depressing thoughts


I’m sick of people calling me ‘homophobic’. For starters - Yes, I don’t agree with gay marriage because I follow the principles from the Bible and the Bible describes it as ‘sexually immoral’ I am Christian therefore I don’t agree with it but this does not mean I’m homophobic. The definition of ‘homophobic’ is “To hate or prejudice homosexual people.” And to get this straight I DO NOT HATE OR PREJUDICE THEM, if they want to be gay then it’s their choice, not mine and I don’t hate them at all,, I’m actually friends with a few bisexuals. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you don’t like the person who does it, for example I don’t like smoking, this does not mean I don’t like family and friends who smoke. Just had to clear that up because people have been calling me disgusting and obnoxious, ignorant and vile, then they have started mocking my beliefs.

There’s a moment so cold, so full of loneliness and burning fear.

When you lay in silence
And your chest feels like
Your heart was breaking
Over and over again
In there.
And all there is inside of you
Is desperation and fear.
No personality,
No sense of life,
No soul.
There’s just nothing.
You are nothing.
And then there’s this
Voice in your sick brain
That keeps whispering
And every word it says
Makes sense.
You are just not made
For this world.
You’re too sensitive,
Too fragile,
Too weak
For this fast and scary and harsh
Fucking world.

And you silently ask yourself
Why you’re still here.

And you find no answer.

—  And you know the answer // so cold

1) Accept that You Have a Problem with Over-Thinking.
2) Forgive Yourself: Our Brains are Hardwired This Way.
3) Breathe More.
4) Talk Less.
5) Get Physical and Get Busy.
6) Practice Mindfulness.
7) Surrender to the Universe.
8) Remember, Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.
That’s all.


I am going to be focusing on my finals for rest of this month. I am feeling less and less like a real artists so I wanted to share some of my favorite recent digital drawings.
Considering how far I have come, I am very proud of my use of color, I think that has improved greatly.

I’ll resume regular uploads in April.
Thank you again for frequenting my blog, you all give me more inspiration than you know.