snake: Not again…

Eva: The west wing is protected by the highest level of security. You need to
be colonel class to get in.

Snake: Colonel class?

Eva: Here, look at this picture. (The picture is of Volgin and another man)
Major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov. Pretend you’re him.

Snake: How do I do that?

(we see Raikov, who looks just like Raiden from MGS2, walking in the east

Eva: Steal his clothes. You look similar from behind so they won’t know the
difference. Your face might be a problem so you’ll just have to figure
something out. He should be somewhere in the east wing.

(the scene returns to Snake and Eva)

Snake: All right. But how am I supposed to escape once I get Sokolov out of
there? Command said you’re supposed to have something ready for me.

Eva: And I do. There’s a lake 30 miles north of here. I hid a WIG there.

Snake: A WIG?

Eva: It’s a state-of-art ground effect vehicle.

Snake: A ground effect vehicle. I can’t fly one of those!

Eva: That’s okay. I happen to be an excellent pilot.

Snake: Taking off from a lake is trickier than it looks. It’s not like riding
a motorcycle. You’ve got to be delicate.

Eva: Of course I will. You’ve seen how good I am with the bike, right?

(Snake looks down and notices some dirt on one of Eva’s boots)

Snake: Right. You handle the escape, then. I’ll head for Groznyj Grad.

Eva: Wait a minute. There’s something I wanted to ask you.

Snake: What?

Eva: What’s the story between you and The Boss?

Snake: She was like a mother… and my master.

Eva: And your lover?

Snake: It went deeper than that.

Eva: Deeper?

Snake: Half of me belongs to The Boss.

Eva: Do you love her?

Snake: No, nothing like that.

Eva: Do you hate her?

Snake: Does it have to be one or the other - love or hate?

Eva: Between a man and a woman. You bet.

Snake: For ten years, we lived and died together. You couldn’t possibly

Eva: And you think you can kill her now? That’s your mission, isn’t it?
Assassinating The Boss.

(Snake moves away and lowers his head)

Eva: Snake, is there anyone you like? Someone special?

Snake: I’ve never been interested in other people’s lives. (These lines are an
obvious reference to the same conversation Snake and Meryl had in MGS1)

Eva: You were interested in The Boss.

Snake: She was different.

Eva: Really? How do you feel about me?

Snake: I should be asking you the same question.

Eva: Me? I can fall in love - if it’s part of the mission. (unzips the front
part of her suit) Even with you… (she kisses him several times, but he
doesn’t move) Snake? What’s wrong?

(Snake turns to leave but they hear a crashing noise. The two head outside to
a cliff overlooking Groznyj Grad. Eva gets on her bike)

Eva: See you ‘round, Snake. Take care of yourself.

Snake: What about you?

Eva: I’ve got to hurry back and play my… other part.

Snake: Are you going to be OK?

Eva: Not sure… they’re not stupid and they know there’s a spy. There’s no
way you could have gotten this far all by yourself.

(Eva revs up the bike and flies off the cliff. Snake uses his binoculars and
watches her go. Then, he focuses inside the base and sees Volgin punching a
steel barrel. The barrel begins to leak blood. Volgin delivers a powerful
punch and barrel flies into several more barrels. The charred body of Granin
is ejected from the barrel.)

Ocelot: Colonel, did he talk?

Volgin: No. He died before I could get it out of him.

Ocelot: He wasn’t the spy, then?

(Volgin removes the sole of Granin’s shoe and pulls out a small electronic

Volgin: Look at this.

Ocelot: A transmitter?

Volgin: Exactly. Planted to keep someone informed of his location. (he sends
an electrical current through his hand and destroys the transmitter)

Ocelot: But… does this mean Granin was the spy?

Volgin: Perhaps he was being used by someone else.

Ocelot: Perhaps? This man was our comrade!

Volgin: Comrade or not, he is of no use to us now.

Ocelot: I don’t approve of your methods!

Volgin: I don’t need your approval. I’m in command here.

Ocelot: …and that nuclear shell.

Volgin: Still feeling sore about that, are you? What are you going to do,
report it to the authorities? This is war, Major. A Cold War, fought with
information and espionage. We must root out spies wherever they hide. It is
kill or be killed. Potential threats must be weeded out. Your feelings are a
menace to the unity of our organization. Someone is guiding the enemy’s hand.
A single man can only accomplish so much. Make no mistake, there is a spy
among us.

Ocelot: But casting suspicion on our own comrades…

Volgin: The C3 explosives have been stolen.

Ocelot: You think it was the American?

Volgin: No. He could not have reached this fortress yet.

Ocelot: Then who?

Boss: I’d be careful about suspecting your own men.

Volgin: Boss?

(Tatyana shows up as well)

Ocelot: Where have you been?

Boss: The Fear and The End have fallen. (throws The Fear’s crossbow on the
ground. Ocelot picks it up)

Volgin: (punching a barrel) Damn it! CIA dog! That leaves only The Fury. How
can the legendary Cobras be beaten so easily?

Ocelot: He’s good…

Volgin: Fallen for him?

Boss: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him.

Volgin: What is he after? It must be more than just Sokolov.

Boss: America is out to destroy the Shagohod and get its hands on your
inheritance… the Philosopher’s Legacy.

Volgin: Impossible! The Legacy… it…

Boss: And they’re out to kill me as well. Colonel, tighten the security on
this place. He’s coming here - I’m sure of it! I’m going to get the Davy

(She leaves, as does Volgin. Ocelot is about to leave when he smells

Ocelot: Mm? Perfume? Hmm… (points the crossbow at Tatyana) Nice boots. (they
are the same boots Eva was wearing) Make sure you polish them up properly.


(Snake walks through the underground tunnel and encounters The Fury)

Fury: I am The Fury! The flames of my rage will incinerate you! I came back
form space. As I returned, I had one vision - the world set ablaze. And do you
know what I saw there? Fury! (flies up in the air with jet pack) A great and
terrible fury at being alive. Now - you’re going to feel the scorching of that
terrible blackness!


(Snake defeats The Fury)

Fury: Boss… this is the end of the Cobras. You’ve got to live on… you’re
the only one left. I’m off… to join The Sorrow. (he removes his helmet and
begins to suck in all the flames) Behold the flames of fury! The fires of Hell
will purge me clean! I can see it! Mission control, do you read me? (fires up
jet pack) I’m coming home!! I can see the earth…

(He changes into a giant flaming face, flying around the room. Snake dodges
some debris and barely manages to make it through a door before the face
crashes and explodes)


(Snake enters Groznyj Grad. We see several shots of the base and the
patrolling guards. Snake takes cover behind some boxes and prepares for the


(After taking out Raikov, Snake drags his body to the locker room and removes
his clothes. Snake stuffs the Major into a locker)


(Snake arrives at Sokolov’s room and takes off his hat and mask. He is about
to enter)

Sokolov: Here it is. (hands some film to Tatyana)

Tatyana: You can count on me. What about the Philosopher’s Legacy?

Sokolov: I don’t know anything about that. (Tatyana pulls out her tube of
lipstick) What are you…! Are you trying to kill me?

Tatyana: What’s the matter?

Sokolov: I know nothing. I swear it! No one but the colonel knows of the

Tatyana: I see. (holding the tube in his face)

Sokolov: No, don’t…!

(Tatyana reveals that the tube really is just lipstick. She puts some on and
leaves, not noticing Snake hiding behind some boxes. Snake enters the room)

Sokolov: Who’s there? You’re the man from the CIA. What are you doing here?

Snake: I told you before, didn’t I? I’m going to get you out of here.

Sokolov: Hmph… a man of honor, just like your commander. But I’m afraid
you’re too late.

Snake: Too late? Don’t tell me… the Shagohod’s…?

Sokolov: Exactly. The final preparations for Phase 2 are complete.

Snake: Sokolov, what exactly is Phase 2?

Sokolov: To put it in technical terms, it is a composite range extension
system for medium-range ballistic missiles. The Shagohod was originally
designed as a tank that could launch nuclear missiles from any type of
terrain. There was just one problem we couldn’t figure out how to solve. ICBMs
we have today are simply too big for the Shagohod to carry. But the military
would not hear of it. They demanded a weapon that could launch a nuclear
missile directly into the American homeland. That is when I came up with the
idea for Phase 2.

Snake: But there’s no way you could load an ICBM onto the Shagohod. So how’d
you do it?

Sokolov: By accelerating the Shagohod itself.

Snake: Accelerating it?

Sokolov: In Phase 2, a rocket booster engine is attached to the frame of the
Shagohod. The unit incorporates the same technology used in the Vostok rocket
that sent Major Gagarin into space. Using this booster, the Shagohod can
achieve a land speed of over 300 miles per hour.

Snake: That monster can go more than 300 miles per hour?

Sokolov: Yes. And from this state of accelerated motion, it launches a nuclear

Snake: So the Shagohod acts like the first stage of a rocket.

Sokolov: Yes, precisely. The range of the missile launched by the Shagohod
thus increases from 2500 miles to 6000 miles.

Snake: 6000 miles… that’s enough to strike anywhere in the United States.

Sokolov: Not only that, with the Shagohod there is no need to construct giant
silos like the ones used to house ICBMs. All you need is a runway about 3
miles in length, or its equivalent, and you can launch a thermonuclear strike
against any location in the United States from anywhere in the Soviet Union.
It cannot be detected by spy planes or satellites. It’s a mobile fortress,
capable of deploying in secret and launching its payload at any time.

