depression poem

My brain has no heart. My heart has no brain. That’s why when I speak my mind I seem heartless and when I do whats in my heart I seem thoughtless.

I’m still hurting.
I’m still crying.
I’m still trying;
Trying to forget you…

I’m losing myself.
Losing my mind.
Losing my temper.
Losing everything…
Because I’m scared of the world,
and I don’t want to make a move…

I see you babe.
You see me too.
But hardly a glance,
before you look away…

You seem happy.
You seem unaffected.
I guess I should let go…
Just as you have…

And I wish I could…

you waltzed in like everything was fine,
but how could you know,
you’ve been away for months,
and your presence disrupted the peace,
my heart crumbled all over again,
i was doing just fine,
but now you’re back and everything is wrong,
a shadow of doubt invades me,
and here you are,
telling me secrets i’ve been dying to hear,
that you still love me,
and you regret ever leaving me;
i’ve never stopped loving you,
and my heart aches for you each night…
—  let’s just hope we last the night,
i’m terrified you might disappear
like all those times before.