can we just take a moment to realize that miza was attending to naki’s lifeless corpse instead of choosing to run and hide away from the scene?

she lost her clan and she now lost the most important person in her life. her heart is completely shattered and would rather remain and die with naki then anything else. ;——;

Black parents hate to see u relaxin in the summer like u didn't just complete a depressin semester, 800+assignments with $.01 in ur account
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Series← Previous Work Part 6 of the JayTim Week: Tropes & AUs 2018 series

Summary: The car accident leaves Jason wondering what the future will hold and Tim riddled with guilt. Luckily, they have each other.

“Why does it even matter?”

“I didn’t say it did!”

“You didn’t have to! You’re using the same tone you always do whenever you talk about him. I get that you don’t like-”

“Don’t like? That’s a massive understatement.”

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I’m Sorry.

I know I’m not the perfect friend

I know I’m not the nicest person

And im sorry.

To those whom i have hurt

To those whom i have loved

I’m sorry you had to deal with me.

To those who know me as I am

I am sorry you have had to meet me

I am sorry i disappoint you

and wrong you

and just embarrass you.

I am who i am.

but who could ever learn to love a beast.

I’m sorry.

Charles Schulz Peanuts strips: life is fuckin depressin at times and even if it’s pointless and full of trivial social norms we need to find happiness in ourselves

Middle aged moms: SNOOPY