Snake: A weapon from hell…

Sokolov: A completed prototype now sits in the hangar. At present, it is the
only one of its kind. But Volgin is planning to mass-produce them based on
that prototype.

Snake: And deploy them all over the Soviet Union?

Sokolov: Yes. And that’s not the end of it. He’s going to ship them to Eastern
Europe, to Asia… to all the countries of the Eastern bloc. Even worse, he
intends to use the Shagohod as bait to foment armed uprisings against
dictators, ethnic insurgents, and revolutionary groups throughout the Third
World. His funds are nearly limitless. He could start mass production tomorrow
if he wanted. The reason that tensions between the East and West have settled
into a Cold War is because each side fears the other’s power. “Deterrence” -
the idea of using threats to keep one’s enemy in check - is the perfect word
to sum up the state of affairs. But the Shagohod goes far beyond the level of
“threat.” It will render the concept of “deterrence” utterly meaningless. If
such a weapon is unleashed on the world, it will not be long before all
nations are engulfed in conflict. The Cold War will end and the entire planet
will be consumed by the fires of war. Volgin and the Shagohod will be the
center of it all. So you see, it is already too late.

Snake: No, it’s not too late.

Sokolov: What do you mean?

Snake: We’ve still got a chance. All we have to do is destroy the prototype
and the whole facility before they can mass-produce it.

Sokolov: But…

Snake: Just tell me what I need to do to destroy this place.

Sokolov: All right. The liquid fuel used in the rocket engine is stored in a
tank. If you can blow it up somehow. Some C3 ought to be enough to blow the
entire hangar to smithereens.

Snake: C3? You mean that cutting-edge plastic explosive?

Sokolov: It can be molded into any shape. The bomb of the future.

Snake: Where can I get it?

Sokolov: There was some in the armory here but now it’s gone. It was stolen by
a female spy who was here a minute ago.

Snake: Eva?

Sokolov: No, that’s not her name. Her name is Tatyana. She made her way in
here by becoming Volgin’s lover.

Snake: I thought she was your lover.

Sokolov: Mine? Oh, no, she is Volgin’s lover. This is my lover. (hands over a

Snake: Who are they?

Sokolov: My wife and daughter. They’re in America.

Snake: Now I remember. Your family is in the custody of the CIA. How long has
Tatyana been here?

Sokolov: Only a few weeks.

Snake: A few days before the Virtuous Mission, then.

Sokolov: She said that Khrushchev sent her.

Snake: What did you just give her?

Sokolov: All of the experimental data for the Shagohod. Please, it is
essential that you destroy the Shagohod.

Snake: I will. But first, I’ve got to get you to safety.

Sokolov: No… I’m not going.

Snake: My mission is to rescue you!

Sokolov: Leave me.

Snake: Sokolov!

Sokolov: Khrushchev has abandoned me. I cannot return to my country. I would
most certainly be sent to the gulags.

Snake: What about the US?

Sokolov: Yes. I once thought of that. My family is waiting for me there. But
even if I fled to the United States, I would once again find myself creating
weapons of mass murder. In the end, it doesn’t matter where I go. I am still a
weapons scientist. To be honest with you, I am tired. Every day, I help create
things that should never be used - things that should never have existed in
the first place. Every day, without sleep. Without a word of praise from
others. And my creations do not even benefit mankind. They are merely the
tools of politicians. All I wanted to do was build space rockets. But it was
not to be. The space race between America and Russia became the prey the of
politicians. The space race and the arms race are one and the same. Missiles,
rockets… what’s the difference? Scientists are always being used. Please
watch over my family.

(Snake and Sokolov hear Volgin coming. Snake quickly dons his disguise as
Volgin walks in)

Volgin: Major, what are you doing here? I’ve been waiting for you in my room.

(Snake does not respond. Volgin suddenly grabs Snake’s groin. Snake pushes him
away but Volgin does it again. He senses something isn’t quite right)

Volgin: Who are you!? Don’t play dumb with me. If you think you can fool me,
you are sorely mistaken. I know the major better than anyone else. I come here
looking for Tatyana, and what should I find… but a greasy freebooter!

(Volgin pulls a gun and aims it at Snake. He then targets Sokolov and shoots
both of his kneecaps. Volgin aims back at Snake, but Snake turns the tables
and throws Volgin to the ground with lightning speed. Snake is now aiming
Volgin’s gun at him but The Boss walks in. Snake and The Boss fight each other
but as always, The Boss manages to subdue Snake)

Boss: What is this fairy disguise? It’s gonna rub off on you. And then you’ll
lose sight of who you really are.

(The Boss pulls off the mask. Volgin recovers his gun and is about to shoot

Boss: Stay out of this! (throws Volgin to the ground)

Volgin: I see why they call you The Boss. What was that, some kind of judo?

Boss: No, it’s called CQC, a basic form of close-quarters combat. He and I
developed it together.

Volgin: Splendid! I will take it from here.

Boss: Are you going to kill him?

Volgin: Of course. But first, I will make him pay for hurting Ivan!

(The Boss leaves, passing by Ocelot in the corridor. Volgin proceeds to beat
the crap out of Snake, who is too weak to fight back. Volgin sends a final
punch, which knocks Snake cold)


(Snake awakens in the Groznyj Grad torture room. There is a bag over his head,
so he cannot see anything. However, he can hear Sokolov undergoing an

Volgin: Tell me!!

Tatyana: Stop it!

Volgin: Who have you been talking to!?

Tatyana: He doesn’t know what you’re talking about!

Volgin: You’d better start talking!!

Tatyana: Please, stop this!

Volgin: Who is Khrushchev’s lapdog!?

Tatyana: How can you do this to him?

Volgin: I know you gave the data to someone!!

Tatyana: He’d never do a thing like! You monster.

(we hear a loud crashing noise)

Volgin: …I guess he’s dead. (goes to Snake) Now then… I hope you’ll prove
more entertaining then he was. But first, let’s take a look at your body,
shall we?

(Volgin’s comments are based on how many serious wounds you’ve had. If you’ve
had a lot:)

Volgin: You’re a tough one my friend, a lesser man would be dead by now.

(If you’ve had not quite as many:)

Volgin: Hmm… you’ve certainly seen your share of battles. Consider yourself
lucky. I am about to show you what hell is really like.

(If you’ve had very little:)

Volgin: What a beautiful body you have, like a newborn baby. But not for

Volgin: (he starts hitting Snake while asking questions) Well, then, let’s get
started. What is your target? Is it the Shagohod!? Or Sokolov!? Or maybe it’s
the Legacy!? Answer me! Who is helping you!? Who let you in here!? You’re a
tough one. But even you must have your limits. And I am a patient man.

(We see Snake hanging in a torture room. Volgin throws some water on Snake.
Ocelot is silently watching)

Volgin: This is where the fun really begins! My body carries an electric
charge of 10 million volts. Let’s see how you like this! (he begins to
electrocute Snake) Now, answer me! How much does the CIA know? They’re after
my Legacy, aren’t they? Your real target is the Philosopher’s Legacy, isn’t
it? Yes, yes! Let yourself go! That is what I want to see.

(The Boss and Tatyana enter)

Boss: It’s no use. He’s not going to talk. He’s been trained not to break.
Trained by me.

Volgin: Admit it! You’re after the location of the Legacy! The secret fund
established by the three Great Powers during the two World Wars. That’s what
you’re looking for isn’t it? One hundred billion dollars. Divided up and
hidden all over the world. And you’re looking for a record of where all that
money is hidden, right? No matter. The Philosopher’s Legacy is safely in my
possession, in the underground vault of Groznyj Grad. You will never lay a
finger on it! (he punches Snake again and small object falls to the floor)
What’s this? A transmitter. Who is responsible for this?

Boss: I am. I planted it on him to keep track of his movements.

(Volgin throws the transmitter away but Ocelot catches it)

Volgin: Why?

Boss: So the Cobras could ambush him.

Volgin: If they knew where he was going to be they wouldn’t have gotten
themselves slaughtered. It pains me to do this, Boss, but under the
circumstances I’m afraid I must ask you to show me some proof. That you and he
were not in collusion.

Boss: You don’t trust me, is that it?

Volgin: Not that… But he is your apprentice.

Boss: What do you want me to do?

Volgin: Let’s see… Cut out his eyes! I don’t like those blue eyes of his.
There is nothing more important to a soldier than his eyes. You made him a
soldier… and now you will unmake him! Yes, it will make for a touching
display. He’s all yours. Do it! Ruin him. Just as he did the Cobras.

(The Boss draws a knife and approaches Snake. She removes the bag and is
poised to cut out his left eye, when Tatyana intervenes)

Tatyana: Stop!

Volgin: What is it, Tatyana?

Tatyana: He’s suffered enough.

Ocelot: Well, well… why are you protecting him? (smells something) That
smell… Tatyana! You’re the spy!

Tatyana: What are you talking about?

Ocelot: I know that smell. (he grabs her chest)

Tatyana: Stop it! (slaps him)

Volgin: Taken a fancy to her, eh, Ocelot?

Ocelot: No, I have no interest in this woman. I want to test her. (pulls out a
revolver and loads it with a single bullet) I’ll let this be the judge.

