depression wins


@chocabel It sure is cute. But aren’t we also happy to see Yann win? Shouldn’t he have won every Schweizer Cup there is to win? (he lost the year after that against FC Zürich. F.C. ZURICH. The only club in Switzerland worse than GC.) 

Also, tbh, I get depressed every time Grasshopper wins something because they’ve won so much years and years ago so they think they’re still good but they’re not and then fans just keep telling you “but we have the most league wins!” “we have the most Cup wins!” 


Isn’t this one better:

Every morning
  • Depression:stay in bed
  • Me:I need to go
  • Depression:stay in bed
  • Me:I really must get out of here
  • Depression:who do you need to see today? Who would care if you didn't see them?
  • Me:I have school, work, I need to do this
  • Depression:no you don't. Stay here. With me.
  • Me:I could just call in sick again
  • Depression:I like how this sounds. Stay home. You're too weak to go.
  • Me:its not a big deal, its only my education. School sucks anyways
  • Depression:that's why you have me. You don't need other people. They don't care like I do.
  • Me:I'm just staying home, nobody will care anyways. It's typical me.
  • Depression:that's right, nobody cares for those who are worthless
  • Me:I'm worthless
  • Depression:you are. But I'm here.
  • Me:you win, I'll stay again today
  • Depression:I'm the only one who understands, I'm the one who's always here.
  • Me:I hate you.
  • Depression:I know.