can we just take a moment to realize that miza was attending to naki’s lifeless corpse instead of choosing to run and hide away from the scene?

she lost her clan and she now lost the most important person in her life. her heart is completely shattered and would rather remain and die with naki then anything else. ;——;

Black parents hate to see u relaxin in the summer like u didn't just complete a depressin semester, 800+assignments with $.01 in ur account
Balance on the Head of a Pin*

Chapter Fourteen

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5941
Warnings: Smut (just a little), swearing, a little angst

Lauren sighed, happy to be away from the house, resting against Loki’s thigh beneath the sheer canopy of the incredible tent he’d created. It hadn’t taken long to finish his cake, put together a decent picnic from Sue Ann’s leftovers, and slip away to the barn before they saw anyone else.

Teddy hadn’t even batted an eye when Loki had walked in, collected Dragon and walked back out. It was quite clear who the stallion now answered to. Teddy had fetched her a less spirited gelding, her sweet white mare, Belle - short for Silver Bells - long since passed on from her younger years.

The new mount was one being vetted as a hunter jumper rather than a racehorse, and much to Lauren’s liking. He had fire and heart, and though he wasn’t as fast as Dragon when they’d let the horses run, he’d kept up by will alone she was sure of it.

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another killugon mix based around the wonderful post chimera ant time :-) 

listen here (cover art by me)

somebody more like you - nickle creek | old friend - seawolf | open your house (basilisk) - shearwater | don’t let me fall behind - jukebox the ghost | happier - a fine frenzy | maybe - the submarinesmolasses - the hush sound

cazzorine  asked:

Sans not to uh belittle your abilities but how exactly did you beat Papyrus? It's my understanding that he's normally stronger than you.

Sans raises a brow.

“did he tell ya that? typical. listen, bud. i’d be remiss as an older brother if i lorded mah own strength over a growin’ boy’s. ‘course you’re the best, paps. strongest in tha underground. me? ya know i’m just a lazy sonovabitch. couldn’t compare on tha best day.’ why tha hell would i try ta make him feel weak when our world is kill or be killed? he’s got a damn fragile ego, for a narcissist. …he needed the confidence. and i wasn’t ‘bout ta ruin that for him, even though tha little pissant pissed me tha fuck off on the reg.”

He shifted in place, looking over his shoulder at the haft of his axe apologetically.

“it was depressin’ly easy ta take him down, in tha end. wish… wish i hadn’t had ta kill him. but his mind was gone. completely. i’da had ta keep him on a leash like an animal. chained up so he wouldn’t hurt himself. …i couldn’t… mah… he was mah little brother… i raised the little fuck, he… he didn’t deserve…”

Sans stood without warning, and stomped around the back of the house to let himself into the basement. He slammed and locked the doors behind himself, sobbing grotesquely.