Volgin: Do as you like.

Ocelot: Here we go.

(Ocelot begins to juggle three revolvers, one of them loaded with one bullet.
Each time he pulls the trigger, Tatyana winces. However, Snake has kept an eye
on which revolver is loaded. When he sees it come down into Ocelot’s hand, he
backs up and swings into Ocelot. Ocelot’s aim is thrown off and the revolver
fires, the bullet grazing Snake’s right eye. The Boss grabs the revolver from
Ocelot and slaps him)

Boss: There. Satisfied now?

Volgin: Well, that was refreshing. Come… we’re going to my room.

(Volgin leaves. Ocelot takes the transmitter and jams it into a wound on
Snake’s right shoulder blade)

Ocelot: So you survived the colonel’s torture, eh? (he applauds) Watching this
has made me realize something… it’s really not that bad. It’s the ultimate
form of expression. (retrieves his revolver) You got lucky this time, Tatyana.

(The Boss picks up the third revolver and loads it with a single bullet. She
shoots Snake in the leg and then places the revolver in his belt.)

Boss: Run!

(She leaves. Tatyana, who is really Eva, approaches Snake)

Eva: I’ve prepared an escape route for us. Go out and head west. Pass
underneath the connect passageway and go north. You’ll find an open manhole

Snake: You’re…

Eva: Quiet. (several guards approach) Go through the manhole down into the
sewers. The door at the north end of the sewers is unlocked - you can use it
to get outside the fortress. I’ve got your equipment. We’ll meet up later.

Snake: Eva…

Eva: But I can’t get too close to your cell. You’ll have to figure a way out
of there yourself… I’ll be in touch.

(She leaves. The guards enter the room and drag Snake away to his cell)


(While in the cell, a hidden cut scene will be triggered if you throw the food
given to you back out of the cell three times)

Guard: Hey, you’re not such a bad guy after all. I… I guess not all
Americans are dogs.

Snake: You mean it?

Guard: Yeah. You know, before the war started, I used to live in America. I
even had a wife and a kid.

Snake: You must be pretty lonely.

Guard: Yeah. I am pretty lonely… REALLY lonely.

Snake: What’s your kid’s name?

Guard: Johnny.

Snake: Johnny, nice ring to it.

Guard: Really? You like it? Well, if you say so, I’ll believe you. Actually,
my name is Johnny, too. (This guard is Johnny Sasaki’s father. He pulls out a
picture) All the first-born sons in my family are called Johnny. My dad’s a
Johnny, and my son’s son will probably be a Johnny, too. (Snake looks on the
back side of the photo and sees the frequency to open the door)

Snake: A whole clan of Johnnies.

Johnny: Why do we have a Cold War anyway…? Our two countries used to be such
good friends.

Snake: Yeah, I hear ya.

Johnny: I just want to see my family again.

Snake: Must be rough.

Johnny: Yeah… but not as rough as you have it, though. Here. (hands over
what he thinks is a pack of cigars. It is really the Cigar-Gas Spray) I
filched them from your equipment when the colonel wasn’t looking. It’s the
least I can do. (Snake beckons Johnny closer) ?

Snake: Don’t suppose you could let me out of here?

Johnny: Huh? I can’t do that. Hey, don’t you go getting any funny ideas. If
you try to escape, I’ll have to shoot you. I’ve said too much. I gotta go.

(Johnny leaves. Snake snaps his fingers in dismay)


(After leaving the cell, Zero calls Snake)

Zero: Did you manage to escape?

Snake: Yeah, I’m out.

Zero: Be careful. In your present state, you’re practically naked. You don’t
have a single decent weapon and you’ll never survive in a battle. Take some
time and pull yourself together. Eva says she’s recovered your equipment, so
rendezvous with her as soon as possible to get your gear back. Use the escape
route Eva set up for you. Go down into the sewers through the manhole in the
northwest section of Groznyj Grad. Start out by exiting the holding cells and
heading northwest.


(Snake enters the Groznyj Grad sewers and gets a call from Eva)

Eva: Snake? You’re already in the sewers?

Snake: Eva? Yeah, I just got down here.

Eva: …

Snake: I’m coming to meet you now. The door at the north end is open, right?

Eva: Uh, Snake…

Snake: Let me guess - there’s a problem.

Eva: Yeah.

Snake: What is it this time?

Eva: The colonel found out you escaped.

Snake: He did, huh. Figured as much.

Eva: Yeah. And now all of Groznyj Grad is on red alert.

Snake: Just my luck. But once I’m out of the fortress…

Eva: You can’t get out.

Snake: I can’t?

Eva: When the fortress went on red alert, they sealed off the sewers.

Snake: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Eva: I’m serious. And that means the escape route I laid out…

Snake: …is sealed off, too.

Eva: Right. And they just sent a unit out looking for you.

Snake: Down here?

Eva: Uh huh. They’ll be there any minute. You’ve got to get out, quick!

Snake: But isn’t the exit sealed off?

Eva: You should be able to get out by heading straight north. Book it Snake!
If they find you, you’re dead!


(Snake is running through the sewers, pursued by several soldiers and hounds.
He reaches the end, only to find a waterfall. He is trapped. Ocelot shows up)

Ocelot: I’ve been waiting for this! Nobody interfere! (he takes the bullet
from his necklace and loads it into a revolver and spins the chamber) This is
where it ends…

(Ocelot pulls the trigger but nothing happens; the bullet is in the wrong
chamber. Snake takes the opportunity to jump off ledge to the water below.
Ocelot tries to fire again, but he gets nothing when he pulls the trigger.)

Ocelot: Snake!

(Snake is carried away by the current)

Ocelot: Don’t die on me yet…


(Snake is walking through a waist-deep river. The trees around him are ablaze
but it begins to rain. A figure emerges from the water)

Snake: Are you one of the Cobras?

Sorrow: Sad… so sad… a host of sorrows. And you are one of them. I am The
Sorrow. Like you, I, too, am filled with sadness. This world is one of
sadness. Battle brings death. Death brings sorrow. The living… may not hear
them. Their voices… may fall upon deaf ears. But make no mistake… the
dead… are not silent. Now you will know the sorrow of those whose lives you
have ended. (he begins to cry blood)


(Snake is floating underwater, hearing the voices of The Boss and The Sorrow)

Sorrow: Boss, you have to shoot me.

Boss: I can’t!

Sorrow: Shoot me! You want to finish your mission, don’t you? Then… you’ll
have to shoot me. The spirit of the warrior… will always be with you. Don’t
be sad… we’ll meet again someday.

(Snake wakes up and realizes he is drowning. He quickly surfaces and climbs
out on a riverbank. He calls Major Zero)

Zero: Snake, are you all right? That was a close one!

Snake: What the hell happened to me?

Zero: You were halfway drowned at the bottom of the river. Almost crossed over
to the other side…

Snake: Other side… so that really was…

Zero: Something on your mind, Snake?

Snake: Major, was there a man in the Cobra unit called The Sorrow?

Zero: Yes, I’ve heard of him. He was an uncanny soldier who fought alongside
The Boss.

Snake: What kind of man was he?

Zero: The Sorrow was a man with, well… special powers. He had ESP, which was
the subject of extensive research in the Soviet Union at the time. He was
especially gifted as a medium.

Snake: A medium?

Zero: Someone who can communicate with the spirit world, and evoke the spirits
of the dead. In other words, he could talk to ghosts. They say he could find
out what was going on in a battle by talking to dead soldiers.

Snake: What about him and The Boss? What was the story between them?

Zero: I don’t know the details. Why don’t we ask Sigint?

Sigint: Yo. I finished checking up on this Sorrow guy a while ago. Thought you
guys already knew, though.

Snake: Knew what?

Sigint: That he’s dead. He’s been dead for two years now.

Snake: He died two years ago?

Sigint: At Tselinoyarsk… you know, those cliffs you were at. And The Boss
was the one who did him in.

Snake: The Boss?

Sigint: Yup. Two years ago, The Boss was sent by the CIA on a secret mission
to Tselinoyarsk. That’s when she met The Sorrow, who’d gone back to the Soviet
Union after the Cobras broke up at the end of the war. Except this time, they
were enemies.

Snake: And then what?

Sigint: The Boss killed The Sorrow herself and accomplished her mission. At
least, that’s what the records say.

Snake: So he was never there in the first place… he just couldn’t let go of
The Boss…

Sigint: You OK, Snake?

Snake: Yeah, I’m fine. It looks like it’s not time for me to die yet.

Sigint: I sure hope not. Otherwise the whole mission is shot. We’re counting
on you, pal.

Snake: Roger that.

(Snake calls Eva)

Snake: Eva?

Eva: Snake!? You didn’t call… I was worried! Are you all right?

Snake: Yeah. I took a pretty freaky detour.

Eva: What are you talking about?

Snake: Nothing, forget it. Let’s just say I’m back.

Eva: Good. But how did you escape from the sewers?

Snake: I jumped into the river.

Eva: From all the way up there? You’re out of control.

Snake: Yeah. I got carried away by the current and almost drowned.

Eva: Great! That’s perfect!

Snake: What do you mean, that’s perfect?

Eva: I mean, if you ended up in the river, then I know a good spot nearby.
Let’s meet up there.

Snake: Where is it?

