depression poetry

But they don’t know you like I do
And they’ve never seen
The stars in my eyes that pale away
Every time you leave my sight.
—  L.M

They wanted to be the one to save me,
they wanted the tragic love story,
they wanted to feel needed,

I just wanted to be loved.

—  Tragic//kayla
my eyes burn from crying,
and my skin feels like ice.
i feel fire in my lungs,
as i struggle to catch my breath.
my body is frigid and frozen,
my hands are numb.
too often does my body fight itself,
contrasting feelings that combine,
to create one toxic emotion.
i am tired of being a freezing fire,
something so impossible to understand that nobody tries.
—  Freezing Fire // a.p // 05.22.17
Your son lost his first time time with a girl who’s never known happiness,
he thought he could bring her back to life
—  And yet I’m still not saved//kayla
Numb to the World but Not to You

The way you looked at her,

That’s what I want,

A look so beautiful it haunts,

I wish I were,

You’re everything,

Instead of laying in the dirt decomposing into nothing,

Pretending I was something,

Like a bird without its wings,

I tried to cry,

My tears turned black,

But my heart did not crack,

Because I’ve already died,

Slowly then all at once,

I’m all stitches inside,

Don’t look so horrified,

Like a deer in the middle of a hunt,

I squeeze the trigger,

Like I’m aiming at my prey,

All I saw was grey,

With a trace of silver.


I am slowly being consumed by my thoughts and my biggest fear is that one day they will swallow me whole.
—  Tenari Ioapo

I don’t want to stay alive to get an education, or to be clever, or to get lots of money and spend it on lots of things. I don’t want to stay alive to drive a shiny car and get an A+ on my exam paper. I don’t want to stay alive to become famous or successful and have the whole world know my name.
I want to stay alive to fall in love, to have sex, to kiss another girl, to see things and take pictures. I want to stay alive to spend time with my family, to find new people and learn to love them. I want to stay alive to get scars and marks and tans and tattoos of memories, of places I’ve been and people I’ve met.
I want to stay alive to live.
I don’t want to stay alive to live that platonic life society built up for me. I’d rather die, and I have the scars to prove it.

Sometimes I wish I could read your mind and see if you honestly are happy with me or if it’s all in my head.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Do i make you happy?