Please do not talk to me unless you have good intentions, I can’t handle it when you talk to me and then suddenly blow me off. You can’t treat me like I am just another girl because I am not the type who likes to be just the other girl. I am either the girl you want or the girl you once knew there is no in between.
—  t.i // Too young for love, too old for games.
She made herself unhappy just to keep the smile on your face. She gave up on things she loved just to give all her time to you. She drowned in her own tears night after night apologising for all the things you did wrong. She still wears the bruises you gave her and each one represents a dark moment in time shared with you. She avoided all the people you despised of just to avoid another brutal argument. She opened her mind instead you forced it upon her to open her legs because you are a man who needs to be loved. She loved you, she, she loved a man who could not and would not love her the way she deserved.
—  t.i // Repost from something I wrote a while ago.