Eva: Keep going upstream until you get to a waterfall.

Snake: A waterfall, huh.

Eva: Right. Behind that waterfall there’s a cave. We’ll meet in there.

Snake: The cave behind the waterfall upstream. Got it.

Eva: See you there.


(Snake enters the cave behind the waterfall and find signs of a camp.
Suddenly, he hears gunfire behind him and Eva, on her motorcycle, jumps
through the water)

Eva: Nice to meet you, Snake. I’m Tatyana. Here’s your equipment.

Snake: Eva, you could use a towel.

Eva: So could you.

(Later, a fire is roaring, and Snake is eating some animals. He is now wearing
a patch over his right eye. He bites into a snake when he notices Eva watching

Snake: Want some?

Eva: No thanks…

Snake: Don’t like snakes?

Eva: Not for dinner.

Snake: Didn’t you have to eat them at the KGB?

Eva: In my training we always got the good stuff. French, Italian… that kind
of thing…

Snake: A regular Mata Hari.

Eva: The least you could do is call me Cynthia.

Snake: Tell me something. How does it feel to spy on your own country?

Eva: I can’t say it feels good. But it’s my job.

Snake: Can’t even eat a snake during a mission, huh.

Eva: I wouldn’t mind eating you. (she crawls over to Snake) When this mission
is over, you’ll have to treat me to a nice dinner.

Snake: What do you want to eat?

Eva: Let’s see… how about sushi?

Snake: Sushi?

Eva: It’s Japanese. I hear it’s all the rage now. Supposedly, it’s made from
raw fish.

Snake: Raw fish? Just the place for my survival techniques.

(A butterfly is fluttering overhead. Snake tries to catch it but fails)

Eva: (puts her arms around Snake) Snake? Thank you, Snake. I’ll be your eyes
from now on. (kisses him) Thank you, Snake…

(Eva kisses him passionately but Snake pushes her away)

Snake: Don’t worry about it.

Eva: Are you all right?

Snake: It’s not like I can’t see. I’ve still got one good eye, and can still
fire a gun.

Eva: Really? Good.


(This is a hidden scene that only triggers if you didn’t remove the

Eva: Snake, come here for a minute. (inspects his back) There’s something in
here. It’s so hard.

(During the scene, we see the shadows of Eva and Snake on the wall engaged in
a wrestling match)

Snake: When did it get like that?

Eva: Hold still. Let me do it.

Snake: You know, I’ve been trained to do this kind of thing myself.

Eva: Just relax and lat me handle it.

Snake: OK…

Eva: I can’t believe how small it is.

Snake: Yeah, but it gets the job done.

Eva: Really? Here, lift up your hips.

Snake: Like this?

Eva: Yeah. (a sickening crunching noise) How’s that?

Snake: You’re pretty good at that.

Eva: Yeah, everybody tells me that. Hold steady. I’m not done yet. There! A

Snake: Is that how they do it in the KGB?

Eva: Sometimes. Would you rather I do it American style?

Snake: Mmm… but how did you know there was a transmitter lodged in there?
That’s some female intuition you’ve got. (throws the transmitter in the fire)


(Snake is now dressed in a battle fatigue and he has all of his equipment)

Snake: Eva, didn’t you steal some explosives out of the fortress?

Eva: (holds up a block of C3) C3, a highly potent explosive from the West. It
can be molded into any shape, like clay. With just this much, you could blow
up the Shagohod and the lab along with it.

Snake: Is that right?

Eva: Yeah, but there’s a trick to using it.

Snake: Tell me about it.

(Eva divides the block in half and gives one half to Snake. She molds some of
her own into the shape of a heart and gives it to Snake)

Eva: Well, what do you think? The Shagohod’s booster unit uses liquid fuel.
The fuel tanks are in the main wing of the weapons lab, in the hangar housing
the Shagohod itself.

Snake: So I should blow up the tanks?

Eva: That’s the basic idea. It should be enough to blow up the entire hangar.
There are four fuel tanks. In order to destroy the hangar, you’ll have to set
explosives on each of those tanks.

Snake: All four of them?

Eva: It should be no sweat for you. Besides, the scientists have the day off

Snake: So the hangar’s completely deserted?

Eva: Not quite. They’ve still got guards posted there.

Snake: Hmm… so what do I do after I set the C3?

Eva: The bombs run off a timer. Once the timer has been set the countdown will
begin. When the timer reaches zero the bombs will all go off at once.

Snake: How long do I have?

Eva: 20 minutes. Once the Phase 2 trials are finished I wouldn’t be surprised
if they kill all the scientists to prevent them from talking. So you’ve got to
act fast!

Snake: I’ll take care of it. Eva, did you get the data on the Shagohod from

Eva: Yeah. That’s the mission I was given.

Snake: By Khrushchev?

Eva: Uh huh. American doesn’t have any use for it, does it? But I haven’t
forgotten my other mission, either. Helping you out. Follow this cave and go
up the ladder at the end. You’ll come out inside Groznyj Grad, just southwest
of the weapons lab. Do you remember when you went to rescue Sokolov? Remember
there was a locked door when you entered the main wing from the 2nd floor of
the east wing?

Snake: Yeah.

Eva: That’s the entrance to the Shagohod’s hangar. Use this key to open that
door. (hands over a key)

Snake: The door right when I entered the main wing. Got it. What about you?

Eva; I’ll get things ready for our escape. There’s a rail bridge to the north.
I’m going to set a bomb there, so I’m taking half of the C3 with me.

Snake: Right. I’ll set off the weapons lab, then. Try not to be in the
neighborhood when it happens.

Eva: Gotcha.

Snake: And watch out for Ocelot. He suspects you’re not who you say you are.

Eva: Don’t worry. The Colonel still trusts me. And I have my ways. There’s not
a man alive who can resist my charms. Besides you, of course.

Snake: I’m just warning you, Eva, that’s all.

Eva: I know. OK, let’s go. (gets on motorcycle)

Snake: You seem like you were born on one of those.

Eva: If I don’t ride everyday I couldn’t go on living.

Snake: ?

Eva: When I’m riding, the wind hits me so hard that it hurts. That pain keeps
my mind off the pain of having to be someone else. It’s not easy always
fooling myself like this. It’s only when I’m on the bike… that I’m free to
be the real me. I only get off my bike when I fall in love… or fall dead.

Snake: What’s your name?

Eva: Tatyana.

Snake: No, your real name.

Eva: What’s wrong with Tanya?

Snake: OK, Tanya. Don’t let anyone see you. (sees something on Eva’s shirt) ?

Eva: Oh, this? It’s a button camera. (snaps a picture of Snake)

Snake: What did you do that for?

Eva: Insurance. To make sure you don’t double cross me. (she prepares to

Snake: Hey!

Eva: What!?

Snake: You’re gonna get wet again!

(She revs up and blasts out from behind the waterfall)


(Snake returns to Groznyj Grad through a manhole. However, he takes cover and
a truck drives up and parks with its back wheel covering the manhole. The
front gates are also closed. Snake sighs as he realizes he’s trapped inside
the fortress.)


(Snake enters the hangar and receives a call from Major Zero)

Zero: Snake, I see you’ve managed to sneak into the hangar.

Snake: Yeah, the Shagohod’s in here.

Zero: The completed Phase 2 Shagohod represents a grave threat to the West. We
can’t allow it to be mass-produced. You’ve got to destroy it.

Snake: Eva’s got the data on the Shagohod. Do you think that’s safe?

Zero: I wouldn’t exactly say it’s safe. But Khrushchev is a shrewd leader. I
can’t imagine he’d use it for anything other than deterrence. Volgin, however,
is a different story. He’s planning to use the Shagohod to turn the Cold War
into a blazing hot one. We can’t let him have it.

Snake: Agreed.

Zero: That leaves just one more mission for you to carry out…

Snake: The Boss…?

Zero: Exactly.

Snake: …

Zero: For now, just focus on destroying the Shagohod.

Snake: …Yes, sir.

Zero: I’ll let Sigint fill you in on how to destroy it.

Sigint: Yo. Like Eva was saying, if you’re looking to blow the whole place sky
high, the best way it to take out those fuel tanks with the C3. You know
there’s four tanks in there, right? You have to put C3 on all four of them. To
plant a C3 charge, all you gotta do is equip the C3 and press the weapon
button while standing in front of a tank.

Snake: Just like TNT.

Sigint: But, uh, make sure you don’t plant it in the wrong place. You’ve
barely got enough C3 as it is, right?

Snake: Good point. I’ll make sure not to plant it anywhere else.

Sigint: Good man. And be careful, liquid fuel has a nasty habit of going off
at the slightest shock. So don’t go using any heavy firepower near the tanks
unless you’re aiming to get yourself barbecued.

Snake: I’ll keep that in mind.

Sigint: The C3 charges all have to go off at once if you want to bring down
the hangar in one fell swoop. So if I were you, I’d wait until after you plant
the last charge to start the timer mechanism.

Snake: All right. I’ll make sure I finish planting all 4 charges before I
start the timer.

Sigint: Once the timer’s set, you’ve got 20 minutes until it explodes, right?
So make sure you get your ass out that place by then. I think that’s about all
I’ve got. The rest up to you. Good luck, pal.

Zero: We’re counting on you, Snake.


