It’s funny how you think you can just delete me out of your life.
English doesn’t have a plural you, but that is certainly what I mean
Two people
Both were the closest to me
Decided to leave
Deleted me

Am I really worth nothing to you anymore?
None of our memories matter?
Nothing even fucking associated with me exists anymore to you

—  I guess I never was your priority in the first place
And I guess I was to much or maybe to little. Maybe he didn’t like my coffee brown eyes or my 7 different laughs for different types of jokes. Maybe it was the way I took in every animal I saw that was on the street or my 5 year old self screaming of excitement when I saw hamsters in the pet store. Or maybe it was the way my hair was dark brown like dark chocolate. After all he did like vanilla. Or maybe it was my undying need for constant reassurance of the way I looked in the morning. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t me after all but that doesn’t explain why he kissed her while he was dating me. Maybe he got tired of me being sad all the time & pushing him away. Maybe he found a leggy blonde with beautiful blue eyes that looked like the Mediterranean Sea, I mean after all those are the ones he stared at walking down the street while he was holding my hand. Whatever it was that made him leave, I hope he’s happy with someone & I hope he found what he didn’t see in me