Black parents hate to see u relaxin in the summer like u didn't just complete a depressin semester, 800+assignments with $.01 in ur account

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I saw your pictures and you are not developed enough for your age. Maybe you started being vegan too early in your puberty. Do you stil have baby voice? Dose you brain work properly? Where are your muscles? How you run? Think? Also youhave depressin because of lack of B12 and animal fats. Im so sorry but you are ruined for life. Your babies will have autism because of that much soy you eat. You will never be accepted as much as you want. :'( eat meat please move to countryside , kill few animals

‘stil’, 'dose your brain work properly?’, 'how you run’, and my fave; 'depressin’

another killugon mix based around the wonderful post chimera ant time :-) 

listen here (cover art by me)

somebody more like you - nickle creek | old friend - seawolf | open your house (basilisk) - shearwater | don’t let me fall behind - jukebox the ghost | happier - a fine frenzy | maybe - the submarinesmolasses - the hush sound

I tried for hours to remember why I loved you; then you smiled and it all came back.
—  Heartbreak (Via a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e-y-o-u-t-h)

The clever part is knowing which words to leave.