(After planting the second C3 charge, Eva calls Snake)

Eva: Snake?

Snake: Eva…

Eva: I’ve finished planting the bomb on the rail bridge. If we get rid of the
bridge, the enemy won’t be able to follow us. That should at least buy us some
time. I’ve also set up the escape route. How are things on your end?

Snake: I just finished planting the second charge. Give me a little more time.

Eva: OK, I’ll be waiting for you at the bridge.


(Snake plants the last C3 charge. He takes out the heart-shaped piece of C3
Eva gave him and sculpts it into a butterfly. He tosses it in the air a couple
of times before mashing it to the side of the fuel tank)

Snake: Gotcha this time.

(Snake calls Major Zero)

Snake: Major, I’ve finished planting the C3. I’m on my way out now.

Zero: Hurry Snake! Is Eva taking care of the escape route?

Snake: Yeah.

Zero: Are you sure?

Snake: She can handle it.

Zero: All right, then. Well, hurry up and get out of there.


(Snake is leaving the hangar)

Volgin: Snake!!

(Snake sees Eva lying on the ground next to Volgin and Ocelot. Out of no
where, The Boss shows up and disarms Snake. As usual, Snake is schooled in the
art of CQC but he seems to fare better against The Boss this time)

Boss: Why’d you come back?

(The Boss throws Snake to the ground. He is then brought before Volgin)

Volgin: This woman was found snooping around my underground vault. When she
was captured, look what we found on her. (takes out some film) The
Philosopher’s Legacy. This microfilm contains all of the information regarding
the Legacy. You might say that this film itself is the Philosopher’s Legacy.

Ocelot: It was the smell that gave her away. No, not the perfume. It was
gasoline… Motorcycle gasoline. She reeked of it.

Volgin: To think that lovely Tatyana was a spy. We found this radio along with
her, too. (destroys it with an electric shock) Such a fine woman, she was. It
almost pains me to have to kill her. Yes, she was an obedient one. My precious
little pet. (kicks her) Isn’t that right? (Eva says something under her
breath) What was that? Do you have something to say to me?

(Eva is readying her tube of lipstick behind her back. She swings it forward)

Eva: Go to hell!!

(Volgin catches her hand and lifts her up)

Volgin: You dirty whore! (throws her on the ground) I’ve had enough kisses
from you! (kicks her) I should have known. Sokolov wasn’t man enough to have a
lover like that. Just like the KGB to send something so beautiful, yet so

Snake: What is the Philosopher’s Legacy?

Volgin: Very well. I’ll explain it before I kill you. During the last Great
War, the most powerful men in America, China, and the Soviet Union had a
secret pact. The pact was a blueprint for defeating the Axis Powers and
creating a new world order. To secure victory in the war, the three countries
pooled their resources to conduct the most covert types of operations and
research - the atomic bomb, rocket technology, and the Cobra unit… And they
amassed an enormous sum of money to fund these projects. Enough to fight the
war five times over. That wealth is the Philosopher’s Legacy. After the war
was won, the three countries were to divide the Philosopher’s Legacy amongst
themselves. This explains why the United States and the Soviet Union were able
to steal away the best scientific minds in Germany as soon as the war ended.
But our great Motherland has far surpassed its pathetic rivals. We possess
enormous wealth, the most advanced technology, and overwhelming power. Assets
fitting of our great country. My father was one of the men in charge of
managing the Philosopher’s Legacy. In the confusion that ensued after the war
ended he devised a series of ingenious plots to ensure that the Soviet Union
would have total control over the Legacy. The money was divided up and
laundered through banks all over the world - Switzerland, Australia, and Hong
Kong… This microfilm contains a record of all those transactions. After my
father’s death, I learned of this secret and obtained the microfilm. With this
money and the support of Brezhnev and his allies I built this fortress of
Groznyj Grad and Granin’s research facility. But that worthless fool Granin
failed to produce results and I was forced to turn to Khrushchev’s dog Sokolov
and his invention - the Shagohod. My position in GRU made it too troublesome
to attack Sokolov’s facility directly. But the spy network established by the
secret pact still existed. I used it to contact The Boss and suggested she
defect. The Boss was conniving enough to see things my way. The world was once
one but the conflict between the Philosophers has torn it in two. We will use
the Legacy to heal that rift and make the world whole again. To do this, we
need strength. An unstoppable trump card with enough power to bring order to
the world. That trump card was to be the Shagohod… and the Cobra unit. I
have lost the Cobras but I still have the Shagohod and the Legacy. There is
nothing America can do to stop us! Boss, take this someplace safe. (hesitantly
hands over the microfilm) Take good care of it.

Boss: (talking about Snake) He wouldn’t have come waltzing back in here unless
he had a reason. The C3’s been stolen. He must be planning some sort of
sabotage. I’ll go see if there are any surprises waiting for us. I’ll dispose
of her as well. (picks up Eva and whispers) Leave everything to me. Fight like
a warrior, Volgin.

Volgin: But of course.

(The Boss and Eva leave. Ocelot trains his gun on Snake)

Ocelot: Let me face him. I’ve been waiting for this moment… time to get
even! (twirls revolvers and aims at Snake. Snake goes into a fighting stance)
Ah ah ah… No more judo and no more field strips. (twirls revolvers)

Volgin: Enough of this! (removes gloves) He’s mine! You will stand right there
and watch. Got it?

Ocelot: Please, Colonel, let me…!

Volgin: Silence!

(Ocelot pulls out his revolvers and points one at Snake and one at Volgin.
Volgin holds a bullet in his hand and uses an electrical charge to fire it. It
strikes the ground between Ocelot’s feet. He backs off)

Volgin: Sorry for the delay. Let’s get started, shall we? (sends an electrical
charge to a control panel which causes the floor to descend) This is a once-
in-a-lifetime battle! Let’s make it a good one! (Volgin burns off his uniform
and jumps down) It’s just you and me now. And I’m going to enjoy this.

Ocelot: Snake! (He looks a Volgin and nods. Ocelot tosses Snake his gun and

Volgin: You’re mine! Son of The Boss!


(After losing half of his life or stamina, Volgin begins to visibly weaken. He
looks up at Ocelot, who is standing with his arms folded)

Volgin: Shoot him! (no response) Do you hear me! I said shoot him!!

Ocelot: Sorry Colonel. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Volgin: What do you mean, you can’t?

Ocelot: I made a promise to The Boss.

Volgin: Silence! I am your commanding officer!

(Ocelot fires at Volgin, but Volgin creates an electromagnetic field,
deflecting the bullets)

Volgin: Are you questioning my authority?

Ocelot: Fight like a man, Volgin.

Volgin: Volgin…?

Announcer: Emergency! Explosives have been detected. All non-EOD personnel
must evacuate immediately.

Volgin: Ocelot, find those bombs!

Announcer: Repeat. Explosives have been detected. All non-EOD personnel must
evacuate immediately.

Volgin: Move it!

(Ocelot leaves, giving Snake his signature two hand gesture)

Volgin: Ready for some more, Snake!?


(Snake defeats Volgin, leaving him behind.)

Announcer: All personnel evacuate! Repeat! All personnel evacuate!!

(The soldiers are in chaos, trying to get out of the hangar. Amid the
confusion, Ocelot sees Snake escaping. Snake gets outside and Eva pulls up, a
sidecar attached to her bike)

Eva: Hop in!

Snake: Step on it!

(They ride off as the hangar explodes. Eva stops a safe distance away)

Snake: Eva… how did you…?

Eva: The Boss let me go.

Snake: The Boss…? But why?

Eva: I’ll tell you later. Right now we’ve got to get to the lake and escape!

Snake: We can’t leave yet! I’ve still got one last job to do…

Eva: The Boss is already at the lake.

Snake: Huh?

Eva: She’s at the lake. She’s waiting for you there.

Snake: Waiting for me?

Eva: I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tell you… I don’t want you to fight
her. But… I… I’ve come to realize that there’s a special relationship
between you two. Something I can’t understand… something that goes beyond a
man and woman. I envy you. Really, I do. But… I guess I just can’t
understand it. She asked me to tell you something. I’ve never seen someone
with such clear eyes. There… I said it. Ready to go?

Snake: Yeah.

(The Shagohod crashes through the roof of the hangar and approaches. Volgin is
at the controls)

Volgin: Snake! It’s not over yet!! There is no escape!!

Eva: We failed!

Snake: Not good!

Eva: Hold on tight!

(They ride off with the Shagohod in pursuit)


(Snake and Eve are under fire from soldiers in the connecting passageway. The
Shagohod begins to break through it)

Eva: I can’t shake him!

Snake: The RPG can’t put a dent in that armor.

Eva: Let’s head for the rail bridge!

Snake: The bridge? I thought you rigged it with C3.

Eva: I did. We’ll lure him onto the bridge…

Snake: …then blow him up along with it. Good plan.

Eva: The bridge is on the other side of the runway. We’ll have to cut through
the middle of the base. You ready?

Snake: Step on it!! If he catches up to us, we’re done for!

(Two shots hit the ground near them. Ocelot is standing nearby, revolver in

Eva: OK, here we go!

