another killugon mix based around the wonderful post chimera ant time :-) 

listen here (cover art by me)

somebody more like you - nickle creek | old friend - seawolf | open your house (basilisk) - shearwater | don’t let me fall behind - jukebox the ghost | happier - a fine frenzy | maybe - the submarinesmolasses - the hush sound

anonymous asked:

You mean just every Tom? I'm pretty sure even real life Tom has crippling depressin...

I say almost because there’s at least one pure, not-depressed Tom au.

The wrong au.

And he’s precious.

( Also, I’m not gonna comment on the ‘real tom possibly having depression’ bit- for his sake. Let’s not correlate him with the eddsworld Tom, or fandom. Tom left the fandom, and we should respect that. That being said- any asks referring to real Tom, Tord, Matt, Edd, or anyone else who has an eddsworld counterpart… they will be deleted, simply to respect the creators.