i feel empty
drained for any real emotion
having this hopelessness inside
that’s controlling my life
and tears running wild
happiness is like a dream
waking up to see
it’s never real
—  t.m.
Sometimes, a bad day turns into a bad week, which finally becomes a bad month, which ends up leading to generalized bad times. And you struggle. You feel like you’ve been thrown into a battlefield you did most certainly not ask for. But you are here. And you have to keep fighting. Sometimes, staying alive is like taking a spoon of the medicine you hate the most. This syrup solution is bitter, hard to swallow and straight up disgusting so you block your nose with the other hand and drink it anyways because you have no other options. The same thing happens here. When you don’t want to fight anymore because you are just so tired, all you have to do is to blindly trust you’re gonna make it out alive. You have to keep fighting. Even if you are crawling on the floor. I don’t care, you’ve got to keep fighting.
Life goes on after death, you will go on after bad times. I swear.
—  i haven’t pep talked myself in so long.

“i can write about you,

but i can’t make you love me. ”

via @blacksincity