(They take off. Ocelot attaches an aiming module to his revolver. He takes aim
and fires but misses. He gets on his own bike and gives chase, jumping over
the barriers. He pulls up next to them and rams them. Eva and Ocelot pull out
their guns but Eva gets the first shot, knocking Ocelot off balance. Eva takes
a tight turn and Ocelot follows. He tries to shoot Snake and Eva from behind
but misses. He pulls up again and swings his revolver, knocking Eva’s gun from
her hands. She turns again and enters the burning hangar. Ocelot follows them


(In the hangar, Ocelot pulls up to Snake and Eva and swings his revolver
again. He misses and Eva pulls off to the left. Ocelot is not watching the
road and some debris begins to fall. Snake uses his RPG-7 to blow up the
debris before it hits the ground, saving Ocelot form certain death. Snake and
Eva manage to ride right past Ocelot as he comes to stop.


(On the runway, a helicopter drops several soldiers to the ground, who open
fire on Snake and Eva as they pass by. Meanwhile, the Shagohod busts out of
the hangar in pursuit)

Volgin: Damn it!!

(He fires his machine guns, killing the soldiers and destroying the helicopter
as more soldiers on motorcycles begin to chase Snake and Eva. Volgin laughs
maniacally as he activates the propulsion system on the Shagohod, causing it
shoot down the runway)


(Snake and Eva drive by a plane getting ready for takeoff. Volgin rams the
Shagohod right into it, flipping the plane over. Meanwhile, Ocelot is starting
to catch up)

Volgin: I’ve got a surprise for you! You won’t be getting away this time!

(Ocelot pulls up next to the Shagohod just as Volgin activates a booster
rocket. The force of the propulsion knocks Ocelot off balance and he is forced
to stop)

Ocelot: Son of a BITCH!!!

(Volgin begins to catch up to Eva but she turns sharply to the right, aiming
for the rail bridge. Volgin flies past them and stops to turn around)

Eva: Snake, we’ve only got one chance. We’ll try to lure him over towards the
other side. When the Shagohod is on the bridge, shoot the explosives. The bomb
is planted on the strut of the bridge.

(Volgin has turned around and more soldiers are approaching)

Eva: Let’s go!

(They ride off and cross the bridge. Volgin starts across just as Snake and
Eva get into the position. Snake pulls out his SVD sniper rifle and prepares
to shoot the explosives)


(Snake succeeds in the destroying the bridge. It collapses, sending the
soldiers and the Shagohod into the water below. Ocelot reaches the bridge but
stops just in time to avoid going over the edge)

Eva: We did it!

Snake: It’s over.

Eva: Look!

(Somehow, the Shagohod comes shooting up out of the water, landing near Snake
and Eva)

Volgin: I’m not finished yet!

(Snake and Eva hop on the motorcycle and face the Shagohod)

Snake: Eva, you take care of the driving.

Eva: Yeah?

Snake: Yeah, I trust you. On one condition, though. Leave the fighting to me.

Eva: You got it. I was getting tired of running away anyway.

Snake: Eva… let’s do it.

Eva: (kisses Snake) For luck!

Snake: (pulls out RPG-7) Here goes!

(They race towards the Shagohod)


(The Shagohod has taken substantial damage and the treads grind to a stop. Eva
stops the motorcycle)

Eva: Did we beat him?

Snake: No.

(Snake and Eva watch as Volgin climbs out on top of the Shagohod and punches
two holes in the armor. He rips out several cords and cables and uses his own
electrical charge to power the Shagohod. It races towards Snake and Eva)

Eva: Get off!

Snake: What!?

Eva: I’m going to lure it back here.

Snake: You’re going to use yourself as bait? Are you insane!?

Eva: I’m used to this guy - I know how to handle him!

(Snake jumps off the bike as the Shagohod rolls past)

Eva: Come on, you blockhead!

(Volgin hears the comment and turns to chase Eva, leaving Snake the
opportunity to attack)


(Snake has defeated Volgin. Eva pulls up and stands next to Snake)

Volgin: Snake!!

(It begins to storm)

Volgin: Who’s afraid of a little thunder?

(Before Volgin can act, he is struck by a bolt of lightning. He catches fire
as the bullets strapped around his body go off. He finally falls dead)

Snake: Fried by a bolt of lightning… a fitting end. It’s finally over.

(Snake and Eva hug as Volgin’s body continues to snap and crackle. However,
soldiers on those hovering vehicles show up as well as more soldiers on

Eva: No time for this now. The escape craft is just up ahead. Let’s get going.

(Snake jumps aboard the motorcycle and they take off)


(Snake and Eva are riding along a dirt path)

Snake: Looks like they finally gave up.

Eva: Don’t start celebrating yet… We’re leaking fuel.

Snake: Damn it! The tank’s shot up.

(Eva checks out the tank. However, she isn’t watching road and they ram into a

Snake: Crap!

(They both fly through the air as the motorcycle crashes and explodes. Snake
is okay but Eva is no where to be seen)

Snake: Eva!

Eva: I’m over here…

(Snake goes over to Eva, who is sitting against a log. A sharp tree branch has
gone right through the side of her abdomen)

Eva: Snake… how’s it look?

Snake: …Pretty bad.

Eva: Not a sensitive bone in your body.

Snake: Eva…

Eva: What about you, Snake?

Snake: I’m fine.

Eva: That’s good to hear.

(Snake looks up and realizes the soldiers are still following them)

Snake: We have to get away form here, Eva. Let’s go.

Eva: Leave me.

Snake: Eva!

Eva: The Boss is waiting for you. You have to go. Give me a gun…

Snake: No! We’re getting out of here!

Eva: We’re still far away from the lake. I’ll never make it.

Snake: I can’t believe this.

Eva: Huh?

Snake: I never thought I’d see you act this weak.

Eva: What do you mean?

Snake: Listen to me, Eva. We’re doing this together.

Eva: No, you…

Snake: Eva… I need you.

Eva: Say that one more time.

Snake: I need you. I can’t fly the WIG by myself.

Eva: (laughing) All right, then. I guess I’d better help you out. (She stands
up, pulling herself off of the branch) You’re lucky to have me. (she faints)

(Snake calls Para-Medic)

Para-Medic: Snake! Can you hear me?

Snake: Para-Medic!? Thank God. Eva’s been hurt seriously!

Para-Medic: So have you!

Snake: Luckily, I think her organs are all intact, but…

Para-Medic: Calm down, Snake.

Snake: Calm down?

Para-Medic: You’ll both be fine as long as you get proper emergency treatment.
But you’re the only one who can do this. Understand? So you’ve got to calm

Snake: Right. OK…

Para-Medic: OK. Now, let’s open up the Survival Viewer and treat the injury.
Do you have supplies with you?

Snake: I’m running kind of short.

Para-Medic: Then, by switching the Survival Viewer over to Eva you can treat
her wounds, too. Now get to work. Oh, and Snake… I’m pretty sure you know
this already but if you don’t have enough supplies for the both of you, your
wounds come first.

Snake: …

Para-Medic: Do you get my meaning, Snake? You’ve still got a mission to

Snake: Yeah, I know what I have to do.

Para-Medic: Snake? Like this.

(Snake treats Eva’s wounds. He helps her to her feet)

Snake: Can you walk?

Eva: Yeah. I think so… (takes a step and staggers)

Snake: (taking out a revolver) Here. It’s different from the Mauser. When
you’re using a two-hand grip, you have to be careful where you put your hands
or your fingers will get burned by the exhaust gas from the cylinder gap.

(He puts the gun in her holster)


(Major Zero calls Snake)

Zero: Snake, are you all right?

Snake: I’ve been better.

Para-Medic: What about Eva?

Snake: I healed her up. She can manage.

Para-Medic: Good…

Zero: Snake, you’ll take the lead break through the enemy’s line of defense.
Eva will ordinarily be following behind you. If you lie on your belly, she
will lie down as well. If you slip and fall off a cliff, she’ll follow right
behind you. You can call out to Eva by pressing the Action Button. Head to the
lake along with Eva.


(When you come to cliff that needs to be climbed over, Zero calls Snake)

Zero: Snake, the lake is just over that cliff. Eva should be able to climb it
if you help her. Keep her close to you.


(Snake and Eva enter Rokovoj Bereg. Eva spots the WIG and runs forward)

Eva: Come on, Snake! We made it. Over there!

(Snake looks away)

Eva: It’s The Boss, isn’t it? I’ll go get the WIG ready to take off.

Snake: Right.

Eva: I’ll leave you two alone. But come back in one piece, OK? (she runs off
but turns around) Promise me!

(Snake heads toward a field of white flowers. Suddenly, a distant nuclear
blast goes off)

Boss: Life’s end… (drops the Davy Crockett) Isn’t it beautiful? It’s almost
tragic. When life ends, it gives off a final lingering aroma. Light is but a
farewell gift from the darkness to those on their way to die. I’ve been
waiting, Snake, for a long time. Waiting for your birth, your growth, and the
finality of today.

Snake: Boss, why are you doing this?

