depressing thoughts

don’t tell her its okay. she knows it is okay to cry when she wants. tell her to call you every time she needs someone to hear her out. tell her to talk to you about everything that is bothering her before she goes to sleep every night. tell her how one day there will come a time when everything makes her smile. tell her that even though right now she feels lonely, you’re going to give her the warmest hug when you meet her and everything will seem okay even if its momentarily. tell her the funniest joke and maybe she will smile but please don’t tell her its okay because she knows it’s okay to have a hurting heart.
—  //nikitagupta

“I throw myself into books and read constantly because I would rather live in ten different worlds than live in this world right now.”

— story 2 out of thousand.

she tried to escape everything
but it didn’t matter how hard she tried
she stayed a shadow of her past
it’s still written on her skin
—  t.m.

Self-destruction is not only physical, It can take precedence in many forms - like pushing everyone and everything away, until you have nothing left to live for.

c.f. // I thought I was getting better, but I’m not

i wish i could be better
a better version of myself
at least then
i would look good
from the outside
—  t.m.