You wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before, and that, my love, is bravery.

Whenever any difficulty or problem arises, instead of getting depressed, be brave. “Fantastic. This problem is my teacher.”
-Lama Yeshe

Okay but why does Gryffindor always get associated with fire and un-planned actions and the kind of bravery that’s really more recklessness than anything else? Where are my Gryffindor posts about people who are terrified of speaking in front of crowds but still sign up to talk at fundraisers, about students who battle depression and whose brave accomplishments are getting up every morning, about kids who knew when to walk away from abusive relationships, where are my posts about the kind of bravery that’s not as obvious and in your face but still inherently Gryffindor?

Whenever any difficulty or problem arises, instead of getting depressed, be brave. Think, ‘Fantastic. If this problem had not arisen I might have felt I had no problems. This problem is my teacher; all problems are my teacher. They give me knowledge-wisdom and help me recognize more clearly the nature of attachment. This is so wonderful. May all mother sentient beings’ problems ripen upon me right now and may they receive all my merit, fortune and wisdom.’
—  Lama Yeshe

opalectic  asked:

Are you depressed? If so, I'm a black girl that's depressed too. What do we do?

I wrote this letter to you on the train .. There’s something oddly singular about the way we as human beings deal with pain . We find comfort in making ourselves sole spokes persons, we feel stinging disrespect in the normalizing of it . We nip at those who dare to publicly share similar distress out of frustration and embarrassment. I receive hundreds of messages and stories on here from amazing kids like you literally re-living my adolescent years (something I would never recommend to anyone) . or my peers feeling unworthy barely inching through the day . most recently I received a brief suicide letter on my tumblr that simply ended in “maybe I’ll finally get to meet you and see you perform in the after life ” ..something hit me ..I realized I was irresponsible . I realized that there were tons of people believing they were living alone . Suffering alone telling their dark stories to someone that “had it all figured out ” looking for answers because they believed I had them all …. allowing this without offering up my truth is something I cannot do any longer . Depression seems to be the word of the day for more than a few , for some privately ,some publicly , for some unbeknownst or in denial. I’ve personally been climbing this tree for over a decade falling off starting back again .This was something much easier to hide when the only person I had to be honest to was myself …There’s something different about doing it in front of thousands of people . I usually hide behind my wit or in my lyrics or perhaps a self directed video quietly painting my reality or even occasionally giving a slip of the truth in an interview ..but I see now that is doing us all a genuine disservice . By “us all” I mean my little sister bravely battling depression at 13 to my older sister a survivor tunneling through it at 34 I owe you solidarity .. To the lost and hurting listening to my music ashamed of what it means to you, be ashamed no longer…we are kindred for certain . I apologize for waiting so long to comfort you. I’m not perfect or cured but I am your friend , your family .. Hang in there with me don’t quit yet . We’re all waiting for better ..if you EVER feel like you just can’t wait any longer please tell someone .. Tell ME . I’m up till 4am every night scrolling through the interweb waiting on ya .
With love and respect

Solana (SZA)