Boss: Why? To make the world one again. The world used to be whole. But with
the end of the Second World War, the Philosophers began to fight amongst
themselves and the world was torn apart. The Cobras, my comrades who trained
and fought alongside me, were torn apart as well. The foibles of politics and
the march of time can turn friends into enemies just as easily as the wind
changes. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Yesterday’s ally becomes today’s opposition.
And this Cold War? Think back… When I was leading the Cobras, America and
Russia were fighting together. Now consider whether America and Russia will
still be enemies in the 21st century. Somehow, I doubt it. Enemies change
along with the times, and the flow of the ages. And we soldiers are forced to
play along. I didn’t raise you and shape you into the man you are today just
so we could face each other in battle. A soldier’s skills aren’t meant to be
used to hurt friends. So then what is an enemy? Is there such thing as an
absolute timeless enemy? There is no such thing and never has been. And the
reason is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our
enemies in relative terms. The world must be made whole again. The
Philosophers must be reunited. I will devote my skills to that purpose. And
with the Colonel’s money, I will achieve that end. Just as I once created the
Cobras. They are my family. I may no longer be able to bear children but I
still have a family.

Boss: It was November 1st, 1951. I was in the Nevada desert participating in
atomic testing. The name “Nevada” is derived from Spanish… “covered in
snow”… “white as snow”…  And snow is exactly what I saw in the that Nevada
desert. It froze my blood white. Snake, you were an atomic test subject,
weren’t you? On Bikini Atoll. That’s part of the reason I was drawn to you.
You and I are alike. We’re both slowly being eaten away by the karma of
others. We’ll never have the chance to die peacefully of old age. We have no
tomorrow. But we can still have hope for the future. In 1960 I saw a vision of
the ideal future from space. Three years earlier the Soviet Union had
succeeded in launching Sputnik, the first manmade satellite in history, into
orbit. This came as a huge shock to the United States. In response, America
threw everything it had into its own manned space flight project, the Mercury
project. Even as the Soviets seemed poised to send their first man into space
America was still experimenting with chimpanzees in rockets. The government
wanted human data. So they secretly decided to send a human being into space.
I was the one they chose. At the time they didn’t have the technology to block
out cosmic rays and whoever they sent up would inevitably be exposed to heavy
radiation. That’s why they chose me. After all, I had already been irradiated
once. Of course, you won’t find any of this in the history books. I could see
the planet as it appeared form space. That’s when it finally hit me. Space
exploration is nothing but another game in the power struggle between the US
and USSR. Politics, economics, the arms race - they’re all just arenas for
meaningless competition. I’m sure you can see that. But the Earth itself has
no boundaries. No East, no West, no Cold War. And the irony of it is, the
United States and the Soviet Union are spending billions on their space
programs and the missile race only to arrive at the same conclusion. In the
21st century everyone will be able to see that we are all just inhabitants of
a little celestial body called Earth. A world without communism and
capitalism… that is the world I wanted to see. But reality continued to
betray me.

Boss: In 1961, I was sent to Cuba to Bahia de Cochinos. It was part of a CIA-
sponsored invasion under the guise of taking Cuban exiles back to their
country. But the US government betrayed them. Our weak-kneed President held
back their air support. Defenseless, the exiles were annihilated by the Cuban
army. All I could do was watch in silence. I was set up by the very country
I’d sacrificed so much for, by the very government I’d dedicated my life to
defending. I was driven form the surface world and I went underground. Then
two years ago, I faced The Sorrow -  my old comrade - in battle. He was my
friend. But one of us had to die. I was left with no choice. The Sorrow gave
his life for me. There is no enmity between us. One must die, and one must
live. That was the mission. The ones who gave me that mission were the
Philosophers. Early in the twentieth century the true holders of power in the
United States, the Republic of China, and the newly-formed Soviet Union,
gathered together in a secret meeting that would later be known as the
Wiseman’s Committee. The secret pact they formed there marked the beginning of
the Philosophers. But the last of the original members died in the 1930’s.
After that, the organization began to run out of control and the Wiseman’s
Committee degenerated into a mere shell of its former self. The Philosophers
of today have no sense of good or evil. Their influence extends to countries
and organizations involved in every aspect of every war. They have become war
itself. That’s how they operate. The sacrifices of war cause a shift in the
times. This shift leads to renewed conflict and in turn triggers the next war.
Like a nuclear chain reaction, each conflict sparks countless others, forming
an endless spiral of war that will continue on for eternity. Do you understand
what I’m saying, “Snake?” By consuming me and you the Philosophers intend to
keep their cycle going forever. It was my father who explained all of this to
me. He was one of them. You see, I am the last remaining child of the
Philosophers. But after he revealed the truth my father was killed by that
same shapeless, formless organization. And my father isn’t the only thing the
Philosophers have taken from me. In June of 1944, the Cobras and I took part
in the landing at Normandy. We’d been given a top secret mission to locate and
destroy enemy V2 rocket installations. I was pregnant at the time. The Sorrow
was the father. I gave birth on the field of battle. A beautiful baby boy…
but my child was snatched away from me by the Philosophers.

(The Boss pulls off her cloak and opens the front part of her suit)

Boss: Look at this scar. This is proof that I was once a mother. I gave up my
body and my child for my country. There is nothing left inside me now. Nothing
at all. No hatred, not even regret. And yet sometimes at night I can still
feel the pain creeping up inside me. Slithering through my body like a snake.
I’ve never talked this much about myself before. Thanks… thanks for
listening to me. I feel… content. Snake… (pulls out a radio) Commence the
operation. (puts radio away) I raised you. I loved you. I’ve given you
weapons, taught you techniques, endowed you with knowledge. There is nothing
more for me to give you. All that’s left for you to take is my life, by your
own hand. One must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The survivor
will carry on the fight. It is our destiny… The one who survives will
inherit the title of Boss. And the one who inherits the title of Boss will
face an existence of endless battle. I’ll give you 10 minutes. In 10 minutes,
MiGs will come and bomb the hell out of this place. If you can beat me in less
than 10 minutes, you’ll be able to escape in time. (loads Patriot) Let’s make
this the greatest 10 minutes of our lives, Jack.

Snake: Boss!

Boss: You’re a soldier! Finish your mission! Prove your loyalty!

(Snake draws his gun and knife)

Boss: Face me!


(Snake has beaten The Boss. He approaches her and she gives him the microfilm)

Boss: Take this… keep it safe. It’s our only hope. (hands him the Patriot)

Snake: A Patriot… why are you giving me this?

Boss: Jack… Or should I say… Snake… You’re a wonderful man. Kill me.
Kill me now. Do it. There’s only room for one Boss… and one Snake…

(Snake shoots and kills her. The flowers turn red and The Boss’ horse comes
by. The scar on The Boss’ body turns into a silvery white snake and slithers
away. One red petal falls into Snake’s hand; he clutches it)


(Snake has boarded the WIG)

Eva: Ready to go, Snake?

(She fires up the engines but Snake does not respond)

Eva: Are you OK? Snake?

Snake: Yeah… (he opens his hand and the red petal flies away, turning white)

(Snake closes the hatch)

Eva: I told you, you could trust me.

(Snake smiles and removes the belt with his equipment. However, one of the
engines is hit by a gunshot. Ocelot flies by in one of the hovering vehicles)

Ocelot: Snake!

Snake: Ocelot!

Ocelot: We’re not done yet!

(Ocelot pulls up to the side and busts the hatch open. He jumps inside as his
vehicle crashes into the ground. Ocelot picks up Snake’s belt and throws it
out the hatch. Ocelot and Snake fight but Ocelot has learned form his past
mistakes; neither of the two are able to get the better of the other)

Eva: We’re too heavy!

(Snake and Ocelot prepare to fight again)

Boss: (voice) Snake, try to remember some of the basics of CQC…

(Snake lowers his stance)

Eva: Not good! (the WIG is approaching some mountains)

(Snake and Ocelot continue fighting. Again, neither can best the other)

Ocelot: I’ve picked up a few new moves!

(He pulls out a revolver)

Ocelot: It doesn’t feel right to shoot an unarmed man… but I’ll get over it.

Snake: Eva!!

(Eva throws Snake her revolver. Snake and Ocelot aim at each other, pulling
their triggers. Neither of them have a loaded revolver. They circle each
other. Ocelot pull off his necklace with the single bullet)

Ocelot: What do you say to one last showdown?

Snake: Yeah… all right.

(Snake hands his revolver to Ocelot. Ocelot loads the bullet into one of the
revolvers and then mixes them up. He places them on the ground, side-by-side)

Ocelot: What’s your name?

Snake: Snake.

Ocelot: No, not that name. You’re not a snake and I’m not an ocelot. We’re men
with names. My name is Adamska. What’s yours?

Snake: John.

Ocelot: Very well, John… Plain name, but I won’t forget it. C'mon!

(At this point, the player can choose between the left revolver or right.
Ocelot and Snake take several paces and then turn and fire. The gun you choose  
affects the next sequence of events. If you choose the one on the right, you
will not have the loaded revolver. Ocelot fires but it turns out to be a

Ocelot: (laughing) It was a blank! That was fun.

(Snake hands over the revolver but Ocelot lets him keep it. He pats Snake on
the shoulder)

Ocelot: Till we meet again… John! (jumps out of the plane)


(If you chose the revolver on the left, you will have the loaded gun. However,
you don’t have to shoot Ocelot. If you don’t shoot him:)

Ocelot: It looks like your luck has beat mine again. But why didn’t you pull
the trigger? (no response) …Ah, well. Till we meet again… John! (jumps out
of the plane)


(If you chose the left revolver and you do elect to shoot Ocelot:)

(Snake fires and Ocelot is hit. However, Ocelot appears to be unhurt)

Ocelot: (laughing) It’s a blank. That was fun. (punches Snake lightly on the
chest) Till we meet again… John! (jumps out of the plane)


(If you chose the left revolver but fire the shot and miss:)

(Snake fires and misses)

Ocelot: It looks like my luck has finally changed. Till we meet again… John!
(jumps out of plane)


(After Ocelot leaves)

Eva: Snake! Give me a hand!

(Snake grabs the flight stick)

Snake: Pull!

Eva: C'mon! Pull up!

(WIG grazes the water and then barely manages to clear the mountains. Snake
and Eva laugh)

Eva: We made it.

Snake: Yeah, we sure did.

(Snake looks down as they fly over The Boss’ final resting place. The radar on
board picks up other planes)

Eva: Oh no! MiGs! There’s no way out! What are we going to do?

Snake: We’ve come too far to let them stop us now. Those things have got to be

Eva: It’s no use! There’s no way we can outmaneuver them! They’re going to
shoot us down! We were so close…

Pilot: Weapons systems on. Locked on target. I got tone.

Snake: You were great Eva.

Eva: Huh?

Snake: Thanks.

Control: Volk-19, this is Control. Stand by for a direct order from the
Chairman. Volk-19 return to base immediately. Do you read me? This is a direct
order from Comrade Khrushchev! Return to base immediately. Volk-19! Do you

Pilot: Understood. Aborting mission. RTB.

Eva: Look! The MiGs are turning back!

(Snake and Eva are about to kiss when Snake’s radio goes off. It’s Major Zero)

Zero: Well done, Snake!

Snake: The MiGs disengaged…

Zero: Most likely under orders from Khrushchev.

Snake: Was this his way of helping us?

Zero: Who knows? Maybe he didn’t want things to get messier than they already
are. Or maybe he just wanted us to owe him one. The important things is, you
made it out alive. As long as Khrushchev is with us, I don’t think they’ll be
coming after you. It should be smooth sailing all the way to Alaska. I’m
sending someone out to Galena Base to meet you.

Snake: To meet me?

Zero: The DCI and the President himself are waiting at Langley. Don’t keep
them waiting.

(Zero rings off and the WIG flies off in the distance)


(Snake and Eva are drinking wine in a private room. A fire blazes behind them)

Snake: So what are you going to do now? Go back to the KGB?

Eva: What do you want me to do?

Snake: Did you ever think about coming back to America?

Eva: I can’t go back. I’ve left America behind me.

Snake: But you saved this country.

Eva: I didn’t do it alone.

Snake: And I still owe you a dinner.

Eva: Is that part of your mission, too? Or is it an order? Or is it an
invitation? Mmm… or a proposal? I don’t take orders from anyone now.

(Snake won’t hear of it. He grabs her and they kiss by the fire. Snake’s radio
goes off but Eva takes it and throws it in the fire)


(Sometime later, Snake wakes up and finds the room deserted. We hear Eva’s

Eva: Scholars tell us that the first spy in history was the snake in the Book
of Genesis. In that story it was Eve who was tempted by the snake in the
garden of Eden. But this time around it was I who tempted the snake and got
away with the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Forgive me, Snake.

(Snake finds the picture Eva took of him in the cave. On the back are the
words “Good-bye.” Snake finds a reel of magnetic tape and places it in the
player. A message from Eva begins)

Eva: Good morning, Snake. I hope you slept well. First of all, I have to
apologize. I wasn’t sent by Khrushchev. I’m not a KGB spy and I never worked
for the NSA. I am an agent of the People’s Republic of China… For the
General HQ Second Department of the People’s Liberation Army. It was all a
lie. I tricked you… and I’m sorry. (We see Eva getting a motorcycle ready)
The Philosophers still exist in China, too. You see, my mission was to find
out where Volgin was hiding the Philosopher’s Legacy and steal it. So I
infiltrated his base as a KGB spy. The two NSA code breakers who defected in
1960 were actually both men. The real ADAM never showed up at the meeting
place, saving me the trouble of having to eliminate him. I sneaked in by
pretending I was EVA. And you and Sokolov and Volgin… You all believed me.
The Philosopher’s Legacy was originally held in common between the US, Soviet
Union, and China. We couldn’t let the Russians and the Americans take it all
for themselves. The Chinese government had its eye on the Legacy, too. I got
the film containing the Legacy. And also the nuclear missile launch from the
Shagohod. Five years ago, the Soviet Union stopped supplying us with nuclear
weapons technology. Since then, China’s “Liangdan yixing” - hydrogen bomb and
space rocket projects - have fallen behind. But with this data, our country
will be able to develop its own nukes. We’ll create a deterrent force to rival
those of the US and Soviet Union. Everything has gone according to plan,
thanks to your help. I, too, am one of the Philosophers. I am an agent of the
Philosophers, a graduate of one of their “charm schools.” I was raised in a
joint US-Soviet-Chinese facility to become a sleeper agent. That was before
the war. Back then, they were collecting children from all over the world. As
a result, I’m indistinguishable from a native-born American. So it didn’t
surprise me when you and Volgin couldn’t tell the difference. But she knew
right from the beginning. She knew because before the war she was at one of
the Philosopher’s schools, too - as an instructor. The Boss was the only one I
couldn’t fool. She was the only one who knew I was a fake. She told me
everything. Why did she open her heart to me like that? At the time, I
couldn’t understand it. But now I think I do. Snake, she wanted you to know
the truth. She chose me to tell you. That’s why she saved my life. I’ve lied
to you so many times, but not this time. My orders from the government were to
obtain the Legacy and to eliminate everyone who knew the truth about what
happened. In other words, I’m supposed to kill you. But I can’t do it. Not
because we loved each other. And not because you saved my life. But because I
made a promise to The Boss… And I intend to keep it. I just wanted you to
know. And… you have to live.

(Eva rides off and the magnetic tape self-destructs. We next see Snake clad in
a formal military uniform on his way to meet the president)

Eva: (voice) Snake, listen to me. She didn’t betray the United States. No…
far from it. She was a hero who died for her country. She carried out her
mission knowing full well what was going to happen.

(The doors open and Snake is greeted with applause. Major Zero, Para-Medic,
and Sigint are there as well)

Eva: Self-sacrifice… because that was her duty.

(Snake stands before the president. A woman brings a medal to the president.
He picks it up)

President: You are above even The Boss. I hereby award you the title of Big
Boss. (pins the medal to his shirt)

(Snake, or more appropriately, Big Boss, salutes the president)

President: You are a true patriot.

(The president and Big Boss shake hands. The player can also hold R1 and see
Ocelot staring at you through the window. Big Boss turns around and stands
with the president for pictures. The CIA director approaches and offers his
hand but Big Boss walks right past him)

Executive: You know, we could use an infiltration unit like FOX in the army.
Someone like him to handle our top-secret sneaking missions for us. A man who
combines the qualities of a soldier and an agent.

Eva: The Boss’ defection was a ruse set up by the US government. It was all a
big drama staged by Washington so they could get their hands on the
Philosopher’s Legacy.

(Big Boss is greeted by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and Sigint but he coldly walks
past them and leaves)

Eva: And The Boss was the star of the show. They planned it so that they could
get the Legacy that Colonel Volgin inherited… and destroy the Shagohod at
the same time. Only a legendary hero like The Boss could have earned Volgin’s
trust. Finding out where the Philosopher’s Legacy was hidden was to be her
greatest mission. Everything was going according to plan. But then something
happened that no one could have predicted. Colonel Volgin fired an American-
made nuclear warhead at Sokolov’s research facility. Khrushchev demanded that
the US government provide proof that it wasn’t involved. They couldn’t just
abort the operation to steal the Legacy. So the operation itself was greatly
expanded and revised. The authorities in Washington knew that in order to
prove its innocence they’d have to get rid of The Boss… and that one of
their own would have to do the job. The public couldn’t be allowed to find out
about it… not ever. This, they concluded, would be the best way to keep the
whole thing under wraps. The Boss wouldn’t be allowed to come back home alive.
And she wouldn’t be allowed to kill herself. Her life would be ended by her
most beloved disciple… That was the way the government wanted it. That was
the mission she was given. And she had no choice but to carry it out. Her
death at your hands was duty she had to fulfill. Out of duty, she turned her
back on her own comrades. A lesser woman would have been crushed by such a

(Big Boss is walking through a cemetery with a suitcase)

Eva: The taint of disgrace will follow her to her grave. Future generations
will revile her. In America, as a despicable traitor with no sense of honor.
And in Russia, as a monster who unleashed a nuclear catastrophe. She will go
down in official history as a war criminal. And no one will ever understand
her. That… was her final mission. And like a true soldier, she saw it
through the end.

(Big Boss arrives at The Boss’ grave)

Eva: But I think she wanted you of all people to know the truth. She wanted to
live on in your memory. Not as a soldier, but as a woman. But she was
forbidden to tell you herself. And that’s why she told me.

(Big Boss places the Patriot and some flowers on the grave)

Eva: Snake, history will never know what she did. No one will ever learn the
truth. Her story… her debriefing… will endure only in your heart.
Everything she did, she did for her country. She sacrificed her life and her
honor for her native land. She was a real hero.

(The Boss’ tombstone reads: “In Memory of a Patriot who Saved the World”)

Eva: She was a true patriot.

(Big Boss salutes)